The Dual of the Parallels 2 Ch. 01


Chapter 1.1: A New Beginning

The white curtains waved at me when I woke to a gentle breeze blown through the sliding door I left opened last night. Nate, still in his slumber and spooning position, nudged his chin into my neck. His perfect body radiated a blazing heat to my back, but his morning wood was pressing up my tailbone like a branding iron.

Would he mind waking up to what I have in mind?

I gingerly unwrapped myself from his embrace, but his grip was so tightly it was as if peeling the wrapper of molten Jolly Rancher. Of course, I was skilled enough to not wake him up, and when I stood next to the bed, Nate rotated his body and laid on his back. His dick big and proud, engorged in all of its glory.

How convenient for me.

I gulped down the glass of water on the nightstand, hoping to give some moisture to my partially dry mouth, and tactically proceeded to my target. I climbed and kneeled at the end of the bed, slowly lowering my hungry tongue.

Lower, and lower… Almost reaching the tip of his angry wood…


“Have you flossed your teeth yet?”

Nate, with both hands behind his back, stared playfully at me, tongue already touching his shaft. The shock that lingered in me was then overtaken by the anger Nate stirred in me.

“Fine… If you don’t appreciate a personal blowjob alarm clock, you can return me anytime as long as you have the receipt and within 30 days,” I sneered at him. I gave him one lick, and one lick only, from the shaft all down way to his peehole and left him shaking from the excitement, but unsatisfied.

“Wait, what? Where are you going? You’re not gonna finish what you’ve started?”

“No, I’m going to floss my teeth. And I’m going to find someone that wouldn’t ruin surprises and go down on them.”

I stomped to the bathroom, and stepped into the shower; the bathroom door still ajar.

A constant stream of hot water relaxed my muscles, and I stood there silently, waiting for someone to join me.

Within 30 seconds, Nate was standing there, watching me through the glass doors as he jerked his cock and staining the glass panels with his precum. I pretend to ignore him, and he knows I was burning inside, longing and dying to touch his magnificent body.

He finally stepped in, embracing me from behind. His mouth and tongue explored my neck, attempting to find the perfect spot to give me a hickey.

“Tim Tim.”


“Sorry for ruining your Pendik Escort surprise.”

I shook my head, “My fault. I was horny.”

“No no, I was horny too.”?

“Yeah, just look at that size of your morning wood.”

“You can’t blame that little boy. He hasn’t been in you for the past few days.”

I spun around to face him; my arms on his broad shoulders. I made sure that he sees the passion and the fire igniting in my eyes. I bit my lips at him, and quickened my breathing.

He smiled widely at me.

At least our day started off great, sexy and intimate. Nothing can ruin the day for us now.


It has been two years since I last saw Mother, or heard anything from Damon. My guess is that she stopped harassing us because I confirmed the relationship between her and Nate. It is so fucking cruel and wild how I always ending up loving someone that I may not be afford to love.

We moved to a small town seven hours south of where we lived. Our new neighbors seemed happy and jolly when we first arrived. Some did kind of lost their hype when they figured that Nate and I were in love. I understand and respect them, and still kept my lips from frowning.

Nate found a job as a security coordinator in a high-tech company, while I stayed home, playing video games all day long. Maybe occasionally buy Girl Scout cookies when those cute girls with a red wagon show up.

“Hi, sir! Do you want to buy some cookies to support and fundraise for Girl Scouts?”

“Sure! How much is it?”

“It’s five dollars a box. We have thin mints, lemonade, and other flavors.”

“I’ll take a box of thin mints.”

She handed me my cookies and I handed her a ten, “keep the change.”

You have no idea how bright the girls looked when I said that.

So… it’s been well. It’s been well.


It’s not that I don’t want to find a job, but Nate was still concerned about my hip even though it has been two years since the incident.

At least Nate got a pair of twin kittens for me to take care of. Or I would have lost my sanity long time ago.

And Nate would always fuck the sanity back into me if I ever lose it.

My cell vibrates; it’s Nate.

“You have reached Timothy Chang, but I can’t answer your call right now unless you come back home right away and fuck me until I have multiple orgasms. So with that said, say yes after the beep. Beep.”

Silence. Then, “yes.”

I gave Anadolu Yakası Escort him a chuckle, “what’s up big boy?”

“You wanna go on a date tonight?”

“I thought we surpassed that dating level already.”

“We can still go out and have a date. Where do you want to eat? What do you wanna eat?”

I combed my jet black hair with my fingers and rubbed my scalp, “I don’t know. Surprise me.”

“Why are you so difficult, Tim?”

“You know you like to play in hard mode when it comes to games like this, Captain.”

“I’ll be back at around 7.”

“Love you.”



“Haha, I’ll see you later.”

I pursed my lips together to contain my joy when Cookies and Creme leap onto my lap. These fat cats are so huge now, comparing to when we first got them. Cookies is black with white stripes and Creme is vice versa. They simultaneously rub their heads against my abs as I scratch and pet their fat body.


Nate finds me in the kitchen and demands a kiss before he showers when he came home.

“Give me 30 minutes and we’ll head over.”


“Hell no, I’m not telling you!” He slaps my ass and walks away.

I sat on the couch and began flipping through all the channels the TV offers these days. I was watching a game show when Nate walks into the living room naked and dripping with water. I couldn’t stop staring at his cock, even though I’ve seen it so many times.

“There were no clean towels in the bathroom.”


“Tim,” he steps closer to me, his length and my eyes on the same plane, “can you get me a towel please?”

It was extremely difficult to break eye contact with his dick, but once I did so, Nate’s eyes met mine.

“Follow me,” I told him.

I grabbed his dick and led him to the laundry room; he was subtly jacking himself off with my hand.

I reach for a fresh towel and turns to him. Droplets of water roll down his smooth chest, then his washboard abs, then hides in his dark pubic hair.

“Dry me.”

How can I refuse?

Just as I am about to put the towel on his chest, he grips my hand and pulls me even closer.

First he guides my hand down his abs, then his pubic hair. Our gaze, intense with lust and love, had the power to make me sweaty and my knees weak.

Nate made his move to kiss me. His tender lips brush against mine, and I open my mouth as an appreciation. He groans and moans, İstanbul Escort but I stayed silent.

“We are gonna be late,” I told him.

“Late to where?”

“Restaurant! Where else?”

“I lied.”

“What?” I broke the kiss, only to have him forcefully push me back into his mouth.

He pulled me to our room as he tries to undress me clumsily.

“Damn it!” He whispered into my mouth when he couldn’t even take my t-shirt off.

“Let me.”

I took off all my clothes in record time, and he laid on top of me. Our bare skin touching and rubbing, and the heat… I think we can break a thermometer without touching it.

Nate, being horny and nasty as hell, intentionally drooled all over me.

“Fuck! Nate! Disgusting!”

“You know you love it. I know you secretly sniff each and every one of my underwear just to get my musky scent.”

“Fuckin’ Nate! Your cum and your saliva do not smell the same.”

“It should. It’s good lube too. I want you to smell like me. No one will dare to go near you.”

“You jerk… Ahhhh.”

He swallowed my dick in one gulp. My dick immediately sprung up to his throat, but Nate is a professional. He didn’t even show any gagging signs, but to be honest, I’m not that big anyways.

“Do you think I should get a penis enlargement?” I asked him.

He choked and raised his eyebrows at me, “the fuck?!”

“I don’t know.”

“Tim, I am satisfied with your five and a half inches of thick authentic meat. I’m telling you, my respect for you will lessen if you decide to stuff silicone into your dick.”

“I… Ahhhh…” He went back down to work my dick up.

He slurped and gulped, and smeared his drool around my asshole. I smeared his drool all over myself and my face. Mmmm, I was wrong. His saliva does smell like his cum.

“Finger me, Nate. Fuck me. Put something up my ass. I can’t hold it any longer!”

“Fucking desperate, doesn’t sound like you.”

“Stop… No… Uhhhh… Just… Fuck me!”

He stood up and thrusts his six-incher straight into me. I had to squeeze my pelvic so hard in order not to cum right there and then. He bent over me and we held each others’ shoulders as he pumped himself.

One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three… Ahhhh…

I bit his ear, “I’m gonna cum… Cum…”

“Me too.”

I came first; my cum came blasting under his chin, and then his chest, then his abs. And then he released his seeds in me. Mmmmm, each shot hit my bullseye. My prostate screamed in ecstasy and made me faint for a bit.

“You okay?”

“Ahhhh… Uhhhh… Yeah. I think.”

He lowered his whole body on top of me; both of us all sticky and sweet.

“I love you, Tim Tim.”

“I love you too, Captain.”