Me , Her


Lying next to her I could smell her sweet scent. I tried hard not to pay attention to it, focusing on the TV. Her smell kept tempting me to kiss her but I knew I couldn’t. Her leg slowly rubbed against mine. Was she doing this on purpose?? She reached back and grabbed my hand reaching it to the front of her locking her fingers with mine. I kept inhaling her beautiful scent making me fall in love with her more and more. The tip of her fingers gently brushed against the back of my hand. I brought my face closer to her neck smelling it more obvious this time. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it sounded as if she let out a soft moan.

She grabbed the remote and turned off the TV, throwing the remote on the floor. She turned towards me, staring at me in the dark. She moved closer, gently kissing me. I kissed her back, rubbing through her hair. She ran her fingers up and down my side. I kissed her harder, wanting to do more. She forced herself on top of me, kissing me harder and more frantically. I tried to keep up, but I could tell she was already taking control. She slides her hand up my shirt, gripping my breasts. I moan out really loud, trying to calm down. Her kisses grew harder as did her grip on my tits. She start massaging them, switching between pinching and massaging, pinching and massaging. My moans grew louder as I grew wetter. She slowly moved her way to my neck, sucking, kissing, and licking on it.

“Oh you’re making me so wet baby,” I moaned in her ear. She stopped and looked at me. She ordered me not to speak unless spoken to. She grabbed my arms pinning them down, holding my wrists tight. I looked at her shocked.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped and moaned at the same time. She let my arm go slapping me playfully yet with some authority. “What did I say,” she says biting my neck. I moan out my apology once again. She glared at me.

“You don’t hear well do you?” she says slapping Antep Bayan Escort me again. I moan out. She smiles and goes back to sucking on my neck harder. I continue moaning out, I could tell I was very wet right now. She forcefully ripped my shirt off of me. I moaned out in excitement. She moved down forcefully sucking on my breasts, biting them, not too hard but hard enough for me to feel extreme pleasure. I continue moaning trying not to tell her that if she kept going id cum before it was time to. She kept going, her bites grew harder. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I moan out n speak:

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum before its time.” she stopped and stared at me. She dug her nails into my arm. I moan out.

“You’re gonna cum when I tell you too,” she said speaking forcefully. I bite my lip, I knew I couldn’t do that but I didn’t have a choice. She slowly started sliding my panties down. I start helping her. She slaps my hand hard. I quickly move my hand. She takes my panties all the way off. My breathing grows quicker. I wait for her to shove her fingers deep in me. She doesn’t, she just looks at me. She puts on a sinister smile.

“You want it don’t you?” she speaks. I don’t say anything I just moan a little. She slaps me. “I’m speaking to you!”

“Yes I want it,” I say moaning loud.

“How bad do you want it?” she says teasing my clit, slowly rubbing her finger up and down it. I keep moaning. “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?!” she yells.

“Oh I want it so bad,” I continue moaning. She shoved her two fingers in me. I groaned and moaned, circling my hips. She started pumping her two fingers in me. My back arched, my moans grew louder and I whimpered begging her to continue.

“You like that don’t you,” she moaned out. I nodded in response and continued moaning. I could tell I was about to cum. She kept on going taking her fingers out and rubbing my clit now. I screamed and moaned. She moved faster and a little harder.

“Oh shit I’m gonna cum, I can’t hold it anymore!” I say rotating my hips.

“Don’t you dare,” she moans. She kissed me hard and kept going. I moaned loud in between kisses. I tried to hold back as much as I could, but I couldn’t anymore, I came hard jerking my body a little as I did. She took her fingers out and slowly stuck them in her mouth. She sucked her finger and then licked her lips slowly.

“I told you not to do that,” she said grabbing my arm. I whimper out “I’m sorry I couldn’t hold back.” She chuckled.

“That’s not how I work,” she speaks “now you’re going to have to pay for that.” She slides her panties down and gets over me. I inhale the sweet scent of her pussy. I slide my finger in and out her hole, collecting her juices. She lets out a sweet moan. I suck my finger.

“You know what to do,” she says seductively. I shove my tongue deep in her. I hear her moans grow loud. I slowly start sucking on her clit. She moaned loud and long. I kept going sucking and licking all over her clit. She tasted so sweet and amazing. It made me so wet again. I moaned in between licks. She flipped herself around and bent down licking me hard and fast. I moaned really loud trying to finish what I started. I kept sucking and eating her out the best I could. She sucked on my clit really hard making my moans grow out of control. She moved her tongue in ways I never imagined. I tried not to get distracted so I kept sucking and licking. We both moaned at the same time, letting each other know we were doing a great job. She moaned loud, coming all in my mouth. The taste of her cum made me cum hard. I screeched as I came for the second time. She licked me clean, flopping down on the bed. I breathed heavy not knowing how much more I could take.

She reached and opened the table drawer, pulling out our favorite blue friend. She slowly strapped it on and adjusted it so that it was perfect. She gets over me licking her lips pretty much asking me if I’m ready. I quietly moan. She slowly puts the tip inside me. I moan out loud. She keeps inching in, till finally she’s all the way in. I moan out loud and breathe heavy. She slowly started thrusting. I moaned and groaned. Her thrusts grew harder and faster and deeper. I moaned loud and dramatic. She slowly started moaning long and strong moans. I slipped into this blissful daze. She continued moving faster and moaning louder. I groaned out in a little pain. She slapped me and kept thrusting hard and fast. I couldn’t take anymore, but she wasn’t having that so she kept on going. I begged her to slow down, but she told me to stop speaking unless it was moans coming out of my mouth. She stops and lies on her back. I look over at her.

“Ride me,” she spoke with strength. I whimpered and got on top of her shoving it deep inside me. We both moaned at the same time. I slowly started to ride her moving up and down. She grabbed my breasts and massaged them moaning loud. I moan in response to every move she and I both made. I started moving in circles, bouncing up and down on this magnificent toy. Her moans came out sexy and sweet. For some reason her moans switched from that of a person in charge to an innocent girl being touched for the first time. It made me go insane. She sat up and sucked on my breasts. I moaned loud still riding her nice and fast. She moaned and came really hard. I held back for a minute or so, and then came harder than I had the previous times. I slid her out of me falling back on the bed, curling up. She lies back, curling up next to me, holding me. I remembered why I lust for her so much. She’s the best lover. She kissed me gently and whispered in my ear:

“Je t’aimerai toujours mon amour, (I’ll love you forever my love.)”

I kiss her once and close my eyes falling asleep in the arms of my forever love.