In Deep


He was just about finished, testing the flow, when Eleanor Roberts came home. He heard the car, the throaty roar of the V8 engine unmistakable, and a minute or two later he heard the clack of her heels as she came out to the pool where he’d been working on the filter.

“How’s it going, Steve?”

He reached out, picked up the plastic bag, and showed her. “That lot was jammed in the filter. It couldn’t handle it, overheated, and the safety-switch kicked in.”


“I cleaned it out, reset the switch, and it’s been working fine since.” He glanced at his watch. “About fifteen minutes now. I tested the temperature, and it’s stayed within parameters. I guess it’s sorted.” He gave her a wry look. “You really ought to check the filter every now and then.”

She flushed. “I know. My bad.” A sigh. “How much do I owe you?”

“You don’t, not this time. It comes under the heading of general maintenance which is what you already pay me for.”

“Thanks, Steve.” She turned to go, then paused, turning back to him. “Any more pools to do today?”

He glanced up, curious. “No, yours is my last.”

“Anywhere you have to be?”

He shook his head. “Nope. Nary a one.”

“Can I offer you some hospitality, if you won’t take anything for the work? Have dinner with me tonight? There’ll just be the two of us.” She grimaced. “I’d like some company.”

“Mr. Roberts?” he said, and her face tightened.

“He’s in Cleveland, with his bimbo girl-friend. I’m suing him for divorce. The locksmith is due in, um, fifteen minutes to change the locks. My husband isn’t coming back. Not to this house.”

“I’m sorry,” he began, but she signalled him to silence. Inside, he was exulting. That showed the slimy creep!

“Don’t be sorry, Steve. It’s been over for a year. It’s just I was the last one to know, to realise. If it hadn’t been for her car being broken into while she was here that day it might still have been going on. If I knew who’d done that I think I’d kiss him, or even her, whoever it was.”

He couldn’t help it, he flushed, avoiding her eye, but she saw it and her eyes widened. “You! It was you! Bless you, Steve Sheridan, bless you. Why?”

“Because a lovely woman like you shouldn’t be treated like that,” he mumbled. He shrugged. “I tried to do something you’d notice, without my actually saying anything.”

“That was very sweet of you, Steve.” She grinned. “Stand up. You, my gallant young friend, are going to get yourself kissed!”

He stood, awkward, very conscious of his dirty hands. Eleanor Roberts caught his glance, saw for herself, and grinned again. “Hands behind your back, Steve. Now, hold still.” She stepped forward, hooked a hand behind his head, and drew him down, her lips raising to his. He thought she probably intended just a friendly peck, but he’d desired this woman since he’d begun cleaning her pool two years earlier, and he couldn’t help letting some of that want into his end of the kiss, so that it deepened, her lips parted, and there were two of them kissing, in a kiss that went on forever, until she broke it, stepping back, her eyes wide.

“I’m sorry,” he said, but she laid her finger over his lips, shaking her head.


He shrugged. “You’re a beautiful woman. I’m an eighteen-year-old boy waiting to start college.” He shrugged again, feeling the flush on his face. “I guess I fantasised.”

“And the fantasy came out in the kiss, huh?”

He shrugged, wry. “I guess. I’ll just collect my things, and I’ll get myself away.” She nodded, and his heart sank. Idiot! Stupid, fucking idiot! Why didn’t you just let her kiss you, instead of kissing her back? She’ll never let you near the place again.

“Okay.” She glanced at her watch. “It’s coming up to ten of two. The locksmith is due then. He reckons about an hour or so, so get yourself away, get cleaned up, and be back here for four, okay? We’ll have a swim, and then we’ll have dinner together, just me and you, except that now it’s a double thank-you, for the pool and the gallantry. Four, mind, not a minute before. You hear me?”

He stared at her, stunned. “Are you sure?”

She smiled. “Absolutely. Go on, get yourself away, and don’t forget to come back.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

At home he was in the shower straight away, determined to be clean and fresh for his dinner engagement. And swim! Don’t forget the swim! I wonder what Mrs. Roberts looks like in a bikini? Or even a one-piece? Or better still, out of it? Good, I’ll bet. Very good! He grinned, feeling his erection beginning to grow. He grasped it, his soapy hand moving easily, the imagined vision of a naked Eleanor Roberts in his mind’s eye, an Eleanor Roberts busy sucking his dick, an Eleanor Roberts spreading her legs for him. Oh, yeah, like that’s about to happen, but a vision like that deserves a good jack-off!

He left a note for his mother, not due home from her shift at the hospital until after seven, and almost on the stroke of four was ringing Eleanor Roberts’ doorbell. She opened the door almost immediately, smiling to see him, standing aside to let him in, closing the Bayan Escort Gaziantep door behind him.

“I do like a guest who’s punctual,” she said. “Come on through.” In the living room she paused, turning to him, a half smile on her face. “Steve, do you have any strong feelings about nudity?”

He gaped at her for a moment, then managed to get his voice working. “I like it on girls,” he said, and she laughed.

“I’ll bet you do! Seriously?”

“Seriously, I don’t see anything against it. I’ve even been to the nude beach at Hay Cove a couple of times. Mrs. Janisi, the secretary, went to school with Mom, and she got me a free visitor’s pass.”

“Enjoy it?”

“Well, yeah, but I was there with a couple of the guys from school and to be honest, they’re idiots. There were some really nice girls there, but the way those jackasses acted, we never got near them.”

“Did you go back?”

He shrugged. “I thought about it, but I guess I chickened out of going by myself, and it’s not exactly the place to take a date. ‘Hey, babe, fancy hitting the nude beach?’ I don’t think so, do you?”

Eleanor laughed. “Perhaps not.”

“Why the questions?”

“I’ll tell you why. It’s because that pool out there has never had a swimsuit in it, ever. That’s why.”

“And?” he said, beginning to realise where she was headed.

“I was hoping to persuade you not to wear yours.”

“Will you be naked?”

She gave him a grin he could only think of as suggestive. “But, of course.”

He grinned back at her. “In that case, yes.”

“You go and change in the cabana beside the pool, and I’ll be right with you. Okay?”


“Steve? Call me Eleanor, or Ellie. If you’re going to see me naked, Mrs. Roberts sounds just a tad formal, don’t you think?”

He laughed. “Just a little. Okay, Eleanor it is. And thank you for that.”

“My pleasure. See you in the pool.”

It took him only moments to discard his clothing. Naked, he left the cabana, trotted to the edge of the pool and dived in, swimming hard to the end of the pool and back, practising his racing turns. After all, he’d been on the school swim team. Movement caught his eye. Eleanor Roberts in a mid-thigh length terrycloth robe. She was just on the point of opening the robe and he held his breath, just as the phone rang. Expecting her to go back indoors, he was surprised when she picked up a cordless handset on a table near the pool. Her back was to him as she answered, and as she spoke, she loosened the robe, letting it slip from her shoulders, juggling the handset from hand to hand as she let the robe slip to her feet. He gazed in silent admiration. Her ass was beautiful. Tight, rounded, lifting to a slim waist and up to broad, athletic shoulders. Hey, she’s a swimmer, he thought. And not a tanline in sight!

The call finished, she put the handset down and turned. Steve held his breath. Ohmigod and wow! She was as lovely from the front! Part of his mind acknowledged that a teen-aged girl’s breasts might ride a little higher, but not by much, he was sure. How old was Eleanor? Thirty? Thirty-five? He had no idea. What he did know was that his prick was responding to her loveliness and growing. Oh, shit! Major embarrassment coming up. He let himself slip forward and began to swim again, just as Eleanor dived into the pool and surfaced beside him, throwing her hair back and smiling, water drops glistening on her skin, letting herself float neck deep beside him.

“So? What do you think?”

“About what?”

“Me naked, of course. I saw you staring, you know.” He flushed, feeling the heat in his face. Eleanor smiled. “Don’t be embarrassed.”

He took a deep breath. “Absolutely gorgeous,” he said. “A truly lovely sight.”

“Really?” she said, obviously pleased.

“Really. I swear. As good as any girl I saw at Hay Cove.”

She smiled at him again. “Flatterer!” She moved away, on her back, the mounds of her breasts showing above the water. Startled, he realised that her mons seemed to be free of any hair, and he swallowed. Oh, shit! Down, boy. Desperately he sought for something to say to her. ‘Wanna fuck’ was a great idea. Not.

“Um, Eleanor?”


“You seem to have a swimmer’s build?”

“Well spotted. I used to swim for the school when I was your age, and I kept it up. That’s why I wanted this house, because of the pool. It’s bigger than most suburban pools.”

“Yeah, I noticed. I swam for the school, too, you know?”

“I know. I bumped into your mom one day at the mall, and she told me. Want to race?”

“Race? Yeah, why not?”

“What stakes?”

He was startled. “Stakes?”

“Yes, of course, something to race for, something to make you want to win.”

He shrugged. “I’m not bothered about winning. It will be a pleasure to lose to someone as lovely as you.”

“Hoo! Who says gallantry is dead? Okay, if you win, you can take me to Hay Cove. If I win, you can take me to Hay Cove, and, um, well, I’ll think of something.”

He stared at her. “You’d go to Hay Cove? With me?”

She grinned. “Why not? Unless you’d be embarrassed to be seen with me?”




“Come on, then. Dive start. Ten laps.”

It was close, very close, but Eleanor won by a hand’s width. They hung onto the step rails, breathing heavily. Steve grinned, holding his hand up in defeat.

“Hail to the victor.”

Eleanor grinned. “Thanks, Steve. Hay Cove?”

“What about it?”

“When do you want to go?”

“You choose.”

“In that case, tomorrow. Fourteenth.”

“Any special reason for that day?”

“You didn’t know?”

“Know what?”

“July fourteen is National Nude Day.”

He stared at her. “You’re kidding!”

She stood straight and drew a cross on her chest with her finger. “Cross my heart, I’m not!” Standing had raised her breasts above water level and he tried not to stare at their beauty, but he couldn’t miss the erect nipples. She cocked her head. “How do you like your steak?”

He grimaced. “I’m a primitive, Mom says. Just short of charred.”

She laughed. “Well, I’ve done a couple of baked potatoes, and a side salad. You okay with that?”

“Of course.”

“Okay, then. Go and do another ten laps of the pool, then get yourself a shower and get dressed. Dinner in thirty minutes.”


She hauled herself out of the water and he watched her receding form, loving the neat tick-tock of her ass as she moved, feeling a stirring in his loins. He gave a wry smile. Think about something else, Steve. Icy thoughts. He tried, but he still needed to jack off in the shower.

‘Just short of charred’ was the way Eleanor served his steak. That, the baked potato, and the side salad all just right. There was a hint of something different in the salad dressing, and the taste intrigued him.

“Um, Eleanor?”


“The salad dressing? Bought, or home-made? My vote is home-made, because I can’t remember tasting anything as nice before.”

“Yes, I make it myself. First-pressing olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, and a little sprinkle of ground ginger. You like it?”

“I love it!”

Ignoring his age, she’d poured them each a glass of French merlot, the red wine lustrous in the glasses. She raised her glass to him. “Thank you, and here’s to Hay Cove!”

“To Hay Cove. You’re sure you want to go with me? You won’t be embarrassed?”

She seemed startled. “Why ever should I be embarrassed to be seen with you? Steve, sometimes you’re too modest. Have you ever tried looking at yourself?”

He shrugged, flushing. “I guess I’m not too ugly. I do try to keep myself in shape.”

Eleanor laughed. “You’re definitely not ugly, Steve. You’re a good-looking guy. And having seen your build in the pool I’d say, yes, you’re in good shape. Damned good shape! Um, finished with your steak?”

He glanced at his empty plate, then cocked an eyebrow at her. She laughed. “Yeah, okay, you’re finished. Ice-cream for dessert?”


“Two minutes. I’ll shove these plates in the dishwasher.”

They chatted idly over the ice-cream, and the coffee which followed it. Eleanor Roberts was easy to talk to, and he found himself telling her of his plans for college, his interest in computers and electronics, and his hopes of a decent degree.

“And girls. Don’t forget girls, Steve.”

He flushed. “I’m not very good with girls.”

She was surprised. “Why ever not? You’re a good-looking boy, you keep yourself in good shape.”

“I’m a geek, a computer geek. I don’t play football, or baseball, or basketball. That makes me one of the out-crowd.”

“The out-crowd?”

“Yeah, the ones that the beautiful people don’t bother to notice.”

“More fool them. If they’re too dumb to see what a nice guy you are, well, screw ’em, I say.”

He laughed. “My thoughts, too. But I’m still useless with girls.”

“Can I be frank?” she said. He nodded, curious. “Are you virgin?”

He stared at her, feeling his face getting hot. For a moment, he wondered if he could bluff it out, but, somehow, realized he would never convince her. “Um, yes, I guess I am.”

“You guess?”

He grimaced. “Yes, then. A definite yes. I’ve kissed girls, I’ve touched one or two, but never ‘there’, if you know what I mean.” His face was burning, but Eleanor took no notice, a thoughtful look on her face, her bottom lip caught between her teeth.

“I need to do some thinking on this,” she said. “Tomorrow, are you still game to go to Hay Cove?”

“Well, yes, if you want to go,” he said, wondering. Thinking? About what?

“I do, yes. What would be the best time?”

“Afternoon, for me,” he said. “I have two pools to do, but they’re both morning jobs. I should be finished by about eleven, at the latest.”

She smiled. “How about a picnic? I’ll get one ready, and we can take it down to the cove with us.” She frowned. “Can you be here for midday? Ready to go?”


“Okay, midday it is, and look out, Hay Cove!”


“Okay, then. You get yourself away home and I’ll expect you tomorrow at noon. Don’t worry if you might be a few minutes late, but give me a call if you’re delayed, okay?”


“See you tomorrow, Steve. I’m looking forward to this.”

“And I’m not? Get real! I’ll be with the best-looking woman there.”

She snaked her arm around his neck and pulled his head down, giving him a quick, hard kiss. “Thanks for that, Steve.”

“My pleasure. Okay, Eleanor, see you tomorrow.” Yes, and who else might be there, he wondered. Soon enough find out!

His mom was home from work and greeted him with a grin. “Dining with Eleanor Roberts, huh? What’s the big occasion?”

He shrugged. “No big thing, Mom. I think she just wanted some company. She’s divorcing her husband.”

Jenny Sheridan’s face lit up. “She is? About time, too. Slimy rat deserves castrating.”

Steve laughed. “Don’t tell me, Mom, let me guess. You don’t like him?”

“Got it in one, son.”




“What about tomorrow?”

“Eleanor — Mrs Roberts — wants me to escort her to Hay Cove. You know, the nude beach?”

“She does, does she? Did she say why?”

“She asked me about it, and I admitted I’d been before. I guess she just wants someone with her, first time, and I certainly don’t mind.”

“Ah, I see now. You’re playing the gallant escort because you want to see her naked,” his mom said, grinning.

I already have, Mom, and she’s gorgeous. “Well, yeah, there is that.” He grinned back at her. “She’s good-looking, so you can’t blame me.”

She laughed. “I don’t. You’ll behave, won’t you? Yeah, sorry, son, of course you will.”

“I will, Mom, you know that.”

“I know. I was teasing. I think I’ll have an early night. It was a busy shift today. Some idiot managed to roll a bus-load of workers. Nobody killed, thank goodness, but there were three broken arms and a broken leg, and a lot of bruises and contusions. We never stopped, and frankly, I’m exhausted.”

“Okay, Mom. Good night. Um, I’ll probably be gone when you get up tomorrow. I’ve got two pools to do before I can think of Hay Cove.”

“Ah. Steve? I promised your grandma I’d go and see her after work. It’s my day off next day, so I’ll stay over. I don’t see her that often. You’ll be okay by yourself?”

“I’ll be fine, Mom. I can nuke a pizza as well as the next man. Give my love to grandma, and tell her I’ll see her soon.” He paused. “Mom? If you need to get in touch, ring my cell phone. Okay?”

“Okay, Steve.” She hugged him. “Good night, son.”

“Night, Mom. Sleep well.” Might as well have an early night myself if I’m getting up early, he mused. The remembered vision of a naked Eleanor Roberts came unbidden to his mind, and he grinned. A shower and a nice slow masturbation was needed to help him sleep, he figured. He was wrong — it took two.

The pool work went well next morning, and he finished in plenty of time to meet Eleanor. A quick shower, clean sports shirt and chinos, and a windcheater for later, his towel, and he was ready. He was early, but she was waiting, ready, tank top and shorts, long legs, beautiful.

“Hi, Steve. You’re early, you must be keen to see me naked again.” She grinned, teasing.

He laughed. “Always keen for that. You’re beautiful.”

“Flatterer.” She cocked her head. “Do you have a driver’s licence?”

He nodded. “Yep, sure do.”

“Want to drive?”

“Your Mustang? Yes!” He hesitated. “If you’re sure?”

“I’m sure.”


The drive was fun, for Steve had never driven anything with the grunt that Eleanor’s Mustang packed. She looked across at him as he slotted the car into a parking bay at the beach.

“Enjoy that?”

He grinned. “Yeah, I did. Mom’s Honda’s a nice car, but it doesn’t have much in the way of high performance.”

“Maybe later we can have a run out into the hills?”

“That would be great!” He grinned. “But first, we have the small matter of a nude beach to attend to.”

“Yes, we do, don’t we. You’ve been here before. Where do we go?”

He pointed. “Office first, get our day passes. The changing rooms are in the same building, showers, too.”

“Steve, today’s on me, okay? My treat. Another thank you.”

“If you’re sure?”

“I am.”

He nodded, accepting. “Thank you.”

“Lead on, Steve, but lock the car first, and give me the keys. Better if I lose them than you,” she added with a grin.

The office was quiet, and the middle-aged woman on duty looked up from her console as they came in. She smiled.

“Steve! Hi. Good to see you again.”

“Hi, Mrs Janisi. Eleanor, this is Karen Janisi, the secretary here. Mrs Janisi, meet Eleanor Roberts.

Janisi nodded to Eleanor. “Hello, and welcome to Hay Cove. First time?”

“Yes, it is. Steve was good enough to agree to be my escort, when I found out he’s been before.”

“Good for Steve. Well, as it’s National Nude Day, we have a special offer for couples, where one or both is a first-timer, and as far as I’m concerned, any two people of opposite sexes who are together counts as a couple. Today, you get in free.” She smiled. “There’s a catch, of course. You don’t get your clothes back until you fill in a questionnaire.”