Sorority Princesses Ch. 02


All characters in this story are over the age of 18.

For this to make sense it is recommended to read chapter 1 first.


After I got back from the sorority’s den I went straight to bed. I was so tired. I didn’t wake up until Monday morning. I quickly gathered my things and walked to class. Jen was sitting there. She waved as I entered.

“Hi sweetie,” she giggled “good weekend?”

“The best,” I replied.

“There’s a party this Friday in the same place at 8pm – Queen Amanda asked me to give you the whole welcome pack,” she said, handing me a large brown envelope. I put the envelope in my handbag.

“Read it before the party on Friday – it’ll explain everything about us and what we do,” she added.

Class flew by as me and Jen quietly reminisced the wonderful events of that weekend.

I walked back to my dorm. I let myself into the dorm and sat on the bed. I tore open the envelope and began reading the first sheet.

What we do:

Our sorority is dedicated to humiliation, the princesses get a buzz from being humiliated. By completing the initiation test you have proven that you have got what it takes and that you enjoy humiliation. Our parties are not parties in the sense of other sororities. Before the party two princesses’ names are drawn from a hat. The first drawn will be the slave of the party. The second draw will be lead to the ‘toilet’ and she will become the toilet. The humiliation is more or less what you’re experienced in the initiation.

I couldn’t wait until Friday. I sat in bed and loosened my belt. My hand slipped down my pants and into my underpants. I began stroking my pussy while remembering the events of the weekend. I built up speed. I moaned. My pussy was dripping in my panties. I was so wet. I stopped and undressed. Then I laid down in bed and masturbated. I fell asleep with a huge grin on my face. The week flew by and before long it was Friday morning. I went to class winking at the familiar girls on my way there. I arrived and set my laptop up to make notes. Jen joined me and we talked for a while. Then the lecture began and we were silent.

After what seemed like forever the lecture was over and I went straight home to my dorm. I made myself some food and ate it before checking the time. I had an hour. I sat and watched TV. After half an hour I dressed in the clothing I had been given for the initiation – now to be known as my Princess uniform and I put my pink tiara on my head. I walked through the dorm blocks attracting attention as my fat figure was spilling out of the tight clothes. I made my way to the room and got past the two girls guarding the hallway. I knocked on the door.

“Name?” Asked a voice.

“Princess Katie,” I replied.

The door unlocked and opened. Jen was standing there.

“Hi Princess,” Jen said as she hugged me “Queen Amanda will be through in a moment.”

The room contained the main chair for Amanda and a 10 plastic chairs, 8 of them filled – Jen took her place and I took mine. I was obviously last to arrive. Then Queen Amanda entered the room from the kitchen.

“What is that room?” I whispered to Jen “it can’t be a kitchen, surely.”

“Shh,” she replied pointing toward Amanda.

“Hello princesses,” called Queen Amanda “you all gave Katie a great initiation last week, she is now Princess Katie, welcome her.”

“Welcome, Princess Katie,” everyone chorused.

“Now,” said Queen Amanda “let’s pick the two names from the hat.”

Amanda picked up a top hat and ruffled through the papers in it.

“The slave is,” Amanda announced “… Lizzie, congratulations.”

The black-haired girl stood up and cheered while all the other girls clapped. Then she took her seat.

“The toilet is,” Amanda called “… Lily, congratulations.”

A blonde haired girl stood up and did a fist-pump in the air while shouting “yes!” The other girls cheered.

“Make your way to the main room girls, except the toilet – you know where to go.”

Everyone filed out and I followed the crowd to the main party room. Lizzie stood in the middle of a circle of girls. It was about to begin.

Queen Amanda entered the room and began setting up. She dragged a large, rectangular, wooden box into the centre of the room. Lizzie leaned over the box and Amanda tied her down. Then Amanda spread Lizzie’s legs. Then to finish it off she put a ball gag in Lizzie’s open mouth.

“You may now begin,” announced Queen Amanda “as Princess Katie is our newest addition she gets the first hit.”

Jen handed me a cat-o’-nine-tails style whip.

“Aim for the ass cheeks,” Jen cheered.

I pulled my arm back and threw it forward with a tight grasp of the whip. Each of the whip heads smacked against Pendik Escort Lizzie’s waiting ass cheeks. Lizzie trembled and writhed in pain. The girls cheered.

“Dirty fucking slut!” Yelled one girl

“Fucking whore!” Shouted another as the girls took it in turns to smack Lizzie’s firm, round ass cheeks. After every girl took her turn smacking Lizzie’s ripe ass she was untied and flipped onto her back so her perky tits were visible. Queen Amanda walked over and attached nipple clamps to Lizzie’s erect nipples making her struggle in pain. Two princesses grabbed Lizzie’s legs and held them while Queen Amanda and Princess Jen rolled rubber bands down her legs. Then Lizzie’s gag was removed.

“You’re up, Princess Katie,” said Queen Amanda, taking her seat in a large office chair. She was naked, masturbating. I walked over to Lizzie and stroked my hand down her perfect, flat stomach. I slapped her stomach making her squirm slightly. Then I grabbed the chain to the nipple clamps and pulled one of the elastic bands on her thigh as far as it would go. Then without warning I released it to smack into her perfect, smooth leg and while doing this I tugged on the chain making her squeal and squirm around in pain.

“Do you want another?” I asked the pathetic slut.

“Yes please,” she replied.

“After each snap I want you to say ‘thank you Princess, please may I have some more’, am I understood?” I questioned.

“Yes, Princess Katie,” Slave Lizzie replied.

I snapped her left thigh with the rubber band.

“Th-thank you Princess Katie,” she moaned and managed to splutter out “please m-may I have some m-more.”

I pulled the same band and released it again while tugging her nipple clamps. She moaned and screamed louder. I turned to the Princess on my left.

“I need to pee,” I spoke gently “can you take over?”

“Sure,” she replied cheerily.

I left the party room and headed towards the ‘toilet’. The door was unlocked so I let myself in and turned on the light. Princess Lily, or as she was known tonight ‘Toilet Lily’, saw me enter and opened her mouth and made an ‘ahh’-ing sound beckoning me over. I locked the door and squeezed my fat pussy out of my tight skirt. Then I eased my panties off, they were lodged in my pussy hole. I walked my half-naked body over to the toilet and sat on her open mouth. I started to piss. I could feel my warm, amber fluid trickle out of my hairy, sweaty pussy and fall into Lily’s disgusting slut-mouth.

“This toilet holds a lot of piss,” I commented.

Then I finished. I was about to get up when I felt Lily’s tongue wipe the final drips of the golden nectar from my dirty pussy. I stood and looked in Lily’s mouth. Her cute little mouth looked too small to fit all of my hot piss in it but she managed. She looked so cute, if you saw her on campus and didn’t know her fetish she might strike you as innocent. She was far from it. I stroked her clitoris.

“Flush,” I giggled.

She closed her mouth and reopened it with no piss to be seen.

“Ah,” she exhaled, licking her pissy lips.

“Such a slutty toilet,” I muttered as I unlocked the door. I opened it and turned off the light. I passed Jen in the corridor.

“Jen?” I asked in passing “when do I get to be the toilet next? It’s fun.”

“You get randomly picked from the hat,” she replied “but if you were picked once your name gets removed for two weeks, otherwise the others get jealous. They want a turn too!”

She went into the toilet.

I entered the party room. A girl with bleach-blonde hair was humiliating Lizzie in the way I had started. Queen Amanda was still in the corner, watching and masturbating. Some of the girls in the circle were seated, pants removed, stroking themselves while watching Lizzie’s humiliation which, from what I could tell, was not her first. The girl snapping Lizzie’s legs with rubber bands grabbed the whip and continued to snap her legs while whipping her perfect stomach. Jen came back in the room. She and I joined the circle and sat watching. I was getting wet. I saw Jen look down at my wet panties.

“The toilet is good tonight,” I said to Jen in a whisper.

“Oh yeah, Lily is an amazing toilet,” she replied “better than you even.”

“Better than me?” I asked “was I good?”

“Oh, sweetie!” She exclaimed “you were incredibly good for a first timer. Most girls, me included, are very reluctant to drink piss. They usually don’t open their mouths or they spit it out instead of swallowing. After a couple of loads you get the taste for it.”

“That happened to me,” I replied, my eyes fixed on Lizzie’s moaning, squealing figure as she writhed “the first couple of loads I could’ve thrown up but then I got used to it – a taste for it even. I’ve been Anadolu Yakası Escort craving it all week to be honest with you.”

“Well,” spoke Jen “there’s a strict rule, no drinking another Princess’ piss unless you’re the toilet. Looks like you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to satisfy that craving. Unless…”

“Unless what,” I pleaded, craving the amber nectar.

“Well if you are picked for tomorrow night’s slave you might be forced to drink your own piss. But it’s unlikely that you’ll get picked,” she said, with a sad tone “I have a plan, if I get picked tomorrow you have to make me piss in my own mouth and if you get picked I’ll make you.”

“Deal,” I said hugging her.

A few moments passed. Lizzie was still being whipped. I looked down on Jen and saw her wet panties. She saw me look.

“Y’know,” Jen whispered “we can sort ourselves out – if you catch my drift. If you’re getting horny you can have a play.”

“That’s fine,” I replied sheepishly.

“Or alternatively,” she added with a grin “we can sort each other out.”

“What do you mean?” I was shocked.

“Well, I can get you off if you get me off,” she winked.

“Is that allowed?” I asked.

“Of course,” she replied “Queen Amanda only allows lesbian contact within the sorority though.”

“Wait,” I was shocked “so you’re?”

Jen was silent for a moment. Lizzie’s loud scream jolted her back.

“Oh, a lesbian you mean?” She asked “well, no. We don’t consider ourselves lesbians because we only pleasure each other – it’s just love.”

I didn’t know what to think. Was I a lesbian? I enjoyed everything the sorority had to offer – including having sex with the girls. Maybe I was. I’d figure it out later, first thing on the agenda was to have fun.

“Well,” I said, clearing my throat “if you give me a rub I’ll exchange the favor?”

“Of course” Jen said, enthusiastically.

I pulled my panties off from under my skirt. Jen unbuttoned her denim jeans and removed them, she didn’t wear a belt. Then she slipped off a pair of lace, silk underwear. The adrenaline was pumping. I did this to myself a lot but having someone else do it to you while you do it to someone was different.

“You nervous?” Jen asked “first time getting touched by another person?”

“You could say that,” I replied.

“Ok then,” said Jen “on the count of 3.”

“One,” the adrenaline built.

“Two,” it was too late to back out now.

“Three,” fuck it, I had to experience everything college offered.

We both rested our hands on each other’s pussies at the same time. Her pussy was warm and wet. Her hand was soft and cool against my hot pussy. Then I began to rub her clit as she focused her energy on mine. Then we were silent, watching Lizzie. She was being whipped and having rubber bands snapped against her legs. She was moaning and screaming. Then another girl went over to Slave Lizzie. She whispered something to the girl with the whip. The girl grabbed Lizzie’s nipple clamp chain and started to pull. The girl with the whip moved it down. She whipped Lizzie’s ripe pussy as the other girl pulled on the nipple clamp chain. Lizzie screamed and moaned. She writhed and squirmed. This continued several times. I was close to orgasm and from Jen’s face she we too. I sped up the rubs. Jen began to moan, not taking her eyes off Lizzie. Jen began to speed up too. Lizzie was having her pussy smacked with the girl’s bare hand now. I turned to face Jen. She saw me turn and turned to face me. I leant in, as did she. We exchanged a kiss. My fingers slipped on her slippery pussy juice and planted themselves in her tight hole. She moaned while being kissed. I went with it and started fingering her. She returned the favor, slipping her fingers in my wet pussy. We continued to kiss. Then I felt her pussy contract around my fingers – she was having an orgasm. She broke the kiss and moaned. Then I felt it. I was having an orgasm too. I moaned and squirmed as her fingers slipped in and out. I watched Lizzie getting whipped while I came, continuing to finger Jen’s slippery hole. Then we both stopped.

“Eat my pussy juice off your fingers and I’ll eat yours,” Jen suggested with a wink.

Before she finished talking I stuck my wet, juicy finger in my mouth. I could taste her delicate, fishy pussy. It was delicious and amazing. Then I looked at her. She stuck her finger in her mouth. The made a satisfied noise and removed the finger from her mouth. I had not had a shower in three days, it must’ve been musky.

“Delicious,” she said.

I leant in and kissed her again, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

The girls who were humiliating Lizzie sat back in the circle. Queen Amanda walked over to Slave Lizzie and untied İstanbul Escort her from the box. She then tied her hands together, then her legs. Amanda forced Lizzie to the ground, laying on her back.

“Katie,” called Amanda “you’re first, get eaten.”

I walked over, as commanded.

“Undress first,” tutted Queen Amanda.

I removed my clothes quickly. I lowered my hips onto Lizzie’s waiting tongue. She slurped and licked at my hot pussy. She sucked my clit. I moaned as she stuck her tongue in and out of my hole. Amanda called Jen over. She whispered in her ear. Jen began to whip Lizzie’s pussy while chanting things at her like: “dirty slut, eat that chubby pussy,” and “taste her sweaty pussy.” Lizzie went crazy licking and sucking me like mad. I looked round and saw Amanda. She had my clothes.

“What are you doing, Queen Amanda?” I asked, moaning.

“You will be humiliated on your way home, Princess Katie,” she replied.

Then she held a lighter to my clothes and they burnt. They were gone. I was shocked. I’d have to walk home naked. Not that I cared at that moment as I had just started to orgasm.

“Slave, listen to this,” called Jen “Princess Katie when did you last wash your pussy?”

“Ughhhh,” I moaned “t-three days ago.”

All the girls in the circle let out shrieks and choruses of “eww”.

“No,” said Jen “she tastes fucking amazing, I just tasted her juice.”

Then Jen smacked Lizzie’s pussy, hard. I moaned and thrashed as I felt Lizzie go wild from having her pussy smacked while eating me. Then my orgasm ended and I walked to take my place back in the circle. Jen then took off her clothes and handed them to Queen Amanda. She lowered her pussy onto Lizzie’s tongue. Queen Amanda burnt her clothes as she moaned from being eaten out. Each girl took a turn on Lizzie’s tongue and had their clothes burnt. Time flew by. Lizzie was released.

“That’s it girls, more tomorrow,” said Queen Amanda “head to the bedroom.”

I whispered to Jen “the bedroom?”

“Oh,” said Jen “we have bunk beds in the room next door, two to a bed. We sleep until the morning and continue the fun then – with a new slave and new toilet. The current toilet is working until 6am tomorrow when we change.”

I left the room and went to the toilet. I needed to pee before bed. I entered the room, waking Lily up. She yawned and looked at me before it dawned on her.

“Yes!” She quietly whispered, in celebration.

She opened her mouth as I lowered my naked pussy on her mouth. I began to pee. It sprayed out into her open mouth. It was over in minutes. I stood and stroked her clit.

“Flush,” I commanded.

She closed her mouth and I heard her glug down my warm, golden drink. She opened her mouth and made a sound of pleasure, “ah”, while smiling. She loved it. I turned off the light and walked to the bedroom. I let myself in and saw Jen in bed.

“In here, sweetie,” she called.

I climbed into bed with her. She cuddled me with her whole body, her perky tits squeezing against me. I hugged back. I’m sure I wasn’t a lesbian but this felt… Right. She moved her hand and grabbed one of my huge, fat tits. She squeezed and caressed it. I couldn’t sleep. I was too horny.

Some time passed and I could hear the princesses sleeping, cuddling each other naked. I felt Jen roll over.

“Psst,” I heard in my ear “you awake, sweetie?”

“Yeah,” I whispered “I can’t sleep.”

“Me neither,” whispered Jen “I’m too horny.”

“Me too,” I replied.

“Sweetie?” Questioned Jen.

“Yes?” I replied.

“We could make each other less horny,” whispered Jen “if you want of course.”

“What do you suggest?” I asked, excitedly.

“Well,” muttered Jen “I was thinking… I loved the taste of your juice earlier so… Do you want to do sixty-nine?”

“What’s that?” I asked naïvely.

“It’s where you eat my pussy while I eat yours,” she replied, hopeful.

“Oh my god, yes!” I whispered enthusiastically – I loved the taste of her pussy.

Jen shuffled under the covers and did a full turnabout. Her feet were on the pillow. Then she shuffled further up so I was staring at her crotch. Then the sudden wetness hit me. She was eating me out. I lurched forward and grabbed her ass, pulling her pussy near me. I latched my lips around her pussy and started to lick. She tasted disgusting and fishy. I was disgusted and turned on at the same time. I tried to move my head back to get the smell out of my nostrils. As I began to move Jen snapped her legs shut, holding my head in place. She moved her lips off my vagina.

“Taste my fishy pussy, bitch,” she snapped from under the covers before latching her lips on my pussy again. We both ate like mad. I could feel an orgasm building. I started to cum. I felt my pussy juice getting sucked from my vagina by Jen. Then she started to cum. Her juice was disgusting. I ate every last bit. Then we laid there, face-to-pussy. And we fell asleep.


Thanks for reading!

– HyperDebut