The Sex-Factor

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Asshole Fucked

I called it the sex-factor. You know how some men (and women for that matter) just seem to ooze sex. You can be just chatting to them and all you can think about is what they’d feel like inside of you.

Anyway I’d know him for years. He was nearly double my age but didn’t look or act it. He had a great fit body and was just so damn sexy, he had that elusive sex-factor. He owned a local metal work business and I’d call around every so often to share a cup of coffee and have a chat. We could and did talk about everything. We were both married but I always picked up the feeling that he was attracted to me.

It was a couple of weeks ago at about 10 in the morning when I called around to see him. I’d dressed up – neat clothing, make-up and had straightened my hair. I had my favourite set of lingerie on. I’m not a skinny woman – I had curves and I always tried to play them up, nice tits, round hips and a small waist, a classic hourglass and it made the guys go crazy. His workers were all out at a building site for the day so it was just him there. He had his overalls half pulled down and was wearing a nice tight white singlet, you could see his nipple ring pressing through it.

We sat down and started chatting, I mentioned that I had a new piercing – a horizontal clitoris hood. He was fascinated, asking me where it went, Maltepe travesti what it felt like. The glint in his eyes showed me he was getting turned on. I took a deep breath, looked him in the eyes and said, “Would you like me to show you?” He wasn’t as surprised as I thought he would be – I think he’d been angling towards it since I first told him. “Sure, we can go into the toilets and shut the door” The thought of his wife crossed my mind but I figured she was his problem, not mine (plus I really didn’t like her). As for my husband – we had a fairly open marriage and he knew I’d always wanted to do this.

I followed him and was already wet when he turned and shut the door behind me. I looked down and unbuttoned my jeans. I was wearing heels so I pulled them off and shrugged my underwear down with my jeans. There was no where to sit so I leant back against the cold tile wall and held myself open for him. He crouched down in front of me and used a finger to lift the ring. As he did his finger grazed my clit and I bit my lip as I gasped.

He looked up at me with the darkness in his eyes that men get when they know they own you, then he leaned forward and ran his tongue up my slit. I fell forwards and had to grab his shoulder to keep myself upright. Oh God that felt good, I heard a moan leave my throat. He Ümraniye travesti kept his tongue on my clit while his hand started to rub along my opening, getting enough wetness spread on his fingers to start to slowly ease one into me. I swung a leg over his shoulder to open myself more fully to him and pushed into his mouth. Fuck that felt incredible. He pulled his finger out and then eased two up in its place, curving them to hit my g-spot. I looked down and the visual of him doing me was enough to start me coming, I convulsed and dug my fingers into his arms. Good thing we were the only people on the building because I wasn’t quiet!

He abruptly stood up and I had to push my hands to the wall to steady myself. I watched as he stripped, nice naturally muscular body and a great dick. It was hard and stood out from his body, a bit longer than average and nice and thick. He pushed me up against the wall and I wrapped my hand around him, yep definitely thicker than average! He kissed his way up my neck while he unbuttoned my top and exposed me, pulling my tits out of my bra; he ran his hands over them, making me arch when he pulled my nipples. He lifted my leg up and I wrapped it around his waist. I lined his cock up and he started to push into me. Oh fuck, I stretched but he was too big, too wide. I opened Tuzla travesti my mouth to ask him to slow down when he shoved it into me.

It was what I needed to start me coming again. He ground me against the wall as he built up momentum and started fucking me for all he was worth. My fingernails raked down his back and I bit his shoulder to stop me from screaming. It felt like my orgasm would never stop. A deep groan came from him and I thought he must have come when he stopped and pulled out of me but he turned me around and bent me over at the waist. I grabbed hold of the sink while he stood behind and entered me again. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and started fucking me again. He rubbed his thumb up and down in the juices around his cock and slid it into my arse. Oh wow, I love it when men do that! I had been riding the edge of pain and pleasure from the hair pulling and hard fucking and that was enough to set me off again. I could hear him start to come behind me.

He slowed down to a stop and let go of my hair. He ran his hands down my back and cupped my hips before he slowly pulled out of me. My pussy was still pulsing from the aftershocks of my orgasms and I could feel his come run down my leg. As he helped me stand then kissed me gently on the lips I realized he hadn’t spoken a word to me since we had went into the bathroom. He helped me get dressed since my legs were jelly and I stumbled out to the car and left.

I’ve been and seen him since but there has always been someone else around. I think today is his workers off-site day though so maybe I should go and visit………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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