Sharon’s Ultrasound Ordeal


This is my third story on Literotica. As with my previous efforts the story has a lesbian sex theme but this time I thought I would vary things by bringing in the theme of female pee desperation which is another interest of mine. Your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


On the day of my girlfriend’s ultrasound appointment I arrived home early at 3 in the afternoon as arranged but there was no sign of Sharon. I had agreed to go with her to her appointment to give her a little moral support throughout the procedure – taking a few hours off work was no big deal for me but for Sharon, newly promoted to partner at the law firm where she worked this was practically unheard of. Sharon was smart, ambitious and extremely hard working but the fact was she’d been putting this off for too long.

Six months earlier she’d had to undergo a minor operation to remove cysts from her ovaries – the operation had gone well but she was due an ultrasound examination to ensure everything was all clear. She’d scheduled this appointment 3 times and cancelled due to work pressure but finally she’d been able to wangle a few hours off to get it sorted.

I’d lived with Sharon for just over a year. From the first day I became aware of my sexuality I knew I was a lesbian. I had no interest in boys at school and within a year of leaving school I’d “come out” and started openly dating other women. Since then I’d had a number of relationships but nothing like this one with Sharon. Our sex life was fantastic and since we started living together I don’t think we’d gone 2 days without making love!

I heard her car in the drive and a minute later the door opened and she breezed in.

“Sorry I’m late – client meeting.” she said darting quickly upstairs.

“No problem.” I replied following her upstairs to the bedroom getting a good view of her splendid bottom as she climbed the stairs. She was wearing a dark grey jacket and trousers combination that we had dubbed her “Killer Boss-Lady suit.” Superbly tailored it marked her out as a woman of authority and standing while at the same time accentuating her feminine assets (the trousers were very tight) and I loved what it did for her.

Quickly she undid the trousers and slipped them down over her bottom and legs.

“Getting changed?” I said a little disappointed.

“No way, haven’t got the time,” she laughed “just changing my pants – after all I’m sure the ultrasound girl wants me nice and fresh down there.”

Her panties consisted of a tiny black thong, 2 minuscule triangles of fabric which barely preserved her modesty but meant she avoided the dreaded vpl. She removed them and tossed them into the laundry basket before rummaging in her underwear drawer for suitable replacements. She decided on a simple pair of lilac, bikini style briefs by Calvin Klein which she slipped on before wriggling into her tight suit trousers again – a few quick dabs of perfume and Sharon was ready.

I enjoyed watching her change. We generally got ready for work around the same time and I always enjoyed watching her getting dressed, always interested in what underwear she would be wearing that day. These bikini briefs she was wearing were very familiar to me as she often wore them to bed along with a plain white tee shirt. For my part I always slept naked but Sharon seemed to enjoy going to bed in her tee shirt and pants knowing that it would not be long before I had removed them for her. She really liked it when I stripped her as a prelude to our lovemaking- as for me; well there was nothing I loved more than relieving of her tee shirt and knickers!

“Let’s go.” she sang out descending the stairs quickly.

“OK.” I said and then remembered something important.

“By the way did you remember to drink plenty of water – remember what the appointment letter said. They like you to have a full bladder when they do the scan.”

“Don’t worry,” she replied “I drank a full litre bottle of water when I was driving home and I’ve got another litre bottle right here for the journey.” she said holding up a full bottle of mineral water.

“Good for you.” I said and we made our way out to my car.

Sharon’s appointment was for 4:00 PM. It was about a 20 minute drive to the hospital so we set off at about 3:30 figuring that we would arrive a little early. As soon as we set off Sharon got started on her second 1 litre bottle of water obviously calculating that by the time we arrived she’d have consumed the entire 2 litres and her bladder would be nice and full for the ultrasound scan. As I drove along she repeatedly took swigs of water until with only a couple of miles to go the bottle was empty.

It was at this stage that things started to go a little wrong. We hadn’t bargained on the roadworks that were taking place on the approach to the hospital – they were digging up the sewers or something but whatever it was they had temporary traffic lights set up and it was causing chaos. Soon we were bursa escort in a long queue of traffic crawling slowly towards our destination. As the minutes ticked slowly towards 4:00 PM I started to sense Sharon’s growing impatience and irritation. The weather was stiflingly hot and even with the AC on the car was beginning to get hot and stuffy – Sharon, looking flustered, wound down the window to get some fresh air but by now her patience was running out!

“For God’s sake Rachel,” she suddenly exploded “how much longer are we going to be stuck in this bloody traffic?”

“Not long now.” I said trying unsuccessfully to calm her.

“We’re going to be late,” she said crossly “you know how much I hate being late!”

“Relax,” I said reassuringly “It won’t matter if we’re a few minutes late. They must know about the roadworks, we can’t be the only ones who’ve turned up late today.”

“It’s alright you telling me to relax,” she replied gloomily “can I remind you that I’ve drunk 2 litres of water and my bladder’s getting extremely full. I’m going to be bursting for the loo soon!”

This was the first time Sharon had admitted to any degree of discomfort from her situation and, being the strong, confident kind of person she was I could tell that she was finding it more than a little embarrassing!

For my part however I was starting to find the whole thing a real turn-on. I’d never had these sorts of feelings before but suddenly the knowledge that my dear girlfriend was getting increasingly desperate to pee was giving me a familiar pleasant feeling in my tight jeans!

What started as mild discomfort and inconvenience soon transferred into something more serious for Sharon. She’d consumed 2 full litres of water and I guessed that right now her kidneys were working overtime. I imagined her bladder rapidly filling like petrol being pumped into a car and began to watch her with renewed interest for signs of discomfort.

To my delight the signs weren’t long coming. Just little things at first like turning up the AC speed to cool herself down (by now she was looking quite flushed and I was sure I could detect a few beads of sweat at her temples) but soon she was getting visibly distressed. Reaching under her seat she pulled the lever and pushed her seat further back so she could straighten her legs. Clearly it had reached the point where bending at the waist was starting to increase the pressure on her bladder and at the same time she pulled at the lap strap of her seat belt, which was tight against her swelling lower abdomen, to try to alleviate the pressure.

“Fantastic,” I thought as I watched her brave attempts to cope with her rapidly filling bladder “she’s really starting to suffer now – I bet she really regrets keeping those tight trousers on.” This last thought was a real turn-on and as her breathing got a little heavier and she began to bite her lip all I could think of was that tight waist band pressing agonizingly against her turgid belly!

Eventually at 10 past 4 we reached the hospital entrance and swung into the car park. If Sharon thought the worst was over however she was mistaken – the car park was practically full and it took several minutes to locate a parking space a long way from the hospital entrance.

“I’ll just get a ticket,” I said jumping from the car “won’t be a minute.”

“Hurry Rachel please,” she pleaded “I’m 15 minutes late as it is.”

I made my way over to the ticket machine trying to look like I was going as fast as I could but in reality taking my time – I don’t know what had come over me but by now I was so turned on by poor Sharon’s predicament that I was determined to prolong her ordeal. I bought a ticket and made my way back to the car where Sharon was, very carefully, getting out of the passenger seat. Keeping her body as straight as possible she swiveled round, keeping her legs tight together. She was obviously trying to avoid opening her legs as this would increase the strain on her bladder. Once her legs were out of the car she pushed herself upright – she tried to avoid bending at the waist but this was impossible and as she stepped out she couldn’t stifle a groan of distress! For a few seconds she stood breathing deeply, her body rigid and, to my utter delight, I realised that she’d come close to pissing herself!

“We’d better get going.” I said taking her arm.

She seemed to compose herself.

“Okay.” she replied.

We began to walk rapidly towards the hospital building but after just a few stops she stopped.

“Not so fast Rachel, please,” she said “I need to go a little slower.”

“Fine.” I said trying hard to hide my pleasure. Sharon began to walk again but much more slowly. Her whole body was tense and she walked in tiny awkward steps, her thighs clamped rigidly together to avoid opening her legs. This gave her a slightly peculiar knock-kneed gait which actually caused her ass to jiggle delightfully in those so tight trousers and increased bursa escort bayan my feelings of lust!

It also had the effect of slowing us down even more and it was 20 past 4 when we reached the hospital entrance.

There was a flight of steps leading up to the hospital main entrance and as we made our way up I could tell that climbing the steps was greatly increasing Sharon’s torment. She repeatedly paused and on one occasion let out a low moan of anguish – but eventually we reached the hospital entrance.

At reception we were directed to the appropriate department and we made our way down a long corridor (more torment for poor Sharon) and at last, at 25 past 4, we reached the right department and another reception desk.

Sharon could have been forgiven for thinking that her ordeal was nearly over – but to my delight there was still more torture to come for her!

The reception area was empty except for the receptionist, a middle aged lady, sat behind her desk. Sharon was by now clearly struggling with a massively full bladder but she composed herself and introduced herself.

“Good afternoon,” she said curtly “my name’s Sharon Ward and I have an appointment for an ultrasound scan this afternoon.”

The receptionist looked slightly surprised and glanced at the wall clock which said half-past 4 before replying.

“Oh yes Ms. Ward,” she replied “we didn’t think you were going to make it today, you’re appointment was at 4.”

Sharon was not used to being admonished for being late and she adopted a slightly haughty tone.

“I’m well aware of the time,” she snapped “but unfortunately we were unavoidably delayed by those stupid roadworks. The hospital might have let me know there were roadworks outside the hospital and then we would have been here on time – I assume there will be no problem with my appointment.” she stated in a voice that left little room for argument.

The receptionists’ face hardened slightly, clearly offended by Sharon’s tone.

“Oh no there’s still time,” she said pleasantly “it’s just that the lady who was booked in after you got here on time and when we thought that you weren’t going to make it we let her go in a little early. She went in about 10 minutes ago but she shouldn’t be long if you’d like to take a seat.”

Now Sharon just wasn’t used to being treated this way. There she stood her hands clenched, fidgeting with her legs tight together and one knee turned in – she was the very picture of female desperation and wonderfully there wasn’t a thing the haughty little madam could do about it!

“Fine!” she stormed before turning and walking, stiff legged, over to one of the chairs against the far wall and I followed her over.

She sat down gingerly, obviously struggling to keep control of herself but also equally determined not to show this unimportant little woman that she was desperate for the toilet.

Sharon wasn’t fooling anyone but herself. I was only too aware of how desperate she was and as for the receptionist – she spent her whole day sitting behind that desk knowing that every woman who turned up here had a full bladder and needed to pee. In Sharon’s case she also knew that it was now 35 minutes after her appointed time so she must have had a pretty good idea of what Sharon was going through right now! She was looking straight ahead as if concentrating on the screen in front her but from time to time I noticed her glance over to look at Sharon. Was it me or did I detect the hint of a smirk on her face?

The minutes ticked by and Sharon, now clearly suffering terribly, began to lose her composure. Her breathing was more rapid and she was obviously overheating. To cool down she removed the jacket of her grey suit and sure enough there were sweat patches clearly visible on the back of her white blouse. I thought of her sweaty body beneath the sheer fabric of her blouse and imagined how damp her bra and pants were right now! She fidgeted in her seat and I watched entranced as she eased her blouse from her trousers and then began to tug at the waist band desperately trying to relieve the pressure on her aching bladder!

Again I glanced up at the receptionist. Now there was no mistaking it! – She was quite openly gazing over at Sharon with a look of joy on her face! She looked away quickly but I had seen enough – this woman was clearly enjoying my girlfriends’ ordeal and, slightly to my shame, so was I! The thought that this woman was watching Sharon’s every move, knowing how desperate she was to pee and reveling in her suffering was so exciting that by now I could feel my nipples stiffening and my clitoris tingling.

I admit I was somewhat surprised and confused at the way I was feeling. I had never had any interest in female pee desperation before today. Sharon and I enjoyed a wonderfully adventurous sex life – we were both into bondage and our lovemaking often involved one of us (usually me) being restrained with görükle escort bayan handcuffs and rope. Nothing like a little bondage to spice up your love life but this was something new. The knowledge that Sharon was desperate for the toilet was really turning me on! My nipples were rock hard with excitement and as the minutes ticked by and Sharon’s torment continued I could feel my panties starting to get damp with my cum! It wasn’t long before I was creaming my pants, feeling the crotch of my briefs getting wetter within the tight confines of my jeans!

I couldn’t help wondering what Sharon would think if she knew that her girlfriend and lover was enjoying her ordeal (in fact the longer this went on and the more desperate she became the more I felt like a right cow for taking such pleasure in her obvious suffering. It didn’t stop me though – I loved watching her sweat and squirm as she battled desperately to avoid pissing her knickers.)

Sharon it seemed could take no more though.

“This is ridiculous Rachel.” she suddenly exclaimed, loud enough for the receptionist to hear.

“I can’t wait any longer, I’ve got to go for a pee before I wet myself.”

She made as if to stand up and I was suddenly horrified – I was enjoying myself so much that the thought of this suddenly coming to an end was unbearable.

“Wait,” I cried perhaps a little too urgently “you’ve waited months to get the chance to get this appointment done – just a few more minutes and it’ll be over. When will you get another chance?”

This was true and Sharon knew it – she had cancelled this appointment 3 times due to the pressure of work and now she was a partner she wasn’t going to get time off again anytime soon. She had no choice but to put up with the torture until the examination was complete – but would she make it before she flooded her panties I thought mischievously!

Sharon seemed to come to a decision and stood up quickly – for a minute I thought she was going to the toilet to pee but instead she walked stiff-legged over to confront the receptionist.

“I’m sorry but I’m not prepared to wait a minute longer,” she snapped “we’re now 40 minutes past my appointment time and I simply can’t wait any more.”

The receptionist looked up with a look of cool detachment which disguised the fact that she was enjoying every minute of my girlfriend’s obvious torment.

“I’m sorry Ms. Ward,” she replied “but I must point out that you were late for your appointment and I can’t just disturb another patient’s treatment – the practitioner will be with you shortly so you’ll just have to wait a little longer.”

“A little longer!” Sharon cried “I’ve drunk 2 litres of water on the way here and I’ve a very full bladder – I can’t wait any longer.”

The receptionist replied with a slight smile of sympathy (or pleasure) on her face but she wasn’t about to show Sharon any mercy!

“Believe me I know how difficult and uncomfortable it must be for you but it’ll only be a tiny bit longer.”

Sharon turned away angrily and walked back over to me – half way she paused and groaned slightly as if she’d come very close to losing control and pissing her pants. And then just as I thought she was going to ruin it all by darting into the toilet things began to move on.

At this time of the day the hospital was very quiet (we were clearly now going to be the last appointment of the day). At that moment a low sound was heard from the door next to the reception desk – it was the sound of a toilet flushing! Sharon heard it too and wheeled round to face the door. There was a look on her face, half hope, half desperation and I could tell exactly what she was thinking:

“That’s got to be the other patient using the toilet.” she was thinking “Her appointment must be over – thank god for that, now perhaps I can get this over with and I can get some relief from this torture.”

It seemed that Sharon’s prayers had been answered because about 30 seconds later the door opened and 2 women, both fairly young, appeared in the doorway. One, blond, was dressed in the familiar hospital tunic uniform and was clearly the ultrasound tech. The other, a pretty brunette, was dressed in a loose summer dress and was gripping an ultrasound scan photo and looking pleased – she was obviously the patient and had been for a prenatal scan.

The 2 women stood in the open doorway chatting and laughing, seemingly oblivious to our presence. The brunette was clearly excited and kept grinning and showing the picture to the ultrasound tech. Who would smile and then they’d chat a little more, all the time laughing and giggling like 2 old friends.

Sharon meanwhile, who hated being ignored in any circumstance, stood and glared daggers at the pair of them. Her face was a mask of bitterness and anger and again I knew exactly what she was thinking:

“You little bitch.” she was thinking “It’s alright for you – you’ve managed to sneak in ahead of me and got your examination over with while I’ve had to sit out here, bladder bursting, getting more and more desperate for relief. And now it’s all over for you and you’ve been able to empty your bladder and you’re standing there chatting away making me wait even longer while I’m stood here nearly pissing in my knickers!”