Janie and Me: How I Lost… Ch. 04


Janie and Me: The True Story of How I Lost My Cherry to Another Girl Ch. 4


Shifting myself to the bottom of the bed, I licked my middle finger and pushed it in…I knew that at 21—Janie was no virgin…so I didn’t bother with being gentle. I shoved in up to the knuckle on the very first plunge. Listening to her breath catch in response and the sigh of enjoyment that followed it told me that I was doing fine. I fucked my finger in and out of her wet cunt as fast and hard as I could until she screamed out that she was cumming. And did she, what a feeling that first feel of hot, wet, sticky cum running down my fingers.

I pulled them out and licked them clean then I went in for a dive, settled into the warm, chewy center and ate a dish that would change my young 18 year-old life forever—

I knew at that moment—as I lay there slurping up all Janie’s cum and molesting her clit again and again with my tongue—fucking her slit deep inside with it—until she came some more…There was no going back…I Bayan Escort Gaziantep liked girls…who knew if I’d like guys too or not…at only 18 that was still a toss up for me—at that point I didn’t really know…or care.

But what I did know was that in that one night I was hooked…on pussy…on Janie…and that was something she felt as well. Later on in our relationship I found out that she had previously had 2 other girlfriends…but then she was 21—3 years older than me. Janie finally told me that she had been interested in me from the first time she laid eyes on me and she knew that she wanted me from that first look.

Neither of us could imagine the degree to which our relationship would grow and continue. We stayed together throughout my remaining 2 years of school.

Becoming inseparable best friends. It was awesome to have my best friend as lover during the time in life when everyone else has to try to sneak around and do it in cars and what not.

No one thought it to be strange for us to spend every waking hour together…after all most girls have at least one friend that they do everything with—well not everything—not like Janie and I did. We could have each other any night of the week. Being in high school and getting it once or twice everyday has to be every young adults fantasy—a fantasy that I lived!

It was a tough world to be different in—so we dated guys too…but at that stage in life Janie was the only one I was having sex with.

I wasn’t sure at that point in life if I’d ever want a guy…they’d been able to excite me when we made out on dates…but I hadn’t had sex with any yet so the truth still waited to be told. But then that is another first time story all together.

We had tons of fun in those remaining years. We even moved in together as roommates for a while. We had a friendship like nothing else I’d ever know to that point in my life, and respect for each other that still shines through to this very day. The older you get, the more pressure you feel to become a conformist, before that as a young adult it is fun and rebellious to stick out from the crowd. But somewhere along life’s path that all changes and synchronization and harmony are what we all tend to seek. For Janie that meant marriage at an early 23, and two kids.

For me it was many more years of schooling and then marriage, divorce and remarriage to MR. Right finally. Mr. Right who got that I was bi, that this was part of who I was and that the occasional extra body in his bed just came along with me…it was a package deal…luckily I got a man who thanked his lucky stars to have found a partner as open, confident and loving as I was…what no one would ever guess is that the confidence they see in me sexually today started a very long time ago…on one crazy snowy night. And its memories and effects on my life I have carried forward with me to this very day.

There is no doubt that I will always be glad of my first experience, of who it was with and how it all took place. It will always be something that I see as a great addition to my life. Something that changed me forever—for the better!