The Cherry Poppers Ch. 28


Chapter 28 — The contest finally ends — Part 1

Author’s note — Thanks for reading The Cherry Poppers story and being patient as I finished the book. I tried hard to get the end to you quickly. Part 2 is done as well and will be posted right after this. I appreciate all the kind words about this story. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.


In the morning, Jason woke first. Initially, he wasn’t sure where he was but quickly realize. He looked for Beth and found her sleeping with Haden. The realization that he had probably missed a hot scene of the two women together bothered him. He cursed himself for falling asleep and missing their sensual girl on girl lovemaking.

He didn’t bother disturbing them. He wrote Beth a short note to come to the swim meet and then dressed. He headed straight for the pool. He planned to shower there before getting into his swimsuit. He didn’t have long before the meet started. Fortunately, it was a home meet or he would have needed to be at the pool much earlier for the bus.

Jason ran into Brad in the locker room. He was already in his suit and headed to the pool. Jason joined him after a quick shower. The team warmed up a little as did the competing teams. The meet would be against two other teams not from their conference but both excellent programs. How Jason’s team fared would be an indicator of their strength in the east.

Each team convened before the meet in the locker rooms to discuss strategy. Jason’s coach laid out the strategy and the swimmers for each of the medleys and relays. The order for most of the other races had been set by mid-week. Jason was seated first in the 100 and 200 breaststrokes and butterfly with Brad third. Both would swim legs in the medleys too. Jason would even do the 400 meter individual medley.

One of the other teams was especially strong in freestylers and they jumped out to an early lead in the meet. Jason won the 100 meter breaststroke with Brad two seconds behind him. Those points moved Jason’s team in second temporarily.

When Jason got out of the water, he could hear some yelling louder than most. He had spotted and waved to Beth earlier. Haden had come with her. Jason looked to the stands and saw them clapping and yelling loudly. He smiled and waved to them.

What Jason didn’t notice was a gray haired man in a suit sitting off alone not far away. He eyed Jason and noticed Beth and Haden clapping for him. When Jason rejoined his other teammates, the man discreetly moved over behind Beth and Haden. They didn’t even notice despite the fact that the stands were only half full.

It was a close meet until Jason excelled in the end. He won the 200 meter breaststroke in record time, breaking the school record and conference too. Brad came in second, just below Jason’s best time from the prior year. Jason won the 100 meter butterfly too and Brad came in second again. In the 200, he won with a school record time. Each time he won, Beth and Haden could be heard cheering above all others.

This time when Jason waved to them, he did notice the black suited man sitting directly behind them clapping too. It looked odd that he was seated so close to them since there were plenty of open seats to either side of Beth and Haden. They were kinda sitting alone, higher up in the bleachers.

Jason’s team won the meet, but it was close. His four wins had carried the team. Brad’s individual three seconds and one third helped too. Jason and Brad were congratulated after the meet by their coaches and teammates alike. Even some of the competitors came over to congratulate Jason. Some were guys he knew from high schools near his home town that he had competed against. A reporter for the local paper stopped Jason on the way to the locker room. He asked Jason several questions while a cameraman filmed it.

After showering and dressing, Brad and Jason walked out of the jovial locker room to find the waiting Beth and Haden. They were all smiles and Beth ran to give Jason a huge kiss. Haden was standing there when they broke the kiss and she kissed him too. Jason introduced Brad to Haden and Brad got hugs from both girls as well. Jason offered to buy everyone an early dinner and they all agreed. However, as they were leaving the black suited man stepped forward from the shadows and asked to speak with Jason. He wanted to speak alone.

Jason was a little skeptical but agreed. The other three said they would wait for him outside. The gray haired man led Jason further down the hall, away from most of the activity around the locker room. The rest of the pool was quiet for a Saturday with the meet going on.

Outside, Beth was curious about the gray haired man and asked Brad.

“Who do you think that guy is?”

“Maybe a scout for a bigger school,” Brad suggested. “Or maybe he’s a US Olympic Committee guy.”

“Could be,” Haden said. “He asked Beth all sorts of questions.”

“He did? When?” Brad queried.

“Yeah, in the stands,” Beth said. “He was friendly enough Gaziantep Kavaklık Escort but he asked a lot of questions about Jason.”

“What kind of questions?” Brad asked.

“Things like how did I know him and was I his girlfriend.”

“Why didn’t you ask him why he wanted to know?”

“He was smart the way he asked us questions,” Haden said. “Something like you’d expect from a lawyer or someone. Simple questions at first, that got more specific as Beth answered.”


“Yeah, he started casually at first, by asking if we knew that boy that just won the race when Jason won the 100 meter breaststroke. He asked like anyone curious and just making conversation would. He talked about how good he was and really acted friendly. He talked to us a lot throughout the meet,” Beth stated.

“Hmm,” Brad wondered aloud.

“We didn’t think anything of it at the time, just a swimming fan or something. We asked if he had a son swimming but he didn’t,” Haden explained.

“Curious,” Brad admitted.

“Yeah, what’s with the secrecy and pulling Jason aside to talk? And what’s taking him so long? What could this guy be saying to him?” Beth questioned.

“I don’t know,” Brad agreed.

Jason came out a few minutes later. Beth immediately asked who that guy was. Jason just smiled and waved them off. He kept walking towards the frat encouraging them to follow. Haden, Beth, and Brad all looked at each other curious that he seemed not to want to talk about it or to dismiss it. They wanted more information but Jason was already twenty steps ahead and calling for them to hurry as he was hungry.

Jason led them to his room first so he could put on better clothes. He still had on the clothes from the day before. He had them wait outside the room while he changed but Beth insisted on coming in. They were in the room for several minutes which gave Haden and Brad time to get to know each other.

When they came out of the room and they all started walking out the back of the frat to Jason’s car, Haden and Brad whispered to Beth.

“What did he say?”

“He claims the guy is a reporter for another paper,” Beth said.

“Yeah?” Brad replied.

“But, you don’t believe him?” Haden asked reading her roommate’s face.

“Course I do,” Beth said, but again Haden knew better.

The gray haired man forgotten for a while, they had a fun dinner. Haden and Brad seemed to get along great. They went to an Italian restaurant and afterwards, Jason proposed they go bowling. Everyone agreed, argued when he offered to pay again, and settled for paying for their own shoes. It was eleven when they dropped Brad at his dorm. When Jason drove the women to their dorm, Beth invited him up. Jason jumped at the idea, remembering the night before.

In the room, the women wanted to get more comfortable. Jason thought he was in for another tremendous show until they grabbed their pajamas and both went to the bathroom. Alone, Jason thought about the day’s events and the contest.

‘God, how can I do this?’ Jason fretted. ‘Caulfield’s lawyer wants the log book back tomorrow. I’ve only got one more chance and tonight is it. He says they have the cards from the clinic. How do they have the cards? I personally helped Dr. Clark pack them up for storage. How is it they have access to them?’

Jason was deep in thought as the two beauties returned in their pajamas. Even in PJs they looked hot. He tried not to smile despite the fact that they both had hard nipples poking out their tops, probably a result of the cool bathroom and hallways in these dorms. Jason was shoeless, had the TV on again, and lay across the middle of Beth’s bed with his back to the wall. His plan worked as the two women took spots on either side of him to watch the TV. Having accomplished that, Jason wondered, ‘how can I make this work? Time is short.’

He thought they were just going to settle back and watch TV but Beth had other ideas again. She leaned into him and kissed his cheek.

“My hero,” she said.


“You were awesome at swimming today.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Jason said, returning the praise.

“I’ve not broken a conference record yet,” Beth stated with her hand again on his thigh.

“You will.”

“Thanks, but I think you have more talent than me,” Beth claimed, her hand squeezed his leg.


“It’s true. Isn’t he great, Haden?”

“Unbelievable,” Haden said and smiled warmly at Jason.

“Haden had fun with Brad today. Did he say anything to you about her?”


“Well, he’s nice and cute too,” Beth said. “Right, Haden?”

“Yeah,” Haden said smiling.



“Were you okay that Haden and I slept together last night?”


“You sure?”


“Good…watching you cum in Haden’s hands got me so hot and you fell asleep right away. Haden was hot too from touching you. Weren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Haden said with a furtive glance at Jason.

“Did you like her touching you with me here?” Beth asked.

“Ah…it was okay,” Jason stated, unsure if that was a trick question.

“You liar!” Beth shouted with a smile. “You loved it.”

“I said I liked it,” Jason defended himself.

“Haden loved it. Didn’t you,” Beth said to her.

“Yes,” Haden declared and smiled at Jason.

“She’s like to do it again, wouldn’t you, Haden?”


Beth’s hand had found his growing bulge in his pants as they talked. She squeezed it again like the night before. Her fingers found the covered head and rubbed it menacingly.

“Ah,” Jason moaned.

“Open his pants, Haden,” Beth stated.

Haden looked at Jason to see if he might protest, seeing none, she moved her hands to his belt. She got that open and the rest too. Beth helped her pull his pants down and off. Jason still had his boxers on and his half hard cock began to tent the front. The ceiling light was on tonight along with the TV.

“Get that side, Haden,” Beth said, pulling on one side of his boxers. They soon joined his pants on the floor.

Jason’s eyes darted from Beth’s smiling face to Haden’s intense stare at his cock. Feeling her eyes on him again made his cock twitch incessantly as it continued to stiffen.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Haden,” Beth proclaimed.

“God, yes,” Haden said.

“Look at it pulse. He likes us watching it. Don’t you, Jason?”

“Yes,” Jason groaned.

‘Haden must not be a total lesbian if she likes my dick,’ Jason thought.

“I knew it. I knew you liked it. I told Haden you’d love it if she touched it again. I don’t mind either. I think it’s hot watching her feel your big dick,” Beth announced. “Touch it again, Haden.”

Haden didn’t have to be asked twice. Her hand enclosed around the nearly hard shaft making Jason moan. Her other hand wonderfully played with his balls. Last night they had been tight to his shaft already. Now she was able to really move the sack around and feel the nuts inside.

“Tease it here again,” Beth said, pointing to the spot under the head.

Haden did as she was told by removing her hand from his balls. Jason watched intently as her finger played across the sensitive grouping of nerves under the head.

“Argh,” Jason growled as pre-sum formed on the head.

“He likes it, Haden. Look…see,” Beth said, pointing to the pre-cum.

Haden remembered last night and smeared the drop around the head. In the greater light of the ceiling lamp, Jason’s cockhead glistened with the wetness. He was completed hard now and Haden started stroking the shaft lightly.

“Oh, geez,” Jason moaned.

“Jason?” Beth asked.

“What?” Jason croaked.

“Haden and I were talking today. She’d like to try some more things. Is it okay if we try something new?” Beth questioned.

‘Yes,’ Jason gasped to himself. “Okay.”

Jason wasn’t sure what Beth had in mind but he hoped Haden wanted to sit on his cock. He had one more night to score his last virgin and Haden was his only hope. He had to play this cool though because of Beth’s feelings. He wanted her to be encouraging of this interaction with Haden like she was now. If she knew he wanted to fuck Haden to pop his twentieth cherry, she might get jealous and withdraw her consent to this threesome play, even if the result was him getting another million dollars for them. Haden might also get cold feet if she knew he was hoping this would happen instead of him being a mildly coerced or willingly participating male.

“Remember what we discussed,” Beth said to Haden.

Haden was hesitant a second, but instead of climbing up on his cock as Jason hoped, she leaned over and licked another drop of pre-cum that had formed. She pulled back a little to taste the watery fluid. Apparently satisfied, she leaned down and licked more. She swirled her tongue around the head driving Jason nuts. He looked at Beth and she smiled broadly at him but then looked at Haden again.

“It’s great, isn’t it, Haden?”

Haden didn’t stop but nodded her head while simultaneously licking up and down the top of the shaft above her hand. Jason felt like he was having an out of body experience. It was almost like watching a porno movie except he was the one feeling every flick of Haden’s wet tongue. He couldn’t pull his eyes from watching Haden give her first blowjob. Just once or twice to look at Beth to be sure she still approved. Her broad smile, encouraging words to Haden, and look of lust in her eyes instantly confirmed she found it almost as erotic as him.

‘Oh, god. Nothing can compare to this,’ Jason thought.

“See…isn’t it fun?” Beth asked Haden.

Haden only nodded as Beth added, “She’s had to listen to me tell her for over a year how much I loved sucking dick, especially yours. She never could understand the fascination. Now, she can experience it for herself.”

‘God, if Beth keeps talking like this while Haden blows me, I’m going to cum for sure,’ Jason reasoned, as he fought off his quickly rising need.

“How’s she doing, Jason?” Beth questioned.

“Just fine,” Jason more groaned than spoke.

“Take the head in your mouth now, Haden,” Beth instructed.

‘Oh, fuck,’ Jason gasped internally as Haden’s hot mouth enclosed over his cock.

“Swirl your tongue around it and slide your lips up and down. Try to take more into your mouth,” Beth encouraged.

Not to be completely left out of the action, Beth slid her fingers along Jason’s thigh and helped Haden by massaging his balls. The combination of attention was almost too much to bear. Jason’s balls were already firm to his body and he could feel his orgasm simmering to a boil.

Haden started bobbing on his cock of her own initiative. Her hand moved in conjunction with her mouth on the shaft too. Either Beth had given her pointers earlier or she had seen enough video blowjobs to know what to do. Jason’s cock felt like a steel bar he was so turned on. He watched as Haden gagged a little trying to get over half of his cock in her mouth. He could feel his cockhead working at the back of her mouth.

“Go, Haden,” Beth encouraged, seeing her roommate take Jason as deep as she could.

“Oh, fuck,” Jason said aloud this time.

“Getting ready to blow, babe?” Beth asked with amusement.

“Yes,” Jason growled in response.


“What?” Haden asked as she reluctantly came of his dick.

“You ready for the part we talked about?”

“I think so,” Haden answered.

“Go for it, girl. Jason tell her when,” Beth requested.

Haden’s hot mouth returned to sucking Jason’s cock. She had a good rhythm going again quickly. She still had a lot to learn about sucking dick though and Jason hoped Beth would want to continue this idea of using him for instruction.

“Squeeze a little harder with your hand and go faster,” Beth said.

“Shit,” Jason muttered as he immediately felt the change.

“He’s close now, Haden. Aren’t you, babe?”

“Yes,” Jason gasped.

Beth’s fingers still playing with his balls was even more incentive for him to cum. He could feel his cockhead expanding as if a bubble about to burst. His balls churned with hot sperm ready to fire up his cock any second. He wasn’t sure Haden was ready for what was to come, but at that second his bliss outweighed reasonable thought.

“Fuck,” Jason roared.

“Get ready, Haden,” Beth said.

Beth’s words nearly coincided exactly with the first volley of cum. Having never experienced a discharging cock in her mouth before, and only seeing one for the first time the day before, Haden was ill prepared for the onslaught. It didn’t help either that Jason was really blowing a huge load from all the eroticism of the moment.

Haden gagged and choked as the first blast painted her tonsils with a huge load of cum. She tried to maintain her lips sealed around Jason’s cock as Beth had instructed, but the force and amount quickly overwhelmed her, especially as the second mega blast joined the first. Beth and Jason watched in amazement as cum dripped from Haden’s nose and escaped around his cock in her mouth. It coated her hand and Jason’s cock in sperm.

“Oh, god,” Beth moaned, watching the erotic scene unfold before her.

“Argh,” Jason growled as his pleasure shot from his dick into Haden’s waiting mouth in wonderful bolts of bliss.

Beth felt concern for her roommate as Haden tried hard to contain Jason’s cum. The next few pulses of cum from Jason’s cock were not as strong but still plentiful. Haden found her mouth starting to fill as she managed to reseal her lips around the throbbing and pulsing shaft. Fortunately for her, the worse was over, and the next few amounts were smaller. Haden collected it all in her mouth as best she could. When she thought he was done, she pulled off. A string of cum briefly connecting her lips to Jason’s cock until she pulled away enough for it to break.

“Good, girl,” Beth praised. “What’re you going to do?”

Jason listened to Beth but couldn’t take his eyes off the side of Haden’s pretty face as she pulled back with a mouthful of his cum. It was so erotic; his cock remained hard despite the heavy orgasm he had just experienced. Traces of cum still bubbled in Haden’s nose as she tried to breath and her lips were coated in milky sperm. Her cum coated hands still held his shaft below the glistening red head.

Beth and Jason watched transfixed as Haden got up the nerve and slowly swallowed. At first, Jason thought she would run for tissues or something, but he was amazed at her resolve to do this right. At least, Beth must have told her that guy’s always prefer if you swallow. Most girls didn’t care though and instead pulled off or spit. Beth must have expressed how much she liked it.

When Haden had clearly swallowed and her expression became normal, not pained with the look of someone eating raw oysters for the first time, or brussel sprouts, Beth asked what she thought. Beth’s expressions and questioning intrigued Jason and made him smile too as she looked like a teacher or chef getting someone to try something new for the first time.