The Story of D Ch. 04

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Big Dick

The First Time (Really!)

Julie caressed my face, her breath smelt of lavender then she kissed my lips again, this time ever so softly, causing me to shiver with anticipation of what lay in store for us later.

“Read on my love,” Julie cooed, “Just a bit more.”

I skimmed ahead a few pages and settled in on the ripest part so far.

Thursday, December 10.

Oh, wow! Oh Shit! I don’t believe this happened to me! Finals are starting Monday and I’m going ape ship with horniness. Did I write ship? I meant ape shit. Christ, I gotta get it together. She, I should say, Julie, in case I read this years from now.”

“Oh . . . why bother, I’ll never forget this as long as I live.”

“When I returned to the apartment early this evening, I heard what I thought was the TV in Julie’s bedroom. Only it wasn’t the TV. Julie was with her boyfriend Don in her room. They had left the door open and they hadn’t realized I was back, because Julie was yelling . . . well, not exactly endearments, more like, “Suck me, suck me, work that tongue in there you motherfucker.”

I took one step into the room and saw them both on the floor, naked. Don had his head between Julie’s legs and was tonguing her to orgasm. Julie lay on her back, holding her legs wide apart and Don was just really into her.

I stood and watched for a couple of minutes, mesmerized. Eventually, I realized I was spying on them and felt terrible about it. I left the room, half closing the door and opened the front door again, closing it loudly to announce my arrival. They quieted down, and I milled around in the kitchen until they came out. Don was first, fully dressed. Julie followed wearing her dress, albeit not completely buttoned and stuff. Don seemed awkward and left a couple minutes later while I pretended not to notice anything unusual about Julie. We made small talk for a while; but all I could think about was getting into my room alone so that I could finger myself. But, Julie wouldn’t leave me alone. She followed me. Just wanted to talk she said.

And so we were just talking about nothing and everything, when out of the blue she said, “You know I saw you at the door.” I must have blushed twelve different shades of red. I started stammering “I didn’t realize…”

Julie interrupted me to say, “It’s okay. I knew you were watching Rach. It really turned me on.” I was confused. I mean, I knew we were super-close and comfortable with each other. She knew I was a virgin, (technically) and I was very much aware Julie was bisexual, but I’d never really thought of girls as, well… so Julie hadn’t freaked me out. To me, Julie was a great friend and roomie. And she was great looking and super intelligent, always surrounded by great looking guys and gals.

Me? I consider myself a loser, a big loser. No one’s ever gone after me. That is, or was until… a moment or so later, when Julie just leaned over, and kissed me on the lips. While I was struggling to compute the series of tingling sensations the kiss caused, Julie started playing with my breasts. I dared not tell her how good it felt. Her hands were beneath my T-shirt, fingertips dialing my nipples, listening for the fall of tumblers. And I was tumbling, fast. I twisted away saying, “Oh, Julie, what are you doing?” She shushed me, and said in a parental tone, “I want to do this. Do you?”

Her fingers remained in place, hovering, feeling my nipples rising against her palms as she waited for my response. I was helpless, the situation just overpowered me. I caved in and let Julie go on with her seduction.

Julie told me to lift my arms and I did, enabling her to lift off my T-shirt. Then she delicately cupped my breasts together and flicked at them with her tongue. I jumped as her tongue made contact. My areola lit up in a welt of goose bumps. Oh it was heavenly! I know I moaned. The echoes are still reverberating around my room.

Suddenly her face was in the cool hollow between my breasts. My ear was the next thing she tasted. She was telling me how she was going to make love to me and that I was going to love it.

Then, handling me as though I were sports car, she shifted gears and said, “I’d like to meet your parents sometime.”

“Okay,” I mumbled my voice flat, without emotion.

“I mean it; I’d really like to meet them. I’d like to see where you live . . .” As she spoke, she took my hand, and led me to her room and placed me on her bed where she eased my skirt up around my hips and removed my panties. She continued talking. I was hypnotized. “I’d like to see where you live,” she repeated. “Visit you there,” she kissed my stomach. “Take you to lunch,” she licked my navel. “Take you shopping,” by this point she was plucking at my pubic hair, “Home.”

I was waited for the moment. “Everything. Nothing.” I watched as she reached into her nightstand drawer and grabbed a vibrator.

“Okay,” I said. It seemed like it took forever to get the words out. I wasn’t sure if they were slurred or not. I wondered briefly if I’d been drugged. Kadıköy travesti I repressed the thought and relaxed even more. Julie flicked the vibrator on and worked it against the skin covering my clit. With her other hand she gently massaged my scalp with her fingernails. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t eighteen anymore, I was younger, much younger. I was about to cum big time, when the vibrator stopped. Julie shifted position and started it again. This time she drew a line down one side of my spine with it. God that felt great! A parallel movement followed it. Then Julie moved to a spot under the wings of my shoulder bone; both her hands were into my armpits tickling, but I wasn’t laughing. It was intensely erotic. She drew me against her mouth, tilting my head to an angle where our lips meshed perfectly. I had never been kissed this way before. My tongue became hers. This was why people kissed. It didn’t matter that she was also female, in fact I don’t believe it could have happened were she male.

Before I could protest, Julie broke the kiss and moved downward, down, down, down, her tongue was everywhere. It rimmed my ass and I was sooooo shocked, sooooo amazed, sooooo thrilled. No one had ever done that to me before. I feverishly bucked my way to an immediate climax. It was my fastest cum ever.

Julie carried me over again with her tongue forking its way through my liquid flesh. And still she kept licking and sucking! An eternity later, she let me calm down, and we started talking about variations. Julie said she wanted to fuck me with a dildo. I was not for it. But she convinced me, rather easily, now that I think about it. I guess this was because I trusted her more than any guy, but I was nervous about being hurt.

Julie had me lay on my back and placed two pillows under my ass. We agreed that she’d use KY-jelly… she did, taking her time to work it inside me. From somewhere a jar of sweet smelling oil appeared and Julie gently applied it around the folds of my labia, with particular attention to my hole. I was hot again. I can’t recall ever being that hot before. I smelt my sexual arousal filling the bedroom.

I was trembling in anticipation and shivered in delight as two of Julie’s fingers entered my cunt! But she pulled out almost immediately!

“Just testing,” she said laughing and meeting my eye before turning away and kissing my belly button. But she didn’t stop there, instead she moved lower, running her mouth into my bush and yanking several hairs out with her teeth.

“Ouch! Don’t hurt me,” I yelled.

“Only a very little, my sweet one, my love,” she crooned, “now be quiet we don’t want a crowd outside the door.”

“Now kiss my cock, will you?” I nearly fainted hearing her talk like that. No one ever had ever . . . and then she was dripping the oil on the dildo’s shaft . . . and the cockhead touched my genitals . . . my pussy opened as if by magic. I was captivated!

It went in smoothly! Julie began to twist it and continued to gently coax it in deeper, very gently, crooning her wondrous words in my ear all the while. It was sheer rapture.

“Ohhh…” I sighed, totally content, all the apprehension dissolved by Julie’s caresses. “It’s so big. I can feel myself stretching… out,” I murmured contentedly. Moments later I was helping things along, stroking the underside of my clit with my thumb.

“It feels so good,” I murmured. Julie told me it was time to increase the pressure and did.

“Pop!” There went my virginity. I thought at the time, it wasn’t such a big deal after all.

After that, it was great . . . honestly. “Yeah, right. Well, bite me and my busted cherry.” I’m laughing now, thinking about it. But I recall telling Julie, “I don’t think this is working.” Of course she pushed even harder.

“I must have yelled pretty loud, the girl in the next room threw a shoe or something at the wall, told us to keep it down. Julie had the head maybe halfway in. I was afraid to look. I imagined all sorts of blood gushing out, but felt pretty good at this point.

To my mind, my pussy was stretched further than I had imagined it might be during childbirth. I found myself gripping the side of the bed, with my head bobbing back and forth. The pleasure was intense, the pain, well there wasn’t any. I started to shout. “Ohhhh, fuck me Julie. Fuck me with your toy! I want it sooooo bad.”

Julie, startled by my outcry, shoved my panties into my mouth and then leaned on the dildo with her hand and forced it deeper into me. “Goddamn it Rach,” she said moments later, “you took it all. I’m proud of you.”

My reply was muffled, but for the record I yelled into the soiled panties, “Fuck yeah! I’m not far from it now.” Only it came out, “Nuck nar! Um nuh mar mumnit ow!”

The ribs of the dildo pushed against the taut walls of my pussy. The sensations were more than I could bear and I came and came and came. Julie deftly manipulated the rod inside me, twisting it, pumping it up and down, in and Kurtköy travesti out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I’m on the edge right now just thinking about it . . . time out!”

“Whew! That was a good one.” I should note that I’ve been diddling my clit as I record this and well… I got carried away.

I Get My Licks In

At this point I broke off reading, and after realizing I was pretty well lubricated, glanced up to discover Julie frantically frigging herself with one hand while the other was tightly gripping her right nipple.

The sight put me over the edge. I stood over her and began whipping my hair across her face. Julie groaned and arched her back. I moved closer, opened my robe exposing my breasts and dragged my nipples across her cheeks and mouth. Like a guppy, she pursed her lips in a futile effort to capture them. She began to growl. Laughing and giddy with lust, I fed one nipple to her eager mouth and tongue. A minute later we were rolling around the kitchen floor, devouring each other anew.

After a long silence Julie spoke. We were still wrapped in each other’s arms.

“You know, Rach, I never forgot that night. It was a truly special time.”

She could tell by the tears welling up in my eyes that I agreed with her. But I nodded anyway.

We kissed one another and disentangled ourselves. We showered, (no, not together) dressed and left to go shopping. It was still raining heavily. Julie put the top up on her Jaguar and we headed out to the Galleria on East Sunrise Boulevard.

It proved a disappointment, whether it was not caring to venture out into the rain, or perhaps we weren’t in the mood for their offerings, but after the briefest of shopping, we returned to her car and put the Galleria behind us. Julie turned south and drove into Miami and Bloomingdale’s.

The rain ended as we were parking the car. This seemed a better choice for us.

We shopped for about three hours. There was a clerk in the dress department who may have been willing to form a ménage-a-trois, but while I was interested, Julie wasn’t. I chided her as we left telling Julie that she could always drop in there again, whereas I couldn’t. She gave me the most sullen look and told me she wanted to spend all the time she could with me. My knees buckled and I hugged her?to keep me upright and to show her I adored her.

From there, it was over to Biscayne Street in South Miami Beach to what Julie termed “the always-wonderful Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant” for a late lunch. We had several martinis with our crab and got a little smashed.

Back at Julie’s we showered once again; tried on some of our new outfits; and decided to keep life simple by donning teddy’s before we returned to ‘read’ more from the diary.

I found my eyes riveted to Julie’s perky buds and cupped her breast then began suckling. Julie’s hand made its way down my thigh, crossed over my mound and caressed my labia. It was a good start.

After a few minutes of tantalizing one another, I suggested I pick up from where I’d left off, but Julie demanded to be ‘the reader,’ at least for the moment. It was okay with me. I placed my hand on her thigh and told her to, “Get it going’ girl.”

Julie’s voice quavered just a bit as she began, was it my hand or the anticipation of reliving the past?

I’m lying here tingling from the past and the present, with the smell from my pussy filling the room like a warm, no—make that a hot musky perfume.

Oh, I almost forgot. As I came last night, Julie slid a long, oil-slicked finger. God! It was smooth as silk, right into my butt hole. I could feel the thick dildo rubbing against it through the thin wall of tissue separating the two. That brought on another orgasm. I seem to cum a lot when I’m heated up. I hadn’t noticed that before. I’m not complaining though.

My fingers are working their magic right now!

Intermission’s over.

What really got me though, was watching in the mirror as Julie pulled the damn thing out of me. The walls of my vagina were stretched beyond belief. Julie helped me clean up afterward. I loved her tender, loving attentions. I resolved to do the same for her if it kills me.

I don’t remember leaving her room, but I woke up in mine. I think that’s everything.

We talked about it at length early this morning before class. I confessed to her that I’d loved it. And I told her that I loved her. She loves ME too! Julie said she wanted ME to do her! I promised I would (she just got her period) so we’ll wait until it’s over.

“Jesus, you write a hot story Rach,” Julie said, moistening her lips and uncrossing her legs.

“Thank you kind lady,” I said, and kissed her thigh as my fingers meandered along her leg across her mons and ultimately cradled the folds of her outer lips. Of course they were wet.

“Please continue,” I said, and realized I was breathing heavily.

“Okay, I will, just a sec. Let’s see, this parts kinda lame and . . . no, too mundane, let’s see . . .”

She was turning Pendik travesti page after page, until finally releasing a deep breath, she exclaimed, “Whew! I think . . . yes pay dirt.”

“Dear Diary, this evening we did it again. Well, this time Julie allowed me to take the lead after warming me up as it were. I gotta tell ya I found the taste of another woman exhilarating!”

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed I remember this part. I ran my hand down my belly and spread my fingers apart, poised to enter my temple of lust.

“Oh, yeah . . . it’s so hot!”

“Shut up, let me read!” Julie cried, and playfully cuffed me on the arm.

“How passive do you want me?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t stop what you’re doing, just be quiet.”

“Mums the word,” I said going through the motions of zipping my mouth shut.

“Julie had to get me going though before I could do her. And she went about as only she can. She was eating me out deep-dish style, whispering her erotic litany to me all the while. Listening to her gets me almost as hot as her tongue does. Here’s a sample.”

“Go ahead, baby.”

“Oh mushy you.”

“What a soppy wet cunt you have here, baby.” This last while sliding a finger around inside me.

“Let me taste, baby.”

“This is you, baby.”

“Oh, so licious,” she goes.

“Oh, tasty.”

“My girl.”

“My love bug.”

“Nipples—thighs, your lips.”

On and on, like a demented tour guide.

“How deep can I go? Tell me.”

“Deeper,” is about the best I can manage between sighs.

“So ordered,” she laughs wickedly, and licks away, her tongue strong and rigid. Feasting on my wetness there, gripping me by my sides, my legs, and my hair, always on me–devouring with hardly a pause.

Julie seems to like a breathless pace. She also likes it with my legs over her shoulders, leaning in?eating and sucking me like that and stroking my thighs.

I recall emitting a high-pitched moan and then, pulling away from her, only to be yanked back. I have an image of seeing a rough; no-holds barred type smile on Julie’s mouth as she brought me off for the umpteenth time using her fingers.

Suddenly, it was my turn.

I was filled with an intense fear that I overcame by virtue of my even greater gratitude and I started on her. I remember kissing her down there, soooo soft.

Oh, just a thought, I sense Julie likes the fear involved in our lovemaking, but I could be wrong. At any rate I don’t care, I simply adore her.

Julie does like to be in charge and likes forcing me to perform her bidding. For example, at one point early on, I turned onto my stomach in defense; but Julie licked my back, then bit my shoulder, breaking the skin and causing it to bleed, and then licked it again to salve the wound, only to bite me again.

(It’s funny; cause in a way “Bite me,” is my favorite expression. I wonder if that’s my unconscious talking to me or through me. Have to read some more psych books I guess.)

“Oh bite me!”

She bit me again, this time while she was on top of me; grasping my entire left tit in her hands and squeezing. It hurt like hell, but at the same time there was a surge of pleasure rippling through my pussy.

“Christ Almighty, you’re like a man,” I hollered, and Julie loved that praise most of all.

At any rate, my foray into pussy munching started with trepidation, but after running my tongue over the length of Julie’s cunt a couple times I got the hang of it and began to suck on her labia as she had done to me. I think she was already excited that I was gonna do her.

It seemed like only seconds passed before her hips were thrusting off the bed and she leaned back and grunted, over and over.

Julie shrieked softly (she had the foresight to remember the thin walls of our dorm even under the excitement of the moment) as she came.

She was sweating profusely and panted as she bent her knees outward so as to settle lower, offering a wider spread for me to get my mouth on. I nestled my face in firmly, to get my tongue in further, prompting Julie to moan passionately:

“Oh, God, you vulgar bitch.”

“You shameless little cunt-sucking slut.”

“You insatiable whore, licking my cervix to get at Don’s cock cream, and without begging for the privilege.”

I was shocked to discover he’d fucked her earlier, but continued mouthing her and in a frenzy of passion, buried my nose inside her cunt. Did I taste him? I have no way of knowing.

Julie shuddered and climaxed. Finally, my tongue, tired from its activity, caused me to quit for a rest. I gave her a last gentle lick, pulled back and smacked my lips in satisfaction.

I had just gone down on another woman and found the experience delightful. Even as I thought about it, I was amazed at myself. I HAD done the ‘nasty’ and reveled in it!

Julie rose up kissed me and fell back on the bed whispering, “Let’s rest.”

We lay like that for twenty minutes or so, finally Julie reached down to the floor and offered me some wine. We lay there; alternately sipping from the bottle and stroking each other until Julie held the bottle up and poured the last drops across my breasts. Then ever so delicately, she lapped the remnants of wine from my now distended nipples and the valley between my breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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