Strangers On The Bus


Teachers describe me as a “model student” or an “achiever.” Parents love me. The girls always say, “She’s so nice!” The guys always say, “She’s so hot!” but think of me as an inaccessible, brainy, prudish type. And I am a nice girl. I get good grades, I obey my parents, and I am nice to everyone. But I also have a naughty secret…

…I like to let strange men touch me.

Every day in my last period class I start to get turned on. Not because I think Calculus is sexy, but because I know school is almost over and I know what that means. When school lets out everyone dashes for the school bus or hops in a friend’s car. Not me. People think I walk home. I do walk, but I only walk a few blocks to a public bus stop.

Each day I choose a different one at random, so as not to form a familiar routine. The buses are fairly frequent, so I never have to wait more than 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter where the bus is going, I just get on. This time of day they are never that full. I always choose the very last row. The way these buses are set up, there’s only one bench seat in the last row (the other side has an emergency exit door) so only two people can be in the last row.

I sit down in the last seat and ride until the bus starts to get a little more crowded. While I’m waiting, you’d probably like to hear what I look like. Well I’m slightly taller than average, about 5’8”, with a firm athlete’s build (I am a cheerleader during football season and lifeguard in the summer). My auburn hair is just below my shoulders and I have green eyes. I’m quite proud of my breast, which are a full 34C.

But back to the task at hand – I look at every guy who gets on the bus until I spot him. The one who fits my profile – older and not too creepy, but there’s always something that tells me bağdatcaddesi escort this is the guy who will do what I hope he will do. It’s hard to explain. When I see him I stare at him until he looks my way as he’s walking down the aisle scanning seat options. I hold his gaze for a second before smiling, blushing slightly, and turning to look out the window.

It’s so easy! The bus is now crowded enough that there are no completely empty seats. He’s thinking he’s going to have to share a seat anyway, so why not the cute girl who smiled at him? I stare out the window and can tell from the corner of my eye he’s headed towards me.

“Excuse me miss?” I look up at the stranger. “Is this seat taken?”

I smile back at him and answer, “Nope, have a seat,” and return to looking out the window as I feel him sliding into the seat next to me.

The brilliant part of my scheme is that it involves absolutely no work on my part. As usual, I am wearing a short skirt. I slide down just a little in the seat and rest my head against the window. I yawn and close my eyes. And wait.

After about 5 minutes I let my breathing become a little shallow, I part my lips slightly. After 10 minutes I sigh quietly as I shift in my seat, causing my tits to thrust out more and my thighs to spread a bit. My thigh is now pressing against his. Then I wait.

Like clockwork, after 15 minutes, when the heat of my bare leg against his pants pushes him over the edge, he shifts his hand on his knee so that his fingers are lightly toughing the outside of my thigh. When there is no reaction, he places his whole hand tentatively on my knee. I don’t move, but I can feel my nipples harden in anticipation.

His hand slowly slides up my creamy thigh. He pauses at the hem beykoz escort of my skirt until I think the heat from his hand will burn the delicate flesh. Finally, I can feel my skirt being shifted towards my hips. His fingers softly stroke the satin material of my white panties, tracing the crease of my swollen lips. He rubs harder until his whole palm is cupping my pussy. But this is where it gets risky. Right now he can pull his hand away quickly at the sign of my “waking up.” He has to decide how badly he wants to be in my panties. Their naughty sides always win – I feel him push my panties to the side so he can explore further.

It’s difficult to control my breathing. My nipples feel like they are going to explode, but I dare not touch them. I don’t want to ruin the game. I wonder if anyone in the surrounding seats has looked back and know what is happening right next to them. Maybe they can smell my arousal. This is so hot!

His thick finger finds its way into me and he starts a gentle thrusting motion. I let out a small moan and pull my shoulders back to bring his attention to my rock hard nipples trying to tear their way through my thin white tank top. He pauses for a second before concluding it is still safe to continue. A second finger is pushed into me and his thumb now presses on my clit. I can’t help now but rock my hips gently.

Suddenly, I feel his free hand cup my right breast. This guy is bold! As his left hand is fucking me, his right hand massages my tit. His thumb flicks back and forth across my bullet-like nipple. I can feel myself leaking juices all over the seat. I decide to reward him for his aggressiveness and carefully shrug my right shoulder so that the strap of my tank top slides off my shoulder. I can feel the string grazing my arm caddebostan escort and know that the top half of my breast is now bared. Now all he needs to do is…

…and he does! He slips his hand under the cotton material and frees my breast. He pinches the nipple and the pleasant pain sensation shoots through my body. I can’t believe my tit is exposed! It’s never gone this far before. Usually it’s just a quick feel under the skirt. Not all of the guys even make it into my panties.

And that’s when I feel his wet lips latch onto my erect nipple. He licks, bites, and suckles my breast, all the while continuing to finger fuck me. I can’t hold back anymore and I come harder that I’ve ever come before. Wave after wave of that wonderful ache fills my entire body. My pussy is on fire and leaking like crazy. I can’t hold back the shudders.

I start to come down from my high as a calm feeling like warm honey replaces the butterflies in my stomach. I force myself to quiet my breathing. I still feel his fingers easing in and out at a leisurely pace, slowing gradually.

He suddenly sucks my nipple hard between his lips. I consider “waking up” for the first time ever. I’m on the verge of opening my eyes when he pulls his hand away from my pussy, leaving a breezy empty feeling behind. I feel him pull my panties back into place and straighten my skirt. My breast is concealed as he slides the strap back on my shoulder. He gives my breast once more quick squeeze.

I feel the bus stopping again and he leaves the seat. Wanting to see if he’s actually leaving, I open my eyes. He’s halfway down the aisle, headed for the door. At that moment, he turns around and winks at me. I smile back.

I look around. Nobody seems to have noticed our little escapade. I look outside the bus window for a moment, trying to orient myself. I realize I’m only a couple of stops from my neighborhood.

As I get off the bus, I’m grateful my skirt is dark, so nobody will notice the wet spot in the back. I walk towards home. Today was a good day. I can’t wait until tomorrow.