Hopes For Pure Heaven… Ch. 01


Hopes For Pure Heaven Turn To Hell

For the last couple weeks Kim and Darnell have been making plans. They are planning to go to their home in the mountains over the girl’s winter vacation. Being as how the girls are going to be with their father that week. Kim arranges for her girlfriend to watch their dogs, and the cat. Darnell has begun getting everything they would need ready. He even takes himself a day trip up to the house. Just to check out everything there. Making sure it’s good to go.

Kim’s girlfriend Monica comes over the day before Kim and Darnell are getting ready to leave. Kim shows her just where everything is and explains just when to do what’s needed. After Kim finished what she was going over with Monica, they sat and talked for a while. Kim was waiting for Darnell to return. Kim is becoming a little uneasy with Monica’s choice of conversation. All she keeps talking about in one way or another is Darnell. Darnell is the love of Kim’s life just as she is his. Monica damn well knows it. Kim loves to talk about Darnell (just his name being mentioned makes her heart run). However not in the way that Monica keeps referring to him. Kim now begins to wonder just what is going on inside Monica’s head. (Kim isn’t willing to play this game with the girl who is supposed to be her best friend). Kim needs to know and she needs to know now. The more Kim listens to Monica talk about Darnell the angrier Kim gets, and the quieter she becomes.

“Kim, is something bothering you?” Monica asks in concern. “You are my very best friend. You know you can always tell me if there is.” Kim’s blood is now beginning to boil.

“Yeah your right!” Kim replies in a harsh sort of tone. You are supposed to be my best friend. But instead all I have heard out of your slutty little mouth today is nothing but Darnell. What in the fuck are you thinking? You never pulled this shit when I was married to my ex. Why in the fuck are you doing it now?”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Look at you” Kim replies. “You dress like a slut. You used to dress this way before but it’s gotten tremendously worse. You do nothing but talk in a shady sexual manner about Darnell. When ever he’s here you always need to be where you can see him. Didn’t you think I would notice this?”

“I am sorry Kim I…” Monica replies in a stutter as she hangs her head knowing full well that Kim has finally caught on.

“All I am going to say to you is this. “If you wish to remain my friend you had best leave my man the fuck alone. He has me. I am all he needs and all he wants. He has no interest in you. No matter what you might scheme up to try, don’t bother. It won’t work. Our conversation for today is done. Be here tomorrow afternoon to take care of our animals. This is the last I want to hear from you until we get back from our little vacation. My man and I are off to the mountains for a week. Now get the fuck out of my house.” Kim commands. Monica says not a word. Her head was so full of even more ideas. She was determined to get just what she was aiming for. Even though Kim is still extremely pissed having just thrown her best friend out of the house, she still wanted to be somewhat polite. They walked toward Monica’s car. Monica suddenly stops.

“Kim I forgot something I will be right back.” She turns to walk back into the house.

Coming back out Monica gets into her car and heads off. Darnell then finally arrives back home just around suppertime. Looking at Kim he knows something is bothering her although she tries to hide it (She doesn’t want to involve him in this little matter that she knows she has to deal with). Getting out of the car Darnell takes Kim into his arms.

“Oh my god, I know I was only gone a few hours but man I missed you baby girl.” Darnell whispers in Kim’s ear.

“I missed you too baby. I am so glad you’re home.” Kim replies as her body begins to tremble as the tears fill her eyes. “I can’t wait to leave tomorrow and have a whole week alone with my baby.”

“Honey, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing baby, please just hold me.” Kim replies softly.

“Yeah bull shit. Don’t tell me there’s nothing wrong with you. I know my baby girl. You can’t fool me. C’mon now let’s go into the house.” Wrapping their arms around each other’s waists they walk into the house. Darnell takes Kim sitting with her on the couch. She leans her upper body over to him resting her head onto his chest.

“Alright baby girl, we are inside now and no one’s here but us. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I am just so angry right now baby.” Kim replies. “But I am not angry at you.” I could slap that little bitch right across her face.”

“Who baby girl?” Darnell asks. “Who are you talking about?” although Darnell pretty much figured he already knew.

“Monica…My so called best friend that’s who.”

“Sweetie, what did she do?”

“Darnell I don’t know if you have noticed it or not. I know you obviously didn’t know her when I was married to my ex, but have you seen the way she acts when Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort you’re around?”

“I don’t really pay any attention to her. I always find things to do when she’s here. She kind of creeps me out but I don’t pay her any mind.”

“Well trust me baby. I learned all about her deviant little ways and thoughts today. The entire time she and I sat here talking all she did was talk about you. Every thing was Darnell and just how sexy he is, amongst other things. I am really beginning to fear her trying something with you. I basically threw her out of here.”

“Don’t even let that get into your mind. Darnell replies softly. “You know that the woman that I love more than anything in this world is right here in my arms. There is no other woman on the face of this planet that can or will ever change that. You are my heart and you know it. If Monica truly has the balls to try to start something with me then let her bring it on. I promise you I will shut her down like a hot potato.” Speaking of hot potatoes, baby girl I am hungry are you?”

“Yeah I am. What would you like baby?”

“Let’s get pizza tonight.” Darnell replies with a chuckle. “I don’t know why but I have had this urge for pizza all day.”

“That’s fine with me.” Kim says winking at Darnell. “That means I don’t have to cook.” And if we go through domino’s we won’t even have to go and get it. They will deliver it.” You surely can’t ask for better than that. They decide on what kind of pizza they want. Darnell calls in the order. They tell him it will be approximately 90 minutes before it would be delivered. Hearing this puts an idea into Darnell’s head. Hanging up the phone he stares at Kim.

“What prey tell are you staring at?” Kim asks.

“My appetizer.” Darnell replies with the sexiest look of hunger in his eyes. “That’s what I am staring at. If we have to wait 90 minutes for them to deliver our pizza then I want my appetizer.”

“OH NO NO NO!!! You have to be a good boy.” Kim whispers as she quickly tries to get away from Darnell.

“Like hell I do!! I have been gone all day. I’ve missed you. I haven’t eaten a damn thing today. I want my appetizer and guess what, you’re it!!! Now get your sexy little ass back here” Darnell replies grabbing Kim by her hips pulling her back to him.

“Oh hell no!!!” Kim replies in her devious little tone. “If you want me then you’re going to have to come get me.”

“Sweet girl, look at yourself. I already have you. You can’t get away.” He sits on her legs so she can’t get away.

“Oh damn!!!” Kim replies. “I guess you’re right. I can’t get away now can I?” Just then their dogs begin to bark.

“Are you expecting someone?” Darnell asks.

“Well maybe it’s the pizza dude.” Kim replies.

“It can’t be it’s too early.”

“It would be just my damn shit luck Monica has come back wanting to finish our conversation. Or maybe she wanting to just stare in the windows to get a look at you.” Kim snickers just shaking her head. “If it’s her, she will obviously know you’re here. Your car is in the driveway.”

“If she has enough nerve to come back to our home and stare into our windows after you told her to leave, then what she will see is her god damn problem not ours.” Slowly Darnell begins to lift Kim’s top. Removing it from her completely. Gently pushing her back on the couch.

Kissing his way down her chest. Taking one nipple at a time into his mouth suckling and nibbling each one gently. She moans softly as her breathing deepens. Sliding his hands ever so gently down her over her belly. Down to the front of her jeans opening them slowly. The aromatic scent that’s released from the depths of Kim’s now ever so warm and wet pussy completely over rules Darnell’s senses. His mass hardens in his jeans.

Darnell removes Kim’s jeans in a rather hurried fashion. Kissing lightly up her legs. His goatee tickles her with every move. Her body squirms. Beginning to thrash a bit as she tries to overpower the wonderful sensation. His breathing deepens. His soft moans grow louder. He’s approaching the warmest, wettest, sweetest spot of her anatomy that he has been craving all day and just can’t wait to taste. Gently he opens her legs. Kissing licking and nibbling over that very soft skin on the inside of her thigh. Lightly running his tongue over the outside of her thong. Tasting her juices that have begun to soak through. Slowly he works his fingers into the top of her thong. Lowering her thong over her hips, down her sexy little legs and completely off. For a moment he just kneels where he is just looking at her. Taking in all her beauty. Suddenly Kim begins to cry.

“Baby girl, what’s the matter?” Darnell asks in concern.

“Darnell, look.” Kim replies. “Look at the window but please don’t make it obvious.” “She just doesn’t know when to quit does she? All I can say is this. “If she wants to be bold enough to stare in that window then we are going to have to give her a god damn show she won’t soon forget. Maybe then she will get the point.” Kim smiles her devious little smile as Darnell settles back into where he was.

Taking a hold of Kim’s legs Darnell places them over his shoulders. Running his tongue up and down over the entire length of her pussy lips. Kim runs her fingers into the back of Darnell’s hair. Sliding his hands underneath her ass. Darnell raises her ass off the couch just a little (just enough to put Kim in the perfect position for him to be able to get all of her. And enough so he knows that the little spying bitch outside the window can see just what he’s doing to Kim). Kim’s back arching. She lets out with one hell of a sexy scream as Darnell slips his tongue deep inside her love tunnel. Savoring all his favorite juices that she is slowly releasing to him.

Kim knows full well that Monica can hear her screaming as she watches what’s going on. Kim watches the expressions on Monica’s face changing out of the corner of her eye. Slowly Kim begins to grind her pussy against Darnell’s mouth. Kim’s screams getting now even louder.

“Oh god yes I’m gonna cum!!!! Baby don’t stop…please don’t stop!!!” Darnell hearing this darts his tongue in and out of her hot box deeper and faster. The grip that Kim holds on the back of his head now becomes tighter. Her legs lock tightly around the sides of his head as her body tenses. Releasing all her hot love juices into his mouth. Darnell stays right there for a few minutes lapping at the juices that are left. Looking now at the window, Darnell looks directly at Monica. Running his tongue over the bottom of his top lip chuckling his ever so naughty chuckle. Kim lays there motionless just looking at Darnell. She was now exhausted but very happy. Darnell looks down at Kim with a very devilish grin on his face.

“You stay here. I will be right back.” Darnell takes the blanket off the back of the couch covering Kim.

“Babe, where are you going?” Kim asks quietly.

“I’m going to take care of a little snoop that’s outside our window.” Darnell replies. Standing up he walks into the kitchen and out the back door. Making his way quietly around the house coming up behind Monica.

“So did you enjoy what you just watched?” Darnell barks out. Monica jumps as Darnell startles her.

“I…I” was all Monica could manage to say. Darnell was now standing inches away from her.

“I nothing…weren’t you told not to show your face here until tomorrow?”

“Yes” Monica replies quietly. “I didn’t really think she meant it. Kim always says stuff like that when she gets upset.

“How dare you tell me what my baby girl says?” I know everything there is to know about her and how she talks when she gets upset. She’s upset because you seem to have this massive infatuation with me. I don’t know what in the fuck your trying to pull but you aren’t going to get anywhere.” Now go the fuck back to the hole you crawled out of. Don’t even think about showing your face here again until we leave tomorrow.”

“Please Darnell, please just let me talk to Kim.”

“I don’t fucking think so. If I were to even think about allowing you anywhere near her right now she would beat the shit out of you. Your best bet is just to do what I told you and get the fuck back to where you belong. Put some god damn forsaken clothes on too. Or we might have to put you in a fucking circus. I am warning you and you had better not heed my warning. Don’t fuck with Kim and don’t think about fucking with me. I won’t be nearly as easy on you. You don’t piss off my baby girl and expect to get away with it.”

Monica gets pissed hearing Darnell say this to her. She gets back into her car. Monica decides she’s going to put phase two into affect. She drives up to Kim and Darnell’s mountain home. Getting out she walks around the house. Trying to find a way in. She manages to open a window that apparently had been unlocked. Getting inside Monica makes her way to what she assumed was Darnell and Kim’s room. Walking over to Darnell’s dresser she begins rummaging through his drawers. Pulling out the clothes that are in there. She proceeds to leave them all in a disarray wanting it to look like someone had broken in and was looking for something. Monica walks into their bathroom that is adjacent to the bottom of their bed. She finds Darnell’s cologne that she has smelled on him several times when she has visited them in the past. She sprayed it just to be able to smell it. Taking the bottle she puts it into her pocket. Taking Darnell away from Kim and having him for herself was all Monica could now think about. She makes her way back out the window she came in through. Walking back around the front of the house she leaves a little note attached to their front door. The note reads: “I promise you, I will have all that you have and so much more. If it’s the last thing I do I will have it all. You just wait and see.”

Mean while back at their home the “Pizza dude” as Kim refers to him finally arrives. Darnell and Kim proceed to eat dinner and head off to bed for a wonderful evening of lovemaking.

The following morning Kim awakens first. She kisses Darnell softly on the cheek. Getting up she heads off into the kitchen still completely naked. Making their final pot of coffee in this kitchen for the next week. Suddenly Darnell walks up behind Kim wrapping his arms around her.

“Good morning my beautiful lady.” Darnell whispers in her left ear. “Are you ready for our week away?” The feel of his breath on her ear sends chills instantly through her. “Good morning my sexy man.” Kim lets out in a soft screech. “Good god yes I am so ready when are we leaving?”

“Just as soon as we get dressed and pack the car.” Darnell replies. “However I myself wouldn’t mind if you were to go just like this.”

“OHHH that’s my bad boy!!!” Kim replies with a giggle.

“You haven’t seen bad yet baby girl. You wait till I get you alone in those mountains. The smell of fresh mountain air is an aphrodisiac. It just does something to me that I can’t explain. However I will gladly show you the entire time we are there. That’s just how simple it is.”

“You promise?”

“Oh hell yeah`!! Have I ever promised you something and not delivered just what I said I would?” Darnell asks in his very sexy soft accented voice. Slapping Kim on the ass ever so gently.

“Ok Ok you win my baby. Lets go get dressed. I want out of here. I want you to show me baby.” Darnell takes her hand in his as they walk off together to get dressed. Kim picks out her clothes as she begins to get dressed. She watches Darnell do the same. He is looking so good. She could feel her juices slowly beginning to flow. Trying to maintain her composure she begins to make the bed.

Darnell comes in behind her. Gently he begins biting at her ass cheeks through her jeans as she bends forward over the bed to pull up the blankets. Her instantaneous reaction causes her to push her ass back toward Darnell. She moans softly.

“Oh fuck Darnell not now. You know damn well what this does to me. As good as this feels and I would love nothing better we aren’t in the mountains yet. We will never get out of here if you keep this up.”

“Awww!!!” Darnell whines in his soft pouty little voice. “I am sorry baby. Your ass was presented and I just couldn’t help myself. You know what the sight of your wonderful ass does to me.”

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know.” Kim replies. “You need to be my good boy until we get to where we are going. Then if you choose to be naughty well more power to you. I surely won’t stop you then.”

They pack the car lock the doors to the house and head off. The entire time Darnell is driving Kim decides she’s going to get even. Taking her nails she runs them up and down his inner thigh. Darnell lets out with a soft yet very deep growl.

“STOP IT!!! Damn` you, you can’t do this to me when I am dri`vin.” Kim watches the bulge growing in his jeans.

“Why can’t I?” Kim asks in her soft little voice. “You were being naughty when I was trying to make our bed this morning weren’t you Mr.?” Darnell didn’t say another word. All he could do was growl for he knew she was right.

Arriving at their mountain home, Darnell gets out coming around he opens Kim’s door for her. Extending his hand for hers being the perfect southern gentleman that he is. He helps Kim out of the car. Darnell closes the door. Kim just stands there looking at the sights. Darnell stands in behind her wrapping his arms around her.

“What’s going through your mind sweet girl?”

“Darnell, it’s absolutely perfect here.” Kim replies resting her head back against Darnell’s chest. “We are all alone for the next seven days. No phone well with the exception of our cell phones, no dogs, no kids, no worries. It’s just you and I.” Kim holds onto Darnell’s arms. Holding them a little tighter to her. Darnell turns Kim around to look at him. Placing his hands on the sides of her face he leans in kissing her softly.

“You’re right baby girl.” Darnell replies. “It is just you and I. I know you have been needin` this get away for some time now. I promise you I will make these next seven days ones you won’t soon be forgettin` and it all begins right here baby.”

“MMMMMmmm!!!” I love how that sounds.” Darnell kisses her one last time before they head up to the house. Kim notices something attached to their front door.

“What the hell is that?”

“What? What are you looking at baby?”

“There is something on our front door Darnell.” Getting up to the front door Kim reads what’s there. Darnell could tell Kim was getting instantly pissed.

“Kim, what the heck is it?” Kim didn’t know what to say at first, she was pissed.

“Honey what the hell is it? Darnell asks now in concern.

“Darnell, let’s go in the house, I have a bad feeling right this minute. I really pray to god for Monica’s sake it’s wrong.” Darnell and Kim walk in to find that Kim’s bad feeling wasn’t wrong at all. Something didn’t feel right to Kim. She can’t however pin point just what it is. “Baby, why don’t you do me a big favor and start a fire in the fire place. I will be right back I need to check something.”