Master and Slave – Meeting Again

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This is chapter 2 of an unofficial series of stories around a bi-curious guy that explores his submissive, panty and lingerie wearing side with a Dom that he met online.

I hope you like it.


Here he was again, his palms were sweaty and his heart felt like it was beating 100 times a minute. The butterflies came back as he reached out and knocked on the door. He heard a shuffle and then the distinctive click as the locks were undone and the door slid open. At the door was the man who was now his master. He smiled and opened the door as his slave walked in. After closing the door Master and Slave shook hands. It had been several months since their last session.

They both sat down and talked a few minutes as they got reacquainted. Even though they chatted via computer several times each week the face-to-face dialog was part of the process. As they chatted each opened a beer that Master had sitting in a cooler. After a few minutes Master got up and walked to the bathroom, he told his slave to strip to his outfit before he returned.

In a change from their previous meeting where he got changed during the session, this time slave was required to wear his outfit all day. Due to the cool weather he was able to get away with it. He pulled off his sweater and shirt to reveal the lacy bra. He then pulled down his pants to reveal the garter, stockings, and thong panties that had been under his work clothes all morning. No one else knew of his kinky fetishes, what would his friends say if they ever saw him like this. His palms still felt sweaty as he heard the toilet flush and the water run in the sink. After folding his clothes and putting them on the dresser, slave dropped to his knees.

Master walked out and smiled as he saw slave kneeling on the floor by his chair. He admired the outfit his slave had picked out for their session today. His slave loved the idea of wearing panties and lingerie but felt weird due to his muscular build and hairy body. Master liked the look of masculine panty slaves. Especially shy, nervous but inquisitive ones. This slave matched those qualities to a T. Their chats had been fun and the slave enjoyed showing himself off on cam.

Slave had really enjoyed the last session. Master had been patient and gentle. Encouraging slave to explore his desires at his pace, only pushing when he thought his slave needed a nudge. Slave had finally satisfied his curiosity around sucking a cock and feeling a cock in his ass. He wasn’t sure what to expect today. They had chatted about golden shower play again and some more restrictive bondage. He was still nervous to admit that he liked the loss of control and the feelings that swept over him last time as he slid Master’s cock into his mouth for the first time. Feeling it pulse and surge, the warmth that filled his mouth.

Now here he was kneeling in new lingerie ready to try it all again. Master sat down on the chair in front of him. Slave could see the bulge that was already forming in the pants. His own clit/cock was hard and beginning to drip into his panties. Master liked it when his slave referred to his cock as a clit. It helped to keep the slave in a submissive and kinky mood. Master told slave to crawl forward between his legs. Slave crawled between Master’s legs and reached out and began to unbuckle and unzip the pants. What a change from last time when it took several minutes of soul searching to work up the courage to finally do it. Master raised his hips as slave pulled down his pants. Slave left the boxers on for the moment. Slave began to get nervous again. Could he really be this different from his friends that he liked the idea of serving a guy? Giving up control like this. He had done it once and here he was again. Master’s cock began to poke through the fly hole in his boxers. Slave could see what looked like pre-cum forming at the tip. Slave took a deep breath, reached out with nervous hands and began to pull down the boxers. He gently worked them down allowing Masters cock to slide free of the fly hole and spring free. Master raised his hips as Slave pulled down on the boxers and finally pulled them off of his legs.

Slave was now confronted with his Masters hard cock. It was sitting there begging him to reach out and stroke it. For this session Master had already decided to push the pace some him. He ordered slave to take it in his hands and stroke it. Slave responded by reaching out to stroke the shaft with one hand and he began to massage master’s balls with his other hand. More pre-cum formed on the head of Master’s cock. Slave ran his finger across the head to gather it up and slid the finger into his mouth. Master groaned and smiled as he watched his slave quickly drop into his sub space.

Master reached into the bag at the side of the chair and removed the collar. He reached out and wrapped it around slave’s neck as slave continued massaging his cock. After the collar was in place Ankara escort around his neck, slave began to lower his head to the head of his master’s cock. His tongue reaching out to touch it. As he mouth got closer he could feel the heat coming from Master’s thighs and groin. Slave’s tongue ran gently across the head and Master let out another sigh. Slave crawled in a little closer and began to run his tongue up and down the shaft. Slave used his hands on Master’s balls massaging them gently has his tongue worked all around the shaft. Slave opened his mouth and gently slid the head into his mouth. As he closed his mouth around the shaft Master let out another sigh. Master began to thrust his hips forcing his cock deeper into slave’s mouth. Slave’s hands continued to hold the shaft and massage Master’s balls as he bobbed his head up and down trying to get as much of Master’s cock into his mouth as he could.

Master’s cock was getting nice and slick as slave worked it in and out of his mouth. Running his tongue up and down the shaft and even working his mouth down to Master’s balls so he could lick them. As slave worked his mouth back onto Master’s cock, Master put his hands on slave’s head and began to fuck slave’s mouth. Master’s cock was sliding in and out at the pace Master wanted. Slave had to put his hands on Master’s thighs to help keep his balance and to try and control how deep Master was thrusting.

Slave’s clit/cock was peaking above the waist band of his panties as he continued to get fucked in the mouth by Master. He started to reach down to play with it when Master saw what was happening and ordered him to put his hands behind his back. Master then pulled out of slave’s mouth and stood up. Master reached into his bag and pulled out some rope. He then started to tie slave’s hands together and then wound the rope around slave’s arms pulling them together and forcing slave to expose his chest even more. Slave grunted some as he felt his forearms being pulled together. When Master heard the grunt he stopped and tied it off there. This position left slave kneeling, in panties, stockings and bra with his clit/cock soaking his panties. His hands behind his back left his bra-covered chest exposed to his Master.

Master reached into his bag and removed a blindfold that he then placed over slave’s eyes. Next came the ball gag. As Master locked up the ball gag he reminded slave to just drop the handkerchief he was putting in slave’s hand if he needed any kind of stoppage. Once the ball gag was in place Master sat down. Slave could hear the movement and knew Master was in front of him again but wasn’t sure was coming next. Slave gasped as he felt his left nipple get pinched through the bra. Slave then felt Master’s hand begin to caress his right nipple while the pinching continued on his left. Master then switched and this caused Slave to groan into the ball gag and caused his clit/cock to swell and pulse. Slave jumped as Master stopped massaging one nipple and moved his hand down to stroke slave’s cock/clit through his panties while continuing to pinch the other nipple. Slave continued to groan and tried to hump Master’s hand. Master smiled as he watched his new slave try and encourage him to play with the clit/cock between his hands more.

After a few minutes of playing, Master removed his hands and told slave to stand up. Slave struggled to his feet. Slave then felt Master take his panties and pull them down to his feet. As slave stepped out of the panties, Master took him by the arm and led him next to his chair. Master then instructed to lie across his lap. Slave struggled to lay down with his eyes covered and arms tied behind his back. Master helped guide him in place. Master slid slave across his lap until slave’s cock was now trapped between Master’s thighs and slave could feel Master’s cock against his side. “What a pretty little ass, my sissy has” said Master as he massaged slave’s ass. Master then pulled back and gave slave a whack on the ass with his hand. Slave jumped and this caused slave’s dick to rub between Master’s thighs. Slave let out a groan but hung onto the handkerchief. Master rubbed his slave’s ass again and then whacked it again. Master repeated this several times causing slave to jerk and fuck Master’s thighs while his ass turned red from the spanking. Slave began to wonder if he would be able to sit once the spanking was done. Slave could feel some pre-cum leaking out of his clit/cock onto Master’s thigh. Slave could also feel the heat of Master’s cock next to his side. It felt like it was rock hard again. Finally after about 10 slaps of his hand Master stopped and looked at his sissy’s red ass and began to massage it. Master even teased his sissy by running one finger down the crack of slave’s ass and pressing it against slave’s pussy/ass. This caused slave to groan in pleasure. Slave’s clit/cock swelled at the new sensation at slave’s backdoor.

After Master was Ankara escort bayan done teasing slave’s pussy/ass, he helped slave stand again. As slave stood in front of him, Master reached out to stroke the hard dripping clit/cock in front of him. As slave began to groan in pleasure Master stopped, and ordered slave back to his knees. Slave dropped to his knees as Master watched to make sure he didn’t fall over. Master then unbuckled the gag from slave’s mouth and watched as slave worked the kinks in his mouth out. Master then lay down on the bed and ordered slave to crawl over between his legs which were hanging over the edge. Slave struggled over to Master and finally felt the edge of the bed and Master’s body. Master reached down and guided slave’s head to his cock. Slave opened wide as he felt the head of his Master’s cock at his lips and let it slide in. Slave could taste the pre-cum that had accumulated and began to lick and suck the shaft as best as he could with his hands still tied behind his back. Slave worked his mouth up and down, feeling the cock in his mouth swell again. He began to lick his way down the shaft and ran his tongue across Master’s balls. Slave then worked to suck a ball into his mouth. As his mouth enveloped the ball, Master let out groan. After running his tongue across first one ball then the other slave worked his mouth back onto Master’s cock.

Master reached down and held slave’s head on his cock. Master began to fuck slave’s mouth again. He was close, slave had been close getting a mouthful of cum earlier, until slave was bad and had to be punished with the bondage and spanking. Now Master could feel his orgasm building. He held slave’s head a little tighter and began to control the action, working his cock in and out slave’s mouth. Slave could feel Master’s cock grow a little in his mouth. He ran his tongue all over the shaft. He used his lips to try and suck the cum out. Slave felt Master’s cock surge, felt a shot of cum hit his tongue and Master let out a groan as he began to fill his sissy’s mouth with a load of cum. Slave continued to suck as several more spurts of cum quickly followed the first one. Slave swallowed as he tried to lick Master’s cock clean and suck whatever was left inside out. As Master’s orgasm subsided he relaxed his hold on slave’s head. Slave continued to run his tongue up and down Master’s softening cock.

Master finally sat up and told slave to sit back on his knees and feet. As slave sat back Master removed the blindfold. “Well Done Slave” Master said, as slave squinted while getting used to the light of the room again. “Thank You Sir” Slave replied while still kneeling. Master stood up and helped slave to his feet. Master then sat back down on the bed and pulled slave to him by his clit/cock. When slave was in front of him again, Master turned him around and he began to tease slave’s pussy/ass with his hand. Master let his free hand move around to the front and begin to stroke slave’s clit/cock. Slave began to thrust his hips forcing his clit/cock into Master’s hand. Slave could feel Master’s other hand sliding up and down the crack of his ass, teasing his pussy/ass. Slave’s clit/cock was swollen, hard and throbbing with pre-cum already sitting on the head again. Slave groaned again as he felt Master press a finger against his pussy/ass. All Master was doing was letting his finger press against the entry while slave thrust his hips into Master’s hand.

Master finally let go of slave’s clit/cock and began to unte slave’s arms. After slave was untied Master ordered slave to the bathroom. As slave walked to the bathroom, he moved his arms around just to get them moving again. As slave walked into the bathroom he saw the enema bag and hose sitting on the counter. Master told him that it was time to make sure he was clean. Slave watched as Master filled the bag with warm water, attached the hose and nozzle and then set a kitchen timer. Master then pulled on a rubber exam glove and grabbed a bottle of lubricant that was on the counter. Master ordered slave to bend over. Slave bent over and Master walked up and began to caress slave’s ass again. Master then began to apply pressure with his finger to slave’s pussy/ass. Slave tried to relax as Master pushed his finger in farther and farther. Slave was groaning as he felt the slippery finger slide inside. Slave’s clit/cock jumped as Master began to finger him, sliding the finger in and out until it was finally moving easily. Slave groaned as he felt a second finger began to stretch him open. Slave’s clit/cock was beginning to dribble pre-cum as his pussy/ass was being fingered. Slave let out a low groan as Master pulled out his fingers. Slave looked back to see that Master was now hanging the bag on the shower rod and had the nozzle in his hand. Slave could feel the nozzle sliding in. Master slid the nozzle in and out a few times to tease his slave. Finally the nozzle was in and Master ordered slave Escort Ankara to kneel and lean over the edge of the tub. When slave was down on the ground Master released the valve. Slave could feel the warm water flowing into his ass. After the bag was drained into slave’s pussy/ass Master told slave that he had to hold it for 10 minutes and that he could get up from the tub when the timer went off. Master then told slave that he was to play with his own nipples while he was waiting for the timer to go off.

All slave could do was kneel there with his pussy/ass filled with water and his clit/cock throbbing and begging for attention. As slave played with his nipples slave thought about playing with his clit/cock but then he remembered the spanking he had just gotten earlier. As he stroked, caressed, pinched and pulled on his nipples, slave’s clit/cock would jump and pulse. After what seemed like an eternity the timer went off and slave sat down on the toilet to finish cleaning himself out.

After a few more minutes slave walked back out. Master was relaxing in a chair with a drink. Master ordered slave to drop to his knees between his legs again. Slave knew what was coming next. Slave crawled up between Master’s legs and took his soft cock into his mouth. As slave began to lick and suck master’s cock, it began to harden and grow. Slave’s hands were massaging Master’s balls as slave’s mouth sucked and licked the head and shaft. Slave tried to work all of Master’s cock into his mouth but he couldn’t. After a few minutes Master told slave to stop and to climb up on the bed.

Slave crawled onto the bed on his hands knees. He looked back and saw Master slipping a condom over his cock. Master then took some lube and rubbed it on his cock and slid two fingers into slave’s pussy/ass. Master then grabbed slave’s hips and pressed the head of his cock against slave’s pussy/ass. Slave groaned as he felt the pressure of Master’s cock at the entrance to his pussy/ass. Firmly, Master began to push forward. Slave tried to relax his backdoor to allow Master inside. Slowly Master slid inside, Slave let out a sigh once the head was in. Master then sat still for a minute to let slave recover. Master then began to work his cock deeper into his slave’s pussy ass. Slave continued to groan as Master slid deeper inside of him. Slave’s mind was a jumble of thoughts and emotions. How could he be in such a position, in lingerie, on his hands and knees getting a cock in his ass? How could he be enjoying this? He was a normal guy wasn’t he? Well maybe not totally normal since he enjoyed the dom/sub scene. Slave grunted as Master slid all the way in. As Master began to pull out slave sighed and realized he was just a freak. His body wanted more even though his mind wasn’t sure what it wanted and at that moment his body was winning the war.

Master began to slide his cock in and out of his slave’s pussy/ass. Master could feel slave’s pussy/ass stretch and tighten as he slid in and out. Slave was letting out sighs and moans as he was getting fucked. Slave’s clit/cock was dribbling precum on the bedspread. Slave was starting to push back against Master’s cock as he was getting fucked. Master’s cock pressed deep into slave causing slave’s clit/cock to swell and beg for release. Slave had to use his hands and elbows to keep his balance on the bed as Master plowed into his pussy/ass.

Master and slave worked into a rhythm of pushing in and out when slave let out a moan as he felt Master’s cock pull out. Slave looked back and Master told him to roll onto his back. Master took the rope from the floor and used it to tie slave’s hands to the bed over his head. Master then used some more rope to tie slave’s leg’s pulled back and up in the air exposing his pussy/ass. Master then slid a pillow under slave and crawled up onto the bed. Master slid between slave’s tied up legs and worked his cock between slave’s cheeks. This caused slave to groan and squirm. Master continued to slide back into slave. Master pushed the pillow farther under slave, which pushed slave’s pussy/ass up higher making it easier for Master to fuck. As Master pushed his cock back into slave’s pussy/ass Slave struggle to push back. Master’s cock was filling slave up. Slave’s clit/cock bounced against his bells as Master’s cock slid in and out him. Pre-cum was dripping onto his stomach. Slave could only move his hips a little as his pussy/ass was stuffed full with Master.

Groans and moans of pleasure came from slave as he was being fucked. He could feel Master begin to fuck his pussy/ass harder and faster. He thought he felt Master’s cock swell in his ass some more. Slave continued to rock back and forth fucking Master’s cock. His own clit/cock was rock hard and begging for release. Master reached down and begin to pinch slave’s nipples. Slave groaned again at the new pain/pleasure coursing through his body. Slave began to squeeze his muscles against Master’s cock, this caused Master to groan. Master reached down with one hand and began to stroke slave’s clit/cock. As Master continued to fuck slave he could feel his orgasm building. He began to fuck slave harder and stroke his clit/cock faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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