A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 01

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The adventures of your Dirty Dog in Germany started off rather slow. I had to leave Mandi in the states and head for parts unknown, arriving in Frankfurt to be sent to the replacement detachment. Long lines, lots of paperwork, I get handed off to an idiot who, in turn, sends me to a Volkswagen passenger van that heads for Stuttgart, Germany.

Long trip, boring ride down the autobahn, jet lag slowly creeps in. I go all the way to Stuttgart just to turn around and catch another van back to Heilbronn, Germany. Finally get into my kaserne where I will spend my next three years. Damn I am tired!

I rode my motorcycle to Charleston, South Carolina and then had to catch a bus to the airport. It was a long, tedious ride and I hit the plane almost exhausted. I don’t know about you but just when my head hit the back of the airplane seat my brain suddenly decided to go into overtime. So I got little sleep and arrived in Germany with a great case of fatigue and it was only 0500 in the morning.

I am in Heilbronn, Germany with little recognition of how I got there, and heaven knows I have been without sleep for about 36 hours. Someone from my new unit finally picks me up and takes me to my battalion headquarters. I sign in, and get a ride to my barracks where someone else shoves me into a temporary room for the night. I rip my uniform off and pass out without making the bunk up with sheets and blankets. I pull one blanket over me and immediately fall into a deep sleep.

This was my start in Germany. I still wasn’t sure why I had ever decided that this was a good thing. But I finally got a chance to call Mandi for about 3 minutes and let her know I was safe and okay. She cried a bit, and told me she missed me already. I pooh-poohed her ramblings and told her I would talk to her again soon.

I did a bunch of in-processing, met my new boss, got my permanent (or so they alleged) room, and set about the difficult task of getting over jet lag. I went to the club on my kaserne that evening and with the assistance of a huge steak and a couple of good German beers, headed on a course of recovery. The steak was mediocre, the beer was excellent.

Over the course of the next month, I applied for housing for Mandi and me, and spent some time getting to know my surroundings. I attended a German language basic training, designed to teach you enough of the language to survive and maybe get into a little trouble. I took to German well, and actually looked forward to meeting the local folks and speak a new language.

Right off the bat, the first trip I took into Heilbronn was a wonder of new things. But something that wasn’t new was the sight of so many really fine looking women. As I walked around a downtown shopping area, there were women out in the heat with little shorts, little skirts, hardly a bra to be seen. My first thought was that this could be very interesting. How little I knew then.

I did two things right from the start — I applied for housing, and found out about a loan business that was rampant around this kaserne. The loan business piqued my interest immediately. It seems that there was a high demand for “pay day” loans, where soldiers would run out of money before pay day, and would borrow money from anyone who would loan it to them. Most often this meant paying an exorbitant rate of interest.

A good example was 10 for 20, where one would borrow $10.00 maybe 2 weeks before pay day and have to remit $20.00 to repay the loan on pay day. No one, though, had gotten into this loan situation as a true business. I filled the gap quite willingly.

Within two weeks of hitting ground in Germany, I found myself getting heavily in the loan business. Okay, I began loan sharking. Since I was being (at the time) quite the faithful spouse, I had to have some creative outlets. Becoming a loan shark kept me busy. It also made sending money back to the states to Mandi so much easier.

I cut the payback rates that most people charged so I could draw more customers, putting the casual lenders out of business. This wasn’t that big a problem to the casual lenders. No one else had the assets to do a volume business anyway. When I began getting customers from other units in and out of my battalion, I soon had my hands full in my loan sideline. It wasn’t long before I was making triple my money as a loan shark.

Since housing in the area was so tight, it took almost 4 months before I came up on the list for consideration to get a rental place out in the German community. By the time I got a shot at an apartment, it was almost 5 months. By then I almost had a monopoly on payday lending. I had ample cash.

I was offered a German apartment, a small, one bedroom place on the second floor of an old house in a village about 12 km from my kaserne. It was a quaint little place, with a history. It had suffered a direct hit from an American bomb during WWII that had not exploded. It merely knocked a hole in the roof and all three floors before coming to rest in the illegal bahis basement.

Still, I was desperate, and so was Mandi. The landlord was a nice, younger German man named Gerhardt, and his wife was Doris. They had a son who was four years old and they lived in a small village nearby. Gerhardt’s mother lived in the small apartment at the top of the house. Gerhardt had sub-divided the place into 5 apartments.

After agreeing to a short term lease, we signed the papers with at the housing agency, and I started the papers necessary to move Mandi to our new digs in Germany. I also kept my room in the barracks so I could use both to my advantage. I couldn’t let my loan sharking business fall to the wayside.

I arranged for some loaner furniture from the military to be delivered so we would have a rudimentary home when Mandi finally got approval to come to Germany with me. It took about 3 days before it was delivered, and I arranged to have Gerhardt there when it arrived so if the movers damaged anything he would be right there to work it out with the moving company without my being in the middle.

The day the furniture arrived, instead of Gerhardt being present, he had to work. He sent Doris as his proxy. Doris, as opposed to Gerhardt, actually spoke some English. And when she arrived, she was accompanied by another female.

Doris introduced me to her neighbor, Sigrid. She was a single, divorced mother of a 7-year old girl. She also spoke pretty good English. We sat around on an empty floor waiting for the furniture truck to arrive, and since I had brought some German beers, we all slowly sipped a beer and got acquainted.

The furniture movers apparently had no concept of time, because after two hours, they were still a no-show. Doris began to get irritated, and finally left to go upstairs to Gerhardt’s mother’s apartment to call them. While she was gone, Sigrid and I had the opportunity to carry on a private conversation. This turned out to be interesting.

Sigrid talked to me about some casual things like how I liked Germany so far, would I be buying a car soon, how long did I think I would stay in this apartment (it was rather small), and general stuff like that. But she looked at me in an off-handed sort of way and asked me if she could sit with me.

Now I had already found that Germans have a custom of sitting with even total strangers if a seat is free, but one must politely ask if the seat is free. I nodded my okay to her and she got up, grabbed another beer, and casually sat now next to me on the bare floor.

I guess I should describe her at this point. Sigrid was slender, blond, maybe in English measurements about 5’7″ tall. She couldn’t have weighed more than 110 pounds. She had maybe B-cup sized breasts hidden under a loose shirt and a bra that kept her breasts under tight wrap. For someone so slender, her bra appeared sorely tight and restrictive.

She had a nice face, not especially pretty, but not ugly or repulsive. One could say almost plain, yet she was not hard to look at. Her bottom was full, though, in spite of her slender physique.

Doris came back shortly after, and immediately began ranting to Sigrid in German, pausing only long enough to tell me in broken English that the furniture movers would be another hour. She said something else to Sigrid, and disappeared out the door, and I heard her going down the stairs to the ground floor.

Sigrid explained to me that Doris was going downstairs to see the folks who lived directly under us. They were from Croatia and lived there on a special guest worker visa. The German government paid their rent. She didn’t’ know quite enough English to explain completely but I got the gist of the fact that these Croatians were there under some government program and more or less got a free ride.

I heard Doris come back up the stairs and she burst into the apartment with a bottle of a clear liquid with a label containing some strange language. It turned out to be a native Balkan drink called Slivovitz. While I had never heard of it, Sigrid began fussing at Doris about it. As they fussed, Doris handed me three shot glasses. “Vie haf Slivovitz for drink,” she exclaimed.

I was cool with a drink of something potent, until I finally got a good sniff. My poor nose got assaulted by the vile smelling liquid similar to K-1 kerosene. It was nose hair removing nasty! I had no idea how to act when Doris loaded three shot glasses of the ungodly liquor. After a little tradition, Doris said “Prosit!” and we all took a drink.

I almost lost my breath! This stuff was painful, gag-worthy, breath taking, paint thinning nasty. I struggled to breathe and struggled even more not to explode. It burned while at the same time made me nauseated. I burned from my throat to my stomach. I had to struggle to catch my breath.

Doris was seemingly okay with this stuff, but Sigrid had the same symptoms I had. She was also crying involuntarily. I felt sorry for her and patted her on illegal bahis siteleri the back. She wheezed and gasped for a minute, finally settling down into a not so mild spasm of disgust. Doris decided that this was too much for us, after a fit of the giggles, and disappeared again only to reappear with a couple of beers. I found this much better, as did Sigrid.

Doris drank a couple of more shots, wincing with each, and sat down in the floor with us. She began telling a story about Sigrid that had her blushing and me getting curious. Apparently Sigrid was into bondage, and was very passive. Also, her ex-husband had not had the least interest in sex, and this drove Sigrid to a local club where she could be a partner to other couples who would help her indulge in her submissive side and she could enjoy sex.

I took a long look at Sigrid as she blushed and turned away, a gesture I immediately saw as being part of her submissive nature. Before Doris could spill anymore secrets, Sigrid got up to go to the bathroom. As soon as she left, Doris jumped up and decided to telephone the movers again and flew out the door. I got up and wandered around the small apartment, checking out the view from each of the windows.

Sigrid returned from the bathroom and walked over to the window to see what I was looking at. As she looked out the window, I had a sudden urge to see how submissive she was. I took her hands and before she could react, quickly pinned them behind her back and pushed her up against the window. She gasped and tried to turn away, but I held her tightly against the glass. I pushed my crotch into the swell of her butt and slowly stroked up and down, while leaning in and kissing her on the neck.

“You need a Master, don’t you?” I asked her quietly.

Sigrid tried once again to push or pull away, although her small effort seemed more for my benefit. I pressed harder into her body, and felt my cock beginning to rise. As I got harder, I began to apply more pressure to my crotch against her ass. She let out an almost inaudible whimper, but leaned her head back toward me. I gently nipped on her neck, and pulled one of her hands down between us and rubbed it on my now swelling cock. She closed her eyes, and helped me rub my cock. Finally she whispered, “Grosser.” I thought maybe she was repulsed, but then realized that she had said my cock was large.

I turned her hand and pressed it into my cock, and she began to grip it through my uniform pants. Keeping the other arm tightly pressed into her back, I used my free hand to go up under her shirt, and quickly pushed the bottom of her bra up and over her breast. As soon as it was clear, I grabbed a quickly hardening nipple between my fingers and squeezed her breast roughly. This got an immediate gasp, then a sigh. Her hand kept rubbing and squeezing my cock.

I moved her bra clear of the other breast and gave it the same treatment while I nipped and chewed at her neck. I told her to stop moving at all and be very still. When she complied, I leaned into her ear to talk.

“You must meet me tomorrow. I will strip your clothes from you and tie you over a chair. I may spank you, but I will also make you beg to take my cock in every hole. You must be ready for this when I come to your house. I am a harsh and unforgiving Master.”

She groaned and pushed back even harder against me, moving her hand and rubbing her ass up and down my cock.

“What time?” she asked.

“Thirteen,” I replied.

“Yes,” was her only response.

I heard Doris coming back from the mother-in-law apartment so I released Sigrid and went for my beer; she adjusted her bra and got her beer just as Doris came in.

“Zehn minuten,” she blurted out.

That was good for me. In ten minutes the furniture would arrive. I finished the beer and settled back to wait. Doris rambled through a spate of German to Sigrid, and they had an animated conversation which my beginning German was unable to follow. But this was soon interrupted by the sound of a truck pulling into the courtyard outside the house.

The furniture guys quickly went about their work with Doris playing slave master. They got everything set up to Doris’ satisfaction (never mind that I would have to move some things around). Doris asked if I would follow them to her house for a beer and maybe have dinner. I agreed and followed them in my borrowed car.

When we got there, Doris headed straight into her house while I lingered to look at the small, neatly trimmed lawn and Sigrid accompanied me around back. They, Doris and Gerhardt, had a typically and beautifully landscaped and outfitted back yard, very private with the use of both fencing and tall shrubs. It was very cozy. Sigrid hadn’t really spoken to me until we were going back around the other side of the house. She stopped and pointed at a similar house across the street.

“My house,” she said. “When you come, I will open the garage for your car.”

I found this interesting that canlı bahis siteleri she would want to hide my car.

“You will wear your uniform?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied, knowing that she was probably having fantasies of continued domination by a real soldier.

We entered the house, where Doris set out beers and we sat and chatted, with Sigrid providing translation for Doris if there were any problems with the language. I learned some German as well. Doris left the room to answer the phone and when she returned told us that Gerhardt would not be home until late, and we could have dinner some other time.

I took this as my call to exit, so after finishing my beer, I rose, offered my thanks for their help, and proceeded to the door. As I exited, Sigrid said something to Doris in German, and slipped out behind me. As I walked to my car, she waved and said, “Tomorrow.”

I thought about this rather plain looking German woman that evening, and decided to walk downtown to a sex shop I had seen while exploring. I stopped at my bank and picked up some local cash, and headed to the shop. I purchased some hand and ankle cuffs with different sizes of belts to link them together. I also purchased a simple ball gag with a wide elastic strip to go around the back of the head. I figured Sigrid would have some items of her own so I left it at that.

I arrived promptly at 1300, and the garage door went up as I pulled into the drive. I drove straight into the garage and saw Sigrid in my mirror pulling it closed before I could stop the engine. In the dim light, I could see that she was wearing a simple floor length dress that looked almost like a large t-shirt. It had a split in the front with 4 buttons, which she had left open. She was braless with rock hard nipples poking at the thin fabric.

I pulled my package of restraints from the car, and moved to the hood of the car. Without saying a word, I pulled the wrist and ankle cuffs from the bag. Sigrid was soundless, but looked at them with wide eyes. I pushed her against the car and quickly bent down and emplaced the ankle cuffs. Then I roughly pulled her arms behind her and put the wrist cuffs on her, pulling them together with one of the shortest straps. When I pulled out the ball gag, she shook her head no.

“Not yet,” she said with a pleading look in her eyes.

I wasn’t sure what was up so I put the gag in my pocket. I pushed her face down over the hood of the car, reached down under her dress and slowly ran a hand up her legs to her ass. She gasped and squirmed as my hand touched her bare ass. I squeezed one ass cheek roughly, making her gasp again. Then I quickly slid a finger down her crack, feeling a smooth little rear hole before getting to a slit that was already beginning to seep moisture.

She whimpered when my fingers pushed between her pussy lips, but I didn’t penetrate her vagina. I pushed farther and brushed her clit, causing her to stiffen and make a groaning noise.

“Enough,” I said quickly. “Let’s go inside.”

Sigrid led the way inside, with me getting the door since her hands were bound behind her and her ankles closely shackled. We entered what I discovered was a lovely home, immaculately outfitted and extremely tasteful. The girl had style! I grabbed a handful of hair and led her through the house to the living room. There was a straight wooden chair sitting in the middle of the floor.

“Is that for me?” I queried.

“Ja,” she replied meekly.

I walked her to the chair, intending to strap her to it when she suddenly spoke up.

“We must have a safe word or sign.”

I understood what she meant, and asked her to tell me or demonstrate what she would do.

“If I am gagged, I will nod my head twice up and down, twice side to side, and twice more up and down. If I am not gagged, I will say ‘Stop America’.”

“Nods if gagged, stop America if not. Got it. You continue to be a good slave for me.”

She looked down submissively and nodded, and I proceeded to bind her ankles to the chair legs. I then leaned her over the chair back, which had a convenient pad on it for comfort, and bound her wrists to the legs just below the seat. She fit this so well I assumed she had it made just for her size.

I grabbed the thin dress and pulled it up and over her back and head, sliding it off her arms until it rested in the chair seat. I took my ball gag out and slipped it into her mouth. Without so much as a word, I knelt behind her and began to lick along her butt crack. She moaned immediately and squirmed her ass around. As I licked along the slit of her pussy, I reached between the rungs of the chair back and grabbed both nipples, pinching them and pulling them out away from her breasts.

She moaned some more, and I went straight to her little smooth, lightly haired, delicately puckered anus. Letting go of her breasts, I spread her ass cheeks wide, pulling them apart so hard I made finger prints in the muscles. She writhed on the chair back as I plunged my tongue deep into her back hole. She tried to cry out but was muffled by the gag. I kept this up for a few minutes before suddenly plunging three fingers into her pussy while moving a thumb to her clit and massaging it roughly.

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