My Sex Life Ch. 28

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Chapter 28: On The Way Home

If you are driving along the A6093 between Dalkeith and Haddington, just after you enter Pencaitland there is a turning on the right, immediately after the malting works, that leads up a dirt track road to the Pencaitland Railway carpark (if you are going in the opposite direction, it’s on the left just before you leave the village, just look out for the Saltire flying next to the turn-off). The railway line has long been disused and the tracks are gone but, during the day, it is a popular route for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. After dark, the carpark has been known to play host to other activities.

Somehow, it was in that very carpark that Gary and I found ourselves yesterday evening.

Why were we there? Well, Gary had been playing rugby in Haddington and we’d spotted it on our way there and decided it might be worth a closer look on our way home.

As it happened, Gary’s team won a very closely contested match, 18 points to 16, with Gary scoring one of his team’s trys and I, naturally, decided that a congratulatory blow-job was in order. To be fair, I’d have quite happily given every member of the winning team a congratulatory blow-job before proceeding to give every member of the losing team a consolation one but, of course, I’m behaving myself these days and, to be honest, I’m quite content to restrict myself to Gary.

Anyway, having driven into the carpark as dusk was settling, and finding it deserted, I quickly set about ‘congratulating’ Gary on his (and his team’s) performance. The engine had barely stopped before I had his cock in my hand, stroking it encouragingly, while telling him what I was about to do.

Thanks to the two and a bit years I spent being George’s bit on the side before I met Gary, I’ve had plenty of experience of going down on guys in cars, so I quickly got myself into position so that I could take his lovely thick cock into my mouth without injuring myself on the gear stick.

“Oh fuck! That’s good!” he gasped as I slid my lips down his shaft, taking him in deeper and deeper until his swollen knob lodged in the back of my throat. I began to work my lips back and forth, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, occasionally slipping trabzon escort his cock out of my mouth so that I could swirl my tongue over and around his knob. As I gorged myself on his cock, Gary kept up a running commentary, telling me how good it felt and how much of a dirty little slut I was, sucking him off in the car where any passers-by could see us.

I still find it quite amusing that Gary, who is normally quite quiet and serious, almost to the point of shyness, transforms into such a filthy-talking, sometimes domineering lover. Actually, I find it quite a turn-on that I’m able to bring out that side of him. I always enjoy it when my partner lets me know how much they are appreciating my efforts and Gary can often be pretty graphic in the way he voices his approval of my attentions.

Anyway, I did my best to comply with his demands to, “Suck harder!” and, “Take it all!” Funnily enough, there’s no hardship involved in doing something you enjoy and it probably comes as no surprise to anyone reading this that sucking on a nice hard cock is one of my favourite recreational activities, second only to being fucked senseless by said nice hard cock.

Sucking hard as my lips slid along his length, it didn’t take long for me to get Gary close to boiling point. Breathing hard, with his fingers twisted in my hair, his hips began to thrust, driving his cock deep into my hungry mouth.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth!” he groaned. “I’m going to shoot my load right down your slutty throat!”

I slid my lips up until only Gary’s swollen knob remained in my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began pumping up and down, my hand blurring as it moved.

I felt him tense. “Julie! Oh fuck! Julie!” he roared as his cock erupted, filling my mouth with jet after jet of hot, thick, sticky cum. I swallowed his initial spurts quickly. As his eruption subsided, I let it pool in my mouth, allowing me to savour its rich taste before sending it on its way, down my throat and into my stomach.

I cleaned him up with my mouth then tucked him away before kissing him lightly on the cheek. “I trust you enjoyed that?” I enquired.

“Fantastic,” he replied. “I know a certain cum-hungry trabzon escort bayan little slut who is going to get her arse seriously fucked for that when we get back to the flat.”

My smile would have put the Cheshire cat to shame.

As we drove home, I pulled up the front of my skirt, revealing once again that I’d mislaid, or perhaps, more accurately, neglected my knickers and proceeded to finger my already wet pussy.

I’m not sure how Gary managed to keep his eyes on the road, but he did and, by the time he pulled up outside my flat, I’d already enjoyed two mind-blowingly intense orgasms as I imagined what he was going to do to me once we were inside.

My imagination turned out to be pretty close to the mark. Almost as soon as we were inside, I found myself sprawled on my back on my bed, still fully dressed but with my skirt hitched up around my waist with Gary’s head between my thighs and his tongue lapping my juices from my pussy.

I clutched at his head, pulling him towards me as his tongue worked between my moist folds and over my clit. “Yessssss! Mmmmmmm! Yesssssssssssss!” I moaned, tossing my head from side to side.

I was so turned on; looking forward to my promised arse fucking so much that Gary’s tongue had me cumming in record time.

Cumming hard and giving full voice to my pleasure, I was taken a little by surprise when, one second, Gary’s tongue was lashing my throbbing clit and, the next, his lovely thick cock was buried deep in my pussy.

Much as I love feeling Gary’s cock in my pussy, stretching me as it fills me, he had promised me a thorough buggering and I quickly reminded him of that fact.

“Don’t worry,” he replied, “This is just to get me started. I’m still going to give your tight little slutty arse a good fucking. I just didn’t want your pussy to feel neglected.”

“That’s uh very uh considerate of uh you,” I replied as he repeatedly stuffed his cock into my pussy.

Having thoroughly pounded my pussy for several agonisingly delicious minutes, Gary pulled out. My pussy felt stretched and empty but, knowing what was to come, I didn’t mind.

Instead of getting on to all fours in readiness for my anal assault, I escort trabzon slid to the edge of the bed and took Gary’s cock into my mouth for another quick suck.

His cock was slick with my juices and I loved tasting myself on him as I worked my lips back and forth along his length. In my already highly aroused state, tasting myself on his cock was a deliciously dirty turn on and things were about to get a whole lot dirtier.

Reluctantly, I let Gary’s cock slip from between my lips. Looking up at him, I batted my eyelids and with a (what I would like to think was convincing) display of feigned innocence asked, “Can you fuck my arse now please? I really want to feel your lovely big cock in my tight slutty little arse.”

Gary tried to look stern and imposing but failed miserably as he tried not to laugh. “A promise is a promise,” I continued, “And you did promise me a good, hard arse fucking.”

I turned and got on to all fours. Wiggling my bum suggestively, I looked back over my shoulder and said, “There it is, my slutty little arse ready to be fucked. Shove that cock of yours right in and fuck it hard!”

Pausing only to ensure my arsehole was sufficiently well lubricated, Gary pressed his knob against my tight rear hole and began to push. His cock sank slowly into my back-passage. I pushed my hips back to meet his inward thrust. It felt so good to have his cock impaling my arse.

As Gary buggered me with long, hard strokes, his balls slapped against my tender labia. I reached back between my legs to finger my pussy and play with my clit as Gary’s cock pounded my arsehole.

It wasn’t long before I was cumming again. My clit throbbed beneath my fingers, Gary’s cock in my back-passage intensifying the sensations.

“Yes! Yesss! Yesssssssss! Fuck my arse Gary! Fuck my slutty little arse! Fuck it hard!” I screamed as my orgasm consumed me.

Breathing hard, Gary drove his cock into my back-passage. As he thrust into me, I pushed my hips back to meet him.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m going to cum!” Gary groaned.

“Cum for me, Gary,” I replied, “Cum in my arse!”

Gary gripped my hips and slammed into me. “Julie! Ohhhhhh, Julllllliiiiiieeeeeeeeee!” he moaned as he came, pumping his load deep into my bowels.

When he pulled out, he collapsed beside me on the bed. I turned and kissed him. “Was that more or less what you wanted?” he asked.

Feeling decidedly tender but very happy, I replied, “Definitely!” then I kissed him again.

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