A Birthday Wish Delivered On Time

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Lying there, asleep, you are dreaming gingerly of all the beautiful places you have and have always wanted to visit. The rolling hills, the cobblestone paths, the fields of seemingly endless flowers that cover the valleys in distant lands. You remember the crisp air that passed over your virtually see through blouse causing your nipples to harden, almost tearing through your loosely woven top. You shudder slightly and raise your hands to cover and warm your breasts… but you can’t. You look down and see your hands remaining at your side. Again you try to cover your still hardening nipples and your hands continue to remain still.

As you look down, you notice your fingers move at your command but your hands will not move

You struggle and flex your biceps, twisting and turning almost as if you begin to experience a bit of claustrophobia. You try and make your fingers stretch as if that would help them reach their destination. Your fingers move, but your hands, they continue to remain motionless by your side. You struggle and fight, your eyes widen and your mouth begins to shiver as your anxiety builds and builds. You look around and notice that the flowers in the valley are beginning to spin and the air that once crossed your nipples has turned from crisp and cool to warm and a bit wet. Not understanding what was going on, you begin to toss your head from side to side, your hair flipping everywhere…


Who was that? Where did that voice come from? Realizing you were experiencing a dream and snapped out of it suddenly, you take a deep breath and begin to open your eyes. Surely you will feel relieved when you can open your eyes and escape this wonderful dream turned dark.


You have opened them and yet you still see total darkness. Where is that faint light that has befriended you through the years that sneaks in between the window shades? Where is that all too familiar red glow that lets you know when your alarm clock goes off, you will be on time to work? Surely there must be something covering your eyes…

As you reach to rub your eyes as you have hundreds of times before, you again feel the dull snag that makes you unable to reach your destination. What the hell is going on? Are you still dreaming? Did the fields of flowers really just turn to black?

Only this time you feel pressure on your thighs too… Every time you try to reach up, your thighs squeeze a bit. You can also hear the faint sound of metal on metal. It almost sounds like the clanking of a chain. Every time you tug your hand, you hear the metal noise and feel the pressure on your upper thigh. You are unsure of what is holding your wrists as you have never felt this kind of pressure on your thighs and have no clue as to why there is a clinking sound when you pull.

Then it all breaks down. Again you feel the air that passed over your nipples in your dream only this time, the tiny hairs on your body raise when the now warm air passes over your breasts. You are beginning to know that this is now for real. All of a sudden your other senses click in. You take in a musky smell… not familiar to your room, your bed. You can hear the ruffling of your sheets even as you lie still and motionless. What is it that has brought this odor to your room, that moves even as you lie still. Your tongue can taste the sweat coming off your lip as your exertions have lead you to begin to perspire.

“Shhhhhh… it’s your birthday. ” Then it all becomes clear. You are being held victim in your own bed. Who is this man with the musky smell. He sounds gentle and caring but how did he get in. You begin to think of everyone you have ever known who might have been given access to your home, to your key that stands between you and the outside world. You can think of no one who would do this to you and can remember this smell from no man you have ever known. Frightened now, your mouth tenses and your neck flexes as you begin to call out. Your diaphragm extends as you draw air and just as you begin to squeal…

“NO MAAM!” As his hand clasps your quivering mouth. You shiver as you feel the palm of his warm hand next to your ear on one side of your head and the end of his fingers touching your ear lobe on the other side of your now sweat filled face. What big hands. It is then that you realize that this large man obviously wants you where you are and tends to get what he wishes, as he wishes, when he wishes. Even though this has often been a fantasy that has snuck into your idle mind, it doesn’t seem as intriguing now that this strange holds you at his mercy.

“Like I said, it is your birthday. ” “If you start to fight, then manisa escort I am going to think you want me to get a bit rougher. ” “Your actions will let me know which way to go. ” “If you are a good girl, then maybe later I will take off your blindfold and let you watch. “

Ahhhh, it begins to make sense. That is the darkness which covers your eyes. It must be a mask of some sort, maybe the kind you use when you want to sleep but it is too bright outside. Your deepest fears begin to subside as you become accustomed to the fact that you are about to be taken and you have no control over it what so ever. Your breaths begin to get deeper and your mind is focusing more on your surroundings. Where is he? Why hasn’t he done anything? What is he going to do?

Slowly you feel his heat on your nipple again. Then, a wetness covers the length of your nipple. Almost unwillingly, you arch your back so that you can feed this stranger your nipple. Gently you feel his teeth ease down on the base of your extended nipple and his tongue swirling around the top. A gentle moan unexpectedly exits your throat as he draws up your nipple and nibbles on the top.

You begin to reach for his head so you can entwine your fingers in his hair and pull him down again on your breasts and instantly you are reminded of your restraints. You have no control of even your hands. You can’t move them more than a couple of inches. He has total control of your body, your senses, your sex!

When your mind turns again from your hands you realize that he has encompassed your free breast with his hand. In his warm mouth he continues to tease your right nipple while his thumb and forefinger gently tease the left. God he feels so good and it is as if you had told him exactly what you liked, what you long for, what you need to get off. With that, you begin to feel the warm air exiting his mouth, leave your nipple as well as his hand. You feel his tongue begin to trace a line up your breast, towards your neck and as you struggle to control your shivering nakedness, you feel his moist air again on your earlobe. Again you sigh as the stranger touches every point on your body that you have dreamt of in an intimate encounter.

Trying to focus on both his tongue and hand at the same time you feel his fingers running down your stomach edging closer to your now aching pussy. His hand slows as he passes over the hair leading to your engorged clit. Throbbing and pulsating now, it is as if your skin will split under the pressure of the blood that has rushed to your soaking wet clit and puss.

As his finger gently rubs over your clit you moan again, only this time your moan is met with a deeper moan that fills your ear. His moan is accompanied by a gentle tug on your ear lobe and a bit more heated ear into your ear canal. Instinctively, you raise your hips to meet his touch. Your hips roll forward as if to invite his fingers to explore every inch of your wet mound. Then, as his fingers part your pussy, and his middle finger begins to enter, you open your hands as if to help and again are reminded of your confines. Only this time he gasps…

Focusing now, you realize that in your hand, you now hold his swollen manhood. Hard and swollen, he fills your hand so that your fingertips barely touch. You squeeze gently and a smile crosses your face. Sensing a loss of control, your stranger pulls his hand away as well as his teeth that were focused on your neck and ear. With one swift move, you are flipped onto your stomach and face first into your pillow. You struggle to raise your head so that you may breath. As you turn your head to the side you again smell his musky odor. This time it is met with the smell of sex. Your sex. Totally surrendering, you don’t even struggle as you feel the restraints being placed around your ankles. Your feel the tightening around your ankles. It seems as though it is leather but you are not sure. You can hear the clasp as it snaps into place. With a bit of force, he removes the clasp connecting your hands to your thighs and moves your hand down to your ankle. “Click”

With that, your arms are connected to your ankles. “Why did he do that?” “What could he possibly do like this?” Then you begin to realize his plan as you feel his hands, one on each side of your hips. He would raise your hips off the bed but you beat him to the punch and elevate your ass into the air almost begging him to fuck your tight pink hole. Never before has your pussy been so wet, your nipples so hard.

Resting on your forehead, you prepare yourself for your first anal encounter. You pray that he will be gentle, but down deep you escort manisa could care less. You just want this beast to fuck you for all he is worth. You gently begin to sway your ass in the air, inviting him in, daring him to take you at his will. Nothing.


Where did he go?

You relax a bit and as your hips lower, your inner thighs rub against the scruff of his cheeks. You lower a bit more, a bit more, and even more until you feel his tongue gliding along the lips of your pussy. Gently you begin to rock back and forth on his tongue. As your body begins to heat up again, you begin to lower yourself more and rock even faster… faster… gliding your pussy lips over his tongue and your clit against his nose…


A sting covers the cheek of your ass and you gasp. What the hell was that for? As you start to ask, “What… “


A sting covers your other ass cheek. Quickly you realize that talking is not something you need to be doing. Then as quickly as the punishing blows came down, you again feel his gentle palms covering your buttocks and easing you down onto his face. He continues to lick and nibble on your clit and again you begin to rock easily back and forth. You take careful steps to realize what his hands and tongue tell you.

The longer this goes on, the more you want to just sit up and say “FUCK ME!” But the recent reminders on your ass tell you that would be poor judgement on your part. You continue to rock and moan as his powerful hands spread your ass cheeks apart. Gently but with enough force to let you know he is in charge. Your muscles strain to keep your asshole shut.

One of his hands leaves your cheek and with one swift move, his finger enters and exits your pussy. You gasp into the pillow wishing for more but then your short gasp becomes a long one as without warning, he shoves his cum soaked finger into your quivering asshole. Your back arches as your head rises trying to grab enough air to take away the sudden pain that you now feel. Slowly he begins to finger fuck your ass as he begins to lick even more feverishly on your clit. Within seconds you relax your entire body and begin to move your ass in unison with his finger. Harder he presses into you as his free hands reaches up and squeezes you swaying breast. His fingers encompass your tit as your free nipple rubs gently across your sheets as you sway.

As you again begin to focus on your lover, you gasp again as he inserts another finger so that now both his first and second finger are now deep inside your forbidden cavern. You are totally relaxed now and are oblivious to everything else going on around you. Gently you begin to whisper…

“fuck me”

“fuck me”

“fuck me”

with every stroke, you whisper…

“fuck me please fuck me… “

With that you are again turned over onto your back with one swift move. You pull your ankles up as close to your ass as you can and begin to work in unison with your constraints. You use them to pull your heels against your ass as tight as you can… but again, he seems to have disappeared… Then you hear the drawer next to your head open and your mind begins to race. What is he doing? What is in there that he could… OH!

“I think you are going to like this birthday girl. “

You were right. You feel the head of your own personal toy begin to be rubbed against the lips of your pussy. An old friend has come to play. But just as he begins to enter you with your toy, he takes it away and you smell your own honey before it hit your lips.

“I just want to see what I would look like if you were to swallow me. “

With a grin you open your mouth, extend your tongue and lengthen your neck as to take your entire toy with one easy gulp. With great pride, you hold back your gag reflexes and work the dildo down your throat with your muscles. You moan with pride as he pulls the toy out of your mouth and you hear his moan as well. Your smile leaves your face quickly as with one swift move, he inserts the massive tool into your waiting pussy.

“Oh my God!”

And with that he begins to chuckle. Ramming you with your toy. Filling your pussy with every inch of your own tool of pleasure. You buck your hips wildly and continue to beg him to fuck you.

WHAP! Across your ass. But now it is beginning to feel good. It sends a ripple of sensation through the walls of your now fully filled pussy walls. You say it again… “



Now enjoying the game you let him know that it is even more of a turn on to feel the sharp pains while he is filling you manisa escort bayan with your tool.

“OHHHH, I do like this!”


No movement…

A quiet falls across the room…

“No darling… that isn’t your gift… ”

And with that, he gently removes your mask. The room still in total darkness, you begin to be able to make out the figure that has had you at his mercy. “Who is this man?” “This stranger?”

“You only know me from your fantasies. ” “And I am here to fulfill one of them on this your special day. ” “Now I will pleasure you. ”

And with that he leans over the top of you and a bit more forcefully takes you nipple into his mouth. Sucking on it with some force, he raises his head and pulls your entire breast toward the sky. You wince with pain and moan with pleasure as your nipple snaps out of his now grinning mouth.

Gently, he unbuckles your ankles, but then, he connects your wrists to the clasp connected at the head of your bead. Both hands, same clasp, still trapped. Both of you have figured out however that you would gladly submit yourself only now, the restraints ensure his dominance.

“Soooo, you gonna fuck me mystery man?”

With that he again inserts you toy into you as your eyes roll back and your hips arch to meet his move. You feel him motion your hips to raise even more and you oblige. With that, he places a pillow under your hips and you become elevated with barely your feet touching the mattress. You have never pleasured yourself this way so you begin to relax again and prepare for the ride…

His hands cup the underside of your knees as he raises them up so that your heels rest on his shoulders. He then returns to fucking you with your latex cock, in and out, in and out.

Then, with no warning, your asshole is spread as wide as your pussy.


“Happy Birthday!”

Now in unison, both your pussy and your ass spread, one by a fake cock and the other by a real one. You have often dreamed of being fucked in the ass and as you thought it does hurt. But it is not a bad hurt, it is a burning sensation. The feeling is unbelievable as all of your untouched nerves are being rubbed and throttled by the massive head of his cock. He continues to spread your ass cheeks and lets himself ram you as hard as he can. As he continues to fill both of your holes, his hands leave your tight ass cheeks and come to rest on your hips. Your hands clasp to hold onto something as his hands pull you now into his every thrust. The feeling of both your pussy and asshole being filled at once is almost unbearable. You begin to meet his every thrust. Just as you begin to fuck in unison, his hand leaves your hip and finds its way to your throbbing nipple. He gently pulls upward as he continues to fuck…


And with that, his hand leaves your nipple and his thumb begins to work your clit. Every part of your body is alive. Every sensation is heightened beyond belief. He continues to fuck your asshole with his monstrous cock, while he fills your pussy with your toy. His thumb rubbing your swollen clit, you begin to feel that familiar quiver in your thighs, that twinge in your pussy… you are only seconds away from the strongest orgasm of your life when you scream,


With that he unleashes your hands and immediately they both clasp around the end of the vibrator, where you turn it on to full and continue to fuck yourself. Now with two free hands he pulls both of your nipples skyward as you arch your back and dig the back of your head into the pillow. Your legs wrapping around his waist, you pull him as deep into your ass as is humanly possible. And with one final thrust, you cum like never before. Your pussy and ass squeeze and tremble as you flail your arms back and continue to move your hips.

As you come down from your sexual high you realize that your stranger is no longer fucking you in the ass… he isn’t squeezing your nipples… or rubbing your clit. Quickly you raise up and look towards the door as you see it shut. You race to cover yourself with the bed sheet and when you yank open the door…

You see darkness, no person, no images other than the old familiar things that are always there… darkness, just as the night began. Sadly, you walk to the bath, still trembling, weak at the knees and you sit on the edge of the tub. The water is turned on, the bubble bath poured, and the soaking begins.

In the morning, you go to your computer as you always do and there as it always does, says that you have mail. As you open it you find a note from one of your internet pals that says,

“Happy Birthday!”

As you open it you begin to read a simple note that says…

“I am glad I got to give you a gift that you will never forget.”

“Hope you understand that I wanted to keep the mask…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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