Online Lovers Ch. 3

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He smiled and kissed me atop my head, squeezing me tightly before releasing me and heading back into the bedroom. “We’ve got sightseeing to do…you promised,” he said with a glimmer in his eye. I knew I’d promised him, and I would…but part of me wanted to stay in that hotel room forever with him. We slowly dressed, admiring each other as though we’d been lovers forever. Then we were off for the sightseeing day ahead.

As we got into the car, he took my hand, caressing it gently and smiling at me. We had a long drive ahead of us, and I wasn’t sure if I could keep my hands all to myself!! We drove along the interstate, neither of us saying much…just sneaking occasional glances at each other. A small smile crossed my lips as I noticed him gazing at my cleavage, the low cut tank top I’d worn doing little to conceal it. I let my eyes slide to the bulge in his jeans, noticing how he was still aroused, even now. I could hardly wait to reach our destination.

We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel we would be staying at, just across the street from the Mall of America. Both of us were excited, as we’d never been there before, and couldn’t wait to see it. We were also meeting another online friend of ours and were nervous about that. Her name was Mary, and we’d been talking to her for a very long time as well. We got out of the car and he reached into the trunk to get our bags at the same time I did, silently sending me a message that as a gentleman, it was HIS duty to carry them. I was not used to such treatment and gave him quite a look, but he just grinned and we were on our way inside.

We checked in, only to find that Mary had beaten us there. She was standing in the lobby as we entered…watching us, although neither of us saw her at first. Then before we knew it, she walked up and hugged us both. “Shelly…Bob…I am so glad to see you!!” she exclaimed with a twinkle in her eyes. The three of us walked down the hallway to our room to get settled. After depositing our bags, we linked arms and boarded the shuttle to take us to the mall.

Once inside, I was filled with awe…never before had I seen something so HUGE. There were more stores than I ever imagined there would be. We walked around for hours, just looking at everything there was to see. Mary had decided she wanted to treat the three of us to dinner, and it was delicious. It seemed as though we had only been there for minutes, but it was more like hours before we left the Mall.

Mary left us at our door, after reminding us to meet her poolside in ten minutes. Bob and I walked into our room and I headed for my suitcase, intent on changing into my bathing suit. Bob came up behind me…arms around my waist…kissing my neck. I laughed and reminded him we only had ten minutes, and if he started that, we would never get to the pool. He grinned and sauntered off to find his suit.

When we were both ready, he grasped my hand and led me out to the pool area. Mary was already there, lying on deck, her fingers dangling in the cool water…watching bakırköy escort us. She looked so lovely, her long brown hair softly brushing her shoulders, her dark eyes shining with delight. She was wearing a gorgeous bikini, showing off her generous curves. Bob cast a glance at me and I nodded in approval. We both thought she looked good enough to eat!

We jumped into the pool and the three of us played together…chasing each other around the pool…splashing…just having a wonderful time. I felt so free, so alive…like a kid again…with not a care in the world. It wasn’t long before the hot tub looked very appealing, so we gathered there. By this time, we were pretty much alone in the pool area, only one other couple was there and they seemed infatuated with each other…too much so to pay us any attention.

I slid very close to Bob and settled my hand on his thigh. He looked at me knowingly and took my hand in his, moving it over the prominent bulge in his swim trunks. I blushed and looked over at Mary, who was in turn looking at me. Before long, the three of us were cuddled up in the hot tub together…Bob in the middle, Mary and I on either side. His hands roamed the curves of our breasts, and his fingers brushed our thighs. I was getting very hot and it had little to do with the water! We decided to head to Mary’s room for some drinks and cards.

Mary played the good hostess, getting us both drinks and then we all changed into pajamas…Mary and I both in two piece shorty jammies, Bob in silk boxers. We sat on Mary’s bed and began to play poker. It wasn’t long before it turned to strip poker. Being the terrible card player I am, I was soon down to just my underwear…and Mary wasn’t far behind. I kept looking over at her, admiring her lovely breasts…not big but definitely tasty looking. She caught me watching her and smiled, commenting that I had nice breasts too. I grinned and tried to be nonchalant, remarking, “Well you can touch them if you want.”

Slowly she reached over and tweaked my nipple so lightly I thought I would die. I felt my body arch up to her involuntarily…filled with need. Bob sat still, watching the scene unfolding between us, not saying a word. My hands found their way to Mary’s shoulders, lightly tracing a path along her skin. I found it to be so soft, smooth, delectable. I longed to press my lips to her, anywhere I could.

Slowly I pulled her to me, my lips finding hers in a soft, gentle kiss…one that can only be shared by two women. She moaned into my mouth softly, pressing her body to mine. We barely noticed Bob move from the bed, to the chair in the corner of the room. My hands lovingly explored every inch of Mary’s body…so soft…so lovely I could hardly wait to taste her. My lips moved to her neck then, sucking and nibbling…my tongue tracing patterns over her skin. I felt her hands move around me, caressing my back…so lightly I could barely feel it, and yet, enough to make my entire body shiver in anticipation. beşiktaş escort I took her face in my hands, running my thumbs over her bottom lip before leaning in to kiss her, softly…my tongue dancing between her lips.

I glanced over in the corner, noticing Bob there…his hands rubbing is swollen cock through his boxers. Knowing he was enjoying himself, and wanting to make it even better, I gently pushed Mary onto her back. She smiled as I bent my head to her breasts…licking slowly around her nipples…teasing her. I heard her moan and felt her arch up to me, her nipple sliding between my lips. I captured it there, sucking hard on it…making her gasp, and squirm with delight. My tongue bathed her breasts, paying attention to every part of them…my hands cupping them gently. I couldn’t resist, she was so beautiful…my lips traveled lower…across her stomach to the soft triangle between her legs. She tangled her fingers in my hair as my tongue moved first over her inner thighs…arching up to me, begging me to touch her…in the center of her heat.

My tongue slowly parted her pussy lips…sliding effortlessly along her slit…her moaning became louder, more intense. Mary rocked against my tongue…her juices oozing out slowly, giving me just a hint of things to come. She let out a startled gasp as my tongue entered her…deeply…quickly. She balled up her fingers in my hair and pulled my face clear into her pussy…my nose pushing against her clit. I could feel it hardening, swelling for me…just as I wanted. I fucked her with my tongue wildly, using my fingers to circle her clit slowly…bringing her to the edge, wanting to taste her sweetness. “Oh my God,” Mary screamed…”Shelly, I’m gonna cummmmm.” I pulled my tongue out of her pussy and latched my lips onto her clit…sucking furiously as wave after wave crashed over her…her juices flooding my tongue. I lapped up every drop, slowly licking her back to earth, then moved up her body to kiss her lips, slowly…softly…dripping her own juices onto her lips.

Bob moved onto the bed now…having shed his boxers…his cock stood proud and waiting for attention. Mary wasted no time, pushing him onto his back and flicking her tongue over his hard cock. I sat back and watched them…letting a finger slide down to my pussy…finding it very wet already. Bob grabbed my arm, pulling me up beside him…my thighs against his face…his lips brushing my skin. I slid my legs over his face, straddling him…and lowering my pussy over his lips. I felt his tongue part my shaven lips…slowly…tasting me as if he couldn’t get enough.

I watched Mary sucking on his cock, sliding her lips slowly up and down…his hips thrusting up to her, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. As his thrusts became faster, he grabbed my hips hard and shoved his tongue deep inside my pussy. It was heaven…sheer heaven…my pussy rocking back and forth over his lips. His finger found my clit and he stroked it slowly…in a circular motion…bringing beylikdüzü escort me closer…closer…so close to climax. I could feel my body shaking, wildly…wanting to cum so badly. He brought me to the edge several times, then backed off…letting me cool down a bit then moving faster again.

Mary had Bob’s balls in her hands, massaging them as she continued her ministrations on his cock. I could tell he wanted to cum, but wanted to wait for me. All at once he latched onto my clit with his lips…sucking so hard I thought I would die. My body shuddered, and I gasped…barely able to breathe as I released myself onto him. My juices poured out onto his waiting lips, his face glistening with sweetness. Faster and faster I rode his face…giving him all the cum he wanted and more…he lapped it up like a starving man.

Mary’s head was moving faster now, up and down over his shaft…her hand stroking him at the base. I moved aside, watching as he began to thrust wildly between her lips…his hands grasping her hair and holding her down over him. With a loud groan he came…Mary locked her lips around him and sucked him dry…swallowing every drop of his seed. I pulled her to me, sliding my tongue over her lips…and she shared his cum with me. He gathered us in his arms and held us close for a long while.

Later on, I got up and searched my bag for something special. Returning to the bed, I asked Mary to get up on all fours and I slid beneath her. I slowly ran my vibe up and down her slit, still glistening with juices. She moaned and thrust back, trying to push it inside her pussy. I giggled, shoving it deep inside her as my lips latched onto her clit. “Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned, as I worked the vibe slowly in and out of her dripping hole. I could feel her body shaking above me, her clit swollen between my lips. By this time, Bob was hard again just from the sight of the two of us enjoying each other.

I felt him slide between my legs and move his cock up and down my wet slit. “Mmmmm baby, god you are SO wet,” he moaned as he pushed his cock deeply inside me. I locked my legs around him tightly as he filled me up…then began to move. I moaned loudly, enjoying the sensation of his cock in my pussy and Mary’s clit between my lips. Faster and harder I thrusted the vibe into Mary…till she screamed and released her cum all over my face. I let it drip onto me…loving the feeling of warmth and sweetness. As Mary came, Bob began to thrust harder and deeper into me. I slowly licked Mary’s pussy clean and she moved aside to watch us.

Bob fucked me wildly, hard…fast…with a fury we had never known before. He slid his hands under my ass and pounded…his cock working deeper…deeper into my pussy. I screamed, “Ohhhhhhh my God!!” as i felt my climax hit me…then a rush of juices coated his cock. He groaned low in his throat and thrust into me one more time, shooting a warm stream of cum deeply into my womb.

The three of us panting, completely out of breath, snuggled together on the bed. Never in a million years did we expect this to happen when we met, but none of us were sorry…no regrets…and even began talking about the next visit. Secretly, I do wish for one, soon…the two of them took me to places I’d never known before…and believe me, I’d love to experience it all again!!

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