High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 09

Big Tits

As we near the end of this story (just one more chapter and the epilog to continue) I want to be clear that I, as an author, am open to constructive feedback. I know the occasional grammar error slips through along with a few spelling mistakes. I get that. I am sure ten people could look at it in a row and an 11th person would still find an error. We are only human. That said, if anyone has anything constructive to say about this series or the potential follow-up series I am open to hearing it.

And as always, thanks to Romatic1 for looking this over a few times before I shared it with you all.


Ch 9: Life after swimming

Pleasure and pain, when used properly, make for a potent and powerful combination. When mixed poorly it can be rather frustrating and downright unpleasant. Right now I was having a mix of really good pleasure and really bad pain. Usually I could block out the pain but tonight is one of those nights when I just can’t.

“Ungh,” I moaned out loud as I rocked my hips forward impaling my cock into the tight teenager in front of me. ‘Owe,’ I thought to myself internally.

“So close,” my female lover cried out.

‘Good,’ I thought to myself, ‘I can’t take this much longer.’

Here I was balls deep in Sasha, a senior distance runners on the track team with Sarah, and all I could think about was how sore I was.

Trying to distract myself from the pain I reached up and palmed one of Sasha’s massive tits. I have no idea how she ran with a set of double-D breasts. All I can say is that she has to have one hell of a sports bra. I even quipped to myself that I should find out the company of her sports bar and invest. They obviously had a good product on the market.

As I kneaded her fleshy orb with my fingers a jolt of pain shot through my shoulder. “Owe!” I cried out loud.

It must have been loud enough to startle Sasha because she stopped mid-fuck on the precipice of her orgasm and turned around to face me.

“Your shoulder?” She asked concerned for my wellbeing. I nodded while wincing in pain. “Here, lie down,” she said as she switched places with me letting me lay on my back. She then straddled my waist. “I’ll take over.”

I am usually much more of an active lover, but given the amount of pain I was in I didn’t have much of a choice. At least the view was worthwhile.

“Oh yeah, there we go,” Sasha cooed as she got back into a stead rhythm riding my cock cowgirl style. Her massive double-D tits bounced in front of my face. I wasn’t a big boob guy to be honest, but Sasha’s breasts just seemed perfect for her body.

I grunted and thrust upwards to meet her downward strokes. It wasn’t till the sounds of multiple orgasms overruled our flesh slapping together that I remembered we weren’t alone. I looked over just in time to see Sarah’s second orgasm ripple through her body as Jeff, the star thrower on the track team, blew his load into her from behind. They say that one orgasm begets another and it must have been enough for Sasha because the next thing I know her pussy was clamping down on my cock.

“Oh yeah, just like that!” Sasha cried out as she grabbed her massive breasts with her hands and threw her head back in ecstasy.

I lifted my ass up off the bed once much thrusting my cock as deep as I could into Sasha’s tight pussy and felt my own orgasm building to a head. I got three more solid thrusts as Sasha orgasmed and then finally experienced my own orgasm.

“Just what the doctor ordered,” I said as Sasha leaned down and kissed me.

As Sasha and I basked in the afterglow of our orgasm Sarah and Jeff came back into the room after cleaning themselves off.

“We need to do this again,” Sarah said with a smug look on her face.

“Yeah, if all our meets end up like this it will be a great season,” Jeff said.

“I sure hope not,” I said rubbing my shoulder, “I am not sure my body can take another meet like today.”

“We’ll get your throwing technique worked out bro,” Jeff said with a laugh.

‘I sure hope so,’ I thought to myself. ‘My body, or my pride, can’t take another fall like that.’


A few hours earlier…

“Come on Steve!” I heard my teammates cheer.

‘Tuck; set; spin; step; throw,’ I thought to myself as I got into position in the shot-put ring.

Tuck; set; step; spin… “Aww shit!” I said as I felt my body hit the dirt.

“Language Smith!” I heard my coach yell.

“Sorry Coach,” I said as I rolled onto my back.

“Hey, ten feet,” Jeff said as he came over extending me his hand, “I think that’s a new personal best.” His tone was sarcastic but the levity helped. A little.

When I got up I brushed the dirt off my shorts and felt a tinge of pain in my shoulder. Ten feet or not, that landing sucked.

While the other people threw, Jeff gave me a few pointers. They were nothing I haven’t heard. Ever since joining the track team two weeks ago and getting recruited by the throwers I have been finding out the hard way that throwing Starzbet shot-put is not as easy as it looks. Jeff, who was the team’s senior star thrower, and multiple school record holder I might add, oh and he also the current All-District Champion, had been doing his best to drill technique into me. It was humbling to say the least. A month ago I was the champion. Now I was the chump.

“You have the muscles,” he said, “you just need to work on balance. Keep your elbow up. You’re dropping it halfway through your spin and it’s throwing your whole upper body off. If you think your elbow is high enough, cock it up another few inches and keep it there.” For emphasis he grabbed my elbow and pushed it up twice as high as I thought it needed to be.

“Last round!” The official called out.

The other team’s star thrower threw a solid forty two foot throw. Impressive, at least by my standards. Next up were a few freshman who threw in the mid to high 30s. Still impressive to me. Then again, I was impressed they all managed to stay standing.

Jeff was up next and rocked out a sixty foot throw. To say I was impressed would have been an understatement. I did my best to watch his form but it all happened so fast I was just as clueless today as I was on the first day of practice.

“Smith, you’re up,” our coach said after the other school’s thrower launched a mid 40s throw. “No pressure, but if you can manage a thirty footer and knock their last guy into 6th, that one point for 5th place will be enough for us to win this meet,” my coach said as I walked by.

‘No pressure, he says,’ I thought to myself. ‘Tuck; set; spin; step; throw,’ I repeated as I got into position.

“Get that elbow up!” I heard Jeff call out. “Higher!” He said after I cocked my elbow up a few more inches. “That’s it! Now keep it up.”

‘Here goes nothing,’ I though. ‘Tuck; set; spin; step; throw.’ I stood in disbelief. ‘I’m still standing.’ I was shocked. First time in two weeks of throwing I was still standing. ‘Holy shit!’

“Thirty two feet, four inches,” the official called out.

My teammates erupted in cheers. Not so much that I threw a great impressive throw or anything, but that I actually managed a throw.

Jeff gave me a high-five when I came over.

“‘Bout damn time,” my coach said as he shook my hand.

On the bus ride home the coach stood up and publicly embarrassed me saying after two weeks of falling on my ass I finally managed my first successful throw. I stood up to a round of applause, sarcastic comments, and cat-call whistles and took a bow.

Trying out for the track team has been Jenn’s idea. With her in spring musical, and Sarah running track I was getting a little bored at home. Not being one to waste time on computer games or other frivolous activities I had tried to stay active by swimming three days a week. Without the pressure of competition, or my teammates swimming beside me, I found lap swimming to be unfulfilling.

When I sat back down next to Sarah I looked over to see Sasha, another senior on the team who was running long-distance with Sarah, sitting next to Jeff checking me out. I smiled and rejoined the conversation.

When we got back to the school Jeff suggested we go back to his place and hang out for a little. Little did I know that his plans included fucking Sarah doggy-style and letting Sasha take a turn on me.

Who was I to complain?


The next day after school I managed to not fall down once during practice. My shoulder was still sore, but with a little bit of athletic tape, a few Advil, and me just sucking it up I was able to deal with it. Didn’t hurt that every time Sasha and Sarah ran by they gave Jeff and I smile.

“Any plans for this weekend?” I asked Jeff as we went through our drills.

“Nope,” he said as he rifled off another javelin.

“I was thinking about hitting up the drive-in tomorrow night with some of my friends. You and Sasha are more than welcome to join us,” I said as I tossed my javelin chaotically into the air.

“Here, when you get to your release make sure your elbow and wrist are in the same plane,” Jeff said as he held up his arm. “You’re twisting your wrist and that’s why the javelin is wobbling. If you straighten out your release you’ll probably get a few more yards out of your throw.”

After I nodded and made a few empty handed practice throws Jeff and I resumed our conversation.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” he said resuming out conversation about weekend plans. “Give me a call tomorrow afternoon and let me know what time you guys head down. I’ll bring my truck and we can tailgate for dinner before the movie starts.”

Jeff was a big guy. He was 6’2″ tall and weighed in at 240 pounds. Compared to my swimmer’s physique he was massive. It was no wonder he was a star thrower. His truck was just as big and it dwarfed my Jeep. It was a good thing I wasn’t insecure, but that didn’t stop him from picking on me and my ‘little toy Jeep.’


The Starzbet Giriş next day we piled into our respective cars and met at the drive-in. I had taken the hardtop off my Jeep now that spring had rolled around. With the soft-top tucked back I was able to fold the windshield down and have an unobstructed view of the movie screen. Jeff’s truck was backed in next to me with a set of couch cushions and pillow spread around. He had Sarah under one arm and Sasha under the other. Jenn brought a large blanket and was sprawled out on the ground with Ben, Doug, and the twins. Summer and I were seated in my Jeep holding hands and making jokes about the different previews and how stupid some of the latest comedies were getting.

After the movie, and a little making out here and there, most of us were feeling pretty sexual charged and itching to get our rocks off.

“How about we go back to my place,” Jenn said to the group. “Parents are out of town till tomorrow.” She smiled and we all knew what she had in mind.

“Jeff, you and Sasha coming?” I asked as he packed up.

“Uh, I guess so,” he said.

Before I could say anything Sarah piped up. “Oh yeah, you two are coming,” she said with a mischievous grin.

At Jenn’s house things quickly heated up. The girls sat the four of us boys down in a line and proceeded to give us all lap dances.

Sarah and Summer were doing about as much dancing with each other as they were with my lap. Before long they were both topless and rubbing their breasts in my face. I jumped from nipple to nipple sucking and licking whatever I could get my mouth on. I had one hand on Sarah’s panty clad ass and my other hand on Summer’s. Just as I was about to move around to their pussies they stood up and smiled.

As I watched them walk away to Ben and resume their dance in his lap I felt a finger pull my chin back forward. Inches from my face were Sasha’s massive double-D’s.

“Mommy,” I said out loud. I then reached up cupping a breast in each hand and began licking and flicking her nipples one at a time with my tongue.

Sasha must have enjoyed what I was doing because she started grinding into me while she straddled my lap. “I can’t wait to have you do that to my clit,” she said as I swirled my tongue around one of her nipples. Just for fun I gently bit it between my teeth. She yelped in a mix of pleasure and pain and then pulled me by my head smashing my face into her breast.

Just as I was about to switch to her other nipple she stood up, gave me a kiss, then walked over to Ben. I looked around and saw the twins giving Jeff a tandem lap dance, Sasha all over Ben, and Summer and Sarah double teaming Doug.

“How’d this happen?” I asked myself out loud. Just then I saw a familiar face peak through the door to the TV room.

“Heather!” I called out. “Just in time!”

Heather wasted no time and stripped out of her shirt and shorts. She was wearing an underwire style corset top that thrust her breasts upwards and together into an inviting display of cleavage and she had on a matching g-string that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages,” she said as she poured herself into my lap.

I said nothing and just locked my lips to hers and let my hands roam freely over her body.

Heather’s body was something I would never get tired of. While it had been fun to fuck Sasha the other night after our track meet, I only had a physical connection with her. Heather and I share a special bond since I had been the one to take her virginity last fall after the Homecoming Dance. While I wouldn’t say we were in love romantically, or exclusively, I still had strong feelings for her and she had a special place in my heart.

I did my best to pick Heather up off my lap and carry her to the couch but my shoulder wouldn’t cooperate.

“Long story,” I mumbled to Heather as we collapsed onto the other couch. The pain and inconvenience was soon forgotten when Heather unzipped the front of her corset. “That’s convenient,” I said as her C-cup breasts spilled out from the confines of the top.

I took my time kissing my way down her neck stopping only briefly to gently nibble with my teeth in a spot that was particularly ticklish for Heather. After a slight detour to her nipples, making sure they were sufficiently suckled, I made my way down her stomach and slowly pealed back her g-string.

“Just what I’ve been waiting for,” I said as I stared lapping at her clit.

“Just what I’ve been waiting for too,” Heather said as she arched her back lifting her ass up into the air. I took the opportunity to slip my hands under her body and when she relaxed my hands each had a handful of her succulent ass.

I would never say it to her face, but Heather had probably put on about ten pounds since the end of the field hockey season. She was still in great shape but she had a small layer of ‘cushioning’ over her entire body. This made her breasts look almost a cup-size bigger, made her ass Starzbet Güncel Giriş even more fun to grab onto, and gave her stomach a smoother look compared to her more defined abs when she was at the peak of her physical fitness.

As my tongue danced over her clit and my fingers prodded at her g-spot I could feel her pussy juices beginning to run down my chin.

“Don’t stop,” Heather begged. “Just like that.” Not being one to disappoint I kept doing exactly what I was doing. With one hand I grabbed her ass, I crooked two finger on my other hand into a J shape and pressed on her g-spot, and with my tongue I flicked it side-to-side across her clit.

When she finally came her juices coated my face from the underside of my nose down to my chin. I instinctually licked my lips and savored every last drop.

“Now it’s your turn,” Heather said switching places with me so I could lie back and relax. She slowly and teasingly removed my shorts followed by my boxers. My cock was rock hard and begging for attention. The moment she touched it I felt a rush of pleasure course through my body. The rise in endorphins helped mask the pain in my shoulder and I soon forgot about everything in the world except Heather.

Heather can do this little thing with her tongue that just drives me wild. She will engulf my entire cock in the back of her throat and then as she pulls her head back she will trace the tip of her tongue on the underside of my cock with just the right amount of pressure. Once she reaches the tip she will run her tongue in a circle around the head of my cock before plunging it back into the depths of her throat.

She also worked my balls around in the palm of her hand while she worked her other hand on the base of my cock in sync with her mouth. The trifecta of stimulation was hard to suppress and in a short amount of time I felt my body start to tense up. I lifted my hips up a little as my ass and leg muscles contracted and with a grunt I let myself release.

“You always taste so good,” Heather said licking her fingers and lips clean.

“Pineapple,” I said as my body went limp, “lots and lots of pineapple.”

She crawled her way up my body and nuzzled herself into my chest. We lay there peacefully until the sharp orgasmic cries of one of the twins reminded me that we weren’t alone.

I looked over to see one twin straddling Ben while Jeff pounded her in the ass. She was leaning sideways with her face buried in Summer’s pussy while Summer was nose deep in the other twin. Sarah was making out with Ben while Sasha ate her while Doug pounded her from behind. Witnessing the eight-way orgy made me wish I had my camera because it would make one hell of a photo.

I was too far away to tell which twin was which, but the one getting double-penetrated took a moment to scream again before taking a breath and diving back into Summer. Sasha moaned next as Doug grunted and blew his load deep inside her. This triggered Sarah to orgasm all over Sasha’s face. The next few orgasms came in rapid succession and I lost track of who was having the first orgasm and was on their second. Eventually the mass of teenage flesh collapsed on the floor into an M.C. Esher-esque ball of arms, legs, breasts, dicks, and hair. It was hard to tell where one body ended and the other began.

“That was amazing you guys,” Heather said looking over the group with hungry eyes.

They moaned and groaned collectively and one of the twins was noticeably passed out.

As I lay there I gently ran my hand up and down Heather’s back. She let out a soft coo and then went back to resting her head on my shoulder. Despite the obvious sexual nature of the group action that night I felt closer to Heather than I had in a long time.

“How about you and I go out on a date next weekend,” I said to Heather as I stared blankly at the ceiling.

“Sounds like a plan,” she said as she wrapped her arm across my chest and gave me a gentle squeeze.


The next week was much better than the first. With a little big of athletic tape, some painkillers, and a few bags of ice I managed to get my shoulder well enough to resume throwing. I noticed the trainers checking me out after practice as they helped ice me down and I just laughed. They weren’t exactly the most athletic bunch, or even that attractive, but they were nice people and I had no reason to be anything but pleasant with them. I made a mental note to say hi to them in the halls and put a little effort into thanking them properly.

When our meet rolled around Thursday I was itching to see how well I could do in a competition situation and redeem myself from last week’s embarrassing tumble. Since it was a home meet the stands were full of family and friends and I saw countless familiar faces. My parents were sitting next to Summer and Sarah’s parents and part way through the meet I saw Jenn come out once her musical rehearsal let out.

Jeff and I had managed to work the kinks out of my javelin technique and I was able to nab 3rd place in that event. The discus still scared me, along with my coach whose head I had nearly taken off this week with a bad toss, so I was not in that event. At the shot-put circle I managed to get another 3rd with three really solid consistent throws.