Pastor Tom’s Fall from Grace

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I’m starting to regret telling Pastor John that I didn’t need extra help today organizing the items for our rummage sale. I had no idea we had this many donations in the storage room. Lucy, one of the girls from my youth group, is here helping me as punishment that her parents deemed appropriate for some altercation at school. She seems like a good girl, so I can’t imagine she committed a serious offense. Though I’ll admit, I don’t really know her outside of church functions. She’s a beautiful young girl with bright blue eyes and platinum blond hair. I push her other attributes out of my thoughts, as it wouldn’t be appropriate for a man in my position to dwell on.

“Pastor Tom, should I put this box of old CDs in the corner with the electronics? Does anyone even listen to these anymore?”

“That’s fine Lucy. Some of us older folks still listen to them now and then. So I’m sure they will sell.”

Lucy giggled. “You aren’t that old. You can’t be more than a few years older than I am.”

I smile. “I’m at the ripe old age of twenty-eight. But I appreciate your willingness to include me in your generation.”

Lucy laughs and carries the box to the corner. My eyes linger a little too long on her behind. Her cutoff jeans shorts have a small tear next to the pocket, showing a glimpse bare skin. Her tight pink tank top is wet with sweat. Her attire isn’t really appropriate for church work. But it must be more than 100 degrees in this storage room and it didn’t seem right to send her home to change. I’m also wearing shorts and a t-shirt, so who am I to judge.

I push thoughts of Lucy out of my head and get back to work. I told my wife Mary and Lucy’s parents that we should be finished by dinner time, but despite the volume of donations we sorted through, I expect we should be finished in an hour or so. I told Lucy earlier I could probably take her home around three o’clock, but she said she didn’t mind staying longer if I needed her. I think she’s worried her parents will think of something else to fill the rest of her day if she gets home too early. I can’t say I’m overly eager to get home myself. Mary has been on bed rest for nearly a month, and our baby isn’t due for four months, so my mother-in-law Martha has been staying with us to help out. If Mary continues on bed rest throughout the pregnancy I’ll have to find a way to send Martha home sooner rather than later. I like Martha well enough, but after a month of her in our home, I try to stay away as much as possible.

An hour later I’m sorting through the last box of books. I originally thought about just including everything in it to save time, but after finding a porn DVD mixed in with the books, I’m glad I took the time to look at them all. I have no doubt the DVD was not intended to be included with the books. “Pastor Tom?” I jerk at hearing my name and turn around to see Lucy.

“Hey, Lucy – you scared me, I was lost in thought. What’s up?” I try to hide the DVD behind my back.

Lucy chuckles at my awkwardness. “I was outside just now trying to hose off some of the crud from my hands and arms, and the water hose exploded on me. I’m soaked now. Any chance I could use the shower in Pastor John’s office to clean up really quick? I think we have some extra clothes in the closet of the youth room from last month’s car wash. So I should be able to find something else to wear.”

Lucy is definitely soaked. Her already tight tank top is nearly see thru now. It’s an effort to look away from her nipples. “Yeah, that’s fine Lucy. I wouldn’t want to take you home looking like that.”

“What’s that behind your back?” She asks. Then reaches around and pulls the DVD out of my hand before I can speak. “Lickety Clit – huh, sounds like a great movie.” She teases.

I know my face is bright red. “This isn’t mine. It was in that box of books. I don’t watch this stuff.”

Lucy laughs. “I know you don’t Pastor. I’m teasing you. I’m gonna jump in the shower, I’ll see you in a few.”

After she walks away, I look down at the box I’m holding. A blond woman’s head is thrown back in ecstasy as a man’s face is buried between her legs. Aside from the woman’s overly large breasts, nothing else is exposed on the cover, it’s just implied. The woman on the cover resembles Lucy a little. Lucy’s breasts aren’t as big, maybe a generous handful. And she will probably start undressing any time now. I toss the offending DVD down in disgust. I can’t believe where my thoughts are going. Lucy is a girl in my youth group, and I’m a happily married man, soon to be a father. I’ve never been with anyone but Mary. I was never even tempted. It’s just sexual frustration. I haven’t made love to Mary in weeks. And due to her high-risk pregnancy and the upcoming birth of our baby, I won’t be able to make love to her for several months.

Ten minutes later I’m in my office, stashing the porn movie in my desk for now. I can’t leave it laying around where just anyone could see it. I’ll find a dumpster to throw it in on the way home. I bursa escort look up at the knock on my door.

“Can I come in Pastor Tom?” Lucy’s head pokes in as she opens the door.

“Of course, come on in.” She enters my office wearing what appears to be the same shorts she had on earlier. But the tank top she’s now wearing is white and she isn’t wearing a bra underneath. She catches me staring at her pebbled nipples straining against the thin material.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t find a clean bra in the back, and mine was wet.” She settles in to the chair on the other side of my desk and crosses her arms over her breasts. “At least we have air-conditioning in here huh?”

“Okay, you ready for me to take you home?” I need to get out of here. I stand up, ready to bolt as soon as possible.

“Can we talk for a few minutes?”

I slowly sit back down. “Yeah, sure Lucy. What’s on your mind?” Please make it quick, please make it quick. I can’t be here alone with you.

“I just need to talk to someone about what happened at school last week.”

“Okay, I’m a good listener.”

“Well, I’ve been dating Ryan for almost a year. Lately we’ve been arguing a lot though and after our calculus class week, Ryan and I stayed in class to talk after everyone left. We knew the room would be empty the next period. Anyway, Ryan said he wanted to break up. I don’t know what came over me, but the next thing I knew I was kneeling between Ryan’s legs, sucking him off, and Mr. Watson, our principal, came into the room and caught us. So our parents were called in and all hell broke loose. Pardon my language…”

I interrupt her. “Uh, Lucy, maybe it would be better if you talk to a psychologist or school counselor about this. In my two years here this type of situation hasn’t come up. So I’m not sure I could provide the appropriate guidance for you.” The truth is, my penis is about to explode and I don’t know how much longer I can talk to this beautiful young girl without embarrassing myself. I’m Lucy’s youth pastor for goodness sake, she should be able to talk to me about anything.

Lucy stands up and slowly walks around the desk where I’m sitting, turning my chair around so that I face her. “No, actually I think you’re just the person I need to talk to. You see, where I’m going with this is, I used poor judgment at school last week. To try and keep my boyfriend from breaking up with me, I sucked his cock in the classroom. Although I’ve decided since then he isn’t worth it. Anyway, I think there is a time and place for oral sex and that wasn’t it. Some would argue that church isn’t an appropriate place for oral sex either. But when a man and woman are alone together in his office, and the man’s cock is bulging in his shorts, and the woman is dying for a taste of him, sometimes it’s okay to break a few rules don’t you think?” She reaches down and unfastens my shorts.

“What are you doing Lucy? I’m a happily married man, and you’re a young girl still in high school. This isn’t just inappropriate. It’s illegal.” She’s obviously done this many times before. My penis is already in her hand, and despite my feeble happily married man speech just now, I’ve done nothing to stop her.

Her small hand strokes my erection. “True I’m still in high school, but I turned eighteen last month. And I know with Mary on bed rest you haven’t fucked your wife for a while. I feel it’s my duty as a member of this congregation to help my youth pastor in any way I possibly can. It’s actually a privilege, and my personal pleasure, to take care of all your needs since your wife can’t.” Lucy drops to her knees and takes me in her mouth.

I have a death grip on the arms of my chair. I need to stop this. I can’t come in Lucy’s mouth. “Please… Lucy we can’t do this. You have to stop.” And yet I’m doing nothing to physically try and pull her away from me.

Lucy continues licking and suckling the head of my penis. “Your words say no, but this beautiful cock is begging me to continue. Mmm, I love pre-cum, it’s like a special appetizer before the main course.” Her tongue flicks over the swollen head. “Does Mary do this for you Tom? Does your sweet little wife take this monster in her mouth and worship it like I am now? I bet she doesn’t. I bet she has no idea how good you taste. And you taste so good Tom. Best lollipop I ever had.” And she continues to lick at me like a lollipop.

“I can’t last Lucy. I can’t…”

Lucy’s mouth swallows my erection and she sucks hard. I reach down to pull her head back, but instead my fingers thread into her hair and I hold her to me. My hips start to buck of their own volition. Her mouth on me feels unbelievably good. I look down as I thrust into Lucy’s mouth and she looks up at me. It’s so erotic staring into her eyes as she sucks me. She gently cups my scrotum as she suckles and I’m done. “Ahhh, I’m coming.” I don’t even give her much warning. But she doesn’t back away. She alternately swallows and sucks until I’m spent. I’ve wondered how it escort bursa would feel for a woman to take me in her mouth, but Mary said oral sex is disgusting and wouldn’t consider it.

Thinking of Mary finally brought me back to reality. I can’t believe what I allowed to happen just now. If we get out of here now and pretend this never happened we will be fine. “Lucy, I think I should take you home now. We can talk in the car…”

“Tom, you’ve made me all wet again.” Lucy interrupts.

“Huh?” I can’t focus on anything except the two of us leaving my office.

“I’m wet again. See…” Lucy takes my hand and guides my finger inside the crotch of her tiny shorts. My fingertip brushes against her sex and I moan. Her soft folds are sopping wet. I just want to stroke her a couple of seconds before pulling out. Mary never gets this wet for me. “Push it into me Tom, please…” I slide my finger back to the opening of her sex and push it into her tight channel. “Yes, oh Tom that’s so good.” Lucy holds my hand in place and starts writhing on the digit I thrust into her. “This isn’t enough.” She abruptly pulls my hand away, loosens her shorts and pushes them down her long, tanned legs. Her tiny red thong goes down with them. She proceeds to settle onto my desk and leans back.

“I waxed just for you Tom. Do you like it?” I watch in fascination as she strokes herself. I’ve never been up-close and personal with a woman’s vagina. Mary’s is covered in thick, dark hair and aside from brief contact during sex, she would never let me near it like this. “Touch me Tom, please…”

I push her fingers away and replace them with my own. I use two fingers to spread her open. Her glistening pink petals and the sweet aroma of her arousal call to me. I’ve come this far, and this might be my only chance to taste a woman, so I lean down and tentatively lick her sex. Her juices coat my tongue and I enjoy her flavor more than I should. I go back for more.

“I knew you’d like my pussy. Your mouth feels so good. Suck my clit please.” She reaches down and flicks her finger of the hard nub. I stroke it several times with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. I push a finger into her again as I suck and Lucy screams. “I’m coming. Oh, Tom I’m coming.” I pull my finger back out and start lapping and the cream coming from her tiny hole. I push my tongue into her, probing for more. “Yesss! Oh yes, fuck me with your tongue.” Lucy rocks against my thrusting tongue. In and out, I push as deep as I can, mimicking the sex act. My fingers pluck at her clit. I’m oblivious to everything but Lucy’s sweet taste and moans of pleasure.

My tongue and fingers switch places. I gently lick her soft folds and push two fingers into her tight channel. Lucy is writhing beneath me, begging for another release. I tease her, prolonging my pleasure and hers. I run my tongue up and down, exploring her thoroughly. I mold my lips to the soft, smooth lips of her sex, kissing her intimately. I pull my finger out of her and flick my tongue quickly over her opening before pushing it deep inside. Lucy screams my name and bucks against my thrusting tongue as she comes again. Her hands clasp my head to her and my tongue works overtime, alternately probing and licking her thoroughly as she rocks against my face. She finally lets go of my hair and collapses back onto my desk.

I awkwardly raise up from Lucy and sit back in my chair. What do I do now? The rush of intense pleasure I felt is starting to subside and it’s quickly replace by guilt. What just got into me? My pregnant wife is waiting at home for me while I’m here with my head between an eighteen year old girl’s legs pleasuring her with my mouth. Lucy gets up from the desk and straddles me in my chair, rubbing her wet sex against my erection. I was so caught up in pleasuring Lucy I hadn’t even noticed my penis was still out until now. She peppers light kisses on my cheek and nuzzles my neck. “That was amazing Tom. I knew we would be good together, but I had no idea it could be like this.”

I grip her waist and set her back from me a little. “Lucy, this was a mistake. I got caught up in the moment and things went too far…”

Lucy places her finger over my lips. “Things went too far because we’re attracted to each other. Or at least, I’ve been attracted to you for a long time. How could I not be? With your beautiful green eyes and silky black hair that all but begs a woman to run her fingers through it. All the teenage girls in youth group have a crush on you. I’m just glad I’m the lucky girl that got you.” Her finger moves from my lips and she bends down to press a soft, quick kiss to my mouth. “And besides, your wife played a significant, albeit unintentional roll in what just happened with us.”

“What are you talking about?! Mary would never ask you to seduce me.”

Lucy chuckles. “Of course not. But I’ve gotten to know Mary fairly well the past few weeks. My mom made a casserole for me to take to her when she was ordered on bed escort bursa rest. And I’ve been to see her a few times since then. When I stopped by earlier this week she told me about your promotion to Assistant Director of Marketing at QualTech, congratulations by the way, and said she was afraid you were overwhelmed with your added responsibility at work and home, and the upcoming summer youth group activities here at church. So she asked if I would be willing to help you. How could I say no? I told her I would help in any way I could. I asked Pastor John if I could be your assistant for the summer after I graduate in a few weeks and he said I could. It looks like you and I will be spending a lot of time together here in your office in the coming months. And I decided in addition to helping you with the summer activities, I wanted to help you on a more personal level. It was my plan today after we finished working, to suck you off. I loved sucking every drop of cum right out of that gorgeous cock. When you pushed your big finger into my pussy I nearly came right then. But I really wanted you to see my pussy while you fingered me. So I decided to live out my fantasy of lying nude on your desk, spreading my legs wide, and watching you pleasure me. But it was your wicked tongue in my pussy that did me in. It was an unexpected surprise that I took full advantage of. Threading my fingers in your hair, holding you to me while you ate me out was better than any fantasy I could ever imagine. I’ve never come twice in a row like that. Your wife has no idea what she’s missing.”

“But this isn’t right Lucy. I’ve broken my marriage vows to Mary.”

“She will never find out about it. I just want to take care of you in a way that she can’t right now.” Lucy reached between us and began stroking my erection. She held it up and rubbed the head over her slick sex before guiding me into her tight, wet channel. When I’m fully embedded deep inside her, I clasp Lucy’s behind and hold her tight against me. Lucy stiffened briefly and clasped my shoulders tight, then quickly peels off the tank top and her pretty, pink nipples stand erect in the center of the perfectly rounded globes of her breasts, begging for my attention. I close my mouth over the sweet berry on the left and suck, flicking my tongue quickly over it. Lucy’s muscles contract around my penis as I suckle her. Her hips begin to rock against mine as she slowly rides me. I switch to the other nipple, giving it the same attention I gave its twin. I’m too far gone now and I am finally able to admit it. Guilty thoughts of my wife are replaced with sinful pleasure. I flex my hips and the chair starts to rock, allowing me to push myself deeper into Lucy’s tight young body. “Oh Tom, that’s good. You feel so good inside me. I’m so glad I waited for you.”

What? “Lucy, were you a virgin? I thought you just broke up with your boyfriend.”

“I only went down on Ryan while we dated. I didn’t want him to take my virginity; that’s special and I was saving it for you.”

I wrap my arms possessively around her as our bodies mate. Lucy moans as I thrust into her, over and over. Mary cried and wouldn’t let me touch her for days when we lost our virginity together six years ago. Lucy can’t seem to get enough. And heaven help me, I can’t get enough of her either. I never knew sex could be this exciting. I never thought I could want to be with someone other than Mary. Now that I’ve had a taste of Lucy’s sweet, forbidden nectar I know I will go back for more. I claimed her innocence and in giving me her virginity, Lucy has claimed me as surely as Mary has. I suckle Lucy’s nipple again and she tightens around me. “I’m coming Tom! Oh, I’m coming!!”

Lucy’s release triggers my own and as I pump my seed deep into her womb I realize I didn’t use protection. “Lucy, I didn’t use a condom. Are you on the pill?”

We’re both spent now, and Lucy collapses against me. “No, I’m not. Would it be so bad if you and I have a baby together?” She raises up to look at me. I grip her hips and lift her off my softening penis. Our combined juices flow out of her and onto me. I look at her smooth, flat stomach and imagine it growing round with our child. I should feel panic at the thought of this girl having my baby. The fact that I don’t bothers me. Fortunately rational thoughts outweigh any lust-filled fantasies in my head.

I clear my throat. “Well, obviously we will find a way to deal with it if you are pregnant with my child. But I think I should use a condom from now on.”

Lucy’s smile lights up her entire face. “You want to be with me again?”

I smile back at her. “Yes, I do. But we have to keep this to ourselves. Mary can’t know anything about this. I’ll find ways for us to be alone together.”

“Would it help if I move in with you and Mary?”

“Excuse me?”

Lucy giggles. “My dad got a job in Portland, so my folks are moving there next month after I graduate. I was telling Mary that I really didn’t want to move away and she asked if I would be interested in moving into your house to help her during the pregnancy so that her mom could go home. I told her I would love it. She said she would ask you about it. Since she hasn’t mentioned it to you yet I wonder if she changed her mind.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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