His Sweet Boy Ch. 05


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The plan started out great until Ben asked for a red wristband from the burly bouncer at the door.

“What name am I putting on the band?” The gruff male voice asked.

“E-Eric, Eric Nordstrom.” Ben stuttered out.

The bouncer looked up from writing and arched an eyebrow.

“Nice try kid. It’s not gonna work though Eric hasn’t taken a sub in months. Let me get you a yellow one and you can approach him on your own.”

“No, no give me a white one then.”

“A white one, really?”

“Yea..” Ben quaked all his courage leaving him.

“Hold up,” Harley called from where she was standing on the other side already having gotten a yellow wristband. “You gotta stop being a doormat Ben. He wants a red wristband with Eric’s name on it.”

“Look, lady, it’s not gonna happen, Eric would have told me if he was expecting anyone. And knowing him he would have picked up his sub himself. I’m not about to get in trouble just so you can try and get your kicks with the boss.”

Harley rolled her eyes at the bouncer’s response.

“Because, obviously, Eric didn’t realize we were coming tonight. Why don’t you go get your boss and we can talk to him about this.”

“Hell no, you two aren’t getting it, my job is to keep the riffraff out so you either take a different color or go on home.”

“Like hell, we’re going anywhere!” Harley’s voice had risen to a half shout and Ben noticed they were attracting unwanted attention.

“Harley, maybe we should just go, obviously Eric doesn’t want to see me.”

“Fuck no, we’re not going.” Harley snapped back at Ben.

“What seems to be the problem over here?” A new voice said.

The group turned to see Darryl walking over to them. Ben wasn’t sure whether to sigh in relief or tense up even more.

“Well hello there Ben, you look good, here to see Eric?” Darryl said, immediately recognizing the boy.

Ben nodded, biting his lip and unable to meet the man’s eyes.

“Great, I know Eric will be excited to see you. Hey Dave, can you grab him a red wristband and put Eric’s name on it then I’ll escort them in.”

The bouncer scowled but did as he was told, and they were soon through the door, and on their way to find Eric.


Eric moved through the dungeon side of his club and monitored as well as his distracted brain would let him. Every time he turned he expected to see Ben and was immediately disappointed when his sweet boy wasn’t there. Shit, he needed to stop thinking of Ben as his. He was never coming back.

As he walked around his eyes caught on a mop of brown hair at about the right height facing away from him. Eric’s heart picked up but then fell as he noticed what the figure was wearing.

Ben would never wear a black crop top, with mesh underneath it and what looked to be dark red leather pants. But damn whoever this guy was had an amazing ass. Maybe they would make a good distraction but no, the guy was wearing a red wristband, damn.

Eric scanned the crowd for the guy’s dom and noticed…Darryl standing a little too close to him to be strangers and no other dom’s around.

Well that was…odd. Darryl was very straight and was he flirting with a petite sub woman. He would recognize that kind of body language anywhere from his best friend, so what the hell was going on?

Slipping through the crowd, Eric tried to get a closer look at what was going on then froze when he caught a glimpse of the boy’s face. The dom would know those electric blue eyes anywhere. He had been dreaming about them for the last two weeks (and waking up to uncomfortable hard-ons).

A surge of unparalleled rage rushed up in Eric at the sight of HIS Ben wearing a wrist band with some other fuckers name on it in HIS club. He would not stand for this.

Barreling through the crowd toward the trio, Eric grabbed a hand out and caught the boy’s wrist in an implacable grip (Ben gave a tiny shriek) so he could read the name and his heart stopped.

It read Eric Nordstrom, his name. It was his name. Ben was wearing his name. Fuck, he couldn’t breathe.

The dom looked up and met Ben’s terrified eyes. Shit, he just fucked everything up majorly.

“Eric, man you good?” Darryl’s voice came as if from far away.

“Yea, Yea, sorry about that, not sure what happened there,” Eric said dropping Ben’s wrist like it was a hot poker and taking a hasty step back.

The boy cupped the wrist Eric had grabbed in his other hand close to his chest. The dom’s heart dropped even further down into his gut. Shit, he’d fucked up even more than he thought.

“H-hi,” Ben mumbled not meeting his eyes.

Eric gulped unsure of the best way to respond, he looked over the sub trying to get any clues in his body language on how to make this better but was immediately distracted by the clothing Ben wore. The hint of skin that was shown was entrancing Bayan Escort Antep and the dom reached out without thinking to finger the mesh at the boy’s stomach.

The sub shivered under his hands but made no move to stop him. Eric finally snapped out of his weird daze, pulling his hand back and putting them both behind his back to make doubly sure he didn’t do anything else stupid.

“Sorry, you just took me by surprise,” Eric said, feeling very sheepish, and a bit embarrassed at his lack of control.

People didn’t usually affect him like this but Ben appeared to be the exception. To all his rules.

“It’s ok,” Ben mumbled, then more quietly, so Eric had to strain to hear him over the music. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, sweetheart. Want to go somewhere quieter so we can talk?”

Ben gave an eager nod, and the dom led the way towards his office, careful to not touch Ben but also to keep others away as well. So he didn’t fully have his alpha male side under control as he glared challengingly at several doms, both male and female, as well as straight and gay. But that was no one’s business but his own.

Once they reached the office, Eric politely pushed open the door for Ben and gestured for the boy to go in ahead of him.

The boy tiptoed into the space and looked around with shy interest while Eric pulled the door closed behind them. The dom cleared his throat and pulled himself together, he needed to make things right, even if Ben seemed ok.

“I wanted to apologize again, I shouldn’t have grabbed you like that without permission, I just saw the red wristband and freaked out a little bit.”

“Why would me, wearing a red wristband freak you out?” Ben cut in.

“I thought you had someone else’s name written on it, and…I got a little jealous… And maybe a little irrationally angry.”


“Yea,” Eric replied, roughly running a hand through his hair.

“I never would have guessed you were so insecure.”

Eric looked up sharply to meet Ben’s electric blue eyes and caught sight of a tiny half-smile playing along the sub’s lips.

“You are such a brat, Ben. You know that?”

“I think you’ve mentioned it a few times, so yea.”

“cheeky too.” Eric shook his head grinning as he spoke. “So what changed your mind?”

“What do you mean?” Ben asked but the dom could see him fidgeting.

“You know what I’m talking about. Please don’t lie to me Ben, it hurts when you do. If you don’t want to answer you can just say so.”

The boy blew out a heavy breath through pursed lips. “Harley, my best friend, cornered me, told me I was being an idiot.”

“I owe this best friend of yours, what do they like?”

“You apparently,”

“Unfortunately that’s something I can’t offer, someone else is wearing my name, and I’m very monogamous” Eric paused. “at least for as long as you wear that wristband.”

“I didn’t realize it meant that much to you.”

“In the BDSM world wearing someone’s mark is quite a serious declaration, kinda why I lost my head. So I guess the question is, do you mean it or did Harley put you up to it?”

“I don’t know…I guess tell me a little more about what it means. I get that it’s serious but how so?”

Eric nodded and gestured for Ben to take a seat on the couch, the boy did so and the dom joined him leaving a respectful distance between the two of them.

“It’s a little different for each dom, but having a sub wearing my name to me means that you acknowledge me as your one and only dom. No one else is allowed to touch you except for me and whoever else I say can, this includes you. You’re pretty much saying I own you body and soul until you or I decide otherwise. That wristband is a temporary ownership. It only holds weight in this club for however long you’re here or until you decide to take it off.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize…”

“Yea I didn’t think you did, here let me help you get it off, I have scissors somewhe-“

“No!” Ben almost shouted, causing Eric to freeze halfway off of the couch.

The boy blushed a deep red. “Sorry. I mean no. I don’t want you to take it off of me.”

The dom lowered himself back down to the couch “It’s ok. I won’t be upset or angry if you want it off. I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.”

“…do you want me to take it off?” Ben whispered looking down at his lap.

The wording of that statement bothered Eric, he needed to pick his words with care. Not push.

“I want you to do what is most comfortable for you.” The dom responded

Ben rolled his eyes. “Yea but if you could decide do you want me to wear it?”

“I…like seeing you wear my name, but I don’t want you to feel forced, just because that’s how I feel. Ben, it needs to be your decision.”

Unbidden tears welled in Ben’s eyes, taking Eric completely by surprise. He’d obviously missed something, but before he could ask the boy was up, speaking, and pacing with anxious energy.

“Why do you always do that? Ask me what I want. I don’t even fucking know what I want! So would you stop asking and just-” Ben was cut off by hiccuping breaths that he was trying to suck down.

Shit, Ben must have been sub dropping for the last two weeks to at least some extent for him to be like this. Eric rose to his feet and tried to approach the boy but the kid stepped back and kept up the anxious pacing, evading the dom’s hands.

“Hey hey Ben come on.” But the boy wasn’t responding to coaxing, time to go dominant voice, and see if that could snap him out of it. “Ben stop.”

The sub froze. Good, Eric could work with this. “Good, now come here.”

Ben moved slowly forward like he was swimming through molasses, but he came and stood in front of Eric, that’s all that mattered.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Good job, sweet boy.” The dom ran soothing hands up and down Ben’s arms in long slow grounding touches. “Now I need you to listen to me very closely. Can you do that?”

Ben gave a jerky nod, Eric would have preferred words, but he would take it for now.

“Now I need you to understand that I love having you wear my name. I have really missed seeing you these last two weeks. It was a wonderful surprise for you to be here tonight, so thank you for coming. What would make me even happier than that is making sure that you are comfortable and honestly happy being here. It seems like there has been a lot of stress and anxiety since I saw you last time. Is that true?”

Ben nodded again.

“Ok, can you tell me what you have been so anxious about?”

“E-everything.” Ben choked out. “But mostly this. I don’t-is it supposed to feel like this?”

“It can sometimes, but that’s usually due to a failure to communicate. When a sub is under stress or doesn’t get the right form of aftercare after a session they can go through something called sub drop. It’s like experiencing a major depressive mode where you can feel lonely, anxious, unloved, or uncared for. Have you been experiencing something that sounds like that?”

Ben shook his head. “No, not really I’ve been anxious about whether or not to come but that’s normal. Maybe some today. It’s just-” the boy cut himself off.

“What is it, Ben?”

The boy whirled away from him and hugged himself before speaking. “I got all dressed up and you haven’t-why didn’t you-“

“Ben I don’t understand, sweetheart. What haven’t I done?”

Ben turned with watery eyes “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

“Oh sweetheart,” Eric said, feeling some relief. “Come here.”

The boy came to him, thank god. The dom leaned down and captured those sweet lips in a relatively chaste tender kiss, meant to reassure and comfort.

Of course when it came to Ben nothing ever seemed to go as planned. The boy’s mouth was open and his tongue seeking before Eric could blink.

It was impossible for the dom to resist temptation as he lifted Ben into his arms and felt those long, lean legs wrap around his waist in a tight embrace. Fuck the boy was a hot little bundle.

Eric couldn’t stop himself from cupping Ben’s ass and kneading it in his large hands. It felt so good, he couldn’t wait to spread those delicious cheeks and finger Ben’s hole.

Shit, he needed to slow this down, they weren’t ready yet. Eric dragged his lips away from Ben’s with great difficulty and almost lost his balance in shock when instead of the boy backing off, the sub trailed his own lips down and latched onto the dom’s throat in a surprisingly dominant move.

Fuck, that felt good. Usually, Eric was the one leaving claiming marks all over his subs, but it was an unexpected treat to have the feeling reciprocated.

He needed to get the situation back under control. Maybe give Ben a glimpse of what he had been holding back.

Eric lifted a hand from that perfect ass and tangled it in the boy’s hair before yanking (firmly but gently) back on Ben’s head to detach that delicious mouth from his jugular.

Meeting those electric blue eyes, the dom saw dilated pupils and an open, panting mouth. God, what he wouldn’t give to be able to smash his mouth against Ben’s once more and forget about his fucking morals for once in his life, but no. he wouldn’t be himself without them.

“Your safe word is red, do you understand.”

The boy gave as good of a nod as he could with Eric’s hand in his hair. The dom tightened his grip to the point of discomfort, not pain.

“Words Ben. When I ask a question you will reply with your answer and then sir, or master.”

Eric watched as the boy audibly gulped, and expected Ben to immediately shout red and run like a scared rabbit but the boy seemed to always surprise him.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now I want you to tell me your safe word.”

“Red. Sir.”

“Good boy.” Eric praised and allowed his hand to loosen in those curls.

“I expect complete honesty in all things, any brattiness will be met with punishment, you do not speak unless spoken to or you ask permission is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Eric walked back over to the couch with Ben in his arms and laid the hot bundle on his back on the cushions. The dom was watching the boy carefully for any signs of discomfort or hesitation, but Ben seemed fine if not more aroused then before.

Moving the sub’s arms from around his neck, Eric cupped the boy’s wrists in one strong hand and placed them above Ben’s head.

“Your hands stay there. Any movement will be met with punishment. Do you understand?”

Ben started to nod, then quickly corrected himself by saying “yes, sir.”

“That’s my sweet boy.”

Eric sat up a little bit and looked down at Ben with his hands stretched high above his head and his legs still wrapped securely around the dom’s hips.

Running his large palms down from the top of Ben’s chest to his waist, Eric took the time to really examine this new look the boy wore. It was hot but did not really fit Ben’s personality.

“Who’s choice we’re the cloths, yours or Harley’s.”

“Harley’s” there was a pause where Eric flicked his eyes up to meet Ben’s. “Sir.” The boy quickly tacked on.

“The next time you forget, you will be punished, do you understand?”

Ben gave a full-body shiver under him, but it didn’t look like fear, not with those panting breaths and noticeable bulge rubbing against his own.

“Yes sir.”

“What did Harley say to convince you to get all dressed up?” Eric asked testing the waters to see how open Ben was willing to be.

“She said…that it would be a good way to knock your socks off and show you that I want this, Sir.”

“And do you? Want this?”

“Yes sir.” Then Ben let out a breathy “please.”

Which went straight to Eric’s dick. Fuck. The dom couldn’t stop himself from leaning down and taking those sweet lips with his own once again.

Eric placed one of his large hands around Ben’s neck so he could angle the boy’s head how he wanted to. He delved his tongue in and tasted that rich minty flavor that brought to mind all things winter, from the scent of rich pine to the feeling of opening presents Christmas morning. Completely and utterly addicting.

Running his other hand up Ben’s side, the dom traced his thumb up towards the boy’s nipple and rubbed it. The sub let out a gasp and arched up into the touch.

Eric couldn’t help but purr at Ben’s natural and sweet responses. The boy was such a sensitive little soul, it didn’t surprise him that he also had a sensitive body.

Those kisses though, so distracting and toe tingling. Each one was better than the last as they nipped at each other’s lips and sucked on one another’s tongues. It was like sipping ambrosia. Eric loved the fact that Ben wasn’t a pliant receptor to his dominion but an active and dueling participant who gave as good as he got.

Dragging his mouth away with some difficulty, Eric traced a path down to the boy’s neck and latched on, wanting to leave a lasting mark of his presence that couldn’t be removed as easily as that damn wristband.

In all honesty, the wristband scared Eric, or more accurately, how he felt about it. He hadn’t expected to be so affected by it, how much he wanted it to be permanent.

So instead of processing all that, Eric focused on the here and now with Ben in his arms and unable to run.

Pulling away from leaving his mark, the dom went back to tracing the boy’s torso with his palms, loving the feel of those lean muscles.

“So you didn’t pick this outfit but do you like what you’re wearing sweetheart?” Eric asked, unable to help the question.

“I…I…yes, sir.”

“Does it make you feel sexy?”

“Yes sir,” Ben said through panting breaths.

“Good because you are. When I first saw you in this I didn’t recognize you, thought you were someone else’s sub. I was jealous of whoever your dom was and thought how stupid of him to let someone as sexy and irresistible as you wander around the floor in such an outfit all alone.” Eric spoke as he pushed the crop top up so he could get a better look at the boy’s mesh-covered torso.

The sexy muscles showed through and the dom skated his fingers over the sub’s barely visible snail trail.

He continued “But you see I’m a selfish bastard. When I found out you belonged to me I wanted nothing more than to keep this beautiful body all to myself. One of the reasons why I brought you down here was so that no one else could see you all dolled up. So that I could ravish you in peace.”

Ben gave a full-body shiver at the man’s words.

Eric leaned down so he could whisper in the boy’s ear. “Does that scare you?”

“No, sir.” Ben breathed out.

“Then how does it make you feel?”

The boy squirmed below him but kept his arms firmly above his head. “excited, sir.” Then a whiny little “I want you, sir.”

“You want me huh? And what do you want me to do?” The dom asked curiously.

Ben let out a frustrated little huff (adorable). “I don’t know, everything, anything. Just please, do something. Sir.”

The boy ground his hips up into Eric’s rubbing their bulges together.

“You’re quite the eager little thing aren’t you.” The dom mused as he pulled the mesh tank top up the sub’s body, finally exposing glorious naked skin to his eyes. “And quite sly too for keeping this body hidden so well.”