Living in Style

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“Hi Hon, I’m home.” I called as I came in the door.

Entering the living room I could see three naked bodies twined together on the floor in front of the TV. Joan was on her knees, leaning over Bill with her mouth fastened to his good sized cock while Jack was fucking her from behind. Bill’s wife, Jean was sitting on the couch, legs spread, playing with her wet pussy waiting her turn.

Quickly undressing I went to join with them. Our life style might be a bit different than most but it worked for us.

This is the story of how things got started.

Joan and I have only been Married for three years. We both worked, she as a nurse at a state hospital, I sold insurance. I was spending too much time on my job, away from her. And she worked different shifts every month.

Sometimes she was coming home in the morning as I was leaving for work. At other times she worked evenings and came home after I was in bed. It was a hell of a way to try to have a love life.

About six months ago I started noticing a bunch of little things that were different. Joan was not waking me when she came in late, she was wearing sexy underwear to work under her uniform, was getting and making more phone calls, and was a hour or so late getting home a couple times a week.

I had the idea that maybe she was fucking around but I was afraid to really find out for sure. I loved her more now than I did when we were first married, and didn’t want to lose her.

One night last month I went and waited outside of the building where she worked. Joan came out with some other people, then went to a van with a guy I didn’t know.

Sneaking next to the van I heard Joan say “Hurry and fuck me I need it bad, it’s been two days since I had a cock in me and I want fucked.”

Two days! It has been at least a week since she and I had fucked, and that was just a quickey. This guy was get- ting fucked by her more than I was.

“Thats it Jim honey, suck my tits.” I heard her say. “Do suck them, hard.”

Joan’s tits were the most sensitive parts of her body, not large but nice. She could come with just having them sucked on, and loved to have them sucked hard.

“Ohh, aghh, ohhh, agh.” I heard her make the noises she makes when she comes. Damm her. Damm this guy Jim, whoever he might be.

I was so mad I wanted to bust in on them, but I held off to wait till she got home. I listened for more.

“Ohh, thats nice honey, give me your nice had cock, fuck me with it. Ohhh, make me come, ohh give me your cum.” Joan liked to talk and make noise when she screwed.

I could almost picture her in there, on her back, naked, with her legs wrapped around this guys ass, getting a stiff prick stuffed in her pussy.

Shit, I was getting a hard on just thinking about how good she was. I wanted to fuck her. Wait till I get her at home..

Driving home, making plans of what to do. Should I let her know that I know, or should I try to make love to her more often to get her back. I went to bed and waited.

Twenty minutes later she came in, undressed in the dark and started for the bathroom.

“Joan, come here.” I called

“Wait a few, I need a shower first.” She replied. “it’s been a long evening and I need to freshen up.”

“No. Right now, I need you, now.” I said as I pulled the covers off and reached for her. Putting her hand on my stiff cock. “This has been waiting for you and it wants you now.”

“Please let me shower first.” Joan said. “Then I’ll suck you and screw you good.”

“It can’t wait, suck me now, please..” I begged.

She knelt on the bed and took my prick in her mouth and started to give me a blow job. I tried to reach my hand to her cunt but she wouldn’t let me.

Her pussy was full of cum and she didn’t want me to find out. But I wanted to fuck her Ankara escort with this other cum still there, so I twisted her over on her back, forced her legs apart and pushed my cock in her sloppy pussy.

My cock slid in so easy, like hot butter, she was full of cum. And it felt good.

“Oh hon, I’m so sweaty, I wanted to clean up for you first. “Joan protested. “Wouldn’t you rather wait?”

“No, I want you like this.” I told her. Thats not sweat, thats cum. Your cunts full of another mans cum, your freshly fucked by someone else. What’s his name? Jim something?”

“What? How? When? How do you know?” Joan yelled and tryed to push me off. “Stop.”

Holding her arms still, I stopped screwing but left my cock inside her. And told her about what I heard from out- side the van.

“Oh honey, I didn’t want to hurt you but I needed more than we were doing and you didn’t seem to want me. Please dear I love you. It won’t happen ever again. Please forgive me. Please?”

“Okay, for now, we’ll talk in the morning. Because I do love and want you.” I told her. “But please lets finish screwing, Im so horney over what I heard and from fucking with his cum in you, I need you bad.”

Joan wrapped her legs in mine and arched up to me. “Fuck me good and hard.” She said. “Make me come.”

“Jim and his wife work different shifts at the hospital because of their kid.” Joan was telling me. “A couple months ago he transfered to my wing and we had lunch together a few times.”

“He loves his wife but has the same problems we do, not enough time to be together. We both talked about our lack of enough sex. One evening, after talking and getting very hot and horney, we fucked in the supply room.”

“After that first time we fucked two or three times a day for about two weeks. Then after almost getting caught a few times we settled down to three or four fucks a week.”

“I love you hon, but we weren’t screwing enough and it was extra exciting to fuck a different man.” Joan confessed to me. “You know how much I like to be fucked, could we get back to that? Please hon, I promise not to fuck Jim again.”

“Okay babe, lets start over. I’ll try to forget, if you quit fucking Jim.” I told her. “Lets take a camping trip in a couple weeks just to get away. Put in for some vacation time.”

For the next couple weeks thing went great. We made plans for our trip and did a lot of other things together. Also our sex life went to new heights, we were fucking at least twice a day. In all kinds of places, once she gave me a blowjob in the back row of a movie theater.

Then one night she called to say that she would be late getting home but to wait up for her, and be ready to fuck when she came in. That she had a supprise for me.

When I heard her car pull in I undressed, got in bed and got my prick hard. Joan was naked when she entered the room and climbed in bed. Sitting over me she lowered her pussy on to my stiff cock. I slid into her hot cunt so easy that I knew what her supprise was, she was full of cum. She had been fucked.

“Well honey, you were so worked up the other time you knew I had been screwed by someone and you fucked my wet pussy that I figured you might like it again.” She asked. “Do you like it?”

With her sliding up and down on my cock with her sloppy pussy. I had to say. “Yes I like it, I like fucking a wet juicey cunt filled with cum. But you said you weren’t going to screw Jim any more?”

“I didn’t get fucked by Jim, it was another guy that we work with that knew Jim was fucking me. He asked me for a fuck tonight and I said yes.” Joan told me. “He came in me three times, and I brought his cum home for you.”

“I had an itch and couldn’t wait to see you. I needed to be fucked.” She said. “Now I want you to fuck me.

“Sweetheart I love you, but I’m Ankara escort bayan not sure I can keep up with your sex drive.” I said. “Maybe you need two husbands to keep you satisfied.”

Rolling over I pulled my prick from her pussy and put my tongue in its place. Joan started to stop me but soon realized that I wanted to eat her and drink the cum from her cunt.

“Ohh, ohh, aghh.” She started to climax. “Ohh, please eat me hon, suck my pussy, suck it dry. If you like cum like this I’ll bring you home some every night.”

I must have sucked at her for half an hour, she climaxed many times. Then she went and took my cock in her mouth and gave me one of the best blowjobs ever. After drinking my hot cum she cuddled in my arms to go to sleep.

“Do you realy mean what you said when you asked if I need two husbands?” Joan questioned me. “Or were you just teasing me to get me hot?”

“Ask me again tommorow, this I must think about.”

In the morning I left her still sleeping, and went to work. About nine that evening Joan called from the hospital to ask me if I wanted her to bring anything home. Anything special? Maybe a supprise?

“That sounds okay dear, make it something tasty.” I told her. “I might be hungry.”

I went to bed early to rest, knowing I would need strenth later. What woke me was Joan’s bare pussy being lowered on my face. The hot musky odor of sex was all around. When her pussy met my mouth she let loose a tremendous amount of cum from it. I let it flow into my mouth and swallowed it, lick- ing deep in her cunt for more. She allowed me to clean her out compleatly, while she came several times

Moving down she sat on my cock and started to ride it while I handled her lovely tits. As she fucked me she told me about her supprise for me.

“When you said that you were hungry I figured how to get you a full meal.” Joan laughed. “I had four guys fuck me one after another to get enough cum to fill you up.”

“Four? You let four men fuck you? Let them shoot their cum in you? What are you doing? Turning into a nimpho? How many will you fuck tomorrow?”

“But honey, I did it for you. You said something tasty and that you were hungry. You enjoyed last night and tonight I just got you more.” Joan said. “I had the most and best fucking tonight I’ve ever had. Four big hard cocks, two of them were white and two were black. Four cocks shooting cum into my hot pussy. And best of all, the best was when I came home and you sucked it all out of me. I love only you.”

As they say. A stiff prick has no concious. My prick was so hard that it hurt as it came in Joan’s cunt flooding it with my cum.

“We have to talk over some of these things.” I told her at breakfast. “I can’t handle all this. I LOVE YOU. But it seems thats not enough. If you need a little more sex than I can give you, okay, I can live with some of that. But not every day.”

“I enjoyed your supprise. Thats crazy, but I get horney thinking of you getting screwed. I loved eating you after, the taste and smell gets me hot for you. But every day is too much of a good thing.” I said.

“Okay honey, your right. I went a bit too far with every- thing, I won’t do it again unless you say when it’s okay. I want to please you. Joan agreed. “We can work this out to- gether in a way we can both be happy. Okay?”

“Okay baby, lets compromise later.” I said. “For now lets go back to bed and fuck the day away. I’ll race you.”

We were both naked by the time we hit the bed. Rolling together we kissed and I grabbed her sensitive tits, play- ing with and squeesing them she soon started to come. We spent several hours making love in every way we could think of. Finally having enough(for a while), we rested.

“Did you think it over about what you said about me and two husbands?” She asked. “One Escort Ankara of the nurses on the other wing is living with two men, she says it’s fantastick. She sometimes sleeps with one, sometimes with both at the same time. And. The two black men I was with live together in the same house with their wives and share.”

“It’s an interisting idea and has a lot possible benifits for both of us but it has to be the right person. Someone we both could get along with.” I asked her. “Do you have somebody in mind?”

“Yes, three somebodys.” Joan replyed. “There’s a young couple, Bill and Jean, that just got married but are living with her folks, and Jack, they are two of the guys I fucked last night. Jack has a little room at a motel. And Jean is going so crazy living at her folks that she would do any- thing to get out. Anything.”

“Well, Maybe we should get together soon and see if they would be interisted. We have a big house with three bedrooms and two baths, lots of room. Let’s invite them all to dinner some night and see if they would like to move in?” I asked her.

Joan and Jean got together and fixed dinner friday night, they had talked it all out and agreed on the basics. Jean was a little shocked at first. And pissed off about Bill fucking Joan, but soon warmed up to the idea of living here with lots of room. Having a live in girl friend, of having two extra men around for sex games. She knew Jack and had screwed him two times before she married Bill.

“let’s hope the guys hit it off.” Jean said. “To make it easy for them, maybe we should let them fuck us. We both have fucked with Bill and Jack and you owe me one with Ron okay with you?”

“Okay, lets get a xxx-rated video to warm them up and we can wear some sexy outfits.” Joan suggested. “Which one do you want first?”

Friday after work the five of us gathered at our house Jack and Bill were average good looking guys, early twentys with dark brown hair, Jacks hair was longer. Jean had short blond hair, about 5ft 6 tall, slim, small pert tits. Very attractive.

We all hit it off fine. The others knew each other from work. I was the odd ball but fit in okay.

Dinner went great, everyone enjoyed talking and telling a few jokes and laughing at them. The girls started with the dirty jokes, then Joan asked if they wanted to see some fuck movies? Everyone agreed.

Setting up the VCR Joan started a film, and turned off the lights. The men sat on the couch with the girls on the floor between them. The film started with a couple getting undressed and the woman going down on the man. As the men watched the sex on the screen, the girls went to another room and put on sexy negligees. Returning to the men they sat down but in different spots.

Joan knelt between Bills knees, unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock and sucked on it.

Jean did the same with me. As soon as her lips closed over my cock I reached down and cupped her tits in my hands. They were small tits but they were nice and firm with nice pointed nipples.

Glancing over at Joan I saw that she was giving Bill a blowjob and was jacking off Jack, while each of them played with one of her bare tits. She was enjoying herself.

The movie had run out but nobody cared, the action here was much better.

I stood up and stripped, Bill and Jack did the same. I laid Jean on the floor, spread her legs and dove into her pussy head first. Her cunt tasted fresh and sweet to me, I love eating pussy and Jean must love being eaten because she wrapped her legs around me and pulled my face tighter to her cunt.

Joan was kneeling over Jack sucking on his prick while Bill was fucking her doggie style, pounding his cock into her willing pussy.

Hours later, after we had been in almost every combo that five sex happy people could be in. We all went up to find beds. Jean, Jack and I went to the king size in my room while Joan happly took Bill to one of the spare rooms to sleep.

During the rest of the week we worked out the little details and moved every one in to our happy home.

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