New Horizons Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Samantha earns her wings

The next day, I found that I was unable to focus, and the very thought of cleaning house drove me to my recliner. I knew I’d never get anything done if I couldn’t drive the memories of Justine out of my thoughts. She had been there all night, even though she wasn’t in my bed with me, and that vision alone was enough to make me wet. Eventually, I forced myself to do a cursory house cleaning, but immediately after that, I allowed the memories to return. There was to be no peace if I didn’t give way to my emotions, so I spent several hours lying naked on my bed, taking care of business and recovering.

I threw myself into my work on Monday, forcing my mind to focus and doing things that didn’t need to be done…anything that would keep my mind busy. One of my co-workers remarked that I was working like a woman possessed. If only she’d known.

As soon as I walked into the house, I collapsed into my recliner, and fell asleep there, waking up hours later. I put the coffee on and went to bed, waking up just in time for a quick shower and a cup of coffee before heading to work again.

By the end of the week, I was regenerated enough that I found myself yearning for something that would get my adrenaline flowing in that special way. The weekend went smoothly by, my time taken up with the routine of laundry, and cleaning, then restocking my kitchen. When I went to work Monday, I was hoping that there would be something special in my email but found it nearly empty.

Tuesday morning, the phone rang, just as I was leaving for the media center. With my arms full of files and documents, I decided to let my voice mail take a message. I heard it ringing again as I moved down the hall, and again when I was returning. When I reached my desk, the girls in the adjoining office told me it hadn’t stopped ringing the whole time I was gone, yet there were no messages in my voice mail box. Why would anyone take all that time and trouble to keep calling me without leaving something that might tell me who it was?

As I sat there, wondering, the computer email alert notified me that I had an email. I closed my door so I wouldn’t be interrupted and brought up the message, smiling at the words, “special session.”

I was given a phone number to call as soon as it was safe to do so. I stood up and surveyed the office, making sure no one was headed my way, then dialed the number.

The phone rang just once before a soft, feminine voice answered. “This had better be you, Samantha.”

“This Is Samantha. Who am I speaking to?” As soon as I asked it, I recognized the voice.

“I need to confirm who I’m speaking to. At the last session, a rather unusual and significant event took place. Can you tell me what it was?”

“You mean other than me making a fool of myself?” I asked. “How are you Beth?”

“I’m fine, ” she replied, giggling. “I’ll make this quick since you’re at work. Are you available for a special meeting Friday, at seven?”

“Is it important?” I asked, realizing that I was going to be scheduling two activities within a week or less of one another.

“It is to you,” she replied, “but I can’t tell you more than that.”

“Where?” I asked. She gave me the address and I recognized it as being in a newer strip mall that was only about half occupied due to some remodeling being done by the new owner.

I wrote it down and stuffed it in my bra. “Do I need to wear anything special, maybe something in spandex?

“God no,” she replied, giggling. “Just dressy casual, Samantha. I’ll be waiting for you when you get there.”

That statement intrigued me. There was no indication of what type of meeting it was and the fact that she had been unwilling to tell me what it was about or who was going to be there had my mind spinning with possibilities.

Friday evening I hurried right home from work to shower and change into a loose cotton/silk blend skirt in desert tan color, and white silk blouse. Not knowing the purpose of the meeting, I decided to wear panties, choosing some White satin thongs with a matching bra.

I pulled into the parking lot and found the designated unit, which at one time was a furniture store. Beth opened the door to let me in, locking it behind me, then greeting me in our usual fashion.

“I’m sorry for the secrecy, Samantha,” she said as we walked toward the back of the showroom.

“I’m getting used to it, Beth.”

“I’m glad you understand. Some of the members just don’t like it.”

She led me through the showroom and storage area, and through a door at the back. Stepping into a long, carpeted hallway, she led the way to a dark walnut colored door with brass hardware. Opening the door, she took my hand, smiling as she led me inside. Once inside, she closed the door and led me over to where two women were studying some sort of printout that lay on a large desk in front of them. They appeared to be about ten years older than I, one in a white silk blouse over Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort a gray skirt. The other extremely attractive and well dressed in a pale yellow cashmere turtleneck over a caramel colored silk skirt.

“Laurie, this is Samantha.”Beth announced. “Samantha, I’d like you to meet Laurie Cummins and Wendy Brock.”

“Welcome, Samantha, and thank you for coming on such short notice,” Laurie replied, stepping around the desk for the customary passionate embrace.

“We’re so glad to finally meet you,” Wendy agreed as we embraced.

“I was pleased to get your call,” I replied, hoping I wouldn’t regret it later.

“I understand that you’ve already met Beth at what we understand was a rather unique session.” Laurie began.

“I’d say,” Beth replied, chuckling as I flushed in embarrassment. Beth motioned for me to be seated next to her on a long and very comfortable couch, while Laurie went to stand behind the desk, leaning forward enough to show some intriguing cleavage. From the corner of my eye, I saw Wendy take a seat at the end of the desk.

I had a brief opportunity to study the two women then. Laurie was a charming woman who took good care of what nature gave her. Her smile was warm and open, inspiring trust in her. Wendy was not quite as tall, but her body was firm and slender with legs that I could imagine being wrapped around my head while I worked my tongue into her depths..

“Samantha, I have to confess that when Wendy and I learned of this meeting, we volunteered to handle it. We had been wanting to meet you anyway. Beth and some of the others gave you such glowing compliments about how you handled yourself, your ease to adjust to some unusual situations and your willingness to grow in your experiences and knowledge, that we just had to spend some time with you.

“I hope I can live up to your expectations,” I replied, wondering just how glossy my reputation had been painted.

“Before we get into the reason you’re here, I think it would be only fair to tell you about us and our role in the organization. Wendy and I are two of a committee of over twenty women of means who lend our financial support to the individual chapters as well as sponsoring the orientation sessions, and all activities involving the whole group. We do this through a trust fund established shortly after the group was first established.

Thanks to some prudent investing as well as grants and donations, we have a large cash fund to work with. In addition, each chapter receives grants for operating expenses, and other cash support throughout the year. Our orientations and some other activities are held in over a dozen widespread properties, all donated by members who wanted to ensure our success. The chapters generally meet in the leaders homes or in properties they own or control.”

While she was talking, I felt Wendy’s eyes staring at me. It was then that I became aware that Wendy could see straight up my skirt. With my knees at a level slightly higher than my ass, I knew that Wendy could see my panty clad pussy so I casually allowed my legs to open, until I knew that Wendy had a good view. The affect on Wendy was instantaneous and as I watched, her fingers slid under her sweater to seek out her breasts.

“What we wish to do with you this evening, Samantha” Laurie continued, “is to get to know you much better and perhaps offer you an opportunity to move a little deeper in the organization.”

I had a feeling that I knew what Laurie meant by ‘getting to know you better’ and ‘deeper into the organization.’ I smiled as Wendy began squirming in her chair. To tease her a bit more, I began rubbing my thighs together. I felt the heat begin to build between my legs and knew it wouldn’t be long before the wetness would be obvious on my panties.

Laurie put her papers down to move around the desk, leaning her lean and shapely ass cheeks on the desktop. “Samantha, you probably realize by now that you are frequently being tested and evaluated in one way or another. Beth assists us in many of these evaluations as do Wendy and myself.

At your last session, where young Tammi went through her orientation, you were being tested. The young woman who you thought was an innocent guest, was not exactly who she pretended to be. Allyssa is a friend of ours and a member of our qualification committee. She is blessed with the looks of an innocent young woman, even though she’s just over thirty years old. You made such an impression on her that she couldn’t wait to call me to tell me about it. Her exact words were, “she exceeded by far any expectations I had for her.”

I smiled. “I thought there was something strange about that situation.”

“Well done, Samantha, well done indeed.”

For several minutes Wendy’s hand had been under her sweater, fondling her breasts. Now, I watched as the other hand slipped down to move under her skirt, which lie rumpled up, high up on her legs.

Laurie moved over to stand next to Wendy. “Could I get you to stand, Samantha?”she asked. It was time to learn the real reason for the meeting.

I stood, waiting for the request to strip for them. “Please remove your blouse,” she continued. Unbuttoning the blouse, I turned to drop in over the arm of the couch.”And now the skirt please?” In seconds the skirt was folded and placed over the blouse. I stood with my feet together and my arms at my sides. “The bra please,” she continued. I started to take it off, but a flash of inspiration came over me. Beth had been sitting there watching me strip and I could see the lust building in her eyes.

Moving over in front of her, I turned my head to look at her. “Beth, if you would please,” I grinned as she wiped the moisture from her palms on her skirt, then reached up to unhook my bra. Pulling my arms to my sides to prevent my bra from falling, I whispered, “Take my hands, Beth.”

She reached around me and I said, “Put your hands over mine, palms up.” She did so and as I pulled my arms away, the bra fell. I pulled her hands against my chest to catch my breasts as they fell free. Still holding her hands, I moved them over my breasts.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked.

“Yessss,”she hissed, molding my globes into her fingers, my nipples held tightly between the index finger and the one next to it. “Since the moment I met you.”

I yelped as she nipped my shoulder in her teeth. In that instant, I knew that I had to possess her one day soon.

“Now the panties, please,” Laurie directed, bringing us back from our reverie

“Move around to face me,” I whispered to Beth. She moved around to face me, a look of pure unadulterated lust on her face. “Kneel down and remove my panties with your teeth.” When Laurie and Beth saw what was about to take place, they almost drooled in anticipation. Wendy’s skirt was up to her waist, her hand jammed into her panties. Laurie had her blouse unbuttoned to maul her breast through her bra.

Nipping the top of my panties in her teeth, Beth began to pull them down. “Look at me,” I directed. She looked up at me and tried to get them to fall but my legs were together, making sure she wasn’t going to get me naked easily. “Let go and wait a second,” I said and as she did so, I turned and leaned forward. “Now take them off.”

As she held my thighs for support, I could feel her hands trembling. She dragged her teeth down my back and over my hips until they caught on the waist band, then she began pulling them back and forth while pulling them down. When they refused to fall, she hesitated.

“You know what to do, Beth,” I said. “Get back in front and pull them from my pussy with your teeth.”

I felt her hot breath on my pussy as she took hold of them.”Look at me,” I repeated. “I want to see those beautiful blue eyes while you strip me. I want to feel your breath on my pussy and watch you when your eyes are level with my pussy, my hot, wet, pussy.”

“Oh god,” she whispered, but she kept her eyes on mine as she pulled them free of my pussy. I moved my feet apart as she got level with my slit so she could get a good look at what she was baring.

“You want to taste it, don’t you?” I asked, moving my feet a bit further apart.

“Oh Samantha, stop,” she begged.

“They don’t care,” I replied, “just take a little taste. Let me feel your tongue run through my slit to scoop up a taste of that pussy. You’re making it wet, taste what you’re doing to me.”

She hesitated for a second, then grabbed my legs and jammed her tongue into me, whipping it through my slit.

“Damn you, Samantha,” she said, as she stripped my panties away. I just smiled at her and winked.

Wendy was breathing hard, her hand jammed into her silk panties while her fingers could be seen thrusting into her.. Laurie was sitting on the desk, her legs spread wide as she dug her fingers into her clit. With a loud cry, Wendy’s body began to shake wildly as she came, followed shortly thereafter by Laurie, who laid back on the desk and pulled her legs to her as her orgasm ripped through her. I wanted to come so badly and so did Beth but before we could accomplish it, Laurie recovered.

“Beth, I think we need to adjourn to the other room now.”

Beth smiled at me and held out her hand to lead me through a set of French doors and into the next room.

“You’re being so mean,” she whispered.

“Not really,” I whispered in reply. “Just letting you know what you can have when it’s time.”

The room was large and well lit, with thick carpeting on the floors. Two doors on the opposite wall were closed tight. In the middle of the room stood what can only be described as an oversized day bed. A little to the left of that, was a padded table, similar in appearance to the one that I lay on to lose my anal virginity. To the right of the daybed was an oversized couch with large cushions and wide upholstered arms.

Beth came to me and kissed me. “Good luck, Samantha. I’ll see you a little later.” I almost begged her to stay but knew she wasn’t included in whatever plans they had for me.

When I turned to look at the two women, Wendy was naked and Laurie was not far from it. Their clothes lay right where they threw them in their hurry to be ready for our session.

As we approached the day bed, Wendy came to me, taking my hands in hers to study my body. Turning me around, I felt her fingers drift over my back and down over my cheeks. Continuing to turn me, she brushed lightly over my breasts and nipples, sending my clit into orbit. It’s amazing sometimes how the lightest touch can send the strongest message to a woman’s clit and nipples.

She never touched my mons or any where near it but I wanted her to, oh how I wanted her to.

“You are so lovely Samantha” she whispered. “I can’t wait to taste you and lie with you”

“As her fingers caressed my soft globes, she cooed softly. “Oh Samantha they are beautiful beyond belief and so firm,” she said, fondling and kneading them. My body was beginning to quiver at her touch. The fingers began rolling my nipples, then pulled them and twisted them as I fought off the orgasm that was building in my body. Pulling back from me, her fingers drifted over my body, lowering to move softly over my slit without penetrating me, turning me to caress over my ass and slide her finger through my crease, stopping just short of my slit. Breast to breast, thigh to thigh, we stood for several seconds, our eyes gazing into each other’s. I reached over to fondle her firm, D cup breasts, playing with her nipples as she had done to me. Our moans became louder as we pressed our bodies together, wildly mauling each other’s breasts and nipples..

“Oh God, Wendy, I’m so close,” I announced, as the pressure built to intolerable levels. I closed my eyes and held her body to mine as I felt my body begin to tense.

I felt someone begin moving their fingers over my mons and into my slit even as Wendy began to suck my nipple into her teeth, nipping at it as her tongue caressed it. I moved my feet further apart, knowing that Laurie was about to have her way with me. “Oh god yes, Laurie.” I moaned.

As Laurie’s fingers moved into my wet pussy, my body shuddered with pre-orgasmic spasms, then I was heading for the edge, preparing for the dive into bliss.

“Oh god, Wendy, oh my god, I’m cumming.” I felt my legs begin to quiver but Wendy held me tight.

“I’ve got you honey. You’re all right.”

My body shook and my knees got weak but Laurie’s fingers never left my pussy until I felt her tongue begin lapping at my juices. I felt my body tighten as a second orgasm followed the first by just a few seconds.

Easing me down on the day bed, she sat next to me while Laurie knelt in front of me, her fingers exploring my thighs and over my mons.

“Watching the way you teased Beth go me so hot,” Wendy reported. “I had to have you in my arms. I nearly came just from feeling your body quiver so delightfully when you came.”

“I was almost gone when Laurie touched me. It only took a few seconds of your fingers in me to start me over the top,” I replied, looking into Laurie’s eyes.

Taking her hand in mine, I sucked sensuously on her fingers, drawing my juices into my mouth.

“We were told you were a passionate woman, Samantha. Now we know just how right they were.” Wendy said.

I smiled and reached over to run my fingers up her thigh, then up over her breast. She turned to give me better access, spreading her legs out. Laurie’s fingers joined mine in a slow journey to her sex, moving over her legs and thighs, causing her to moan. I leaned in to begin licking over her breast, lifting it to slide my tongue over the sensitive underside, then up over her nipple, before moving on up over her chest and neck before beginning the return journey.

Laurie picked up her feet, turning her so she could lie back on the bed, spreading her legs to allow her feet to hang over the sides. I looked up at Laurie and she smiled at me, nodding her head toward the prone woman’s legs as she moved over to take over my breast work.

Crawling up the day bed, I moved between Wendy’s thighs, palming my hand over her mons while rubbing the heel of my hand into her wet lips. I felt her body quiver in anticipation as I continued rubbing into her without penetrating until it began to move into my hand.

Sucking on my fingers, I slowly worked them through her slit, spreading her open a little with each stroke until the petals opened to me. I began sliding them into her slowly, moving them around as I went, knowing that the walls of her pussy were wet and ready and very sensitive to my touch.

Holding them into her, I bent to run my tongue around my fingers and over her clit as I began moving my fingers in slow, deep strokes. Finding her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue, I pressed into it, working my tongue between her clit and my hand, then laving it slowly over her again and again. Her thrusts into me became more insistent but I stayed my course, not wanting to hurry her into a mediocre orgasm.