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The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
Fire and Rain

Chapter 30

After the tour the CD sales and music downloads continued to rise, and from all indications everything was looking rosy. The boys were tired, but happy as they settled back into their regular lives, and the group gave music a rest for a while. Except for  Aidan who continued to work on some new songs on his own, and unknown to him, Isaac  who trying some  new things out.

One afternoon Jaden and Aidan came to visit, and after Mrs. Green let them in they went down to the basement to find Isaac belting out a song the group had done on tour, John Legend”s, All of Me, and the sound was amazing.  

“Oh my God,” Aidan said to his brother, pausing at the top of the stairs to listen, “His voice is amazing, he should be singing lead vocals on that one for sure. I think we may have overlooked the fact that Isaac is a real talent and deserves to be singing lead.”

“It does sound awesome. We should record it with him doing vocals and post it on our YouTube channel and see what our followers think.” 

The group had formed a new YouTube channel exclusively for the band, even though Aidan still had his own personal YouTube channel for his solos, and the followers were in the tens of thousands and growing daily.

“Come on, let”s tell him the good news.”

When they got to the bottom of the stairs and within sight of Isaac they could see Greg lounging nearby and listening with a dreamy look on his face. It appeared that Isaac was singing to Greg, and perhaps that accounted for the emotion in his voice.

“All of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections…”

Suddenly Isaac looked up and saw the two brothers and smiled, but continued to sing with the same feeling and emotion that had lured them in in the first place.

“My head”s underwater, but I”m breathing fine. You”re crazy, and I”m out of my mind. Cause all of me…loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.”

When the song had ended and the last note of the piano sounded, Aidan and Jaden began to applaud loudly, waking Greg from his dreamy state, and he began to clap as well.

“Oh Isaac, that was perfect,” Greg said, standing and going over to where Isaac sat at the piano and hugging his neck, and kissing his face tenderly.

“Man, I gotta tell you, that was amazing,” Jaden said.

“Isaac, one thing is certain, the wrong guy has been singing lead vocals on this one, and we”re gonna fix that right away. We”re gonna record that number with you singing lead and post it on our YouTube channel.”

“Oh, well…I was just messing around,” Isaac said, sounding embarrassed. I was really just singing it for Greg, cause it”s pretty much how I feel,” he added, giving Greg a tender look.

“And that shows in your voice. Such emotion, such feeling, it”s amazing, and I want our followers to hear that. Please say you”ll do it.”

“Well, sure…if you want, but I want Greg there for inspiration.”

“No problem, wanna do it now? Where”s Jeremy?”

“At Dee”s, where else?” Isaac chuckled, “but they”re both supposed to be back here around five.”

“How about if we get some pizza when they get here and make an evening of it. We can record the song and maybe just hang out and have fun like we used to. I haven”t played pool in forever.”

“Yeah, sounds good. Mom and dad are going out tonight, so we”ll have the place to ourselves.”

“Perfect, I”ll call mom and tell her we won”t be back till late,” Aidan said pulling out his phone.

When Jeremy and Dee arrived, there were hugs all around, and then they outlined their plans for the evening.

“Oh, yeah…sounds like fun. The whole gang back together again.”

“Well, not the whole gang, our baes aren”t here,” Aidan sighed.

“Well, call em” up and have em” come over. I”ll go pick em” up if I need to,” Isaac suggested.

“Oh, well…what do you think J?”

“Hells yeah,” Jaden said, “Maybe me and Jimmy can find a dark corner and do some lovin”,” he laughed.

“Okay, hold on, calling Zak…” Aidan said moving away so he could hear better.

When Zak came on the line he sounded strange, as if he had been asleep or…crying.

“What”s wrong?” Aidan said, immediately picking up on his tone.

“Oh, nothin”, just tired I guess.”

“Well, are you too tired to come over to Jeremy”s and hang out? Everyone is gonna be here. We”re gonna record a new song with Isaac singing lead to post on our YouTube channel.”

“Uh, I can”t,” Zak said sounding even stranger now.

“Why not? Did you get into trouble with your mom or something? Are you sick?”

“I just can”t…” There was suddenly some noise in the background and Aidan heard Jason, Zak”s older brother say, “Just tell him, or I will…” then Zak in a muffled tone, “I can”t. I can”t tell him, just leave me alone.” then Jason again, “Give me the phone,” then more noise, and suddenly Jason”s voice again, “Hello, is this Aidan?”

“Yes, Jason? What”s going on?”

“It”s Zak, he got beat up today and he”s afraid to tell you.”

“What? Where, when, by who?” Aidan said growing agitated and speaking louder, drawing the attention of the other boys.

“Some kid that evidently doesn”t like your band or gay kids. I went looking for him, but he got away. It happened at the 7-11 by our apartment. He went in to get a drink and when he came out this kid started ragging on him, saying stuff like, Alternate Love was all fags, and that he must be one too, and then he knocked the drink out of Zak”s hand and popped him in the eye. Then he shoved him down and he got sort of bruised and scraped up.”

“Some customer saw the whole thing and ran the kid off, and helped Zak get up and they called our house and I went and got him. He was pretty shook up, and now he”s afraid to even leave the house.”

“Oh my God, we”re on the way,” Aidan said motioning to Isaac to come closer, then covering the phone with his hand he said to Isaac, “We need to go to Zak”s, can you drive us?”

“Sure buddy, but what”s going on?”

“I”ll fill you in on the way.” Then to Jason, “Isaac is gonna drive me and Jaden over there. We”ll see you in a bit. Is your mom  home?”

“No, she had to go to work, but she knows and she”s super pissed off.”

“Well, see if you can calm him down and we”ll be there in about fifteen minutes.”

“Roger that, and Aidan, I”m sorry I wasn”t there to protect him.”

“You can”t be with him every minute. This is nuts, why are some kids so mean?”

“Dunno, but we”ll find him and when we do…I”m gonna” kick some butt.”

“That won”t help, we need to reason with him first.”

“Whatever, see ya” in a bit,” Jason said in a huff. It was obvious he was as pissed off as his mom, and eager to get revenge.

Jaden called Jimmy on the way and told him to be ready, and they would swing by and pick him up on the way back, hopefully with Zak accompanying them as well. Jaden didn”t mention what had happened to Zak, but he would find out soon enough.

At Zak”s apartment Jason let them in, but Zak was nowhere to be seen. 

“He”s in the bedroom hiding under the covers,” Jason sighed, “He”s been like this ever since it happened.”

“Wait here guys, I”ll go talk to him,” Aidan said to the others, then starting off for the bedroom Zak and Jason shared, he sighed and steeled himself for what was ahead.

Knocking softly on the door he called to Zak, “Zak, baby, it”s me Aidan. Can I come in?”

“No, please just go away,” he sobbed, “I don”t want you to see me like this.”

“Zak, honey…please, I can”t stand to think about you being in there all alone. Please let me in, I need to see you, to hold you. I love you so much.”

Maybe it was the distress in Aidan”s voice, or the love, that moved Zak to comply, “Okay, come in,” he sniffed.

Aidan managed a sad smile as he pushed the door open and stepped inside. The room was semi-dark, but he could just make out a shape huddled under the covers in the bed on the right, and he walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Reaching over he began to rub his boyfriend”s back through the bedding and talk soothingly, “Zak, it”s okay baby. I”m here now.”

“I”m so sorry I”m not strong like you,” Zak sobbed, “I just keep getting beat up and I can”t even do anything about it, and you have to keep rescuing me. I”m worthless. I don”t know why you just don”t find someone better to love.”

“Zak, I have the best boy in the whole world right now. I love you, and you”re not worthless. The boy who did this to you is the one who is worthless. Bullies are sick, and they need to be brought down.”

“I just wish I could stand up for myself once, that”s all,” he said uncovering his head and looking at Aidan with a tear-stained face.

“Oh, baby…your eye,” Aidan said leaning in to kiss Zak”s face, being careful not to get near his tender looking cheek.

“It”s okay, it don”t hurt much…now,” he sniffed.

“Can you tell me who did this?”

“I don”t know his name, and I don”t think he lives in our apartment complex, but I”ve seen him before, maybe at school. I think he”s in 9th grade.”

“So, you think maybe he”s seen us together and that”s how he knew you were connected to the band?”

“I guess, or…it might have been from the video, the one where I slid down the slide.”

Aidan had forgotten that Zak was featured in one of the videos he”d made for his YouTube channel, and hadn”t given any thought to the fact that he might be exposing Zak to more than fame.

“Oh, man…I forgot about that,” Aidan said feeling awful, “It might be my fault then.”

“No, it”s not your fault. I”m proud of you and that we”re together, and I wouldn”t deny you even if they were gonna kill me for loving you,” he said whimpering a little.

“Oh baby, I love you so much,” Aidan said pulling Zak up and hugging him close. 

Their lips met and the love that enveloped them did wonders to heal Zak”s soul.

“Have you ever considered learning some martial arts?” Aidan said, suddenly having a brilliant idea.

“What? You mean like Judo and stuff?”

“Yeah, exactly. Even a little guy can learn to defend himself.”

“But it costs money to take those lessons…” Zak frowned.

“Don”t worry about that. I got that covered. If you want to check into it I”ll take care of the cost. After all, you should be getting paid for all the hard work you do helping us with the videos and stuff.”

“I don”t know, I guess I could check into it.”

“Good, meanwhile I want you to get up and wash your face and get dressed. You”re coming with us to Jeremy”s and we”re gonna forget all this stuff and have some fun, but it”s not over yet. We”re gonna find out who this kid is and have a serious talk with him.”

“Just don”t get hurt, or get into trouble,” Zak sniffed, but once again he was relieved to find that Aidan had his back.

“Don”t worry, I”m non-violent, but I may have to put a leash on Jaden,” he teased.

Zak actually laughed, “Yeah, he likes to kick butt and take names later, don”t he?”

“Yeah, I”ll wait for you in the living room. Now get your lazy butt up,” Aidan said smacking his boyfriend on his cute behind.

“Ow, not so hard,” Zak teased, “I got my butt kicked once today already.”

“Oh, sorry,” Aidan said looking stricken.

“I”m joking, my butt is fine,” Zak said grinning.

“It sure is,” Aidan agreed, “and very cute.”

In the living room Aidan filled the others in on their conversation and chatted up Jason to find out what he knew about the incident.

“I don”t know who the kid is, just what Zak told me, but if I catch his sorry ass he”s gonna regret messing with my bro.”

“We”ll find out who he is, but I don”t want anyone to get all crazy and do something stupid. First we talk to the kid and make sure he understands that if he picks on one of us, he has to face all of us.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jason conceded.

“So, how”s things with your mom and Mel?”

“Good, really good. I think they”re getting serious. Who knows? Pretty soon they may be getting married and we might actually have a real house to live in.”

“That”s cool.”

“Yeah, maybe once we get away from this dump we live in our lives will be easier.”

“Yeah, well…we”ll hope for the best.”

At Jeremy”s, Zak seemed to be in better spirits, especially after the pizza arrived and the boys chowed down. As he and Aidan sat eating pizza and slurping sodas, Aidan tried to keep Zak”s mind off his traumatic experience, but eventually he knew he”d need to get some answers from his boyfriend if they were going to help him.

“I”m sorry I keep getting beat up,” Zak said, as if it was his fault.

“Zak, baby, it”s not your fault. Don”t ever think you”re doing anything wrong by being yourself,” Aidan said soothingly, “I”m just sorry that this happened to you, again. Are you sure you don”t know this kid”s name?”

“Well…it might be Ricky or Rocky, something like that. I only know that cause I heard another kid holler at him the one time I saw him at school.”

“Good, that gives us something to go on. We have friends in 9th grade and I bet we can figure out who this kid is. But one good thing, next year he”ll be in 10th so he won”t even be going to our school.”

“What are you gonna do to him if you find him?” Zak asked curiously.

“Don”t worry, we”re not gonna  hurt him. We”re just gonna talk to him and make sure he understands that he can”t get away with this stuff. Most bullies back down pretty quick when they”re confronted by someone who will stand up to them.”

“Not like me,” Zak sighed, “Maybe I will take those classes, and then next time…next time I can go all Ninja on them,” he said causing Aidan to laugh.

“You”d make a cute Ninja,” Aidan said giving his boyfriend a peck on the cheek, “Right now let”s just forget all that bad stuff and have some fun, okay?”

“Okay, I”m sorry. I”m gonna get more soda, want some more?”

“Yeah, thanks babe.”

After they”d consumed mass quantities of pizza, and guzzled down a quart of more of soda each, they decided to chill out and let their dinner settle for a while. Jimmy and Jaden headed to the pool table while Dee and Jeremy were playing tonsil hockey on the couch.

Isaac and Greg were talking intimately as they held hands, and Aidan felt a sudden peace and happiness come over him. This was his family now, people who loved one another and trusted one another with their most intimate secrets. If one of them was threatened, Aidan knew the pack would take care of things and that was a good feeling.

They”d find out who this bully was and they”d fix things, one way or the other, but for now this was a time of healing and sharing, and he refused to let the bad things spoil it.

“Let”s go for a walk,” Aidan suggested.

“A walk? Where to?” Zak said smiling at Aidan.

“I don”t know, we can just walk around the neighborhood while our food settles.”

“Okay,” Zak said enthusiastically, “Can we hold hands?”

“Zak baby, I”d be proud to be seen holding hands with you.”

After telling the others where they istanbul travesti were going, they slipped on their hoodies and wandered out onto the sidewalk. It was starting to get dark now, but the temperature was mild and there was only a little wind.

The sky was clear and the moon was already visible, and soon a million stars would join it. The street lights had already come on and the way was well lighted. 

Jeremy”s neighborhood was your typical middle class neighborhood, with mostly two story houses, a few with three car garages, and well kept sidewalks and streets. There was barely any traffic, mostly locals who were headed home or on some errand, and no one seemed to be paying any attention to the two teenage boys as they strolled along holding hands.

“Do you think there will ever be a day when boys like us won”t have to worry about getting beat up just cause we”re gay?”

“Someday,” Aidan said softly, “things are changing fast. Ten years ago we wouldn”t have dared walk down the street holding hands. I think people will eventually learn to accept that not everyone is the same. Kids today are the best hope we have. If we can convince them, then when they grow up they can teach their kids, and so on and so forth.”

“Yeah, we have a lot of great friends at school that don”t judge us, and then there”s the GSA. There are some really cool kids there that aren”t gay.”

“That”s what the GSA is all about, bringing kids together who are different so they can learn to understand each other and to get along.”

“Yeah, maybe Ricky or Rocky or whatever his name is needs to join,” Zak giggled.

“Wouldn”t hurt him,” Jaden laughed, “Maybe he”d learn to respect kids like us.”

“What are you guys gonna do, if you find this kid?”

“Just talk to him mostly. Don”t worry, we”re not gonna beat him up or anything, even though he deserves it. We just want to make sure he understands that if he takes on one of us, he takes us all on.”

“But that won”t fix the problem with him, will it? I mean all you”re gonna do is put fear into him, but he will still hate us.”

Aidan sighed, “It”s hard to change how someone feels. It”s mostly ignorance on his part. If he took the time to get to know us  he”d see that we”re no different inside than other kids. Who we love doesn”t define us, we”re still human and share the same experiences that most kids are age do.”

“So, we should try to make friends with him?” 

“Well, that would be ideal, but that might not be as easy as you think.”

“That”s what you guys did with Jimmy, isn”t it?”

“In a way yes, but that was a special situation. He was in our grade and it was easy to see why he was the way he was, what with his dad”s abuse and all.”

“Maybe this other kid is being abused too, or maybe his folks hate gays and they caused him to hate them too.”

“Could be, it”s complicated, but we”ll do what we can.”

“I know. Can we go to the park, I feel like swinging?”

“Yeah, come on,” Aidan said squeezing Zak”s hand gently.

It was completely dark by the time they got to the park, but it was well lighted and a few older boys were playing a game of basketball on the lighted court. The older boys didn”t seem to notice the two younger boys holding hands, but if they did they didn”t seem to care.

As the two settled into swings side by side they forgot all about the bad things and enjoyed the fresh air and the joy of just being boys.

The game of basketball broke up and the boys on the court scattered after a while, all of them heading off to the parking lot, except one lone boy, who unknown to the two younger boys, was headed their way.

“Hey,” the boy said as he got closer, causing the two to turn around and stare nervously at  him.

He was maybe 16 or 17, tall and broad shouldered with a mop of long brown hair, and like most boys his age, he looked as if he was still growing into his body.

“Hi,” Aidan said in a friendly voice, until he proved otherwise Aidan assumed he meant them no harm.

“Hey,” Zak said nervously, there might be two of them, but this kid was bigger and could probably whip their asses if he wanted to.

“Wait, I know you,” the kid said as his eyes lit up and he smiled, “You”re that kid from that band…what”s it called…Alternate Love?”

“Yeah, that”s me. I”m Aidan and this is Zak.”

“He in the band too?”

“No, he”s my boyfriend,” Aidan said boldly, causing Zak to flinch. It was one thing to be brave and proud where it was safe, but this was madness.

The boy nodded, “I”m Freddy. My buds might not like me saying this, but I think you guys are cool. I like the music and I”m not freaked out cause you”re gay.”

“That”s great, thanks” Aidan said sincerely.

“Can I join you guys for a minute?” The older boy said almost nervously.

“Sure, grab a swing,” Aidan said grinning.

“So,  do all of you guys in the band like, have boyfriends?”

“All except Jeremy, he has a girlfriend. She”s a sweetheart.”

“OH, so he”s like straight?”

“Well, mostly I guess. Most of us really don”t define ourselves as one thing or another. We don”t fit into little boxes, we just like what we like, and love who we love. I guess of all of the group, I”m the gayest though. I”ve pretty much always known I liked boys and I”ve never been tempted to get with a girl.”

“What about you?” Freddy said looking at Zak, who swallowed nervously.

“Uh, well…I know I love Aidan, but I”ve never been with a girl, so I really don”t know.”

Freddy grunted, then grew quiet as he seemed to be deep in thought.

“So if a guy maybe liked another boy that way, it really doesn”t mean he”s like…gay or something?”

“Not necessarily. See, boys tend to form friendships with other boys that are pretty strong and they can lead to other things. I”m sure you and at least one of your buddies have fooled around some, maybe when you were younger. It”s natural and normal. Boys are curious about sex, and girls are so hard to deal with at any age.”

“Yeah, I get that. So, if I…um, did do some stuff with a buddy, it doesn”t mean either one of us are gay?”

“No, not at all. See human sexuality isn”t just either or…it”s a long line with gay at one end and straight at the other, and most people fall in between somewhere. We”re capable of loving someone of either sex if we get that close to them. The problem is that society tells us it”s wrong, and that messes things up for us. Even though for us it”s right, the pressure from our peers or adults, or society make us think we”re wrong, when really we”re just doing what nature wants us to do.”

“So, I could like a guy and still like girls later?”

“Of course, my bro has had relationships with both, but now he”s in love with a boy and he”s really happy.”

“Umm, thanks, that helps a lot. You should have a help line or something,” he joked, “It”s hard to find someone to talk to about this stuff.”

“There are actually sites to help with that. I”ll give you some info if you want. We deal with a lot of that stuff  in our GSA group.”

“Oh, yeah, we have one of those at our school. I thought it was just a bunch of gay kids meeting.”

“No, there are kids of all sexual persuasions there, and they learn to get along and have fun without the pressures of society and the haters.”

“Cool, maybe I should check it out.”

“I think you”d like it.”

“Well, thanks…I should be going.”



“Would you like to swap numbers and keep in touch. I”d be happy to help you in anyway I can.”

Freddy blushed, “Maybe I”ll message you on FaceBook or something.”

“Okay, that sounds fine. I promise, everything we talked about here is between just us three. We just want to help, that”s all.”

“Okay, thanks. Well, gotta book, catch ya” later dudes,” he said as he jumped up and started across the park.

“Wow, I thought he was gonna beat us up at first,” Zak laughed, “but instead he”s asking questions about liking boys.”

“Yeah, I think Freddy might have a crush on a boy and he”s fighting his feelings. I know how hard that can be. I hope he stays in touch. Meanwhile, we should get back.”

Back at Jeremy”s house the others were just milling around waiting for the two to return, and it was decided that next they would do the video. While Greg, Jimmy, and Zak looked on, the boys ran through the number a couple times to get it just right and then began making the video.

They were lucky enough to get it right on the first take, and when they played it back everyone agreed it was epic. Aidan posted it right away and within an hour the likes were in the hundreds and growing quickly. Apparently the boys had quite a loyal following.

“Any interest in everyone spending the night?” Isaac asked as they sipped sodas and sat around talking.

“Hells yeah,” Jaden said, “I can get me some Jimmy time in,” he said grinning.

“I”m sure mom and dad won”t care,” Aidan said, “How about you Zak? Think your mom would mind.”

“Nope, I”ll call Jason and tell him to tell her I”m staying over, she won”t care.”


“I already told my mom I was staying over, sorry if I misunderstood,” he said grinning.

“Dog, you were planning on jumping my bones, weren”t  you?” Jaden giggled.


“You guys are so lucky,” Dee fumed, “No one cares if you stay over and mess around, but cause I”m a girl I have to go home. It”s not like we couldn”t do that stuff before I left, parents are so lame.”

The boys laughed, but they totally agreed. As far as they were concerned Dee should be allowed to stay over, as long as she and Jeremy were careful and didn”t make any little Jeremies or little Dees.

“Well, how late can you stay?” Jeremy asked.

“Eleven is my curfew.”

“Then let”s not waste any time, come on girlfriend,” he said taking her hand, “I have something in my bedroom I want to show you,” he added grinning.

“OOOOOOO!” everyone howled and the laughter broke out.

Once the two were gone the others began to kiss and snuggle and make out a little, but none were in any hurry since they had the whole night ahead of them. Later they”d break out the air mattresses for the twins and their baes, and Isaac and Greg would no doubt head off to his room and the comfort of their bed.

Zak went off to the bathroom and while  he was gone the others discussed his situation.

“So what are we gonna do about Zak and this new bully?” Jaden asked in a low voice.

“Just talk to him. Zak says he thinks the kid”s name is Rocky or Ricky.”

“Rocky? That name rings a bell. I think I might know the kid you”re talking about. I think his last name is Cramer. Yeah, he”s a butt wipe for sure. I think him and Jeremy had some problems last  year, but you know Jeremy, he can kick butt with the best of em” and the kid didn”t press it.”

“Hmm…we”ll have to talk to him and see if this is the guy,” Aidan said looking thoughtful, “It”s a start anyway.”

Zak”s return stopped any further talk, and soon the boys put on a movie and forgot all about Zak”s plight for the time being.

At 10:30 Jeremy and Dee came back down looking flushed but happy, and asked Isaac if he could drive Dee to her house. Of course Greg went with them, riding shotgun, while Dee and Jeremy made kissy faces in the backseat.

The twins and their bf”s played pool while they waited for the other boys to return, and shortly they heard noises upstairs as Mr. and Mrs. Green returned home. Mr. Green peeked in on the boys and said hello, and Aidan quickly explained where the others were.

“Oh, well…just make yourselves at home boys, goodnight. Please tell our sons that we”re back, but that we went straight to bed. It”s been a long day.”

“Yes Sir,” Aidan said politely, “Pleasant dreams.”

“You too,” Mr. Green said, then closing the door behind him he muttered to himself, “as if any sleep will be going on down there.” He chuckled to himself and quickly climbed the stairs to his bedroom. Maybe he wasn”t quite as tired as he thought. If the misses was in the mood maybe he”d make a little whoopee.

Jeremy, Isaac, and Greg returned around midnight and Aidan delivered the message from his dad.

“I”m going to go to bed guys,” Jeremy said looking w..e on, why not hang with us guys. I know you miss your girl, but we can have some fun too,” Jaden said.

“Naw, I”m beat. I”m gonna go to bed and sleep for the next ten hours. Thanks for coming over guys, and have fun,” he said starting for the stairs.

“Goodnight bro,” Isaac said, giving his brother an understanding look, “Me and Greg are gonna hang out down here tonight. After all it”s not polite to leave our company alone.”

“OH, yeah…I never thought of that,” Jeremy said halting at the base of the stairs, “I guess I could sleep down here too. It really doesn”t matter as long as I get some shut eye.”

“We”ll try not to keep you awake,” Aidan giggled.

“Yeah, well…I”m used to that stuff, so no probs.”

The boys were yawning before long, and Isaac suggested they blow up the air mattresses and get everything ready before they all fell asleep. Jeremy chose to sleep on the couch while the other six boys paired up on the queen sized air beds. The three air beds were laid out side by side about two feet in front of the couch so the boys could talk to each other until they grew too tired.

They talked about the music video, the tour, and the success of the group so far, but eventually their thoughts turned to the upcoming school year. Even though it had been a fun and exciting summer, they were all looking forward to the adventures ahead in the new school year. All of the boys were good students, though Zak and Jimmy struggled at times, the others were able to help them get on track in most cases.

There would be challenges, new friendships, and the comradery of organized sports, and they were anxious to see how the popularity of the group played out in school. Aidan already had quite a following from his YouTube channel, but now that the group had gone public and released a CD there was no way to measure the effect that would have on their fellow students. It was exciting, but a little scary too. After all, they didn”t want to let success and fame go to their heads, and they wanted to live as normal a life as possible.

Zak was dozing off as Aidan snuggled to him and gently played his fingers through the boys hair. Aidan moved closer and sniffed his boyfriend”s scent and smiled. Everything about Zak was gentle and loving, even his smell, and suddenly Aidan was so overcome with emotion that he felt near tears.

“I love you so much,” Aidan whispered in the boy”s ear.

“Ummm…love you too,” Zak said drowsily.

“Just relax baby and sleep. You”re safe in my arms.”

“Mmmm…” Zak sighed, and moments later he was asleep as Aidan continued to hold him gently, content to be there for his lover.

Next to them Jimmy and Jaden were a bit more animated as they kissed and rubbed together, and soon they were moaning lowly and nearing orgasm. Beside them Isaac was buried deep in Greg”s hot tight love tunnel and was moving toward another gut wrenching orgasm of his own.

Aidan smiled, knowing what the others were up to, but he was content to just cuddle and hold Zak. Love was more important than sex, and it wasn”t like he was deprived. In fact he fully expected that Zak would doze a while, then wake up horny, and they would make love till they both fell asleep again. He was looking forward to that, but even if it didn”t happen he was satisfied just to be with his lover.

He thought about the physical abuse Zak had gone through, first with Billy and his gang, and now this new bully, and he was kadıköy travesti more determined than ever to do something about it. He would help Zak get enrolled in self defense classes, and meanwhile he and the gang would find this kid Rocky or Ricky and have a serious talk with him. He smiled contentedly as he thought about how he and his group stuck together and got things done, and soon he too was sleeping peacefully.

Aidan awoke to something warm and wet surrounding his hard dick and he smiled as he looked down and saw Zak staring up at him as he worked his magic. Aidan reached down and ran his fingers through Zak”s hair and sighed contentedly, but he didn”t want to come just yet. Pulling Zak up into a kiss he pressed his hardness into Zak”s as they continued to make out. Soon they were rubbing together desperately and the impending explosion was nearly simultaneous. 

As their warm sticky boy seed shot up between them, covering their smooth teenage bodies, they continued to kiss deeply and wetly. Eventually Zak pulled away and began licking the mixed spooge from Aidan”s chest and stomach, then moving up he shared the taste with his lover.

Aidan returned the favor and soon both boys were relatively clean except for a light layer of boy spit which quickly dried. Sighing, the two snuggled up and waited for their fast beating hearts to settle down.

“That was fun,” Aidan whispered.

“Yeah, I”m sorry I fell asleep earlier.”

“I”m not, I love  holding you while you sleep. It makes me feel so…so needed.”

“You are my Knight in Shining armor,” Zak said seriously, even though it sounded a bit cheeky.

“I hope I always will be. You know I would do anything for you, right?”

“I know, and I feel the same. I just wish…you know? That I was stronger.”

“You will be, I”m going to make sure you get that self defense training.”

“Yeah, that might help,” Zak sighed, “Mmmm…kind of sleepy again.”

“Me too, snuggle up baby and let”s get some rest.”

The next morning the boys woke to pee boners, and after relieving themselves they showered and got dressed. Jeremy showered upstairs in the bath he shared with Isaac while the other boys showered two at a time in the small but cozy downstairs shower, and the shower wasn”t confined to just getting clean. All three couples took advantage of the closeness and nakedness and did some fooling around as well.

Isaac drove the boys to their respective homes and when he let the twins off at their house he thanked them for letting him do the video. 

“Hey, thank you. Bro, we”re going to have to find some new stuff for you to do and you can sing leads more often.”

“But I don”t want to mess this up for you. After all it was your idea to begin with and your group…”

“Dude, do you think I”m so vain that I would get all jealous cause you can sing some stuff better than me? I”m a little hurt,” he teased, “We”re a group, got that? No one of us is any more important than the other.”

“Yeah, I guess. Well, thanks anyway. There are a lot of things you do that I can”t. Your voice is amazing.”

“If you guys are through with the mutual ego stroking…” Jaden teased.

“Sorry bro, hey…I”ll talk to Jeremy about that kid Rocky and get back with ya”, okay?”

“Yeah, we need to get on that right away. Well, thanks for having us over. We”ll see ya” dude.”

“Later guys,” Isaac said, then he waved as he backed out of the drive.

True to his word, Aidan found a defense class that would accept kids Zak”s age, and though it required a parent”s permission, they had no difficulty convincing Zak”s mom that it was safe, and a good idea. In fact she embraced the idea, and though she was reluctant to let Aidan pay for it, he soon convinced her that Zak earned it because of his help with the group.

The week before school was to begin, Greg and Isaac said their goodbyes at the airport, and Greg headed back to California. It was a sad day for them both, and the boys took Isaac out for pizza and stayed over that night to make sure he wasn”t alone and brooding too much.

He seemed fine after a while, and he and Greg texted that evening and promised to keep in touch. It was tough for both of the boys, but they planned on getting together as often as possible and eventually go to the same college. Aidan wondered if the long distance relationship would last, but he wished them well. Meanwhile he had problems of his own.

Zak”s bully turned out to be a kid named Rocky Cramer, and he lived in a trailer park near the railroad tracks in what could only be considered the bad part of town. Though Aidan didn”t care one way or the other where the kid lived or how much money his folks had, he knew that a lot of kids and adults looked down on folks like that, and he thought that might be part of this kid”s problem. If he was to fix this problem he knew it was necessary to get to know this kid first and then try to reason with him.

And so one warm and sunny day three days before school started, Aidan grabbed his bicycle and pedaled off to confront Rocky Cramer, alone. He had considered taking Jaden with him, but he knew Jaden was a bit of a hot head and was afraid he might just do more harm than good. He was confident he could take care of himself if things got physical, but his hope was that once he talked to this boy he could diffuse the situation and come to some understanding that didn”t include violence.

The trailer was easy to find, it was the first one through the gate and as luck would have it Rocky was sitting on the cement steps out front sipping a Big Gulp. When he saw Aidan he gave him a whithering look and stood.

Aidan rode over slowly, stopping a few feet from the boy and gave him what he hoped was a friendly smile.

“Hi, are you Rocky?”

“Yeah, what”s it to ya”? Hey, I know who you are. You”re that fag boy with that band, aren”t you?”

“I”m Aidan Reynolds, and yes…I belong to a band called Alternate Love.”

“Queer love you mean,” the kid smirked, “What you doin” here anyway, some of your queer fans live over here?”

“I came to talk to you Rocky,” Aidan said simply.

“Me, why? Oh, I know…it”s about that kid Zak, ain”t it?”

“Yes, I don”t appreciate you picking on my friends, and I wanted you to know that me and my other friends don”t tolerate that kind of behavior.”

“Your friends? I don”t see no friends, just you. You think you can take me?”

Aidan sized the boy up. He was chubby, but not fat, and didn”t appear to be too muscular. He was a little taller than Aidan, and broader in the shoulders, but in a fair fight Aidan thought he could hold his own.

“I don”t know. I hope it doesn”t come to that, but…if it does I won”t back down. I”m not afraid of you.”

The kid didn”t know what to think of Aidan. For a fag he seemed pretty sure of himself and a little tough. 

“You should be. Look what I did to your boyfriend.”

OH no he didn”t, Aidan thought as his temper flared for a moment before he could control it.

“My friend is smaller than you and not much of a fighter. Does it make you feel good to beat up little kids?”

“I…umm…he”s not that little…”

“Rocky, look dude. I don”t know you or what”s going on in your world, but I can tell you this, you don”t have to be this way. You can be nice and friendly, and kids will like you, and you won”t miss all this bullshit you hide behind.”

“What do you know about my life?”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing. All I know is you hurt someone I love and I can”t let that happen again. If it takes violence to stop it, then so be it, but I”d rather it didn”t come to that”

“What? You think you can just come over and talk to me and we become friends and play nice?” he laughed.

“I just think that talking is better than fighting, that”s all. I”m just trying to figure out why this happened, and to let you know that it can”t happen again. Me and my friends will see to that.”

“Oh yeah? So you and your faggot buddies are gonna protect the little fag for the rest of his life? Dude, don”t you see that fags aren”t welcome in this world and they”re always gonna get beat down.”

“I”ve never been beat down. I”ve been called names, but no one has ever had the guts to confront me physically. You know why? Because I”m not weak. I can stand up for myself and the bullies know it. And they also know I have a bunch of guys backing me up, and if they take on one of us, they take on all of us. And that”s how it is with Zak. Zak is my boyfriend. If that bothers you that”s your problem, not ours.  Yes, we”re gay, but we don”t go around flaunting it, and it”s really none of yours or anyone else”s business.”

The kid sat back down shaking his head looking angry and dejected, searching for words that his limited vocabulary couldn”t provide, and finally he just sighed. “I won”t bother the little fag again.”

“Do I have your word on that? Will you shake on it?”

“Shake your hand?” he snorted, “I won”t catch anything will I?” he said almost humorously.

“Naw, it”s not contagious. Come on, if you really mean it, then shake on it, and I”ll accept you as a man of your word.”

“Okay, okay, don”t get your panties in a wad,” he said extending his pudgy hand.

Aidan shook his hand firmly, but didn”t let the handshake go on for too long, and when he did let go he laughed as Rocky wiped his hand on his dirty jeans as if he might indeed catch something.

“I”m just curious,” Aidan said, not willing to let it go yet, “Who made you think this way? Was it your friends, your folks? Someone had to put these ideas in your head.”

“Everyone knows being gay is wrong. The Bible says so,” Rocky muttered.

“Oh, so you learned that in church then?”

“Well, no, we don”t go to church much,” he said looking away, “but I”ve heard people say that.”

“Oh, and what about your folks. What do they think about gays?”

“My dad hates em”, my mom is dead,” he said looking forlorn.

“I”m sorry, about your mom, I mean. That must”ve been hard for both you and your dad.”

“It was a long time ago,” he said softly, “I don”t remember her much.”

“Still it must be hard growing up without a mom. My mom is my biggest fan. Not that my dad doesn”t support me too, but mom”s just seem to get that stuff better than dads.”

“All my old man ever does is yell at me. He don”t support shit.”

“I”m sorry for that too, but you don”t have to let him control your thoughts and emotions. You can be who you want to be and learn about things for yourself. Like gays, we”re not really all that different than straights. At the GSA we have all kinds of kids, straight, gay, bi, trans, and curious,” he added smiling. “It”s a place where we can get together and learn to live together, even if we are different. You should come some time.”

“Me at a fag meeting?” he snorted.

“We”re not all gay. There are even a few guys from the football team who come with their girlfriends. We have a lot of fun and I promise you, we aren”t trying to turn anyone gay. We”re just trying to be kids, and learn to embrace each others differences.”

“Do they have food there?”

“As a matter of fact someone each week is designated to bring snacks for the group. We usually have cookies and punch, sometimes cake and soda. It depends on who”s providing the snack that week. This week we”re having Pizza, the kid who”s bringing it, his dad owns a pizza parlor.”

“I might show up, just for the eats,” he said shrugging.

“Great, and hey Rocky. Thanks.”

“For what?”

“For talking to me and not beating me down,” Aidan said grinning.

The grin was contagious, and Rocky was certainly a lot cuter when he was smiling.

“You”re welcome, but if I was you I”d go now before my dad gets home. He might not like having a f… a you hanging around.” Rocky almost said fag, but at the last moment pulled his foot out of his mouth.

“Okay, I need to get back anyway. My brother Jaden will be wondering where I ran off to. So, I have your word. You won”t bother Zak again?”

“I shook on it, didn”t I? My word is good.”

“I knew it would be. You seem like a straight up dude. We just need to work on the prejudice thing.”

Rocky rolled his eyes, but he was still smiling, “You know it took a lot of guts to come over here alone and talk to me. I respect that. Maybe you”re not so bad after all.”

“Thanks, I think that once you get to know me and my gang you”ll have a whole different outlook on things. Well, I better be going. Think about what I said, and if you really want to see what it”s all about come to the GSA meeting. Our first meeting this year will be Wednesday in the library right after school.”

“Okay, I”ll think about it.”

“That”s all I can ask. Well, see ya” Rocky, and thanks again for being so reasonable.”

Rocky snorted, but he didn”t dispute Aidan”s word. “Yeah see ya”.”

As Aidan rode off Rocky settled back on the front porch and replayed the encounter in his mind. He couldn”t believe how bold this kid was, or how he”d turned things around and got him to even consider going to the GSA thing. Boy, I must be slipping, he thought. Or could it be possible that I”ve been hating those guys all this time for no reason? He shrugged and closed his eyes. Soon his old man would be home and that was no fun. If he didn”t want to spend the whole evening bringing his dad beers, he”d better split now.

He went inside and grabbed a worn ball cap and took a much needed piss before checking himself in the mirror. He”d never considered himself cute or even handsome, and he”d always had a weight problem, which only added to his low self esteem.

He attributed his shortcomings for his lack of friends, and the fact that he was dirt poor and lived in a run down trailer part didn”t help either. He wasn”t good at sports or anything physical, and in fact the only thing he felt he was half way good at was playing the guitar. 

His uncle on his dad”s side had given him one of his old guitars and taught him to play it when he was 10 years old, and he had been playing ever since. He could get lost for hours in his music, and only when he was playing and singing was he truly happy. But he had to be careful around his dad. Many times his dad had told him music was a waste of time and that he should be playing football or some other sport and trying to make something of himself.

On impulse he grabbed his guitar and slung it over his shoulder and headed to the park that was near the High School. It was a long walk, but it gave Rocky time to think about things.

“You did what?” Jaden said hotly as Aidan filled him in on what had happened at Rocky”s, “Of all the crazy things…bro, are you crazy? You”re tough, but that kid is bigger and meaner. You should have took me along to clean his clock.”

“That”s why I didn”t bring you, because of your temper. I never felt threatened or worried the whole time I was there. I think Rocky just needs a friend, that”s all. His dad is all he has, and from what he told me, he”s no prize. His mom died, and even though he said it was a long time ago, I think he misses her a lot. We had a good talk and he might even come to the GSA meeting. Isn”t that better than kicking his ass?”

“I guess, but how do you know you can trust him?”

“Cause we shook on it.”

Jaden laughed, “You shook on it. Oh my God, how lame is that?”

“It”s not lame at all. When you think about it all a guy has is his word. If he goes around breaking promises he has nothing. I looked into this kid”s eyes, and I”m telling you, he”s the kind of person that will keep his word. He”s also the kind of person who says what he means, and if he”d meant to go after Zak again, bakırköy travesti he would have told me even if it meant he got beat up.”

“Sometimes I worry about you. You”re too trusting.”

“Ha, we”re the same way there. Look at what you did for Jimmy, just by trusting him.”

“Well, that was different. I loved the kook, so it was easy to manipulate him,” Jaden chuckled.

“And he loved you, and that helped a lot. I”m just hoping that we can at least make friends with Rocky, and maybe we can save another kid some grief down the road.”

“Well, I”m still gonna keep my eyes open, and if this creep comes after Zak or anyone else, it”s bammmm…right on the snozzolla.”

“Snozzolla?” Aidan laughed, “You been watching those wacky old comedy shows again.”

“Hey, The Three Stooges are classic, and they ain”t got nothing on us.”

“Yeah, well. Just work with me on this one, okay? Right now I”m gonna call Zak and tell him the good news.”

After talking to Zak for a half hour he went in to find Jaden watching a movie and looking bored.

“Let”s do something,” Aidan said, “We only have a couple days till school starts. Let”s ride over to the park by the High School and shoot some hoops or something.”

“Yeah, okay, this movie sucks. What time will mom and dad be home?”

“Seven I think. Zak and Jimmy will be over at 8 to spend the night, and then tomorrow we”re all going to go to the Sports Complex.”

“Yeah, one last fling,” Jaden sighed as he hopped up off the couch.

A few minutes later they were on their bikes and off to the Park, just about the same time Rocky was arriving. After finding a shady spot in which to sit down, Rocky unslung his guitar and settled in to enjoy some alone time.

His fingers played across the keyboard of the guitar effortlessly, and after a few minutes he began to sing in a voice that was somewhat deep for a boy his age, but he had an amazing range which allowed him to sing just about any song he chose.

This one was an old James Taylor tune, You”ve Got a Friend, and as his voice lifted onto the warm summer air it carried across the park.

“When you”re down and you”re troubled, and you need a helping hand, and no one, no one is there to care, you just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I”ll come running, to see you again……..Winter spring, summer, and fall, all you got to do is call, and I”ll be there…yeah, yeah, yeah…you”ve got a friend….

“Do you hear that?” Aidan said, his ears perking up at the sounds of music wafting across the park, “Are they having some kind of music festival around here?”

“Naw, listen, it”s just one guy. Over there, under that tree. Just a guy and a guitar. Looks like some kid, but he sure can play and sing.”

“J….that”s him, that”s Rocky,” Aidan said in shock.

“The kid who beat up Zak? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I”m positive. Oh  man, I had no idea he was so talented. See J, it just goes to show that once you try to get to know someone you discover all sorts of cool things.”

“Should we go over there?”

“Not yet, let”s let him play for a while. We”ll shoot some hoops and see if he notices us.”

The basketball court was just across the park from the grove of trees where Rocky sat playing and singing, but he seemed to be oblivious of the boys or anyone else around him as he launched into another tune, this one a guitar version of Light my Fire, in the style of Jose Feliciano.

“You know that I would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar. If I was to say to you, girl we couldn”t get no higher. Come on baby light my fire, come on baby light my fire. Try to set the world on fire….”

“Oh my God, J…he is amazing. I can”t stand to wait any longer, we have to go over there. I want to put him on our YouTube channel if he”ll let me.”

“Dude, he”s supposed to be our enemy,” Jaden laughed, “and you want to make him famous,” he chuckled.

“I don”t like having enemies, in case you haven”t noticed, I”d rather have lots and lots of friends. Come on.”

Rocky finally noticed the two headed his way, but not before they were almost upon him. He finished the song just as they came withing speaking distance and then he laid down the guitar and glared up at them.

“It”s you, times two,” he laughed, “Are you stalking me?”

“This is Jaden, my twin, Jaden this is Rocky.”

“Hey man, nice licks on the guitar and your voice is epic,” Jaden said, keeping it friendly for Aidan”s sake.

“It”s the only thing I”m good at,” Rocky mumbled.

“Well, if I could only have one thing, that would be a good one, I promise you,” Aidan said, “Has anyone ever told you just how good you are? I mean you could go pro with a voice like that.”

“Naw, I”m not that good,” Rocky said blushing.

“Yeah, man you are. Look, in case you just think Aidan is laying it on thick to make friends, listen to me instead. I don”t really like you man, I”ll be honest. I hate bullies and Zak is a good friend of mine and my bro”s BF, so part of me wants to take the guitar away from you and break it over your head, but…the other part is amazed at how good you really are at that thing. You can trust me when I say, you are very talented.”

Rocky didn”t know exactly how to reply. Besides his dad and his uncle no one had ever heard him play. He played and sang for himself, to quiet the beasts inside him, and to escape his life for a short time. Maybe he was good, but what use was it?”

“Thanks. I know you guys are in the music business so I guess you oughta” know.”

“That”s another thing,” Aidan said laying his bike down, “Can I sit down?”

“It”s a free park…”

Aidan sat, but Jaden remained standing, still wary of the older boy, and ready to strike if the need arose.

“I have a YouTube Channel, and I”d like to make a video of you singing and playing the guitar and post it there. What do you think?”

Rocky sat there, his mouth hanging wide open as his brain tried to process all these new feelings coursing through him. Was it possible he really did have talent, that maybe he wasn”t the worthless waste of space his dad always said he was? And why would these boys want to help him after what he had done to that friend of theirs? Did he want to get involved with a bunch of fags? No, that wasn”t the right word, gays, he guessed was a better word. But weren”t a lot of musicians gay? Not all of them, but some of them. He knew that glitzy guy Elton John was, and he did some kick ass music. And Freddy Mercury, he was boss and he liked guys. He guessed who you liked to fuck didn”t affect how good you could play and sing. Maybe it was worth a shot. Maybe he”d get a girlfriend out of the deal, and maybe his old man would finally admit that he wasn”t a worthless piece of shit.

“I don”t know dude, that”s a lot to think about.”

“I”m sorry, that was kind of sudden, but it”s just that when I heard you playing, and OH MY GOD, your voice is so perfect. I got cold chills just listening to you. Why don”t you just think about it for awhile. It doesn”t have to be right away. Maybe there”s a special song you”d like to do, something that means something to you.”

“I…well, my favorite song is Wicked Game. I, ummm…I heard you guys do that one, and I decided to do it my way.”

“Can we hear it?” Aidan said, hoping he wasn”t pressing too hard.

“I guess, but could you not look at me when I sing. Just ummm, turn around or something. It makes me nervous when people look at me while I”m singing.”

“No problem,” Aidan said spinning around to face Jaden who was looking amused, but willing to do what was needed. 

As Jaden stretched out beside his brother he took it one step further and lay down on the soft grass and closed his eyes. 

“Good idea,” Aidan said as he joined his brother, flat on his back, gazing up at the canopy of leaves above them.

As the opening rifts began Aidan closed his eyes and listened with rapture. Surely this boy had to know how good he was. Was it possible no one had ever heard him play and sing before now?

After the musical introduction Rocky cocked his head and began to sing: “World was on fire, and no one could save me like you. Strange what desire will make foolish people do. I never dreamed that I”d meet somebody like you, and I never dreamed that I”d lose somebody like you. No….I….wanna fall in love…”

Tears stung Aidan”s eyes as he listened to the boy sing. The words were coming straight from his heart and as they spilled out he felt that he understood the sadness and loneliness the boy had endured all his life. The raw talent this boy possessed was a rare thing, and his rendition was full of emotion and feeling that few artists were capable of.

When the song ended and those final words rang out “No one, loves no one….”

Aidan wiped at his eyes and rolled up to a sitting position and he noticed Jaden”s eyes looked wet as well.

“That was the most amazing thing I ever heard or experienced,” Aidan said choking back his emotions, “That”s the one you need to post on YouTube. You will have a thousand likes in the first ten minutes, I promise you.”

“I”ll think about it,” but in his mind he was already thinking about how he would do it for the video. He figured the boys had all the right equipment to make the video and it would be done professionally. What would he wear? he wondered. His clothes weren”t exactly fit for that kind of thing, but he”d figure out something.

“That”s all I can ask. Well, we”ve bothered you long enough, but there is one more thing I”d like to ask before we go.”

“Uh, what”s that?”

“I wondered if we could sing something together?”

“Oh, well…I”m not used to that, but if you know a good song I could probably make it work.”

“How about something simple, something made for guitar, how about Fire and Rain?”

“I like that one, I”ll start and you just jump in I guess and follow along,” Rocky said taking charge.

“No problem, go for it.”

When Rocky began singing Aidan joined right in, harmonizing perfectly, and the blend was spine tingling. Rocky”s deep alto and Aidan”s tenor blended perfectly, and as their voices drifted across the park it caught the attention of a few others who paused to listen and enjoy the music.

When the song ended Jaden began to clap, and the smile that filled his face melted Rocky”s resolve.

“When would we do this?”

“I”ll  have to get with my buddies Jeremy and Isaac. It would be at their house because we have all the equipment there. Do you have a cell phone? If so we can swap numbers and I can let you know.”

“I got this,” Rocky said handing Aidan one of those prepaid phones that Walmart sold.

“Perfect,” Aidan said, quickly adding his number to Rocky”s short list of contacts.

“Okay, now, call me and I”ll add you.”

Once that was accomplished Aidan gave Rocky a smile and the boy smiled back.

“Okay, well…we”ll leave you alone now. We”re expecting company tonight and I”ll be sure to call my friends and set something up for the video shoot. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon.”

“Uh, okay, bye and…ummm…thanks.”

“Wow, I didn”t expect that,” Jaden said looking over at his brother as they rode away.

“Just goes to show, you can”t judge a book by the cover,” Aidan laughed.

“Oh please, you sound like mom and dad, but I get it. Who would have thought a big lug like that could sing with such feeling?”

“I have a feeling Rocky has some feelings inside him that are dying to get out. Maybe this will be good for him. Maybe he”ll make some new friends that will be supportive.”

“Like us?” Jaden laughed, “I can already see where this is headed. If he wasn”t a grade ahead of us I”m sure you”d invite him to our table.”

“Well, yeah. Would that be so bad?”

“Naw, I”m just bustin” your balls. I kind of like the guy in a weird sort of way. I can”t wait to see what the others think of him, but if I were you I don”t think I”d parade him around Zak or Jason just yet.”

“Hmmm…maybe you”re right. For now we”ll keep this between us and the other guys in the band.”

“Yeah, and tonight is just us and our baes and we are gonna partee like rock stars,” Jaden laughed.

“Yeah, well…I guess we are kind of like rock stars, so that”s fitting.”

“Yeah, except we don”t drink or smoke dope,” Jaden laughed.

“That”s cause we”re smart rock stars.” Aidan said grinning.

End Chapter 30

 Zak, a victim once again, but soon he will be able to kick but with the best of them. And his bully turns out to be a misunderstood boy with tons of talent. Can the boys harvest that talent and put Rocky on the right road? Rocky Road…get it…lol. 

NOTE: This chapter is much shorter than previous chapters and going forward that is my plan, to write shorter chapters and post more often to make it easier for the readers to keep up to date on the story. As always I welcome your emails.

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At Awesome Dude: The Secret Life of Nerds

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