Lynn’s Alley Ch. 20

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“Road trip!” I announced to Sami and Ali when I walked into the Gallery.

“Road trip?” they both asked at the same time.

“That’s what I said; As President of this fucking corporation, I am mandating a get-away sabbatical for us, to clear our heads, and to get in some much needed golf.”

Ali and Sami just stared at the ranting bitch standing in the office.

“Seriously, guys, we’ve been humping it seven days a week since we got back from Hawaii; the Easter weekend is coming up and I’ve booked us a condo at Gulf Shores, just us, The Three Amigos.”

“And besides, I want to take my new ride on a road trip,” I said, finally ending my soliloquy.

“It’s always about you, isn’t it Lynn,” Sami teasingly said, with Ali agreeing. The two of them then started trash-talking about me as if I wasn’t there until they couldn’t keep straight faces any longer and the three of us had a huge laugh over it.

It was true that we had been very, very busy of late. Ali and I were working with our individual mediums almost exclusively, leaving much of the running of the Gallery to Sami and the two girls, Justine and Tiff. Seeing the need, we brought on another full timer, Jason; a nice quiet gay guy that Ali knew from the art scene. He’d run and worked in some of the best galleries for the past five years or so. He was in a very stable relationship and could smooze the rich bitches with the best of ’em.

I had two photo projects going on at the moment, and Ali was doing a couple of private commissions. The web site was getting a lot of traffic and generating a lot of sales, keeping Sami very busy with that as well.

We had decided to close the Gallery on Good Friday through the Monday after Easter, so we had the time, and the girls agreed that we did, indeed, need to get away for a bit.


“Damn, but this car is nice,” Ali said when the three of us hit I-10, heading east towards Alabama.

I had just taken possession of my first big splurge since I had sold my St. Paul company; I custom-ordered a Cadillac DTS, their biggest road sedan these days, outside of the Escalade-class vehicles like Ali had. I’d always wanted a Cadillac, so fuck it, I bought one.

Tuning in to Bluesville on XM radio, I set the cruise for five above the limit and felt my body relax for the first time in a long while.

We hadn’t traveled twenty miles and we were talking business! Hey, I’m as guilty as they were, so I can’t bitch too much.

“Sami, have you seen the latest numbers on my Erotica reprints?” I asked as we tossed about several different topics about the Gallery.

“Yes, it’s the leading seller of all of your photo-art, with the ‘Lower Nine’ series a very close second.

“Yeah, I know but I was talking specifically of that one shot of you; that one outsells the others, 2 to 1,” I said.

“That’s true,” Ali piped up, “I get more comments and compliments on that one than any of the others.”

“So, I’m kicking around doing another Erotica series with some new ideas I have, interested?” I asked Sami.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Sami said, “what sort of new ideas are you thinking about?”

“I’d like to shoot you and another woman, and right now I’m thinking a young, black woman; shoot it in Black and White, using a larger format, like my Hassellblad,” I said.

Thinking on it a while, Sami slowly nodded her head, agreeing that the concept, while not new, could be a fun project, saying, “Yeah, count me in; I’d like to be a part of that.”

Cool. A new project for me to get obsessed with, but cool nevertheless.


We checked into our condo around noon’ish, stashed our trash and clubs and went to look for a lunch place. Spotting a burger ‘n beer balçova escort place, I pulled into the lot, the smell of grilled meat wafting in the air, making me instantly hungry.

Beer ordered first, of course, then our burgers; knocking our bottle-necks together, we toasted ourselves.

“So, I’ve got some stuff I’d like to throw on the table to you two,” I said, “and all I’m asking is that, over the weekend, you let it stew around your brain, okay?”

I had their attention, and while I did, I told them of having second thoughts about opening up a place on the island.

“Look, the bottom line is that I think we shouldn’t rush into anything. It’s not like we’re not busy as hell with the one shop; Imagine two stores, 7,000 miles apart, it’d kill us with the travel and all.”

“I’d love to live in Maui, but that aside, I’m not sure we should rush into anything until we have a good handle on what we have here,” ending my soliloquy with a long pull at my beer.

Sami and Ali looked to each other, then back to me, Ali speaking, “You bring up some very valid points, and you’re right, we should think very carefully about this; you agree, Sami?”

“Yeah, I think I do; A shop in Maui would be nice but not if we can’t do it ‘our’ way.”

“Well, like I said, just think about it and we can talk about it further when we get back to the city, alright?”

They agreed, and the food arrived, tasting every bit as good as it smelled.

None of us had played golf in weeks, we were that busy, so we hit the driving range at the course we’d be playing tomorrow. I’m not sure about Sami and Ali but it took me the first bucket of balls just to hit consistently square to the club face. The second bucket was much better for me, and I quit after that; the pain in my shoulders sending me a subtle message that I was getting older.

“Hey you guys, why don’t we pick up some steaks and fixings and cook at the condo tonight; I’m kinda tired and I really don’t feel like getting all dressed and shit just to go grab dinner someplace,” Sami suggested, with Ali and I agreeing; that really sounded good.

“Why don’t ya’ll hit the shower while I get the charcoal fired up and going,” Sami offered Ali and me. We looked at each other and headed to the bathroom, shedding clothes behind us.

“Hey, I’m not picking up your fucking clothes, bitches; I might eat your pussy, but I’m not your fucking maid, you two hear me!” Sami jokingly called after us.

Ali and I soaped each other, taking our time, enjoying the other’s hands on our body, and enjoying the deliciously warm water. Ali pulled me to her body, out of the stream of water and kissed me passionately, both of our hands fondling the other.

“Oh, baby, that really feels so good,” I said to her as she sucked on my breasts and massaged my ‘little man’.

“Good, that’s the intended object of this, baby-girl,” Ali answered between tiny bites on my nipples. Returning her mouth to mine, her kiss was gentler but oh, so fucking hot; she slipped two fingers into me, lifting me up on my tiptoes and started fingering me, slowly at first then with increasing speed and friction.

I don’t think I lost consciousness when I orgasmed but I do know that I saw stars behind my closed eyelids. I hugged Ali tight to me, moaning into the side of her neck as I rode her fingers and hand to another, smaller climax.

“Oh, baby, that was the best in a long time,” I breathed into her ear as my body still quaked a bit from the orgasms.

“Yeah, I almost got off just doing you,” she said, her breathing as labored as mine.

“My turn,” I said to her, kissing her afterwards.

“No, not yet; send Sami to me, sweetie, let me karşıyaka escort get her off and later, I’ll give you two a chance to take care of me, okay?”

“Sure, baby, if that’s what you’d like, I’m okay with it, and I’m sure Sami would just love for you to get her off,” I answered honestly.

I relieved Sami at the coals, telling her that Ali had a present for her waiting in the shower.

“I can do that,” Sami smilingly said as she unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her small perky tits.

“And later, Sami, after dinner, Ali’s requested that the two of us take care of her.”

Looking at me, grinning, Sami replied, “Oh yeah, like we wouldn’t have done that anyway,” walking off and laughing a bit.

The girl spoke the truth.


Damn, I am getting really good at grilling steak, I must admit.

Dinner was really good, or we were really hungry; or both. Opening our second bottle of wine, after we’d eaten, Sami poured for us, while I cleaned some ganja for us to share.

The Three Amigos got seriously fucked up that evening; I mean, seriously fucked up. We had Pink Floyd on the player, and pink pussy-lips staring at Sami and me as we took turns pleasuring Ms. Ali.

After we had finished the joint, and the wine, we somehow made it into the bedroom that Ali and I were sharing; well, honestly the three of us shared that king bed all weekend.

While Ali and I kissed and fondled each other, Sami serviced Ali for a long time, teasing her until she finally let her climax. Then moving over to me, Sami treated me to as good of a tongue-lashing as she had ever given me.

Giving in to the carnal urges that had overtaken me, I had the girls take turns kneeling over me so that I could get them off. I was damned near insatiable that night with my need to taste pussy. I never craved cock, ever, like I craved pussy at times.

We finally gave in to the sex-fatigue that had overtaken all of us and, huddled together with me in the middle, the three of us slipped into that good sleep one gets from good sex.

Having morning sex is always a treat; but to have it with two gorgeous women? Well, what can I say; I’m a pussy-whore, at times; okay, most of the time if you insist on truth in packaging.

Our golf games got better with each round; playing 36 holes on Saturday, we only played 18 on Sunday, retiring to the condo, to clean up and dress for our last night in Gulf Shores. We were planning to drive back, tomorrow, Monday.

We hit a couple of clubs, danced a bit with guys, teasing them a bit; shame on us, yeah, I know. We found a gay dance club and had a ball with some local gals. Lots of teasing all around, some kissing, some ass-grabbing, but in the end, the three of us went home alone. Just us, that’s what all of us really wanted on this trip.

Just us; it was more than enough.


“I think we should put the Maui idea on hold before we commit to anything,” Ali said out of nowhere when we were driving back to the City.

“Sami?” My eyes looking to her in my rearview mirror.

“I agree with Ali, Lynn; that’s my two cents worth,” Sami said to us.

“Okay, then; we won’t kill the idea, but just shelve it for a while, agreed?”

They agreed.

Damn! I know I’m right about this, I thought as I slowed down for our exit off of the interstate.


“I got here as fast as I could, Sami, hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long,” Gina said as she walked across the patio of Sami’s apartment’s small courtyard.

“Not at all, baby,” Sami said as she kissed Gina on the lips, pulling her tight against her body, sliding her tongue deep into Gina’s opened mouth.

Oh God, Gina thought çeşme escort as she sucked on Sami’s tongue, but Sami kisses better than anyone I’ve ever kissed. Pulling back from the kiss, she explained, “I almost came, just now, and I don’t want to, not yet.”

“That’s okay, baby; want to take a couple of hits, to relax you?” Sami said in that soft Mississippi accent that Gina just loved.

“I’d like that, Sami, I really would.”

Sami had ‘the talk’ with Gina about a week after returning from Gulf Shores, you know the one; didn’t want a relationship, just looking for no-strings sexual good times and someone to buddy with, yada, yada. Yeah, that conversation. Gina’s reaction surprised Sami, and pleased her at the same time.

Gina said that she understood, that she didn’t mean to smother Sami but now that she knew, she’d respect Sami’s boundaries. But, they would still get together every once in a while, right? All Sami had to do was call.

Hello? Domino’s?

Sami and Gina finished the half-joint, falling back into the sofa cushions to enjoy the ride. Reaching over with her hand, Sami fondled Gina’s breasts, while slowly unbuttoning Gina’s blouse.

Leaning over, Sami sucked a nipple into her mouth as her hands busily took off the rest of Gina’s clothes. As usual, when she came to Sami, Gina had worn no undergarments.

“Follow me to the bedroom, baby,” Sami said after she pulled her sucking mouth from Gina’s tit, the skin red and wet around the nipple.

Because they both liked for her to do it, Gina undressed Sami while Sami fondled Gina. Because they both liked for her to do it, Sami lay on the bed to let Gina perform cunnlingus on her. Gina was one of the very best that has ever eaten me, Sami thought as Gina brought her to repeated orgasms.

“Got a surprise for you, baby,” Sami said, her voice betraying her contentment. Reaching into the nightstand drawer, Sami produced a strap-on dildo of considerable length and thickness.

“Oh Sami, you are going to fuck me with it, I hope,” Gina said her eyes wide at the contraption.

“Uh-huh, you bet I am, sweetie,” Sami said as she got into the harness.

Rolling over to her stomach, Gina leaned on her elbows and raised her ass into air by kneeling.

“Doggy-style, Sami, so that you can get it deep into me, please?” Gina’s voice begged.

Kneel-walking into position behind Gina’s upturned fine ass, Sami slipped the faux-cock into Gina’s pussy, going deep right away, which caused Gina to gasp, and then moan from the pleasure it gave her.

Pulling back slowly, Sami began a slow rhythmic fucking of Gina, gradually increasing the tempo until she was slam-fucking Gina hard, which Gina loved, crying for Sami to fuck her harder and harder.

Gina’s cry when she orgasmed filled the room, bouncing off of the 200 year old brick walls.

Almost ripping the harness off of Sami after her orgasmic convulsions stopped, Gina did to Sami what Gina loved doing to Sami; She buried her face between Sami’s legs and ate Sami like it was her last meal.

Lying with Gina snuggled in the crook of her arm, Sami’s mind drifted…

“What if someone walks in on us, Charlene?”

“The door’s locked; you know the door’s locked. You’re just chicken.”

“I don’t know, Charlene, I mean, I like all the kissing and touching we’ve been doing, but this, I just don’t know.”

“Sami, was I right when I said you’d like the kissing games?”


“And was I right when I said you’d like it when we touched each other and played with each other?”


“Then why don’t you believe me about this?”

“I don’t know, I, I…”

“Want me to do you, first?”

“Maybe, maybe so…”

And Cousin Charlene crawled under the bed sheet, crawling between Sami’s legs. Sami could still remember the electricity that jolted her body when Charlene’s tongue touched her, there.

“You need to call Charlene; you can’t keep dodging this bullet, Sami.”

Yeah, I know…I know.

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