Novak Might Like Me Ch. 02

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All usual disclaimers apply.

Chapter 2: I Play Again

It had been 14 hours and counting since I had tasted Novak’s cum for the first time. It was nine o’clock at night now and I was getting ready for bed. I couldn’t believe just that morning my big brother Novak had let me play with his cock. All I could think about all day was doing it again. I was super excited because Novak said there are other things we could try to. I had just showered and gotten into bed when I remembered it was Friday. I died a little inside. Every Friday night Novak hung out with his friends. He didn’t even have to be home until midnight and that was only if he wasn’t staying the night at someone else’s house. All was doomed. No matter how hard I tried I knew I couldn’t stay awake till midnight. 11:18pm was the last time I remembered seeing on the clock before I fell asleep in Novak’s bed hugging a pair of his boxers I had gotten out of his hamper.

I opened my eyes and almost screamed. Novak’s face was about an inch from my own. He started busting up laughing and I stole a glance at the clock, it read 1:32am in glowing green.

“Why are you home so late? Mom and dad are going to kill you.” I said

“Easy little brother; mom and dad are sound asleep like always.” He replied.

Something wasn’t right. Novak was slurring his words and he smelled funny. He had this fruity smell. I also noticed he was sitting on the bed trying to take his shoes off and seemed utterly incapable of such a simple task.

I asked Novak, “What is wrong with you? You smell funny and you aren’t acting normal.”

“Well, little bro…you see…it happened just like this…alright listen to me….are you listening?”

“Yeah I’m listening but I have no idea what you are trying to say.”

“Look, it’s really easy to understand. My friend Kai and I got fuuuucked up tonight. I mean like stupid blitzed.” He said.

We were very strong Baptists. Neither of my parents ever drank and I can’t really think of anyone in our family drinking, not in front of me anyway. I was really worried for Novak. What if he became one of those homeless alcoholics? I loved Novak and I didn’t want to see him come to any harm. I just watched him fumble with his shoes for about another thirty seconds before I just threw my arms around him.

“What the fuck are you doing, Jason?” He said.

“I don’t want you to drink. It’s bad for you and think of all the bad stuff that could happen.”

“You are going to have to chill, dude. Everyone drinks sometimes…even mom and dad…they just don’t want you to know it. This is only like the fifth time I have gotten loaded. You wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t for these stupid ass shoes that must have been designed by the fucking Devil.”

With the emphasis on the last word, Novak, quit with the shoes and just laid on his back. It looked like he was preparing to go to sleep fully clothed. I just stared at him from head to toe. The worry I had originally felt about him ending up a homeless alcoholic had subsided with his last words. Now, I had moved on to wanting him again. I loved looking up and down his slim long body. His shaggy brown hair was just barely cevizli escort over his eyes and he had such a handsome, good looking face. Next was a huge Adam’s Apple sticking out of a long graceful looking neck. He had fairly square shoulders, a flat stomach and of course that beautiful bulge in the front of his baggy blue jeans.

“Novak.” I said in a loud whisper.

“What?” In a drawn out reply.

“You don’t want to sleep in your clothes. Want me to help you get undressed?”

“You’re awesome Jason and don’t think I have forgotten about this morning. I know you are wanting to play with ‘him’ again.”

I was so excited. Everything was working out. Novak, still planned on letting me play with his dick and I get to undress my big brother. I could take all the time I wanted in exposing his beauty one article of clothing at a time. I was in ecstasy thinking about how I could run my little hands all over his body while I was disrobing him. I could even plant little kisses all over his soft skin.

I began my quest of unclothing Novak with the shoes he had so desperately tried to remove. I started with his right foot and he had really knotted up the strings trying to untie them. It took me less than a minute though to remove the size 11 Van skater shoe. The left shoe came right off. Novak was wearing black Puma socks and I could smell the faintest aroma of sweat on his feet. I pulled the socks off to reveal the long and very skinny pair of feet. Novak asked me to rub his feet. I started slowly massaging his feet one at a time before placing little kisses on the soles of his feet. Even the bottoms of Novak’s feet were soft. I loved touching his beautiful feet so much it was hard for me to move on but I wanted more. I had to fulfill my lust of Novak by exposing more of his body.

I straddled Novak’s crotch. I had one knee on each side of Novak’s hips. I put both of my hands on Novak’s belt, palms down and slid them underneath his t-shirt. As soon as my palms touched the milky skin of Novak’s obliques and I felt all the heat coming off of him; I was in heaven. I slid his shirt up to his armpits. Novak put his arms straight up and I slid his shirt all the way off. I could see all of his torso in the dim light and I will never forget how gorgeous the sight was. He had quarter sized brown nipples that I had to kiss. I put my lips to one perfect nipple then the other. I went back and forth kissing each nipple maybe 20 times. I even started running my tongue around them. I could tell Novak really liked this from his change in breathing.

I could faintly smell his deodorant. Novak donned the Axe deodorant in the Phoenix scent. The smell emanating from his armpit lured my face into it. He had soft light brown hairs under his arms. I buried my nose in his armpit, once again, alternating between the left and right side and I was stealing the occasional kiss of his nipples in between. I never wanted to stop but there were still clothes on Novak and my job was to get all of his clothes off. As much as I hated to pry myself away from Novak’s chest I knew what I was about to expose was the part I wanted most.

I was still straddling Novak. I sat up erenköy escort and my butt was resting just above his knees. I looked down at my big brother’s belt. I ran my finger from his belly button to his belt being careful to stay on the narrow and very soft trail of hair that Novak referred to as his ‘Happy Trail.’ I slowly undid the buckle and began to pull the belt out of the loops in his jeans. I looked into Novak’s face and a big smile rested underneath closed eyes. I had pulled the whole belt through the loops and I discarded it. Only two pieces of clothing left to remove before I had Novak completely naked. I popped the button on his pants and slid the zipper down gently. I put my open hands inside the back off his pants but outside of his boxers. I raised my butt off of Novak’s legs and he raised his hips. I crept my hands down Novak’s ass; pulling his pants down at the same time. I had one of his perfect ass cheeks in each hand and I slowed the process even more to a dead crawl. I eventually got Novak’s pants all the way down over the course of 6 minutes. I had so much pleasure running my hands down his muscular hamstrings and calf muscles. After I pulled his pants all the way off I bent down an placed my nose into the fly of his boxers and inhaled deeply. I filled my nose with my big brother’s scent completely. It was the most intoxicating aroma in the world.

I hated to but I rose back up and I was now standing at the end of the bed looking up Novak’s almost nude figure. He was on his back and wearing only his boxers now. I could see a bulge just to the right of the opening in his boxers. I knew it to be his beautiful manhood. All of a sudden Novak rolled over onto his stomach. I gasped like someone threw a bucket of cold water on me.

“I just thought you might like to give your big brother a back massage.” Novak said.

“That isn’t a bad idea Novak but I have been waiting all day to play with him. I don’t know if I can wait any longer.” I replied with just a hint of whine in my voice.

“If you think it is worth waiting for then there shouldn’t be any problem with rubbing your big brother’s back. It’s not like I can rub my own back you know.”

I climbed onto the bed and straddled Novak once more. I was sitting on his perfectly shaped ass leaning forward and rubbing Novak’s shoulders gently. I moved distally down his arms and I was rubbing his biceps. This was incredibly fun. I could feel the raw muscle of my brother and it excited me. I moved inward to the middle of Novak’s back. I was rubbing up and down my big brother’s back between his shoulder blades and ass globes. I rose off of Novak and stood at the foot of the bed. Just when my hands reached his butt to give his glutes a massage I changed tactics. I thought I would save his ass for last and I started rubbing his feet again. I moved superiorly to his calves and hamstrings. Finally I decided it was time to indulge in rubbing my brother’s ass. I took one cheek in each hand, squeezed, pushed in and out rhythmically. While I was doing this I started placing little kisses all over Novak’s back. His ass was so firm and I loved the heat coming off of him.

“OK Jason. I think I esenyurt escort have made you wait long enough. Do you want to play with him.” Novak asked.

“More than anything.”

“You have to ask really nicely.”

“Pretty please Novak, may I play with him. I want to hold him and kiss him and most of all I want to taste your cum again.” I said with exasperation in my little voice.

Novak rolled over and was on his back again. He put his hands on the pillow and rested his head on them. I took the top of his boxers in my teeth and started to pull them off with my mouth. Novak laughed a little at this method. As his hard cock sprang out it grazed my left cheek and left a streak of precum on me. I finished dragging his boxers off and I wrapped a hand around the base of his smooth shaft. I put my head between his thighs and started giving his balls a tongue bath. I felt Novak’s hand on mine all of a sudden and he was prompting me to stroke his dick up and down while I licked his low hangers. He removed his hand as soon as I got the rhythm down.

As tasty as his balls were I wanted cum. I kept jacking Novak off and I started placing kisses on the swollen head of his dick and I could feel sticky precum all over my lips; it tasted so sweet. I moved from kissing to tonguing. I had remembered I wanted to stick my tongue in his piss slit. I tried and tried to lick his piss slit open, it didn’t happen but I had a lot of fun trying. I moved on to placing the whole mushroom tip into my mouth. I was swirling my tongue around my brother’s knob and stroking him. He was moaning and occasionally thrusting his hips forward. I figured I didn’t have long until I got the creamy center of the Novak-Pop. I remembered how much he liked me deepthroating him so I took that line of action. I slowly inched my lips down his pole. I could feel his fuckstick moving deeper and deeper into my mouth. When it reached my throat I inhaled a big breath through my nose and swallowed his throbbing cock. He let out a loud noise of satisfaction. My nose was in his pubes and I loved it. Again he put his hand on the back of my head and started fucking my throat. I came up for air and before I could swallow his cock again he told me he was going to cum.

He took hold of his dick in his right hand and started jacking off fast. I had the tip in my mouth and I was running my tongue up and down his piss slit. With a loud groan came the first jet of hot cum. Followed by 4 more. I was in cum heaven. My mouth was full when I backed of his dick. Novak was milking the last couple of drops out. He opened his eyes and looked right into mine.

“Don’t swallow it this time Jason.” He said to me. I just opened my eyes wide and raised my eyebrows to show my dislike and confusion of this statement. “Put your lips on mine. We will open our mouths and kiss. I’ll stick my tongue in your mouth and you massage it with your tongue.”

This was an ok idea. I placed my lips on my brother’s lips and I immediately felt his tongue pushing into my mouth. I did just what he asked and started massaging his tongue with mine. Now both our mouths were completely coated with my big brother’s sperm. We kissed like that for what seemed like an eternity sharing in the deliciousness of my brother’s seed. When I finally rolled off of him he moved to his side, threw an arm around me and had this to say, “Tomorrow you can help me clean up in the shower.”


As always all comments and critiques are appreciated. Feel free to email.

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