Her Mother’s Black Stockings Ch. 01


Sadie felt a twinge of excitement as she waited for her teenage daughter; Tina to arrive from her flight, just the thought of her secret plans for the evening sent a rush of slippery fluid to her meaty bald pussy.

She had selected just the right outfit for the homecoming and was dieing to see her sexy daughter looking her up and down. A light pink semi transparent blouse barely hid her massive bulging breasts; she had secured tight thick black rubber bands at the base of each tit which caused each to be pushed outward from her body and into round, tight orbs that were pushed together by a black satin half bra.

Each quivering mound was topped off with a fresh coat of bright red lipstick applied to her nipples that stood out an inch before they were even hard. Sadie had been training her nipples with suction devices for this very occasion for weeks and now when erect they…well more to cum on that.

Her tight black satin skirt hem rested just above her pretty knees which were, of course, sheathed in sheer black, vintage, Cuban heeled, seamed stockings held up by a black satin garter belt.

Tina’s mom’s long muscular legs were topped off with very high black patent leather heels. No panties. Sadie’s lovely face was that of a beautiful, experienced whore. Thickly applied red lipstick and long false eyelashes, jet black hair done up in a 1950’s style.

The eighteen-year-old finally showed up at the gate and her mother greeted her with a lengthy hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her daughter was obviously glancing at her mother’s protuberant nipples as they made their way through the busy airport and into Sadie’s car.

Tina caught a glimpse of her mommy’s dark stocking tops as she slid behind the wheel, the pair made small talk between secret horny glances at each other’s ripe bodies.

As they drove, Sadie allowed her legs to be parted and the hem of her skirt to rise further, exposing a bit of naked thigh above her stocking. “Oh my GOD,” Tina thought to herself, “I want fuck my own MOTHER.” Her pussy began yalova escort to burn and become wet at the thought.

The inside of Sadie’s thick thigh was coated with a clear slime that had run down from her slopping cunt and even dampened the tops of her black hose. The inside of the car was filled with the sweet scent of each horny woman’s pussy.

“I’ll give you a tour of the place,” Sadie said as she opened the door to her house. Tina hadn’t visited in a couple of years since her father had left her mom for another woman and left her their new house. Tina followed her mom around and checked out the place.

“I took the liberty of buying you some things,” Sadie said, “You told me on the phone you needed some help learning how to dress more provocatively, so…..” Tina was thrilled to see lingerie strewn across the large bed that was to be hers for the next couple of weeks. “Oh mom…I can’t wait to try this stuff on,” Tina exclaimed.

“Check this out,” Tina heard behind her and followed her mom’s voice into the master bathroom. “You know what a pervert your father was, he had this two way mirror installed so that he could secretly watch me masturbate, but I found it.”

Sadie slid a window size panel in the wall aside and through the glass was a perfect view of the master bedroom, conveniently located next to the “window” was a tall director’s type chair. “I guess your dad used to jack off a lot in that chair,” Sadie said, winking. “Oh my GOD,” Tina thought to herself, “My own mother wants me to watch her FUCK herself.”

“Come, dear, no time like the present to try on your new things,” Sadie said as she closed the secret door. “I’m going to make us a drink.” With that, Sadie turned and headed downstairs for the kitchen.

Tina entered her room and closed the door. As soon as she heard the door close, Sadie reached down and with a trembling hand lifted the hem of her skirt to her waist, put her other hand between her wobbly legs and withdrew a large scoop edirne escort of her slippery cunt juice and brought it to her waiting lips, where she sucked at it greedily, letting it drool from her mouth in a long strand that ran down her arm and onto her straining nipples that had grown to over an inch and a half.

“Drink it whore, drink from your own cunt,” Sadie whispered out loud to herself lewdly. “You are going to get a show Tina,” Sadie continued looking lustfully up in the direction of her daughter’s room. “You are going to see your momma become a depraved slut in front of your very eyes and I’m going to cum hard for you dear.” Sadie drained the last drops of oil from her fingers and went to the kitchen for another “drink”.

Tina’s young pussy was very wet as she quickly shed her clothes and began sifting through the large pile of silky things her dirty mother had picked out for her.

She chose a pair of white crotch less panties, white fishnet stockings, white, high heeled sandals and a white satin half bra that just held up the bottoms of her milky breasts, leaving her swollen nipples exposed to the view. Over this ensemble the girl donned a short, white satin negligee with fishnet panels in the front and back. “God this is soooo kinky,” Tina thought to herself as she looked at herself in the full length mirror.

“I wonder if momma’s watching me dress on the other side of THIS mirror.” Tina began rubbing herself through the fabric of her new nightie, squeezing her ample tits together, pinching her growing nipples that stuck out completely through the fishnet. The sight of her own elongated pink nipples standing out rudely like that made her feel so naughty, let alone the fact that she secretly hoped her mom was watching and fucking herself with her fingers.

“I want to suck your nipples mom,” Tina hissed. “Please let me suck those fucking tits while I pinch my hard clit.” Tina began to suck her thumb like a little girl as she watched her nipples grow longer erzurum escort in the mirror, she could actually see them growing as she watched in excitement. “Oh, fuck me mommy, FUCK me.”

Just then Tina was startled by a soft knock on the door. “Tina, dear?” Her mom called out, “can I come in?” “SSSure mmom,” Tina mumbled. Sadie walked in the door behind her daughter, Tina was a little disappointed that she hadn’t been spied on but was stunned once more at the sight of her brazen mother.

“Oh WOW you look amazing in that outfit dear, turn around, let momma see my baby.” Tina obediently did a nervous slow turn under her horny mother’s intense gaze.

“Do you really think I’m pretty mom?” Sadie said nothing but continued to stare openly at her own daughter’s turgid nipples with a look of obvious lust.

Sadie had removed her shirt and skirt and replaced them with black elbow length satin gloves and a short flimsy black transparent nightie with fur at the collar and the hem that rode about an inch above her shiny stocking tops.

“Like what you see dear?” Sadie asked boldly, never averting her eyes from her daughter’s still growing nipples. Tina was staring wide eyed at her mom’s clitoris, which was very large and clearly visible through the thin fabric.

“Momma’s going to bed, baby, kiss your momma goodnight.” Tina’s whole body was visibly shaking as she stepped closer to embrace her sexy mother; she almost fainted as their half naked bodies came in contact with each other. Once again the room was filled with the unmistaken aroma of feminine arousal.

“Nnnight mmom,” Tina stammered as their rock hard nipples ground into each other’s jiggling tits. “Night, baby,” Sadie whispered as she kissed her daughter’s neck. Then she was gone and Tina was left shaking, with a sick feeling of overwhelming lust and anticipation for the possibility of watching her mom through the glass.

Will she really go right to sleep, Tina thought, or would she play with her pussy with the light on, knowing her daughter was surely going to spy on her.

As soon as she heard the door to her mom’s room close, Tina crept very quietly to the secret door, pulled up the chair quietly, placed both heels upon either side of the sliding door and with her legs wide open, reached forward to silently, slowly open the door.

To be continued…