The Video Store Ch. 06

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For about six weeks, Jo and I settled into each other’s lives more completely. Most nights, she came over to my place. We would study, relax and help each other focus on whatever homework we had until we both got tired, then we would go to bed and fuck, enjoying each other, expanding on our knowledge of each other’s bodies. On the weekends, we worked, passing the time with our games, or by talking about our classes.

We would tease each other at work, Jo brushing her ass across my crotch when we passed by each other behind the counter, me sliding my hand up the inside of her thigh when I bent down to get something. Sometimes, Jo would flash me when a customer was turned away from her. I would lick my lips and she would stifle a giggle.

One night, right after close, I followed Jo into the office as she put away the vacuum. I cocked my head to the side and took in the view of her short camo skirt stretched across her perfect ass, my eyes following her legs down, appreciating every sweet, milky curve until they disappeared into her high-heeled combat boots. On impulse, I walked up behind her and slid her skirt up over her ass, exposing her gorgeous pussy and her tight, soft little ass.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jo asked. She stayed bent, even rolling her hips a little, pushing her pussy back towards me.

“Nothing you’re not gonna like,” I replied, grinning. I crouched and ran my tongue quickly across Jo’s clit and up, my tongue parting the folds of her lips and finding her pussy hot, and, as always, wonderfully wet. I dragged my tongue up even farther, dipping the tip into her puckered little hole. Jo gasped and wriggled against my tongue as my hands wrapped around her legs and traveled up, sliding up from her knees to grasp her thighs.

Jo moaned and reached back, her fingers finding her clit and rubbing small circles, her pussy flowing down onto her fingers and her thighs trembling in my grip. I stood, freeing my cock from my shorts and stepping forward. I slid my cock smoothly into her, feeling her pussy grip me, her fingers still rubbing her clit, brushing against my balls as I buried myself inside. I reached low over Jo’s back, running my palm up her spine, feeling her back arch as I drove into her, my hips pressing against her ass.

I curled my fingers into Jo’s ponytail, wrapping it around my fist and pulling, hauling her up to a standing position, groaning as her pussy clamped down on me and she came, moaning my name and shaking on my cock. I pulled her head back until I could bite her her neck, nibbling the soft flesh as my other hand pulled her shirt over her magnificent breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples between my fingers. Jo’s orgasm ripped through her, her cunt gripping my cock and milking it, pulsing around me until, finally, her spasms began to subside and her arms wrapped around my neck, her hands pulling my lips to hers.

Jo thrust her hips back, bouncing me away, my cock popping free from her pussy. She turned around, stripping her shirt off over her head and slipping her skirt off over her hips with a sexy little wriggle. She walked past me, naked but for her high-heeled boots toward the office door.

“Come,” she said, beckoning me with one curling finger. I followed her out into the store, watching her lay down in front of the counter, between the candy shelves under the registers and the gumball machine. She settled on her back, her knees bent and her legs spread. “Fuck me,” she whispered. “Make me cum all over your cock on the floor I just cleaned.”

I stripped off my shirt, kicking off my shoes. I let my shorts drop to the ground and stepped forward, leaving them in a pool on the floor. I knelt between Jo’s long, creamy legs and dropped forward, my hands on either side of her chest, my mouth meeting hers as her breasts pressed against my chest and my cock lay across her belly, my balls resting against her clit. Our tongues Üçyol travesti slid across each other as I moved my hips back and Jo reached low, gripping my cock and placing it against her entrance, her legs wrapping around my waist and pulling me in.

Fucking on a floor is different. There is no give, no softness. When I thrust my cock into Jo, her body didn’t move away, couldn’t move away. Her pussy was trapped, held in place by the weight of our bodies against the floor. I pounded into her, my cock driving deep inside her, more deeply than on any soft surface. She screamed and moaned, writhing beneath me as I fucked her, her body absorbing every bit of my pounding and craving more. Jo’s nails dug into my shoulders as I drove her crazy, her cunt rippling around me and her breasts heaving against my chest.

“Cum in me, baby,” she whispered against my lips. “Cum in my pussy. Let me feel you cum.” As she whispered the words, Jo’s orgasm hit her, driving the last sentence out as a high-pitched squeal that, when combined with the hard clamping of her pussy around my shaft, sent me over the edge and I erupted, jetting my cum against her cervix, flooding her.

We stayed put and kissed softly as our orgasms receded, our bodies twitching as we laughed, high from cumming together. Jo ran her fingers through my hair as I planted kisses and gentle nips on her neck, tasting sweat and happiness.

“So,” Jo said, her breath still short, “spring break is coming up soon.”

“Mmhmm,” I grunted, still nuzzling her neck, my cock still snuggled inside her, half-hard.

“Well, I promised my mom over Christmas that I’d come home for it.” I pulled my head back and looked into Jo’s eyes. She was searching me for something, and I don’t know what.

“Okay,” I said. ” Are you worried about something?”

“Well, no. Not really. I mean, sort of, but probably not what you think,” she said.

“Baby,” I responded, “that isn’t really less confusing, as statements go.”

“I know,” she giggled. “What I mean is, I want to ask you something, but I’m nervous.”

“Oh, okay,” I said. “Well, given that we’re naked at work and I’m still inside you, I think you probably have every right to feel pretty comfortable asking whatever you want.”

Jo laughed, the act making her pussy squeeze me, almost pushing me out. I gasped and flexed, forcing blood into my cock and holding it inside, pushing it even a little deeper. Jo sighed and her eyes fluttered as her arms wrapped around me.

“God I love that,” she whispered into my ear. “And I suppose you have a point. So, I was thinking that maybe after your shift on Sunday you could maybe hop the Monday morning train and meet my mom.”

She held her breath after that last, blurted and hurried sentence and looked sidelong at me. I didn’t say anything for a second and I felt her get nervous.

“I mean, it would only be for a couple of days and then we would both be coming back, so even if its a disaster we wouldn’t have to deal with it for very long,” she continued. I smiled at the way her words were just erupting out of her in a rapid, anxious stream. I covered her mouth with mine to stop her from talking herself out of it.

“I’d love to,” I said after her initial protest noises had been replaced with her tongue in my mouth and soft sighs.

“Ha HA! Yes!” Jo squealed, and hugged me with her arms and her legs. She pushed me back and off after a moment, my cock sliding out of her and a stream of our mixed cum dripping onto the carpet. Jo sat up, propping herself up on her straightened arms, her knees pulled up in front of her breasts, her streaming pussy peeking out at me between her boots. “Now come on,” she continues, doing her best to look sweet an innocent. “You drive. I want to suck your cock on the way home.”


Over the next couple of weeks, Jo and I made plans and travel arrangements. Alanya Travesti Jo would be leaving before me, on Tuesday. I would wait to go up until Monday morning, then we would come back together on Wednesday. Jo offered me the use of her car while she was gone, and also so I could drop her off at the train station.

When the day came, I drove her there and walked her to the platform, hugging her as the train pulled in and people started to climb aboard.

“I’ll miss you,” she said, looking up at me. She grinned wickedly and ran her fingers across my cock through my jeans. “I’ll miss him too.”

I laughed and took a quick peek behind her, seeing that the other passengers and the conductor were busy. My hand slipped between us and under her skirt, my middle finger slipping into her bare, wet pussy.

“I’ll miss you too,” I replied, grinning at her half-closed eyes.

“Dirty fucker,” she mumbled. Jo pulled my hand out from under her skirt and captured my finger between her lips, sucking her wetness from them. “Six whole days without your cock. And now, thanks to you, I’m gonna spend half the train ride with my fingers buried in my pussy.”

“I kinda like the sound of that,” I said. Jo laughed and smacked me lightly on the chest.

“I’ll bet. But, I have to go. And you have to get home. I left you a present. Something to help keep you occupied until you come up on Monday.”

“Oh yeah?” I replied. “I like the sound of that, too. What is it?”

“I’m not telling!” Jo giggled, her wicked little grin all over her face. “But you’re going to love it!”

I kissed her then, deeply and for as long as I could. We parted, our faces flushed.

“I’ll see you in six days,” Jo said, and then turned and ran to the train. The last thing I saw was her flashing her ass at me as she climbed onto the train, sticking her tongue out and blowing me a kiss. I waved and watched the train pull away. I knew I really was going to miss her, even if it was only for a few days.

I climbed into Jo’s giant car and headed home, wondering what she could have left me to “keep me occupied” while she was gone. It was only a few minutes to my apartment, and after parking I jogged up the steps. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I fished it out of my pocket. I had a text from Jo.

“It’s on your bed”

I pulled out my keys and opened the door, stepping into my apartment and making my way toward my bedroom. Oddly, the door was closed. I pushed it open slowly and started grinning as my bed came into view.

Amber, our little blond toy from the porn shop, lay propped on my pillows, completely naked, her eyes shining as she smiled at me, her little nipples hard and pinched in Jo’s nipple clips, her long thin legs spread and her smooth pussy open and inviting.

“Hi,” she chirped. “Jo wanted to get you something you could use to keep yourself satisfied while she’s gone. I volunteered. Use me,” she finished, biting her soft lower lip.

My phone buzzed in my pocket again, and I fished it out as I unbuttoned my jeans and stepped out of them, my cock jutting in front of me and swaying side-to-side. I reached forward and grabbed the chain connecting Amber’s nipples, gently pulling her forward as I opened the message from Jo. It was a picture, a self-shot of her in the train toilet, her skirt around her waist, her shirt pulled up, and her fingers buried in her pussy.

“Did you find your present?” read the caption.

I wrapped my hand around the back of Amber’s head and pushed her mouth down onto my cock. The little blond teenager groaned as she sank her lips onto me, the head of my cock pushing into her throat. She swallowed with me in her throat and I grinned, flicking on the camera and pointing it down at Amber.

“Look up,” I said.

Amber obediently raised her eyes, locking on to the camera with my cock in her throat. She moaned, her hands flying to Konyaaltı travesti her pussy and she pushed, shoving as much of my cock into her throat as she could without taking her eyes from the camera. I snapped a picture and hastily typed out a response, sending it to Jo.

“I did” it read.

I pulled Amber’s mouth off my cock and pushed her onto her back, pulling her legs up and exposing her cunt and ass to me. Kneeling down, I placed my cock against her puckered asshole and pushed, the head of my cock popping in.

“Spread your pussy open,” I said. Amber did it immediately, her fingers parting, pulling her lips aside, exposing her hard clit and her dripping wet pussy to the camera, the fingers of her other hand slipping behind her to spread around my cock as it disappeared into her ass. I snapped another pic and sent it off with another caption.

“I really did. And you were right. I do really like it :-)”

I waited until I was sure the pic had sent, then dropped the phone to the bed, grabbed the young blond’s hips and rammed my cock home in Amber’s tight ass.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she called out as my shaft slammed into her. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my little ass!” Amber’s fingers worked her pussy, alternating between rubbing her clit and plunging two fingers in and out of her cunt. When she came, her whole body tensed, inadvertently holding her stiffly in place, holding her hips tight and driving my cock deeper into her ass as her skin flushed from her pussy to her neck, her arms twitching as she furiously rubbed her clit and her ass pulsed around me. The young blond’s sopping pussy convulsed and a splash of wetness spurted out of her and onto the shaft of my cock.

She cried out as her orgasm peaked, and I pulled my cock from her ass, hooking my hand behind her head and pulling her forward, the chain between her nipples tinkling as she rolled forward and dove onto my cock, forcing herself down on it, roughly shoving it into her throat until she gagged, hugging my legs and pulling me as deeply as she could. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pulled, forcing myself still deeper.

Amber groaned and coughed around me, gagging as she struggled to handle it all. I felt her body shaking as she struggled against herself, fighting the urge to pull up for air. She looked into my eyes as I began to thrust gently, forcing my cock even deeper. Amber squeezed my legs, trying to pull me further in, telling me silently not to stop even as her eyes began to roll back. Her grip weakened until her arms fell limp.

I hurriedly pushed her off my cock, her body flopping onto the bed as she shocked back to consciousness with a huge, gasping breath just in time for me to ram my cock into her sopping pussy. She cried out raggedly, her breath still coming in desperate gasps as I fucked her and she came again, her pussy clenching, trying to stop me from thrusting as I pounded into her through her orgasm. Amber grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand to her neck, wrapping my fingers around her tender throat.

“Don’t stop fucking me,” she gasped. I pressed down, choking her softly, pushing her orgasm deeper as her face reddened and her pussy spasmed, jetting her wetness onto my balls and the bed.

I released the pressure from her neck and she gulped in air, gasping as her orgasm receded and began to build again as I pushed her legs onto my shoulders and pounded into her again and again. I felt my balls begin to boil as Amber’s pussy began to quake again, another orgasm tearing into her slender young body.

I slammed myself into her and held it, my cock as deep as it could go, pressed against her cervix as I released blast after blast of cum into her.

Amber writhed on my cock, giggling and moaning at the same time, her eyes watering from her orgasms as she finished another one, milking the cum out of me.

“Holy shit,” Amber exclaimed as she regained her senses. “You fuck so good.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” I returned with a grin. I looked down to where my cock was still buried in Amber’s tight, puffy little pussy, the view framed by her long slim legs.

Maybe the six days would pass more quickly than I thought.

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