The Skittles

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The little round candies lying on his tummy reflected the sun light pouring through the window. I lined the little red, orange, yellow, green and purple candies along his chest, down from his chin to just above his cock. Placing a pattern of colored sugar over his body before slowly one by one licking them up.

When he chuckled at my antics they bounced and rolled along his muscles and down his sides, a rainbow glittering over our bed. I laughed as he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me up to him, pressing my chest to his, pulling me down to kiss him gently.

I could feel the skittles between us, little cold sensations of sugar goodness squished between us slowly warming to our body heat. I crawled off him and around him, searching around his naked body looking for my lost candies. He picked one out from next to his waist nearly lost in the wrinkle of the sheets. Holding the tiny lost green skittle to me, when I reached to take it he popped into his mouth keeping it between his teeth; his eyes daring me to take it.

I growled as I leaned forward, licking his bottom lip before slowly deepening the kiss till my tongue slid into his mouth wrestling for the skittle. His hand moved down my back to grab my ass as I wiggled it in the bright afternoon sunshine. When at last I claimed my candy, I sat up looking proudly down at him, my eyes sparkling in my victory.

He leaned back, crossing his arms behind his head smiling up at me. We stared at each other for a moment, Erenköy travesti silently laughing at ourselves. When he arrived, I had dragged him from the front door to my room, grabbing my bag of skittles from the coffee table on the way. We had been in my room for nearly 2 days now, leaving occasionally for the restroom and food.

I collected all the skittles I could find putting them back in the little cup I keep by my bed for them. Sighing happily as I lay back my head on his chest. We talked for hours happy to finally be with one other.

Just after the sun had set, he reached over and grabbed a skittle, running it over my bottom lip before letting it fall between my teeth. I chewed and sucked on the little candy before turning over and licking my way across his stomach and then running my lips and teeth up his chest to his neck and jaw.

He kissed me back just as gently, one hand sliding down my back and ass till it cupped me from behind, the other hand moving past my neck and the collar that was wrapped around it, nesting itself into my long hair.

Our bodies rubbed each other, his cupped hand sliding a finger along my slit, gently massaging my clit, making me wet and wanting again. He growled as I pulled away. I walked over to the door picking up the sheet I had dropped to floor, wrapping it around my body.

He watched me open the door and I stuck my tongue out at him as I ducked through. Closing the door so my room mates wouldn’t see the Beşiktaş travesti naked male on my bed I wondered through the house to the kitchen. I smiled and waved to the roomie on the computer, and the one on the couch cuddling with her boyfriend watching T.V. She laughed as I went scurrying by in my roman attire.

Reaching the kitchen I stole two bagels, a tub of cream cheese and some juice from the fridge.

“There is life in that room!” the roomie on the couch calls out as scuttle past her

“Was there any doubt? Or should we turn up the volume?” I looked at her, a little mischievous grin slowly appearing on my face.

They all laugh as I make my way back in my room. Making a little picnic on my bed I put together our bagels while he poured the juice. I held half a bagel up for him; he bit off a piece and watched me as I licked my other finger clean. I shook my head no and smiled when he tried to grab me.

Talking some more we finished the small dinner and after placing the stuff on the floor near my stereo, I climbed up into his lap straddling him. He showed me his finger, cream cheese on it. I smiled, taking it into my mouth to lick and suck clean.

Growling he took a hold of my collar and the back of my head by my hair, pulling me down to his cock. I purr as I wrap my hand around the base, licking my lips and then licking the shaft from balls to head. Flicking the tip of my tongue over the sensitive spot just below the head and then Avcılar travesti around the ridge before taking just the head into my mouth.

Playing my tongue around and over, up and down the head, he groans and tightens his hold on my hair pulling my mouth down his cock. Letting the tip run along the ridge of the roof my mouth, deep throating, to kiss the base and sucking my way off it. I purr and lick him as if his throbbing cock is the next best thing to a lollypop.

Before to long I can feel his hips twitch and his hand clenches so tightly it feels as though he means to pull my hair out of my head. I moan with him still deep in my throat. He pulls me off, holding me over his ready to burst cock, my hand never letting go. I look down watching the lines on his stomach as I lower down onto his cock taking all of it in to my wet hole.

Ridding him I watch as his back arches lifting me up, I can tell he’s trying to hold back, to wait for me; I grab his hand bring it to my hip where his fingers dig into my skin, biting deep.

My head swirls as I find my release matching him, feeling his cock pulse with in me, filling me. My back arches as the flame reaches out along my limbs my legs shaking. One hand grabs his stomach, the other back on his thigh holding me up. As my head rolls forward his hands grab me, pulling me gently down on to him. I wince as he slides out of me, our juices running down my thigh.

I lay next to him until I can move again, grabbing the towel on the floor to wipe both myself and him off. Curling up in the crook of his arm, I snuggle and yawn, my warm breath heating his skin. As my eyes close, drifting off to sleep, he holds a skittle to my lips. I dart my tongue out to snatch it, smiling as I fall asleep in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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