A Filthy Exhibition Pt. 01

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The following is my first attempt at writing, and is a very rough draft. I stayed up all night and wrote this out in a stream of consciousness. Please overlook any errors, as it has only had the most minimal of editing. If anyone is a fan I will definitely write more.


Warning: story contains light scat and non-consensual homo-eroticism.


She coughed and spluttered as the cock in her mouth erupted, shooting ropes of thick cum down her throat. She tried to pull back, but her head was being held in firmly in place by her domineering partner. Her vision began to dim a little, and she started to see stars. Desperate now, she tried to plead for air. The best she could manage, with a fat black cock draining itself right down her throat, was a desperate frothing gurgle. Instead of a plea for mercy, all that could be heard was wet gagging, as hot cum and thick saliva burst from the sides of her mouth and ran down her bulging cheeks and chin. At this her partner let out a loud moan of “Fuck yes”, and pushed his engorged cock even further in. Her lips pushed up against the very base of his cock, and her nose was pushed into his now soaking-wet pubic hair. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the pulsing cock head pushed it’s way fully inside of her throat. She wretched hard, and thick ropes of cum and drool sprayed from her nose.

“Fuuuuck yes. Take it bitch, take my fuckin nut!” he cried out, as he drained himself fully.

The strong grasp on her head was finally released, and she withdrew, gasping and spluttering for breath. The huge cock dropped heavily from her jaw, spraying drops of cum and gag-spit wildly across her silky thighs and the dirty bathroom floor. She barely heard him tell her to lick it up over the sounds of her ragged breathing and sputtering. Hot cum, spit, and sweat coated her face and tits. Her pussy ached as she fully regained her senses, relishing the taste of the thick cum this fat black cock had just given her. Taking his thickness in her hand, she slurped the last drops from his cock, and then got down on all fours like a dog and started slurping up the vile mixture of cum and her own vomit, along with whatever else was on the floor of the public restroom.

Her mind reeled, what was she doing? How did she get here? On her hands and knees in a hardware store bathroom, surrounded by strange men, gagging and choking on her lover’s raging dick. Licking up this sordid cocktail should have repulsed her. Her pussy was a sopping mess at this point, burning and dripping with desire. Her cocktail of cum, spit, and piss tasted like ambrosia. She was a slut, an absolute animal. And she loved it.

“Oh my god the bitch fuckin loves it, look at her pussy drip.” She heard from the crowd that had formed behind her.

Her pussy pulsed at the sound of this, and she started to shake her ass, bucking and gyrating her hips. Aware that all of their eyes were on her, and coming more to her senses now that she could breathe again, she continued to put on a show. As she started to twerk with more vigour, she could feel her pussy juice being sprayed all across her thighs and ass. She had never been so wet in her life. The cheers and jeers, taunts and gasps of “slut” and “whore” from the mouths of her audience was driving her to new depraved heights of ecstasy. New depraved lows of wanton lust.

All of a sudden she was hit with a heavy and hot stream of liquid in her face. The big black dick that had just emptied itself down her throat was now showering her with piss! She gasped in surprise, and in doing so accidentally choked on the stream. The taste was sweet and warm, and she began to guzzle it down in earnest. She swept the hair from her eyes, which was matting to her face from cum and slobber. She looked right into his eyes as she wrapped her thick lips around the head of his cock, relishing the look in his eyes as she started gulping down his golden stream. All of a sudden she felt another hot stream hit her back, and start running down to her ass cheeks. And then another. “Holy shit. Holy shit they are marking me”, she thought. Her pussy was on fire as she gulped down her sweet and salty reward.

The stream in her mouth finally stopped, and Darrel slipped from her mouth, smiling down at her. She was a good fucking slut. Real good.

“Turn around” he said “and spread that white ass wide open for me.”

She did exactly as he said, and was confronted with the sight of six other men standing there, staring. Most of them had their hard cocks out, jerking vigorously to her filthy exhibition. The two guys closest to her had their cocks in their hands, droplets of piss dripping down from one of them, a steady stream still flowing from the second, dousing her tits and wetting her hair. It had just been her and Darrel when she first entered the bathroom, and this was the first time she’d turned around to face her gathering audience.

This train of thought was cut short when she felt a strong, hot pressure on her wet asshole. “Holy shit” her eyes went wide, and Darrel pushed the rigid thickness of his oversized cock head görükle escort right into her asshole, her sexy wrinkled ring letting out a wet farting noise as he pushed his way inside.

“SHIT” she blurted out, as her eyes bulged wide open. She hadn’t expected this anal intrusion, but was powerless to do or say anything other than grunt like a feral animal in heat. Darrell laughed as her hot, secret ring farted and stretched around his considerable girth. She burned with embarrassment as he held her by the hair, forcing her to face this room of strangers, laughing as he pushed his cock in and out of her rudely farting hole.

Before she could process anything further, one of the guys closest to her thrust his cock into her gaping mouth. His dick was way smaller than Darrel’s, and he didn’t smell especially clean. She didn’t care though. At this point she was nothing more than a bitch in heat, and the smell and taste of another dick was enough to once again set her pussy streaming wetness down her thighs and onto the piss soaked floor beneath her. Darrel saw this and smiled, then pushed his dick further into her hot and sloppy asshole. His dick was coated in her thick slobber and her asshole was painted with her pussy juice, making it slick and noisy. Her asshole rudely farted again as he pushed his entire length inside of her, straight up to her aching rim. She wanted to let out a howl of pain and pleasure, but Darrel grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her face down hard onto the stranger’s cock. Being smaller than Darrel’s, she easily took it down in its entirety, and the guy just about went cross eyed as her lips met his pubes. He barely lasted a minute before he was wildly pumping his load into her slurping and hungry mouth. She savoured the taste of it, and played with it on her tongue. Darrell slammed into her hard and she gasped, cum bursting forth from her mouth and down onto her tits.

Her hair was in her eyes again, and she didn’t see the two guys that came up to replace the first. Darrells huge dick was still slurping and sawing in and out of her engorged and puffy asshole. He thrust in deep, and her flood gates burst. Her pussy gushed onto the bathroom floor, and she began to convulse, shaking at the knees. Darrel’s cock was pushed out of her asshole by the force of her orgasm, and she let out a series of sloppy farts as she came hard on the dirty bathroom floor. Darrel looked down and smiled as he saw tiny shit stains painted across his dick. He’d never done this before, but he knew she had never been this depraved before either. He knew she was powerless at this point. He grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her face towards his cock.

“Clean your shit off my dick you dirty little whore, clean me up with that beautiful filthy mouth” he hissed, and then spat right into her open mouth. He would have thrust his tongue in to meet hers, if it wasn’t coated in a strangers load.

Her mind and body were on fire, she was simultaneously disgusted and mesmerized. Turned on by her own disgust, at how base and animal she was in this moment. She fucking loved it. She hungrily reached out for that monster of a dick that she loved so much, and pressed it up against her nose. Without breaking eye contact with Darrel, she sniffed at it deeply as she ran the full length of his messy shaft across her nostrils. The smell of her sweet and dirty ass, mixed with the primal musk of Darrel’s cock and heavy balls made her heady, and she knew this little show would drive Darrell crazy. She was right, and in response she felt his cock swelling in her hands, and felt his pulsing heartbeat through his thick and bulging shaft. She took one last deep sniff, and then hungrily devoured the dirty cock. The taste of her shit was faint, but it was there. Mostly she could taste her sweet ass and pussy juices. It wasn’t as bad as she’d expected. Like eating ass but a little more bitter. The look on Darrel’s face, and the reaction in his member made it more than worth it. She winked at him as she licked and sucked her mess off of him.

“Holy shit she is a fucking nasty whore” she heard from the crowd, and increased her efforts in response. Darrel pulled his cock away, and shifted forward slightly. She knew what he wanted. Before he said a word, she hungrily pushed her tongue into his sweaty ass crack, hunting for his asshole to loudly slurp on.

She felt a hand on the back of her head, but it was not Darrel’s familiar touch. She looked up, peeking up over his balls, and saw he had both of his hands behind his head, eyes closed in bliss. She felt another pair of hands begin caressing and playing with her ass, and she began gyrating her hips. Another pair of hands reached for her tits and hungrily kneaded at them and played with her rigid nipples.

“Cock” she managed to blurt out, the sound muffled through Darrel’s ass. “give me cock, someone, please.”

She shook her dripping wet cunt and recently-used ass in an offering to anyone and everyone . There was a clamouring as men jostled for position, but she quickly felt the heat of a hard dick pressing up against her slick pussy. She pushed back against bursa merkez escort it, hard. She was the most wet she had ever been, and easily slammed down on to it, all the way to the hilt. She saw stars and was shaken as she came almost immediately. She was so worked up that the slightest touch was sending her to the moon. Debasing herself like this in front of an audience was taking her to places she had never been before. As the dick started pumping in and out of her pussy, she felt fingers spreading her plump and glazed asshole apart. She was glad at this extra pressure, because the guy fucking her was way too small for her liking. She lot out a sloppy farting noise as the strangers began probing at her asshole, and the smell drifted up to meet Darrell’s nose. He loved that sweet musky smell of pheromones from deep inside her asshole. It called to him and every other guy in the room.

“Oh my god bro look at it gape, listen to how fucking sloppy it is. This bitch is unreal”

Darrel smiled and reached down to spread her ass cheeks apart. They felt firm yet soft in his hands, and he gave them a quick spank. She let out a squeal of approval into his asshole as she rimmed him, and he pushed his hips forward to press his asshole harder into her face. As he spread her cheeks, her asshole let out more wet bursts of air, the mixture of spit and pussy juice bubbling around the stranger’s fingers that now pumped in and out of her pouting back passage.

“Fuck it,” she pleaded into Darrel’s asshole “fuck my needy little ass!” Darrel pulled away so she could briefly be heard better

“Please, fuck me in my needy little shit hole!”

More than half the guys had already nutted, most of them simply from the show alone. A few guys shuffled out cursing their frustration, mad as hell that they couldn’t hold it long enough to get a piece of this wild slut.

Just two guys were left, and they jumped at her command. The first withdrew his pulsating cock from her pussy, afraid the he might cum. Before she could feel upset about it she felt a mouth hungrily attacking her back door, and she blushed at the thought that one of these guys would be that nasty … Almost as nasty as her. How many other guy’s fluids, and even traces of her own shit, pulled from deep in her ass by Darrel’s enormous dick, were coating her asshole right now? She reached out behind her and grabbed him by the back of the head, and then looked up at Darrel.

His eyes lit up wide “Oh my god you dirty fucker, eat that filthy whore’s ass. Eat it like a little bitch” he grunted.

Following his cue Kelsey pushed the face deeper into her ass, and let out a loud laugh

“Ha! What a little bitch, this guy must be a nasty little slut just like me!” she laughed as she grinded her ass against him. He let out a small grunt in protest, but Kelsey just pushed him in deeper. Her grip on his hair tightened as he resisted and then gave in. She gyrated her hips, and painted the strangers face and lips with her now gaping asshole.

“You like that sloppy ass all over your face?” She said, her tone now shifting “You do, don’t you?!”

She reached out for his cock to feel for his response. “Oh my god you really do like it” she laughed deviously and ground into his face harder, “He’s jerking off his little cock babe, he’s so fucking hard” she giggled.

Darrel looked down at them both and just smirked, enjoying the shifting power dynamic he was seeing unfold before him. It turned out she wasn’t the only submissive little bitch in the room. Kelsey still kept his eye contact, and suddenly a mischievous look flashed across her face. She shifted her weight slightly, opening up her ass even more. She pushed the submissive strangers face deeper into her ass, pushing until his lips formed a seal around her gaping and glistening hole. She closed her eyes tightly and her face went a little red, and all of a sudden she let out a loud sloppy burst of air from her asshole. She farted right into the dude’s mouth. She threw her head back in laughter, almost cackling as she relished in his humiliation. Darrel, Kelsey, and the other stranger in the room all began to laugh, somewhat in shock. The guy grunted and flailed, mouthing muffled frustrations and protest into Kelsey’s beautiful gaping butthole. Kelsey held him firmly though, and shifted backwards slightly to lean her full weight onto him. The burst of air sent a spray of spit and ass juice into the guys mouth and over his face. Kelsey turned her head to the final stranger who had just pulled out of her aching pussy, a look of shock and mild disgust on his face, raging hard cock in hand, streaming pre cum at the scene before him. She knew he wouldn’t last much longer “Fuck my pussy again,” she told him hungrily “fuck my cunt right now.”

He almost protested, knowing he would likely only last mere seconds longer. He had never seen anything like this before, and the scene alone was almost enough to make him cum. The hungry look in Kelsey’s eyes was all the prompting he needed though, and he quickly scrambled towards her to push his throbbing cock back into her sopping bursa sınırsız escort wet pussy.

She moaned like an animal as he pressed into her, and she bucked her hips as his cock head parted her pussy lips with ease. She was drenched from hole to hole in spit and pussy juice. The more submissive stranger pulled away at the advancement of this man’s cock, but both Kelsey and Darrel had other ideas. Kelsey took a firm handful of his hair and hissed at him lustily

“No. I didn’t tell you to stop!”

He looked up at her with pleading eyes, unconvinced. He whimpered as the other man’s cock entered her pussy just an inch from his face. It was now time for Darrel’s strong hand to join Kelsey’s on the back of the man’s head, and with unwavering eye contact Darrel simply pushed the little bitch’s faces right into his wife’s dirty hole. Darrel smiled as he met no resistance, and his cock twitched and got fully hard again as he observed the specks of shit and cum painting her thick sphincter and the submissive face attached to it. He pushed his raging hard-on back into his wife’s throat.

Kelsey’s mind swam, and wave after wave of pleasure shook through her as she hungrily devoured Darrel’s enormous penis. His thick head stretched her throat so much she thought it would almost burst, and she sucked wantonly as waves of orgasm shook through her, from the hungry mouth slurping at her ass, to the strange cock pumping furiously in and out of her white hot pussy, to the huge tool she worshipped in her throat.

The guy in her pussy grabbed her hips and began bucking like a wild horse. Kelsey moaned at first, and then began screaming as he pumped at her like an animal, dumping his load as deep into her as he could. He collapsed, spent, and then quickly ran for the door frantically checking his phone with a look of dismay. Unable to meet the gaze of the others in the room, his face was a mixture of disgust and desire as he rushed out into the store.

The three of them were held for a moment in suspension. Darrel’s monstrous dick bulging in her throat, the unnamed man’s mouth glued to her sloppy shit hole, still lapping and sucking hungrily. Cum dripped from her slick pussy and down her thighs, dripping down in thick globs.

She looked up at Darrell, and smirked at him. She began to push the stranger’s head down towards her pussy. Breaking the seal from her soiled hole with a popping sound, his tongue, now slightly brown, slipped out of her plump asshole. He whimpered a little as he sensed the direction she was leading him.

“Please… Please don’t, not that.” he pleaded, but there was no conviction behind his words. He was weak.

“Lick it up, bitch,” she said confidently “lick my cunt clean and make me cum while this real man fucks my asshole. Thanks for warming it up for us by the way,”

Se laughed and wiped up a spec of shit from the side of his mouth, she then ran the same finger under his nose, and up into his nostrils one after the other. She smeared her scent across his face, and he half whimpered and half moaned. Kelsey laughed harder at this.

“Shut up bitch you fucking like it. Oh my gosh look baby, his tiny little cock is so hard.” They both laughed at this and his face turned red.

“Oh hush,” Kelsey petted his hair and pulled him back close to her asshole. Darrel bent down and tongued her deeply. She broke away from the kiss and giggled breathlessly, then forced another series of sloppy wet farts into the subservient face behind her.

“Mmmmm,” she purred “such a good. Little. Bitch.” She emphasized each word by pressing her wet and gaping asshole onto his, face. “now do as you’re told, and lick up all of this spunk” she arched her back, and pushed her creampied cunt towards him.

Darrel looked down, proud of his little slut. She had learned well, he chuckled to himself. Kelsey pushed her newfound bitch’s face toward her sopping cunt, and lifted a leg to straddle his face, pushing him down onto the floor beneath her. She closed her eyes in pleasure as the warmth of his licking spread up to her tummy, taking deviant pleasure in the thought of him lapping up the hot load. Then she looked up at Darrel, spread both of her cheeks wide open, and flexed her asshole, beckoning to him, begging him to enter her gaping backdoor. Her needy shit hole.

Darrell dragged his heavy nuts and huge cock across Kelsey’s face, adding even more to the mess of spit, cum, and sweat, looked down at her like a piece of fine art, then got behind her. He stood over her, admiring the hypnotising view of her voluptuous ass below him, gaping wide and filling his nostrils with the scent of her pheromones. The man eating Kelsey out whimpered as Darrel pushed his cock into Kelsey’s ass. Darrel was much bigger than the stranger who had just left, not to mention the fact that the other stranger had been inside Kelsey’s pussy while he was eating her ass… Now it was the other way around and Darrel’s heavy and cum-laiden nut sack started to lower itself heavily onto his chin. He squirmed in disgust, but was already so broken by Kelsey’s utter degradation of him, that he didn’t feel much strength to fight back. He tried to buck the couple off of him, but Darrell quickly leaned his weight down onto the lesser man. He let out a grunt, and as he did Darrell grabbed him by the hair and shoved his huge and shit-stained cock into the lesser man’s mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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