The Ultimate Ride

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She walked into the bike shop, staring at the shiny machines.

“Can I help you?” he asked. She turned towards the voice and saw a man wearing a white tee shirt and faded jeans.

“I have just passed my bike test and I want to buy a motor bike.” she replied taking in the figure before her. He had been kneeling beside a bike when she walked in and she hadn’t seen him at first, but now he was standing in front of her and slowly walked towards her. He was slim with a slightly muscular body, sinewy arms and long dark hair. He reminded her of a rock star from the 70’s or 80’s, but she wasn’t sure who. Michael Hutchence, perhaps.”I was thinking of a Harley Davidson.” she added, looking around the showroom.

“Well, strictly speaking, I am not really open today, but you are free to look around while you are here. It just so happens that I have a few in stock that might take your fancy.” He beckoned her over to one of the corners of the showroom and pointed to a gleaming black machine “Harley 883 sportster, a good starting point for you light and easy to ride.” She thought she saw a twinkle in his eye when he said that, but it could have been the salesman in him sensing a sale.

“Can I take it for a ride?” she asked.

“Of course, but before you do we need to get you kitted out in the right gear.” He took her arm and led her to the clothing racks, passing her a leather tasseled jacket and a pair of lace up side black leather jeans. “You can change over there.” he said and started to wheel the bike towards the door. She took the clothing behind the shelving where he had pointed and started to change, amazed that the clothes he had picked for her were a perfect fit. All the time she thought she could sense he was watching her even though she could see through the shelving that he was preparing the bike for her test ride. She could see him bent over the bike, his tight bum in the faded jeans, and what could only be a rippling stomach under the tight white tee shirt. When she had changed she walked towards him overwhelmed by the smell of brand new leather, and confined by the tight fit of the lace side jeans. They cosseted her hips and thighs in a way that was magical. “What’s your name?” he asked as he started the Harley.

It rumbled into life and he wheeled it out of the doorway. “My name is Jude,” she replied “what’s yours?” He pointed up at the sign and grinned. It read: Wolfie’s Motorcycles.

“Didn’t you read it when you came in?” He laughed as she blushed at the slightly dumb question. “I will come with you, we can go for a spin. As I am normally closed today, there is no hurry.” He then jumped onto another Harley that was parked on the curb. Jude put her helmet and gloves on, and climbed aboard the sportster, the throb of the engine making its familiar “po-ta-to” sound was mesmerizing her. She flipped the throttle and the vibrations of the engine went straight through the seat into her crotch. It was like sitting on a two wheeled vibrator as Wolfie started off with Jude Esat travesti following behind. The journey was amazing. Although Jude had ridden smaller bikes and got a great thrill from them, she had never felt anything like the buzz she got opening and closing the throttle on the Harley, its pulses feeding straight into her groin. When she returned to the bike shop, the only thought on her mind was that she would have to buy these leathers, if only to prevent Wolfie from finding the damp patch she had left in the crotch. She was about to say she wanted the bike when Wolfie started to talk.

“Before you make your mind up,I want you to try something else,” he pointed to a small sports bike “nc35, 400 cc replica of Hondas world super bike, a real pocket rocket.” Taking her arm, he steered her back towards the clothing picking a one-piece leather racing suit from a hanger. The suit matched the color scheme of the little Honda. She took the suit behind the shelving and started to change, all the while still sensing that she was being watched. The smell of leather on the new leathers was even more intoxicating. The one-piece outfit massaged her entire body, snuggly fitting into every curve, holding her in a tight embrace. She walked over to the little machine and hopped on before starting it. Wolfie was sitting astride a bright yellow sports bike.

“Ducati 748!” he shouted as he started the big booming machine. Jude then fired up the little Honda and felt completely astounded by the sensations washing over her body. The little bike fitted her like a glove as she held on in a racing crouch. It was as if she had become part of the machine. Flipping the throttle as she moved off, she felt the buzzing vibration of the motor racing through her body from the balls of her feet up her legs to where her thighs gripped the fuel tank. Her arms tucked in tightly massaged her ribs, and her pert little boobs felt as if electric shocks were being passed through them as the engine raced. If the Harley was a two wheeled vibrator, the Honda was a 400 cc orgasmatron massaging her clit through the one-piece leather suit. The test ride was over all too quickly. Getting back to the shop, Jude was completely aroused and felt almost too weak to stand when she got off. She needed to cling on to Wolfie as he opened the doors of the showroom.

“I take it you like the bike?” He grinned. All Jude could think about was having to purchase the one piece suit as well, knowing full well that the insides were soaking wet from the intense pleasures the little bike had inflicted on her now throbbing pussy. She couldn’t talk from the exhilaration of the ride and the unattainable orgasm she had just enjoyed. Wolfie then escorted her past the shelving saying, “You could have used the changing room I pointed at when you were trying those leathers on.” She looked over red faced at the curtained off partition right by the spot she had used to get changed and then saw the mirror above the shelves with the notice about Kızılay travesti thieves being prosecuted. “You know you have a great little body, in or out of those leathers.” Wolfie turned her around smiling, and kissed her fully on the lips as he held her tightly. It was as if he had known about the throbbing in her pussy and the urge for her to frig herself off the first chance she had to kill the feelings inside her. Of course he knew how she had felt, that was why he persuaded her to take the Honda for a ride. She didn’t know if she should thank him or hate him for what he had done. She knew one thing: she needed one more ride before she left here today and that was to ride on Wolfie.

Undoing the zipper on her leathers, she needed to get back in control of the situation. “I am not really sure if I like the bike enough to buy. Maybe I should come back later, after I have thought about it for a while.” Struggling to get her arms free from the sleeves, she stood in front of him, looking him right in the eyes. His face lowered looking at her chest, noting the two little pointers on her t-shirt where her erect nipples forced themselves against the cotton like a pair of lipsticks. Her arms were now free as she turned her back towards him and wriggled out of the lower half of the tight one-piece. He took in a deep breath as her bare bum wiggled while she tried to get her legs out of the leathers. Fortunately, there was a bench to one side and she managed to reach it and sit down. Wearing only a thong and t-shirt sitting on the bench, she lifted one leg up and asked, “Aren’t you going to help me out of these things?” Smiling coyly at him, the right leg came free easily enough but when he reached for the left she wrapped her right leg around and drew him towards her. “I have a small problem,” she whispered, “my legs seem to have gone to sleep. Can you rub some life into them for me please?” Reaching down and rubbing her thighs, he could see a look of enjoyment on her face as his fingers caressed her legs. She lifted her t-shirt up and started to caress her own boobs, determined to make the most of her now very pleasing situation. Wolfie was now knelt before her, completely aroused and just as much out of control to the passions burning between them. He ran his tongue along her thigh and pulled the sopping wet cotton of her thong to one side before plunging a finger straight into her sodden pussy. Her eyes had been closed and the sudden probing of her juicy hole had been like a bolt of lightning inside her. He picked her up and carried her towards another bike in the shop, a Honda fireblade, and bent her over the saddle before walking around to the other side of the bike and undoing his jeans. The bulge in his pants burst free and shot up like a flagpole before Jude’s eyes. There was only one thing to do with this awesome sight, and Jude took hold of Wolfie’s prick and pulled it towards her mouth. Sucking on it gently, tasting the salty precum and massaging his balls, she could hear Alsancak travesti him groaning with pleasure. Jude really knew how to please a man with her lips and teeth teasing at his throbbing shaft. He leaned over, reaching towards her back, and started to stroke her arse cheek, the cold of the seat had made her nipples tingle as she was bent over the fireblade. Wolfie pulled himself away and made Jude get onto the bike. She had one foot on each peg as Wolfie climbed on the pillion behind her and rubbed his wet cock all over the cheeks of her bum. Jude was leaning forward with her face buried in the clocks and her little titties bouncing on the petrol tank.Wolfie slowly eased his pulsating prick up and down between the swollen lips of Jude’s hot tight pussy, teasing his way up and down. She couldn’t bare the tension. Reaching back with one hand rubbing furiously on her clit, she could stand the games no longer and pushed her hips back as Wolfie came forward, engulfing his prick into her waiting cunt. Once he was inside he pumped and thrust as hard as he could. Jude’s thumb worked her clit while her fingers massaged Wolfie’s balls as they bounced back and forwards. It didn’t take long before Jude started to cum. It was an orgasm just like the one on the Harley. It started deep inside her and rumbled around. It was like nothing she had ever felt before and felt as if it would never stop. Just at that moment something did stop. It was Wolfie. He pulled off her and got off of the fireblade.

“Here” he said, and led Jude towards another bike, this time it was a huge GoldWing with a trailer and Wolfie beckoned to Jude to climb on board. This time she lay face up on the massive king and queen seat with her head on the dash and each arm gripping the gigantic fairing.Wolfie climbed on top of the trailer and reached forward pulling himself onto Jude. She had spread her legs as wide as she could, putting one over Wolfie’s shoulder as he started to hump her again. He bent his head down and sucked on her perfect little breasts as he fucked her as hard as he could. Springs on the bike squeaked in rhythm as Wolfie got faster and faster. His face reddened, and the veins in his neck bulged as his piston-like cock rammed home. Jude watched and reached round and started to cling to Wolfie as she started to have another mini orgasm followed by another. Gripping tighter, she clawed at his back and started to bite into his shoulder. This only spurred him on, and he thrust harder and deeper with every breath.

Jude screamed as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her. This was too much for Wolfie, and he exploded inside her. The hot blast of his cum brought on another shuddering orgasm in Jude. He pulled his pulsating organ out as he spurted again covering Jude’s tits in his hot sticky spunk.. She reached up and massaged it into her breasts, savoring in the sticky milky warmth. Leaning forward, she grabbed Wolfie’s cock just in time to catch the third wave of cum in her mouth. There was loads and she greedily drank it down, savoring the sticky, salty, sweet sensation. Grabbing his cock in both hands, Jude then proceeded to lick every drop from his cock, cleaning it perfectly as Wolfie said, “Take your pick of any bike in the shop.” and collapsed on top of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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