Highway Patrol’s Lucky Night Pt. 04


The players, David-6’4″,240 lbs., black,10″,2″ think shaft at widest, Bruce-6’2″, black,200 lbs,8.5″, 3.5″ at widest, Me-6’3″, black, 225 lbs,9.5″,2.25″ at widest. Nate-5’5″, 170 lbs., Billy-5’7″,160 lbs., Will-5’8″,180 lbs.

I received a reply from Nate first but Will and Les a close second with the required receipt and pictures. Even though Will wasn’t in the text, he heard about the orders from Les and he had both nipples pierced even though only one was required.

I told Nate since he was first he had first choice. I had to work 4 days and would have 3 off. David was available half the second day and till midafternoon on the third day and then he was going to training. I told Nate I needed to know immediately. Nate said, “Yes Sir, that would be wonderful Sir. I will be there for your pleasure Sirs.”

I told Nate I would pick him up two hours later and for him to bring the same overnight bag and I wanted that ass cleaned out twice. Nate replied immediately, “I understand Sir. I will be waiting at the same spot Sir.”

I told him to order us some groceries from the grocery store, put it in my name and I’d pick it up before I got him. Nate replied, “Sirs, what things do you like Sirs.” I sent Nate back a list of things David and I liked.

Finally, the day was here when I would be picking up Nate up. I went by the grocery store and told them I was there, shortly another young man came out with my order. I caught him several times checking me out. He asked if I was a friend of Nate’s and I told him yes, we met a few weeks, really hit it off and were having a really good time.

He was placing the groceries in the back seat of my big black 4-wheel drive GMC pickup, he finally had to use the running board because he was kind of on the short side. He was struggling to reach the seat even then, so I grabbed a couple bags and placed an arm on either side of him and placed the bags up on the seat in the process trapping him between me and the seat and grinding my basket against his ass.

After checking the order, I wrote down my name and my number and told him to put his in my cellphone, so I’d know any text I got was from him, Billy was his name. I told him to let me know if there were any problems, I would be staying in the area for a few days. Before I left I texted Nate and ordered to have his ass out there ready, I rolled up before he got there so he’d have to pay for being late. He opened the passenger door, climbed in and closed the door.

I held out my hand and said, “Cell and turn it off.” I placed it in the bag. Clothes next, I told Nate. He removed his t-shirt, shorts, shoes and underwear. I told him to keep the shorts in front and the t-shirt but put the rest in the bag and get the short chain leash, lube and the small inflatable dildo. I brought two because I didn’t want Nate too stretched out yet. I had Nate face me, so I could check out the piercing. Nate moaned saying it was still sore as I played with it, but way better than it was to start.

I took the leash, placed the leash around his neck, run the hook part thru the leather handle and clipped it to the ring. I reached in my bag and got the desensitizer and rubbed some on his nipple. I ordered Nate to lube the dildo and turn facing the passenger window, so I could place it in his ass. I gave Nate his hood to put on. I ordered Nate to place his head in the seat at the passenger door, raise his ass and reach back and spread his cheeks. Nate replied, “Yes Sir, as you wish Sir.”

I placed the head of the dildo at his puckered anus and pushed until his hole opened for me and shoved it in hard. Nate gasp when I did this. I pumped the bulb 4 times and pulled it back. I slapped Nates ass and when he looked at me I pointed at my cock, he turned and placed his head in my lap. I spread my legs and lifted my cock and told Nate to bath my nuts. Nate went down with his mouth open and tongue out taking one and then the other and finally both in his mouth.

Nate rolled my nuts around in his mouth using his tongue to bath my big nuts. I squeezed Nate’s nose closed and pulled his head up, my nuts finally popping from the mouth.

I said to Nate, “You do remember your reward for taking my cock all the way into your throat?”

“Sir I do remember Sir. I will get pumps on the bulb Sir. I will know I have pleased by the number of pumps Sir,” Nate replied.

I placed my hand on the back of Nate’s head and pushed him down telling him to take a deep breath. He did and took my big black cock into his throat and I grabbed his nose and squeezed his nostrils close. I felt my cockhead in his throat and gave 4 pumps, pushed the dildo in and pulled it back. I reached under Nate and pulled the leash a little, Nate moaned. I grabbed Nates nose and lifted his head up. I let Nate take a breath, grabbed his nose and pulled his head back down.

I removed my hand from his nose and dropped my hand with my watch and ordered to watch my watch and remain in that position for at least 60 seconds, if he shorted the time at all I Bayan Escort Gaziantep would take him back to town. Nate got to 1 minute and kept going. He made it all the way to 1 minute 30 seconds so gave him 4 more pumps of the dildo and Nate moaned around my cockhead again. We were turning in to the dirt road to the cabin as I reached back to his ass and pushed the dildo in.

We arrived at the cabin shortly. I told Nate to stay put and I retrieved the key to the cabin. I walked as quietly as possible and yelled at Nate, which startled him, to get his ass out. I removed the hood and ordered him to get our bags, take them inside and return for the groceries. Each trip he made I slapped his ass when he went by. The last he walked by I ordered him to stop and I pumped the bulb twice more.

We got in the cabin and left the door open. I ordered Nate to put the food away and fix us some breakfast. Nate done as ordered and started cooking Eggs and Grits for us. He got my eggs done and started on his, I told him to leave his very runny. When he was done he would sit and feed me, Nate did as I ordered.

When he had finished feeding me, I ordered,” Nate, get your eggs and the remaining grits and mix them together. You will spoon your breakfast onto my cock and eat until everything is gone. Do you understand?”

Nate replied, “Yes Sir. I understand I will be eating my breakfast off your cock Sir. I will place my plate between your legs so none is lost Sir. If any falls on Sirs nuts I will eat that also Sir.”

He placed the plate between my legs, got his spoon and started laying the egg/grit mixture on my cock and trying to get it before it slid off. It took Nate some time to finish breakfast, but he finally completed his meal, scooping up any that fell and placing it on my cock. When he finished I gave him 4 more pumps of the bulb. I looked at Nate and said, “Up boy!”

Nate scrambled to his feet. We went out to the lake. The house across the lake still looked empty. I looked at Nate and asked, “Nate, do you need to wash breakfast down?”

He looked at me and said,” Yes Sir, I would love a something to wash breakfast down.”

I motioned for him to kneel at my feet and he automatically opened his mouth. Using his ears, I pulled him down on my cock until I felt my head in his throat. I looked at him and said, “Nate, you will take all my piss, or I might have to call your coworker, Billy, and see if he can do it.”

Nate just looked at me wide eyed. I placed both hands on his head as I felt the piss building and coming up and out my cock into his mouth. Nate swallowed quickly until I was done and didn’t lose a drop and even sucked my piss slit to get any leftover.

I ask Nate if he thought he wanted 4 more pumps and he said, “Sir, if you feel like I deserve 4 more pumps I will willingly accept them Sir. I am here for your pleasure Sir.”

I gave my boy 6. I told Nate, “I want some of that ass boy. Kneel, head down, and let’s get that dildo out.”

Nate assumed the position and I let the air from the dildo and pulled it out. I took the leash around his neck and pulled him up and marched him inside pulling on the piercing in his nipple, leaving the door open.

He led me right to the bedroom and to the bed. I sat down, lay back and let Nate crawl on to me. I told him to get some lube, he grabbed my bag and got the lube. He used it on my cock and his ass. I pulled his face to mine and told him to place my cock at his asshole. When I felt his puckered hole, I jammed my cock in half way.

Nate jumped in surprise and I told him, the rest is up to you. He stated sliding down my cock until the whole 9.5 inches of fat black cock was buried in his ass. He was pulling out and slamming down, Nate was mumbling in pleasure, “Sir, I love what your black cock is doing to my ass Sir, I have never experienced pleasure like the pleasure of having your black cock in my ass.”

I was pulling the leash and working the nipple attached to it. He fucked his ass with my cock until I started to cum. He was yelling how good it felt to have his ass packed with my big black cock and cum. When I finished shooting cum we lay until my cock started softening and I told Nate to clean the cum from my cock and balls. Nate slid down and took my cock in his mouth and was sucking and licking.

I told Nate to get one beer for us. He returned, and he lay on the bed and I knelt over him with my cock and balls over his mouth. I told Nate I would take a swig pass it to him and he would take my cock in his mouth and wash it then my balls next. Nate nodded in understanding.

I took a big swig of beer and leaned down and let it run into Nates mouth. I then put my cock in his mouth as he swirled the beer around and he swallowed

We continued until only a little of the beer was left in the bottle and swapped to my balls. My balls felt so good in his mouth with the beer and feeling him try to swallow with my balls still in his mouth. Nate continued until the beer was gone and he sucked my balls dry.

We lay in the bed and I was asking about his friend at work and told him he was asking a lot of questions. He said he didn’t know much about him. He’d only been at the market a few months, but he lived by himself and had no family in town. He also said he had just graduated from college. Nate and I lay and talked as he explored my body. He ran his hands over my body and was kissing and licking, taking my nipples in his mouth and nibbling and sucking them.

I heard a voice from far way calling a name. it sounded like it was getting closer, so I got up to close the door. I saw a note under the knocker on the door and it said, “I did not want to interrupt your fun. I thought you might have seen me when you were down at the lake earlier. I wish I had the nerve to skinny dip. I have lost my dog, a male Brindle Boxer.

I was looking and noticed your truck. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to interrupt, it looked like you two were having so much fun. His name is Randall and he’s usually friendly so don’t be alarmed. My cell number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, my name is Bruce.”

Even though we knew we possibly had neighbors across the lake we decided we were going to continue as we had been doing. We went down to the lake and swam back and forth to the raft several times and lay in the water and talked. We decided to go up to the cabin and start preparing supper who should meet us on the path but Randall. I called his name and he came running up and let us pet him.

I caught hold of his collar and we took him in the cabin and closed the door. I took a picture and sent it to the number that was on the note left and said, “Hey Bruce, we are across the lake where you left the note on the open door. Look who I found. We got him safe and secure in the cabin.” Bruce replied, “Thank goodness, I was so worried. I’ll be over if you’re going to be there. Thanks so much.”

I replied, “We will be here, just borrowed the place for a few days from a friend. Why don’t you have supper with us, Steak and Baked Potato.”

Bruce replied, “Sounds good, I got a good bottle of wine.”

I replied, “Sounds like a plan, be here at 1800.”

Bruce replied, “Military huh.”

I replied, “Law enforcement!”

Bruce replied, “??, Yes officer!”

I told Nate I reckon we needed to get our shorts even though he had already seen us in all of glory. Nate got our shorts and threw them on the couch and we started getting the supper on, they’d take way longer than the steaks. We got them going and made sure the stuff for the potatoes was handy.

I pulled Nate to me and told him, “We got a little over an hour, what we going to do.”

Nate looked at me, smiled and dropped to his knees. He lifted my cockhead and kissed it deep, playing with my balls. He lifted my cock and sucked my big balls into his mouth and washed them with his tongue and pulling away pulling them away from my body. I hopped up on the counter and Nate sat in the chair and sucked my cock and balls. I rolled back and let him eat my ass too.

He’d take my cock head into his throat and let me feel it there with my hand under his chin and then pull up and lick and suck my balls, then start all over. It was 1730, I told Nate we needed to be wrapping it up. He took my cock into his mouth all the way and I pinched his nose closed and let him go up and down and he’d hold his mouth down and work my balls. I grabbed his head and started fucking his face hard and fast till I cum. Nate swallowed as usual, took it all and licked his lips.

My phone went off and it said “BRT.”

We got our shorts on quickly and removed the leash. About this time, we heard somebody coming up the steps and there was a knock. I opened the door to find an older black well-built male. I invited him in and he entered wine in hand. He started to set the bottle down and asked Nate if he needed to wait until he wiped down the counter, he was watching. Nate just blushed.

I introduced myself and Nate. I told Bruce Nate was an excellent cook and asked how he liked his meat. Nate blushed again. He said he wanted his steak 2 minutes on each side. Nate and I both liked ours 3 minutes on each side so Nate got started. Only two would fit at a time so Nate fixed Bruce’s first as I got the potato’s and fixings out.

Nate turned Bruce’s steak and got a plate and silverware for us and set the table. When the 2 minutes was up Nate placed Bruce’s on a plate and said, “Enjoy Sir, I hope it’s as you like it Sir.”

Bruce looked at Nate and said, “I will most definitely tell you Nate because I know you will fix it and love to please.”

Nate placed his and my steak on a plate and set them on the table.

As we ate we talked and Bruce was really complimenting Nates cooking. He told us he owned the cabin he was in but didn’t come up often. He and his partner bought it together and he, Jeremy, was killed in a car wreck 6 months ago and this was the first time he and Randall had been to the cabin since it happened. He showed us a picture of he and Jeremy I month before the accident.

Jeremy was from the photo, some attractive fit white male 10 years younger than Bruce. Bruce said he owned an accounting firm and that afforded him the ability to work as he wanted, and Jeremy worked there when he bought it.

He could log in from anywhere in the world. He also said he was glad to find someone here because it was so lonely being there alone. He looked at Nate and told him he reminded him of Jeremy, just younger. Nate said, “Thank you very much Sir.”

We cleared the table and gave Randall the scraps. We moved to the front room and Bruce poured us all a glass of wine. We sat and talked. Bruce apologized again for catching us this morning, but it certainly looked like fun and we told him it was our fault, we should have closed the door. Nate was sitting next to me. But Bruce also said it was nice seeing someone enjoying themselves and it was looked like we really enjoyed each other.

Bruce ask if he could use the bathroom and I pointed him in the direction. I pulled Nate to me and asked him if letting Bruce join in was ok. Nate said, “Yes Sir, that would be my pleasure Sir.”

I told Nate to move over to the couch where Bruce was sitting. We were talking when Bruce came out and he looked puzzled as he sat down. When he got settled in Nate handed Bruce his wine and Nate took his and moved closer to him.

Bruce started to say something, but Nate put his finger to his lips and leaned over to kiss him. Bruce looked at me and I told him if it was ok with him it was ok with me. Nate sat in Bruce’s lap and kissed him, sucking his tongue as Bruce caressed his body and the nipple ring. Bruce told us the piercing was sexy, he had one too.

Nate pulled off Bruce’s shirt and tossed it to the side and leaned down to Bruce’s piercing and was licking and sucking it. Bruce loved the attention Nate was showing him, he was running his hands over Nate’s body feeling and touching. Nate stood up and pulled Bruce up, then he knelt and unbuttoned Bruce’s shorts and removed them. All he was wearing was a pair of boxer briefs now as Nate hooked his fingers in them and pulled them down too.

Bruce’s cock popped up hitting his belly and bouncing back down. Bruce said he only had 8.5 inches but what he lacked in length he made for in girth. Nate was really doing well, he started sucking the head of Bruce’s cock. He stood, looked at us both and Bruce ask if we wanted to retire to the bedroom.

As we went to the bedroom I told Bruce, “Nate loves being a sub to a dominant black male and he loves being ordered to perform. He is open to anything. His piercing is brand new, I ordered that. We came up here with two other boys, but that’s another story. My friend, who will be coming up tomorrow, got to know him at the grocery store in town.”

Bruce said, “Nate, I need to fuck a nice tight white ass. Are you game for that Nate?”

Nate said, “Yes Sir, I am here for your pleasure Sir.”

I handed Bruce the bottle of lube and he handed it to Nate. Nate took it and lubed his ass and Bruce’s fat cock. Bruce instructed Nate to lay on his back. I knelt over Nate’s face facing Bruce and pulled his legs back as Bruce lined his fat black cock up with Nate’s pucker. He pushed, and Nate groaned as that thick black cock pushed thru his pucker spreading it wide. Nate opened his mouth wide to yell and I sat down placing both nuts in his mouth and silencing him.

I positioned his nose between my balls and my hole, so he could inhale and get my smell. Bruce was continuing to push into Nates ass. Bruce was about half way in and pushing on. I spoke to Nate and told him, “Nate, tell Bruce what he’s doing to your ass and how much you like it.”

I raised up and removed my balls from Nates mouth, Nate said, “Sir I love your thick black cock in my tight ass Sir. Please Sir, fuck my ass with that massive black cock Sir”

Bruce was giddy and said, I have not fucked a sweet tight ass for a while.”

Nate said, “Sir, do as you please Sir. I am here for your pleasure Sirs.”

Bruce started moving more and more of his cock into Nates ass spreading his ring wider and wider open. Nate moaning loud and placed my nuts back in his mouth and kept pulling his ass higher and higher up to line up with Bruce’s cock. Bruce started pounding in and pulling out and working Nate’s ass.

Bruce finally said, “Nate, your ass is so sweet and tight I am going to shoot and fill your sweet white ass,” and he started pounding until he started cumming, and emptied his balls into Nate’s ass.

As Bruce’s cock softened it came out of Nate’s ass with a pop followed by a stream of Bruce’s hot cum. I exited the room.

I came back with a spoon and started gathering Bruce’s cum in the spoon and I held it out to Nate and he opened wide taking it off the spoon. I kept this up till I had gathered all the cum and let Nate take it off the spoon. We lay back in the bed and talked. Bruce lay on his side propped up facing Nate and myself. He was saying that he and Jeremy experimented a little but nothing like this. I looked at Bruce and told him he hadn’t seen it all yet.