Just a Little

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My name is Sina. I am a 26-year-old postwoman working at a post office. In my spare time I took classes of protecting not only myself but the protection of others. Not only that but years of feminine advice handed down from generations of ladies before me had been instilled in me.

So when a handsome charmer approached me in his best “I woke up horny and sexy” disguise as I was hanging out in a club with my friends, I guess I know I would fall in love with him.

Jordan was so slick. A soft whisper, a promise that he wasn’t here on gang business…ha! I could only fruitlessly think as froze, forcing him to take me away from the safety of the public eye as Jordan assured the patrons that he was my “friend” and was taking me home. After all, who doesn’t believe a handsome and charismatic man, even when Jordan started to fondle me.

“Ah,” He slyly winked, groping my breasts under my dress that I had saved up four paychecks just to afford, “A little sensitive! Did you know that this is my favorite color? Red. You must have known to wear this for me. Turns me on.”

I kept telling myself that I was turned on. I kept playfully telling myself that a strong woman like myself would embrace such a thing.

I’m just a little turned on. I felt his kiss on my neck, feeling his teeth on my skin like a gentle nibble while being careful enough to not hurt me. The smell of coppery perfume roses freshened my nose. Jordan had taken my left hip, almost jamming my pelvis against his hard, clothed erection.

I’m just a little smokin’ hot and need to get off.

“My beautiful spring…” Jordan breathed hard into my ear, his fingers digging into my clothes, “Don’t you know better than to tease a stud? Making him twitch as you prance around arrogantly…?”

I felt myself raise on my tiptoes, capturing his lips in mine. adiosbet yeni giriş The charmer gripped me tightly, lifting me slightly to help me kiss him. His smooth fingernails massaged my muscular legs as the skin trembled under his touch.

I’m just a little wet.

“Mm.” Jordan licked the faint sweat droplets that his tongue/mouth conjured from my forehead, “You taste delicious, my love.”

I felt hot. Too hot. Feverish. My pantyhose felt too tight, too wet, too sticky. That’s why it was such a godsend that Jordan had slipped his rough, thick fingers in the band of my hosiery because he must have known that I was acting like a cat in heat. He must have done the act out of the goodness of his heart, clearly, and his fingers touching my lustful womanhood was just an act of kindness for my aching body…

I’m just a little buzzed.

I felt myself get away from the party, as if I was watching from the outside. My back laid flat on a nice comfy long leather couch. Jordan slid his fingers in my body as ungentlemanly saliva escaped from the corner of his mouth like an animal rearing to savor his meal.

The spit landed on my cheek, making me flutter my eyes. I felt a little horny and need to get off.

“So un-feminine.” Jordan teased, his tongue scraping off my dignity as he ran his appendage across my bare nipples. I couldn’t remember when he opened my blouse but the cool air had snapped me back to reason. “Wa-wait…no…you’re…” I pretended to protest, trying to grasp out in front of me but Jordan pushed my hand into his pants with flawless execution. I could feel his bulging, hard cock between my taunt fingers as I gasped in shock. “I’m,” Jordan started, as if he was correcting me, “Going to fuck you.” In a moment’s notice, his cock popped out of his trousers.

I’m just a little adiosbet giriş tired and I need someone to put me to bed.

The sounds of thighs slapping against each other made me turned on even more. His cock was glorious, practically fucking my primitive Neanderthal brains out as my womb begged for his seed. My tongue stuck out of my mouth from panting, making me feel so good thinking about my ruined image.

His touch felt like electricity with every stroke. The hairs on my soft body stood up with every push as his hips entered me.

I could sense a burst of passion from my tight loins, spiraling me into primal fury. Did I orgasm? I was too drawn to addicting orgasms to ponder that as Jordan gleefully pounded away.

“Sexy and Tight!” Jordan grunted, digging his heels into the flat bed, “Fucking sexy and tight! ¡I think my dick could break! Ah! Yes! You’re sweating…yes…God-fucking-damnit! Your pheromones feels so good, smells so fucking sexy, so perfectly…!”

I was almost embarrassed that I must have started my bedroom activities tonight if he was referring to sweat. My flow must have not been heavy as I couldn’t even feel the womanhood yet but Jordan must have sniffed out my neediness.

I’m just a little slutty and I can’t resist a big, strong man.

His cock was hitting my cervix every time, making me wrap my legs around his rapid thrusting. My large breasts were bouncing under him, urging him on and on until I felt that he couldn’t take the pleasure anymore.

The moans and growls were feral, beastly in nature. Jordan wasn’t going to stop, even if he hit his limit and his limbs fell off. I could see his mouth/tongue stained with my lipstick, as if Jordan had enjoyed my forehead and mouth in attempt to drink my sweaty spots first.

His bare chest was starting to get tired adiosbet güvenilirmi from his fucking as he pounded my pussy with such force, making me believe that my legs were going to be unable to walk tomorrow.

“All mine!” Jordan hissed, catching my hair tie in my mouth as he tore my hair tie off completely with a swift jerk of his neck. My hair flowed around my face as I could see Jordan shaking his head like he was playing with a rat in his hair with my hair-tie.

Another wave of rolling pleasure. Did I orgasm again? I couldn’t tell anymore. The movements and bodies and images were all blurring together.

“Mine!” His words came fast again, letting his trophy drop, “All mine! Nobody gets this body except me! I’ll engrave my name on your pussy. I’ll decorate your tits with my likeness. I’ll even tattoo your ass with a portrait of my cock. But you’re all mine. You live for me, you dance for me and you fuck for me.”

I could only lay helplessly under him as his cock spurted his hot seed inside of me. I could feel the searing blaze of his creampie sit on my vaginal lips, like a mark of possession.

I’m just a little whore and I should just accept it.

I could tell that Jordan had brushed his lips across my sweaty forehead and lip makeup, getting up from our bed of passionate bad choices. A passionate kiss later and Jordan had disappeared into the club and into the dark night.

My decency just shut down completely as I fell asleep into a dreamy state. I didn’t care that my body was exposed or that my pussy was on display for anyone to see. All my instincts knew was that I needed a good night’s rest.

Within the hours before dawn, I awoke on the bed. My body was sore. My pantyhose was torn and my beautiful dress that I had saved up so much money for was in shreds.

I managed to sit up a bit. I did learn that Jordan was into some kinky stuff that might be helpful for the next time that he decided to have consensual kinky sex with me.

I also found out that I was into some kinky, highly unethical shit.

I think I’m just a little bit in love.

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