The Special Visit

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Disclaimer all parties are age of consent. This is a work of fiction.

Part 1- Promising starts

Nothing came easier to Marcus than getting a new client. Since 2009, he had managed to take advantage of the housing bubble burst and carved out a moderately successful financial firm. The last year had its ups and downs, but Marcus couldn’t complain, there were always clients to help, and funds to invest and as an up and coming hotshot, he was clearly starting to make a name for himself in the business.

There are always certain clients that an advisor would stab a colleague over. These were usually the nuveau riche that liked to flash everything they had for a good spell and blowing everything faster than could be replenished. If ever a person needed an advisor, these were the ones to get. Charles Cavitte was different. Old Charlie was a dream client. Intelligent, resourceful, and he understood the value of an advisor. Marcus was constantly ear to the ground for Charlie. Word was, Charlie was looking for a new advisor after Johnson retired. Sure, he came by often, and they would chat about the current market, or family. Marcus was hungry for Charlie’s business. Caroline, Marcus’s wife, grew up with Charlie’s family, and was like a second daughter. Though Marcus never got to meet all of Charlie’s family, he knew the old man had a large one. Six children, all in all. It was comically considered their Louisiana plantation tradition, an endearment made due to Charlie’s family connection to slavery in the 1800’s where they spent more time expanding their family than actually working slaves producing cotton. An admitted creole Octaroon, Charlie had the caramel skin, wide grin, and hazel eyes. From Caroline’s description, they all had the trademark smooth dark skin and almost ageless beauty.

She was very fond of them, but Marcus would never ask her to procure their business for himself. Caroline, with her dark blonde hair, dark blue eyes and pale skin, was a direct contrast to Marcus and his espresso skin. No one would ever see the Cajun in her, but they sure saw the Haitian in him. They were a striking couple, together since they were in school, Marcus knew every part of her, and deeply appreciated her body that she was somehow always self-conscious to show off. Just thinking about her round breasts in that thin t-shirt started to get him hard.

As Caroline entered the office, Marcus caught sight of one of the most striking women he had ever had the pleasure of viewing. Cappuccino skin, golden green hazel eyes, flowing curls, delicate chin, full lips. Upon seeing her, a small sound came out of his mouth. Was it a gasp? A grunt? If they heard it, no one let on.

“Marcus, Charlie’s daughter, Jasmine is in town from London for the week. I asked her to stay with us, dear. Do you mind?” Caroline pleaded.

Pretending to contemplate the idea, Marcus put the tip of his index finger to his temple. “Well baby, of course. I’ve never met your good friend before. Jasmine, a pleasure to meet you. What brings you to Baton Rouge?”

“I’m handling some family business and will be moving here sometime in the near future. Thank you so very much for having me here, darlin. I will do my very best not to impose, it’s just so nice to get to spend time with Caroline, we have…so much… to catch up on”

Jasmine’s voice was light and had that characteristic creole twang to it. It made Marcus’s blood turn hot hearing the honey flow from her lips. The way Jasmine looked at Caroline, anyone could see the love these two had for one another. It made Marcus feel twinges of guilt for his body’s response to Jasmine’s arrival, and jealous for the friendship Caroline kept hidden for so long. This would prove problematic for the fidelity of his union with Caroline.

Caroline saw the bulge forming in Marcus’s pants and honestly couldn’t blame him. Jasmine was definitely from another planet with her looks and intelligence. She admired her friend very much and had always been fond of her power over the opposite sex. As for Marcus? She trusted her husband with everything she had.

” Ok we need to go, see you later tonight, hunny” Giving him a quick peck on the cheek and a subtle tap on his new tent, she headed out.

Jasmine looked down at what Caroline tapped and nodded her head in approval before she turned around and left home with her best friend.

Marcus kissed his wife goodbye and got back to work. There were a couple of new clients who needed annuities and one needed a college account. The proposals were already waiting to bind and deliver. Packing up the day’s work, Marcus noticed on the floor there was a ring he had never seen before. Golden triangles with diamonds. ‘That must have been from Caroline’, he thought to himself, picking up the ring and putting it in his pocket.

The drive home was peaceful. Baton Rouge was known for its beautiful weeping willows, cyprus, and bayous. All his life, this was home. Spicy foods and eclectic music, there Ataköy travesti was always a plethora of color to be seen and culture to be experienced. There was no other place like it in the world. Marcus pulled into the driveway and got out his case.

” There’s something missing in here, where’s my client list?!!” He exclaimed.

The list contained some of his highest grossing clients, with emails and phone numbers attached. If someone got that information, his credibility could be destroyed in an instant.

“Fuck Damn Shit, now what?!!” “Calm down Marcus, you left it on your desk, more than likely”.

The words he spoke to himself provided little comfort as he walked into the house.

Caroline was in the living room talking to Jasmine.

“Uh Uh, Hi?”

Both ladies stopped talking for a moment to acknowledge Marcus’ presence. There was nothing about this new inhabitant’s looks that you could call imperfect. She smelled like vanilla and tuberose, silky skin. It was hard for Marcus to contain his composure around Jasmine.

Caroline probably knew he was uncomfortable and gratefully gave him a reason to get out of that room fast.

“Oh hunny I left the spare pillows and blankets in the storage closet, would you be a dear and grab them for me?” Caroline asked.

When he returned, Jasmine was already getting ready for bed in the guest room. Marcus had made sure to stay as far away as he could from this new guest until he could control what it was that made him so enamored with her.

Caroline headed upstairs to the shower and Marcus followed with his hand at the small of her back. She barely made it through the door before he started to remove her clothes with unusual force. This was a surprise! What was this? Marcus didn’t sound the same. She raised a brow, as if to question his lascivious motivations.


His lips slammed down on hers, sticking his tongue deep, while his hands undid the cage around her beautiful, erect mounds. Moving his hand slowly over her nipple, he could feel her body getting hot. Removing her skirt was easy, she didn’t even slow him down. This was unlike him, and he knew he was being rougher than he should be with Caroline, but he wasn’t seeing Caroline anymore.

“Ouch baby, what’s the rush?” she cried.

His eyes only saw that temptress Jasmine. He forced himself to slow down his urgency. Already naked himself, he reached over and turned the shower on, then he reached down to his wife’s panties and ripped them down quickly. Marcus picked her up and just barely missed slamming her in the shower against the tile. God she was driving him insane with the whimpers of surprise and delight, or was that fear?

The water trickled down her face, leaving rivers down to her breasts. She was more beautiful than he ever could have imagined. Taking one breast into his mouth, while fondling her other, her moans were getting longer, breathing shallow as her hands started to push him away.

” No, wait baby”

Marcus wasn’t going to allow Jasmine to control his desires. Taking both of her hands and holding them above her with his other hand free, he began to kiss her lips while she tried to protest. He used his knees to force her legs apart while one hand moved down to her quivering pussy. Letting his hand lay over her sex, he could feel the heat and wet through the running water, small hairs poking with goosebumps from his touch. So soft, swollen, beautiful. His finger went inside so smoothly with how wet she was, almost dripping. Marcus felt somewhat guilty for visualizing his own wife as Jasmine and almost stopped there. But wow, keeping it together for this was going to be harder than he thought. His dick was starting to hurt with how hard it was. In, out, around, his fingers found her clit, pushing down and rubbing her while the water flowed down her ass. Marcus finally released her hands and she instinctively wrapped them around his neck, delirious from her own arousal, she used his neck and shoulders for support. His other hand slipped around her ass and down to her hole. Circling with his fingers and light pressure, he slowly slid it inside her. Caroline had never felt that sensation before and startled with a gasp. Her nails started to dig into his shoulder blades. Her eyes met his with wonder and pleading. She needed him now. He could smell how aroused she was, never one to disappoint. God he loved her so much in her wanton glory. Her hips started to move into his hands, back arching into him.

“Please baby give me that cock I’m begging you.”

It was all he needed to hear, lifting her with both hands against the wall, she spread her legs to wrap them around his hips, he entered her lifting her ass up into the air. Caroline was long gone, whoever this lusty beast was that appeared in her place was making the most arousing mews out of that perfect mouth. His legs started to tighten as hers wrapped around his waist tighter, head rolled back, breasts bare Bahçelievler travesti in full view as she shuddered and cried out as she came. Fuck. It was too much, he kept going, harder, faster, deeper, until he felt his climax into her soft, tight pussy. Spent from their wet tryst, Caroline put her head down on his chest, breathing heavily and fully satiated. She wasn’t sure what came over Marcus, but this was definitely one for the books. She barely made it to the bed before she was completely listless in slumber. Marcus tucked her in and headed downstairs.

Chapter 2 — Jasmine’s proposition

Cleaned up and ready to tackle more accounts, this would be the perfect time to get a little extra work done, so he went downstairs to the study. For some reason, Marcus was still full of tension. His shower session didn’t seem to quell this insatiable desire and that made him frustrated as hell. Speaking of frustration, where the hell was the list of clients he printed out earlier?

If only he could remember where in his office he put it. He had to find that list! A frenzied panic started to overcome him as he looked through each drawer, briefcase, and folder.

“Looking for something, sugar?”

Liquid sex and a southern twang came from the lips of that woman. Jasmine had the list!!!

“Jasmine, is it? May I have my list back, please?” Cautiously, Marcus moved in closer , hand outstretched.

“Tsk. Tsk. Mr. Fancy pants. Why, I wonder what daddy might say if his sweet replacement advisor were to be shown…incompetent?”

Hot anger started to boil under his skin. How dare this sexy little caper call him incompetent. In his own house!!??

“You have something that belongs to me, Jasmine?” his voice got deeper.

“Oh mister, I have several things that belong to you. And you will get those things back as soon as I am done with you. However, if you don’t give me what I want, I’ll make sure daddy sees this little list, here. And you can kiss your credibility, your finances, your wife, goodbye.” her voice was turning dangerous fast.

“D-done with me? What do you mean? Why, Jasmine? “

Marcus knew what she meant, as her chemise started to fall down, caressing her small round breasts and cascading slowly down Jasmine’s body. She was Aphrodite if he had ever seen a woman so beautiful besides Caroline. Caroline!!

“Uh, Jasmine, I’m a happily married man, to your best friend, nonetheless. Please, don’t do this.”

He slowly bent over, clumsily pulling Jasmine’s chemise up her body. With each shallow breath he took, her scent was intoxicating his senses. This was assault, and he was quickly becoming powerless to it.

Jasmine laughed, that sexy devilish grin lit up the room.

Jasmine chuckled “I reckon you will give me what I want, sir, but we will do this in steps. For each task I ask of you that you complete, I will give you one page of your list back”

“Jasmine, please, please don’t make me do this. I’ve never once cheated on my wife—”

Realization started to sink in. The list WAS in his case, but she must have picked it out when he met her earlier at the office.

Hot anger was within his tone” You set this up, didn’t you?”

“Why Mr. Fancy pants, you sure do catch on nicely, sugar. I seem to have dropped my ring earlier on the desk. It’s important to me, and I need it back soon.” She matched his tone.

” I found that ring earlier, why are you doing this? I’m confused.” Marcus was near panic

“Now now, don’t get yourself all confused che’, some things are just better left misunderstood, you hear? Now, if you would kindly remove your drawers, sir. Let me get a look at all of you, don’t you worry about Caroline. She’s out cold.”

Marcus contemplated the facts. A beautiful goddess was standing in front of him, damn near naked, willing, and ready. She’s the daughter of one of his greatest prospects. She has something he desperately needs back. Caroline sleeps through anything. He had a feeling if he told her no now, things may be much, much worse for him.

“That’s right, take them down all the way….mmmm….now come here…”

Jasmine had his dick in her hands before he could even think it. Her breasts were peeking through the chemise, which only made him harder. Her hands were silk against his delicate skin. She moved them over his shaft then used her pert breasts and rubbed his dick between them like they were buns on his hot dog. Suddenly, her head bent down and he could feel her lips cover the head and slide down while her breasts continued their assault. Something about what she was doing made him lose control and his hands went to her hair. Gripping at the nape of her neck, he started to push her head down, and when she didn’t protest, but giggled, he pushed her head down harder and started to move his hips into her mouth, while she began to resist slightly, her head started to move faster and faster and before he knew it, he was fucking her face hard Bahçeşehir travesti while her hazel eyes glowed and he released everything inside her mouth, she seemed to relish it.

Marcus woke up from his desk in a heavy, cold sweat. Was that a dream? He could vividly recall Jasmine sucking his dick. It was 3: 10 AM. Looking into the mirror, not a scratch, no marks, but Marcus felt like he had been hit by a truck. It must have been a dream.

The next day was a haze for Marcus. As if on autopilot, the exhausted hotshot advisor managed to complete reviews, take in contributions, and enter data off the one page of names and information from his seemingly missing list. By 4 pm, Marcus was barely able to get out the car door before tumbling to the bedroom.

Caroline sat next to Marcus on the bed, he was talking about a ring and a list. It had been 3 hours and her husband barely moved. She deduced he must have been very tired from working and trying to secure this new client he was illusive to share information on. Caroline kissed her husband’s forehead and left to room.

Part 3 -Power Plays

A strange singing woke him in the night. Looking next to him in the bed, Caroline was again, sleeping like a log. He shook her lightly

“Honey, do you hear that? I think someone’s in here”

No response. She was out cold.

Getting up from the bed, still tired, but not like earlier, Marcus made his way down to the office. It was 10 PM and there was more work that needed to be done.

“Darlin, why are you awake? Not tired from last night?”

Jasmine was in his office, completely naked, soft glow off her caramel skin in the moonlight.

“J-Jasmine? You mean I wasn’t dreaming?”

“No sugar, you were not, and I am impressed you were able to recover so quickly from our last tryst.”

Full lips and mischievous sounds, this was something Marcus could not resist, but his anger at her taking advantage of him brought more anger to his face.

” Jasmine, I can’t do this to her. Give me the rest of the documents, now.”

The menace in his voice was thick and palpable, heating his face and deepening his voice to dangerous levels. How dare this devil take advantage of the situation? He was powerless to her wiles. The only thing that he could think was to intimidate her, but by the heat he could feel from her body, threats seemed to amuse Jasmine more.

” Oh no, you seem to think you have a choice in the matter. Just relax, I’ll make it worth your while.”

Marcus fought back with all his will, but nothing could make his arms move. There were no electrical impulses communicating with his legs. His body would not cooperate, she had control.

“Take off that shirt and those pants.”

Marcus did exactly as she commanded, and he was regretting the lack of underwear today. The cold air around him was a direct contrast to his skin, which felt like molten lava, beads of sweat started to form around his temples. Fear and frustration were being replaced with desire, and Marcus was both loathe to be taken advantage of by this… this stunning demon, and desperate for release as his cock started to throb in anticipation.

“Sit down, dear, I’ll make it worth your while. Mmmm I’m so hungry.”

Marcus was unable to resist. He sat down in the office chair. His member started to glisten as the goddess like being slowly crawled up to him, spread his legs and lightly pressed her lips to the tip of his dick. When her face started to kiss upwards on his stomach and chest, Marcus felt dejected. But that did not last long. Jasmine kissed him all the way to the nape of his neck, where her lips lingered and her tongue flicked, causing Marcus to electrify all over. God why was she torturing him like this!? As if she knew his thoughts, Jasmine lowered herself onto him.

” ahhhhhh… mmm. .. fuck”

As her pussy wrapped around him, he could feel himself in the cusp of a release as she started to grind against him. Her small breasts crushed against him as she gyrated harder, his back against the chair, feet firmly planted, toes involuntarily curling inward. Her eyes started to glow again, this time, it was not a dream. Her body was glistening in gold with a strange glow. Her breasts were so beautiful and delicious, he took one into his mouth and bit it. Magnificent. Jasmine’s soft giggle and sighs only made him harder. The tension was arousing and terrifying at the same time. Marcus leaned his head into her and she plunged her tongue into his mouth, fully taking all of him in as she did. Marcus mumbled in his mouth. He couldn’t hold his orgasm anymore, and as he came, Jasmine held onto his lips with hers, biting lightly on his lip indicating her pleasure.

Marcus awoke again with a start, fully clothed. Wet ejaculate was inside his shorts, and his head was pounding. “What the hell? Another dream?” He made a mental note to have Greg run a background check on this Jasmine. Something wasn’t right about this situation. Three pages. He could only find three pages. There were two pages left. Jasmine held good on her promise to return a page for each tryst, and that meant last night was no dream. A strange fear filled Marcus. He could not remember getting dressed, nor could he remember falling asleep at the desk.

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