The Seduction Ch. 01

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I definitely enjoyed my time with her. Her womanly scent, soft voice and the soft hand I was holding made me dread the night to end. Neither of us wanted so go back, but we had to. At 3am, and another day ahead, we had no choice.

We did not say a word as we still held our hands together inside the elevator; We just simply enjoyed each other’s presence. I wanted to put my lips on her soft cheek so much. I wanted to kiss her soft breasts that were so within my reach. I wanted to own her. Gosh, I was lusting for her.

I didn’t know what got into me as I put my lips on her soft cheek.

“Thank You,” she smiled, somewhat surprised by my move. Here I was, a conservative Asian man kissing a woman I only knew for 2 days.

We walked back to her room, still hand in hand.

“Lisa, can I be a man and give you a proper good bye kiss?” I asked, much to my own surprise.

Her eyes told me the answer. Holding on to her hands, I kissed her on the cheek close to her lips, and stayed there, smelling and feeling her.

“Thank you for tonight,” I whispered to her.

She replied with her own kiss. I made a bold step and moved my lips slightly and landed on her lips. I kissed her softly for fear that she would reject my advances. My lips were on hers for about 20 seconds before she broke the silence.

“Greg, this will be the limit between us. I’m a married woman after all.” She carefully whispered into my mouth.

“Then let’s kiss a little longer.” I urged.

I did not want it to end. I kissed her as softly as I could, but she moved closer to me each time I took a step back. Then in unison, we both moved forward. It was the first time we had a strong and hard kiss.

I could not control my feelings now as I stuck out my tongue and plunged deep inside her hot mouth. She returned my advances by sucking my lips and tongue and hugged me close to her. The kiss got vigorous and hot.

It was supposed to be only a good bye kiss.

She seemed to realize that, made a sigh and broke the kiss. She was obviously hot and flustered; She was beginning to sweat, her face was bright red and her hair was a mess. I knew she was horny and wanted more. Her nipples were pointing out of her top, calling for them to be pinched and used. It was not difficult to notice that she had no bra on all the time. They were tempting my mouth to be on them. She saw me staring at them but made no actions to cover herself up. In one quick movement, I bent over to Travesti give her right nipple a hard suck thru her shirt. I sucked as hard as I could.

“Ah! Grre…ggg…” She jumped up and nearly screamed. I was shocked by her strong body reaction to the teasing of her nipples. Seeing how pleasured she was, I continued to lick and suck her nipple and pinched the other. She pushed my head away with one hand, yet in deep pleasure, jerked her body aggressively and hugged me tightly with her other hand. I began to pull down her top. In front of me were two very soft and white C cup-sized breasts. They sagged a little and I reckon they normally sag more had it not been her hard nipples.

I gave one a hard lick and suck, and lifted her ass off the ground, pressing her to the wall. Her nipples felt so hard and wet in my mouth. Her eyes were closed in obvious pleasure, sucking and grasping for air. I began to dig into her pocket, found her keys and how I managed to unlock her doors, I don’t know. We fall onto the bed with me on top of her, still sucking on her beautiful breasts. She seemed worried and confused about the situation, for she had warned me previously not to go further than a kiss.

I climbed up to kiss her lips before she could even talk. In a sneaky movement, I tried to pull off her long pants, and at the same time, fighting with her unwilling hands for control. She was not difficult to overcome, for she had one weakness – her nipples. Her hands moved to push my head away from her chest as soon as I attacked them, giving me opportunity to pull off her pants. Jerking her body up and down from the pleasure only helped the situation. There I was, with my semi-naked tour guide in the foreign country.

“No……. No… Greg… I can’t……please…” She was almost destroyed. Tears fell down her cheek as I stopped all my seduction. I did not want her to feel sad. Nor did I want her to regret. I would never rape a woman and did not plan to change that.

“Lisa, tell me you don’t want this and I will leave immediately.”

She was now breathing now, trying to compose herself. After 30 seconds of non-reply, I got impatient and proceeded to kiss my way down between her legs. She was so hot and wet, I swear she was. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. I pulled her panties aside and pressed one finger against her clit and rubbed lightly. She did not move much, seemingly focused not to be pleasured.

Then I rubbed her pussy harder, Ankara Travesti putting in one finger, then two. Although all my twenty-three years I have not had much luck with woman, I knew for a fact that Lisa was tight, very tight. She was beginning to feel the effects of my finger fucking and responded with soft moans and body jerks, but not as vigorous as having her nipples sucked. She was still fighting with her inner feelings.

After 2 minutes of love making with my fingers, she finally broke the silence.

“Greg… will you promise that this is how far we will go? Will you promise me that you will leave after this?” She asked sincerely.

“Lisa, if that’s what you want, yes. I will not do anything against your wish.”

Like a machine, I fucked her pussy with my fingers fast and deep. She got wetter and hotter. So was I, as I took off all my clothes and carried on thrusting my fingers in and out her. Her hands held onto my head and her legs wrapped around me. She jerked her hips forward for her pussy to anticipate my thrusting fingers, as she moaned uncontrollably. She smelt so good. It wasn’t long that I put my tongue into her pussy for the first time. She gave me the same strong vigorous body movement as before as I flicked my tongue on her clit and squeezed her tits . Suddenly, she was silent and was hardly breathing.

Then she squirted.

“ughhhh…. Cumming……” she groaned, trying to keep her volume down.

I was shocked, but flattered. My only ex-girlfriend of three years never had such intense reactions to my fucking.

After one minute of hard breathing she finally spoke.

“Greg… oh Greg… that was the best orgasm I’ve had for years.”

“Lisa… you are such an amazing woman,” I said. She wetted my stomach, chest and the bed. I tasted two fingers. She tasted better than my ex-girlfriend.

She said nothing but only hugged me closely to her. Giving her the oral work and trying to keep her on her bed was tiring. We laid for ten minutes or so before I started to climb on top of her again.

She seemed to know what was to come next. She lifted her upper body for me to pull her top off over her head. I kissed her mouth, thanking her approval. Then I stepped back, kneeled between her and took a good look at her. An awfully sexy woman she was – very soft, white, and gentle. I pressed my rock hard cock at the entrance of her pussy, against the soft material of her silk panties. She İstanbul Travesti lifted her legs straight, pointing to the ceiling, hinting at me to take her last piece of clothing off, which I obliged. This was a moment I never thought could happen. Emotionally, I hugged her tight as we both knew we were about to sin soon. We were about to commit adultery.

“Lisa, are you sure?”

“I was not sure till you did that to me. I would regret for the rest of my life if we don’t do it now. Greg, put your cock inside me,” she whispered. That was what I needed to hear.

My cock was already rock hard at the entrance of her pussy. In one forward motion, I plunged into her for the first time. Although she was tight, her wetness made it an easy stroke in. It was an incredible feeling to be inside of her. She hugged me tightly against her. I could feel and hear her heart beat, breathing, and soft moans. The faster and deeper I plunged, the harder her breathing and louder her moans.

“Greg… You are soo. ..oo…. bigggohhhh…..” She groaned.

I wasn’t big. I am only six inches, though I am quite thick. But I guess her husband was much smaller for her to feel that way.

“Lisa… how can you be married and still be so tight… baby ah…. Shit…” I cried, realizing I was about to cum. I quickly pulled out and was grateful that I pulled back just in time. Lisa sighed in relief. As I carried on fucking her, she answered my previous question.

“Because this is my first fuck in 2 months. I am always at work traveling with the tour groups. We hardly get together anymore. Ahh… Greg… Greg… slower… Go longer… I don’t want this to end so fast.”

I slowed down as she requested, enjoying the wet strokes and her tightness against my cock. She is the kind of lover any man would crave for – gentle, soft and tight. She is a real woman. She was mine.

I went in and out faster and deeper in missionary style as time went by. She moaned loudly, calling my name at times to go slower. She was beginning to lose control of herself. She must have orgasmed 3 or 4 times as I nearly went deaf from her screams. I was soon reaching my own climax……

“Lisa… baby… I think I’m going to cum…” I cried.

That only made her push my cock deeper into her – I could not pull out of her. She wanted me to explode all my juices into her hot pussy which I did, as we both cherished the moment – our first orgasm together. We both took 3 minutes to recover from the intense pleasure, obviously tired.

There we were, hot, wet, sticky and sweating from our romp.

“Lisa… can I be a man and give you a good night kiss?” I smiled.

She laughed, and we kissed as we hugged to sleep.

0530 hours.

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