What Gerald Found

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Gerald waited until his kids were long asleep before sneaking out of bed and going down the stairs to the room that served as his library/work office since the pandemic began. Not that he had anything regarding work that he needed to accomplish tonight.

He entered the room and turned the key in the lock before switching on the light, and then approached his desktop computer. Gerald typed in his password and clicked on his browser, and then typed in a URL address that he knew by heart and smiled as he then waited for the chatroom to upload. He was wearing his bathrobe. He undid the sash to reveal his nakedness; his penis was throbbing erect and he hadn’t even touched it yet. It was almost like it could sense what he was about to accomplish now that he was here. Gerald hadn’t been up on this site for three days now and felt starved. Tonight he intended pleasuring himself for the amount of time he had been away.

The chat rooms were active and busy as he expected. It was populated by the usual hangers-on, some of whom he had gotten to know over the months since someone introduced him to the site. Majority of them were middle-aged to mature white men like him. They came to the chat to discuss and show off their wives to any would-be dominant bull who might be interested in conquering their spouse in bed.

Like other husbands, Gerald had been posting photos of his wife, Lydia, though none that was as provocative as many other husbands have been posting of their wives. Lydia was too old-fashioned and conservative. He stood as much chance getting her to qualify for a nunnery as he would get her to pose nude for him to show off to other men. He once had the dream of them becoming swingers. It wasn’t like that had anything else to look forward to. They were both in their mid-fifties. Their sex life had gone from wan to almost nonexistent. Gerald barely got hard watching her undress, unless picturing her about to have sex with someone else.

He kept scrolling through the page, admiring the photos of wives that flowed bursa eskort past his eye. Some of them were fully-clothed, but a number of them were naked, showing off their features. Some were of the husbands bragging about the latest men their wives had fucked; they included photos as evidence. Gerald had one hand navigating the computer mouse while his other gently stroked his penis. It brought memories of what he imagined being done to his Lydia. It’s too bad she won’t be back home for another two days.

He stopped when he saw something that caught his attention. A photo. It went back so fast he had to scroll up the page to retrieve it. Gerald assumed at first that his eyes were making up things. He clicked on the photo to enlarge it and realised this was something real.

It was a photo of his Lydia. Except this was no photo of hers that he had posted. It showed his Lydia wearing a blue corset with her pair of tits hanging out. She was lying on a bed with her legs spread, holding up a cardboard sign that said: THIS CUNT IS FOR BLACK COCK ONLY!

My God, Lydia!

He downloaded the photo and stared at it for nearly a minute. Looking at her smiling face, her tits, her wedding ring . . . it was definitely her!

“That can’t be,” he murmured. “No fucking way that’s my Lydia.”

Gerald continued to stare at the photo, his mind confused by the image he was seeing. Lydia had traveled to Chicago to see her sister who was having a rough time with the pandemic. She had been gone nearly a week. There’s no way in hell she would be this slut he was staring at . . . not unless this was some whore who looked a lot like his Lydia. It fucking must be.

He clicked off the photo and returned to the chat room and searched for the profile of the person who posted the photo. It took Gerald a while but he finally found him. He even saw the man had posted another photo, this one of Lydia taking a mouthful of his cock while staring at the camera. Whoever he was, the man even left a note beneath the photo that said: ‘Check out this bursa escort bored Vegas milf loving my dick!’

Oh God, Gerald gasped. We do live in Las Vegas! That is Lydia!

The poster’s name was BigBullBrown, and he bore a snapshot of a black dick as his avatar.

Gerald clicked on his name and opened a private chat-box and wrote to him: [I’d like to know where you got that photo you posted?]

He tapped his fingers impatiently on his desk before a response then appeared on his box.

BigBullBrown: [What photo?]

VegaSHub67: [The one with the woman in a blue corset.]

BigBullBrown: [What’s it to you?]

VegaSHub67: [Im curious. How did you and her meet?]

BigBullBrown: [A bitch that I’m banging introduced her to me. They’re sisters LOL.]

VegaSHub67: [Forgive me for asking but are you based in Chicago?]

BigBullBrown: [Why you ask? You know the bitch?]

VegaSHub67: [Apparently I do. I’m her husband.]

Another minute went by. Gerald feared the bull might have suddenly ended the conversation when he then came back.

BigBullBrown: [You really her cuck? Tell me her name and yours so I’d ask her and see if you not bullshitting.]

Gerald typed what he wanted and waited a bit longer for the bull to return.

BigBullBrown: [You checked out fine, white boi. The bitch says you’re her hubby, but she can’t come talk to you right now. I’ve got her busy. Wanna see?]

VegaSHub67: [Yes.]

The bull sent Gerald a live request, to which he clicked on it and then a video screen opened before his eyes. The camera was blurry at first but that was because it was moving. The POV shot took Gerald into a room where a big-bodied woman occupied a bed with two naked black men on either side of her. As the camera drew closer, Gerald immediately recognised Lydia and saw she was giving head to either man.

“Yo, Lydia. I’ve got your cuck-boi chatting with me right now on camera. Here, you wanna say hi to him?”

The camera stopped shy of Lydia’s face taken bursa escort bayan up by the two black cocks vying for her attention. She had saliva and cum stains smeared across her face and her eyes glowed with excitement at what she was doing. Gerald had never before seen his wife like this. Not ever had she been this animated, especially when it involves sex.

This was incredible; this was fucking monumental!

Gerald’s penis went from limp to instantaneous hard.

He found himself jerking off even before Lydia spoke to him.

“Hey, darling,” Lydia waved at the camera, grinning like the slutwife of his dreams. “Sorry I never got the nerve to tell you this, Gerald. My sister, Monica, is a black cock-whore. She hooked me up with the fellas here, and they’ve been keeping me company since I got here. It’s the reason why I haven’t returned home yet. But I’ll be back in two days. Consider this a Valentine’s day gift. Say hi to the kids for me.”

Lydia blew him a kiss then went back to pleasuring whichever black cock was close-by.

The camera turned to reveal BigBullBrown’s face as he laughed at the camera screen.

“You hear that, white boi. Your bitch is about to get some dick. You leave me your address and I’ll send you the video link later. Gotta go join the fellas right now.”

Gerald was about to say something when the feed cut off and the video closed, returning him to the chat-box. He would have loved to see more. He would have given anything to see the three black men fuck the shit out of his Lydia, make her scream and plead for more.

He sat back and shut his eyes and gasped as he went on jerking his penis harder until he shot his load upon his thighs and robe. He ran his hand across his forehead and it came away with sweat.

Gerald waited until he felt better before tying his email address for BigBullBrown, and then he signed out of the cuckold site and shut down his computer. He sat there recalling everything he had watched. He felt damn proud knowing that his wife would return home to him in two days with her pussy swollen with other men’s seed—God, I pray they didn’t fuck her with condoms on!

He got up from the chair, tied back his robe, switched off the lights before quitting the room and returned upstairs.

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