The Lovely Martha Ch. 02


I was in the state of heavy breathing but managed to tell her as she let my cock out of her mouth, that I just had the best blow job of my life. She smiled as I seen her swallow my entire load, and then she said how much she needed it too. I was in heaven, and she came up and we kissed again like our first kiss, she came in with an open mouth and we were locked in that kiss for several minutes. It was as hot as I ever new it could be, I could taste there were still some of my cum left in her mouth, but I didn’t mind. It was so hot, she could have had a mouth full of my cum, and I still would have kissed her.

Well that was how it all started, Marta and I have been together for over three years now, and she is as hot as ever. She has also shown me through her action just how much she loves to suck my cock and swallow my cum.

As many men know, you can go through a çanakkale escort life time, and only find a few woman who will on a regular basis let you cum in there mouth, let alone swallow every time she give you a blow job, but I have found that woman, and will never let her go.

Having been married to my ex wife for 22 years, I now know just how special it is to have a woman who loves to please me and also loves to taste and swallow my cum. My ex over all the years only took my cum in her mouth 2 times, and both times you would have thought it was poison the way the spit it out so quickly.

But with Martha, things are so much different, she can’t seem to get enough of my man juice. Now don’t get me wrong, she loves to fuck as much as she loves to suck, and her pussy is so tight and always nice and wet. Now with çanakkale escort bayan me, I have changed much over the years, and can now last for long period of time when I am fucking, and with her love for cock it works out well. She gets the good long fucking she loves, and my orgasms are so intense I couldn’t believe sex could ever be better.

Lately we have been trying new things in bed, one thing she loves is for me to play with her big tits while I work her pussy, and get her really hot. Then she likes to go down on me and suck my cock, I always try to stop her telling her that I am going to cum if she doesn’t stop, and her response every time is, isn’t that the point, as she continues to suck my cock.

I find myself within a few minutes shooting rope after rope of thick hot cum in her mouth. She know escort çanakkale just when I am ready to blow, even know I always tell her, but I wouldn’t have to, she knows. She always pulls my cock out from deep within her mouth so it’s just in her mouth so I shoot on her tongue so she gets the full taste of my cum. Sometimes my load is so large a little spills out around her tight lips, but she always licks up any cum that gets away from her.

Once she has sucked me off, she is in such a high state of arousal she is ready to orgasm pretty quickly. She likes to jump on top and slide my still hard cock deep into her pussy, and lean forward to work her clit while she rides me. She also loves for me to work both her nipples while she fuck me, and most of the times she orgasms within just a few strokes.

When she does this her orgasms are so intense she just lays there on my chest shaking for several minutes until she can move again. I never mind her doing that because I am still shaking, and recovering from my own orgasm, and having her lay on me with her big 40DD tit against my chest is just a perfect end to a great love making session.


Stay tuned for, The Lovely Martha Part 3

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