A Girl Called Sami Ch. 23

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It was about a week after she had answered the ad that she got the call.

“Samantha? This is Lynn, I placed an ad in your Campus Newspaper and you sent me an email?” the voice on the other end of the connection said into her ear. Definitely not a Southerner, Sami quickly judged by the lack of accent.

“Yes Lynn, but please, I’d prefer if you called me Sami, if you don’t mind,” Sami replied, “Yes, Sami; S-A-M-I, that’s right,” she said further in answer to Lynn’s request of clarification and correct spelling.

They talked for several minutes and when Sami heard the rate of fifty bucks an hour, she wanted this gig very badly, now. Agreeing on a day and time that worked around Sami’s schedule, they planned a meeting at Lynn’s French quarter studio-apartment.

Well, thought Sami, this might turn out to be a good thing; Lynn sure sounded nice, Sami thought further.

Sami’s week was going reasonably well; business had been good at The Grille and she had banked some good coin. Her classes were easy, so easy for her that she thought she could probably miss half of them and still pull A’s, but of course, she wouldn’t do that, that wasn’t in her to cut classes.

She had a brand new playmate that she had met through Nikki, and that just added to the roll Sami was on, she felt.


Her name was Lin Su, an Afro-Asian in her late thirties and she owned one of the higher-end galleries in the City. She was at the ‘private’ showing of Erotic Art that Sami had gone to with Nikki. She and Sami had found themselves drawn to the same collection of Lesbian Erotica, and wound up talking to each other for most of the night.

Lin Su and Nikki knew each other, of course, and had even shared a bed together, once or twice; okay, maybe more than once or twice. In any event, when Nikki asked Lin Su if she’d like to join her and Sami for a nightcap at Nikki’s place, Lin Su was eager to say yes.

They had a wonderful time, the three of them, at Nikki’s, so much so that both Lin Su and Sami wound up spending the night. Since Nikki didn’t have a class scheduled for the next morning, Lin Su offered to drop Sami at school on her way to her place.

It was during that drive that Lin Su had asked Sami if she’d be interested in coming over for dinner one night and Sami had accepted. That night was to be tonight, and Sami was very much looking forward to a little one on one with Lin Su.

Lin Su was small in stature, no more than 5’4″ and probably no more than a hundred pounds. Her body was proportionate in all respects with small breasts and slim hips but with a very tight, firm ass. Lin Su wore her hair short, cut close to her face and head, and had an set of gray-blue eyes that contrasted starkly to her darkened skin-tone.

Lin Su’s eyes were ‘slightly’ Asian at first glance but not as much as they would have been had she been full-blood Asian. And Lin Su was incredibly limber in bed, Sami found out when the three of them had played that night at Nikki’s.

Lin Su would pick Sami up at her dorm around six’ish and Sami was looking forward to it, in a big way.

When Sami emerged from her shower, she noticed that an envelope had been pushed through her mail-slot and was lying on the floor. Retrieving it, Sami opened it and found a typed note, along with a smaller envelope that was sealed. Opening the typed note, Sami read;

Sami, I thought it best that these should be given to you. Do whatever you wish with them, but neither of us would want these to fall into the wrong hands. I promise you that I deleted the files and have kept no copies.

The note was unsigned.

Opening the smaller envelope, Sami found four pictures of Bonnie, lying on a bed, blindfolded and with her hands tied to bedposts. In all of the pictures, Bonnie had a different girl straddling her head, but with faces turned so that recognition wasn’t possible. In the pictures, Bonnie was obviously servicing the girls.

Sami felt a stabbing pain in her chest for a moment, and then, quickly tearing them into tiny pieces, she burned the photos in her metal waste can while dealing with a myriad of emotions. Once burned, Sami allowed a small smile to her face as she thought of how she and Bonnie were very liberal with each other in regards güvenilir bahis to casual sex-play with others.

She had fun, she enjoyed it, whatever ‘it’ was, Sami thought; if she hadn’t, Bonnie would have said something, knowing that Sami would’ve done something to make it right.

“I love you, babygirl,” Sami said out loud, in her room, alone with her memories.

“Call me Su, Sami,” Lin Su said to Sami when she had picked up this gorgeous, blond Amazon. Su loved tall women, especially tall, blonde women and was so looking forward to getting Sami into her bed; just them, the two of them.

Reaching over with a kiss to Sami before she drove off, Su slapped her shift into first gear, popped the clutch, and left a sixty-foot trail of burned rubber marks, laughing at Sami’s shriek when she did it.

“Damn, girl, I love this fucking car,” Su said loudly to combat the road noise from the top being down, and the twin exhausts of the powerful, vintage, Corvette.

Laughing with Su, Sami let her hair fly behind her as Su sped them towards her home.

Looking down from a third floor window, one of Sami’s residents smiled when she saw the cute, dark-complexioned chick kiss Sami just before peeling out of the parking lot. Smiling, Brenda filed that piece of data into the stewpot that was her brain.

“Mmm, that feels good, baby, that feels really good,” Su said to Sami as her hands caressed the top of Sami’s head as it moved up and down between her legs.

Sami helped Su with the meal once they had gotten to her large, turn-of-the-century home on the edge of the Garden District. They shared prep duties, glasses of wine, and many touches and kisses.

Eating quickly, both of them hurriedly finished the delicious broiled sole and steamed veggies; throwing the rinsed dishes into the dishwasher, they headed to Su’s hot tub.

Su’s breasts were much smaller than Sami’s B-cup twins but Sami loved the feel of them to her hands and mouth.

Su was sitting on Sami’s lap, facing her, her legs spread and high behind Sami’s shoulders, resting on the tub edge. She rubbed herself against Sami’s crotch as Sami sucked and licked her breasts in the warm water of the tub.

Lifting her head from Su’s breasts, Sami kissed her, her tongue driving deep into Su’s mouth; lifting Su up, Sami turned her around and sat her on the edge of the tub, kneeling so that she could wrap her mouth over Su’s pussy.

Taking her time between Su’s legs, Sami tasted the sweetness of Su’s pussy over and over, letting her tongue slip in and out of its warm wetness. Moving her finger to Su’s ass, Sami teased her lover’s ass with it, causing Su to moan her pleasure aloud.

Moving her mouth to suck on Su’s clit, Sami moved her thumb and forefinger into both of Su’s private holes, bringing about a cry of joy when she came within minutes of Sami doing that.

Taking Sami’s face between her hands, once she regained her composure, Su lustfully kissed Sami with a hunger.

“My bed, Sami, let’s dry and go to my bed,” Su said with a panting breath.

Su wasted no time in burying her face between Sami’s long legs and within a short time, Sami was shaking with orgasmic pleasure, one after the other, after the other. Reaching into her nightstand drawer, Su removed a double-dildo that was rather thick.

Sitting with her legs over Sami’s, Su slipped one end of it into Sami’s pussy, raising her pussy from the bed afterwards and inserting the other end into her own. Lowering her butt afterwards, she and Sami wrapped their arms around each other, kissing lustfully as their hips thrust towards each other, fucking each other with the dildo.

The resulting orgasm had both of the women crying aloud in pleasure, their fingers digging into the back of her partner. Both women were wet with sex-sweat, now, and both women struggled to regain their breathing. Finally back to the real world, Su removed the dildo from them both and while seducing Sami with her eyes, she sucked their juices from both ends, smiling mischievously afterwards.

They rested; they drank more wine and returned to Su’s bed for Round Two which lasted until well after midnight. Driving Sami back to the campus, Su couldn’t keep her hands from Sami’s long legs and breasts, türkçe bahis fondling Sami all the way back to the dorm.

Su had used her Mercedes Sedan for the return drive and parked in a remote spot of the dorm’s parking lot; under the cover of the sedan’s top, she had one more taste of Sami-girl before saying goodnight.

Damn, but that was a fun time, Sami thought as she showered in her room. Su made sure that Sami had all of her numbers, and invited Sami to be her ‘date’ for a Gallery show the following week.

“It’ll be a couple of hours, that’s all, baby,” Su had said to Sami, “and afterwards, if you’d like, you’ll spend the night?” Su questioned.

“I’d like,” was all that Sami said; it was all that needed to be said.


How ironic, Sami thought as she rang the bell, next to the wrought-iron gate, Lynn’s apartment is less than two blocks from Marcia’s. Hearing the lock open with a buzz, Sami pushed in the gate and followed the old brick walkway to the patio.

As she entered the patio, Sami noticed a separate, smaller two-storied building to her left, and straight ahead, the larger, ‘main house’ of the Quarter-styled apartment.

“Hi, Sami?” the stunning brunette said with a smile and outstretched hand in greeting when she emerged from the main structure, “glad you made it; how ’bout we go to the studio and sit down and talk…oh good, I see you brought your portfolio. Great.”

Damn, but she has a beautiful smile, was the first thing Sami thought when she saw Lynn; that, and how good she looked in those shorts and tee shirt. I am such a fucking slut, Sami said to herself after that last thought popped into her head.

“Make yourself comfortable, enjoy your coffee and give me a few minutes to look through your portfolio, okay, sweetie?” Lynn asked as she handed Sami her mug of coffee, fixed by Lynn to Sami’s request.

Sami let her eyes explore the hodge-podge office/studio/storage room they were in, as she sipped her mug of delicious coffee; but, her eyes always traveled back to take in Lynn’s countenance. Damn but she’s good looking, Sami repeatedly thought when her eyes fell upon Lynn.

“You really photograph well, Sami,” Lynn said, breaking the silence, “and I assume you do realize that I’m requiring full nudity, right?”

“I do,” Sami said with a smile to Lynn, “it’s not a problem for me, Lynn; I’m very comfortable with my body.”

Looking between the portfolio and back to Sami across the desk, Lynn appeared to be weighing something in her mind.

“How much time have you got today?” Lynn asked with a questioning look to Sami.

“I’m off tonight at my waitressing job and a late class tomorrow morning, so I have all the time in the world, why?” Sami answered.

“I’d like to burn a few images of you but the studio is not quite set up for it; so I was thinking about running us out to the big house and using the studio there, if you’re up for it, of course, and of course, I’ll pay you for it.” Lynn explained.

Explaining that she used public transportation, her only concern was being able to get back to school.

“Don’t worry about it, Sami; I’ll bring you back to school, and we can pass by the building where the gallery will be.” Lynn replied.

On the drive over in Lynn’s BMW roadster, Lynn told Sami of the forthcoming opening of her, and her partner’s, gallery. Sami wasn’t sure if the use of the word partner indicated something other than a business relationship, but she didn’t question or ask for clarification.

Driving through the gates of the big house, as Lynn called it, Sami was taken in by the elegance of the historic structure and the grounds, the beauty of it all, almost taking her breath away.

“This is gorgeous, Lynn,” Sami said as Lynn shut off her car.

“Thanks, but this belongs to my girlfriend, and I agree with you,” Lynn answered.

Okay then, no clarification needed now, thought Sami.

Her girlfriend walked out of a side door, to the portico, and Sami was dumbstruck by her beauty as well, causing her to wonder what their kids would look like if it were possible.

“Alice, this is Sami; Sami, Alice,” Lynn said in introduction when Ali had joined them next to Lynn’s car.

They shared güvenilir bahis siteleri pleasantries while Lynn explained about wanting to do some shots of Sami in the studio space, above the carriage house.

“Let me move my easel out of your way Lynn, and you two can have the studio, okay?” Alice said as she led the way up the stairs of the carriage house.

Her easel moved, Alice told them to take their time but, if they were interested, she’d have a pitcher of rum-punch ready after they’ve finished.

“Works for me,” Lynn and Sami said at the same time, causing all three of them to stare open-mouthed before breaking into laughter.

“Our kind of girl, Lynn,” Ali said, still laughing, “She understands what’s important in this world,” which brought smiles to all of them.

After Alice waved goodbye, Lynn pointed Sami to a small bathroom that was also used as a changing room.

“There’s a wrap hanging on a hook that you can use, if you care to; I’ll just be a minute or two while I set up my lights and drape,” Lynn said.

Lynn was just finishing her tasks when Sami emerged from the changing room, without the wrap, her long, lithe figure, a sight to behold. Damn, Lynn thought when she looked at Sami; this chickadee is a hot little number.

Sami was a natural, following Lynn’s directions effortlessly as Lynn circled Sami’s body shooting off shot after shot of Sami in different poses. Sami was becoming aroused by the sensuality of it all, incredibly turned on.

“Okay Sami, that’ll do it for now,” Lynn said, “get dressed while I transfer these to a flash drive, and we’ll go sip Ms. Ali’s punch, okay?”

Sami controlled her horny motor, for now at least, but damn, she was turned on by the thirty minutes of posing for Lynn. Sami was having trouble understanding all of this but she knew that she was hot and horny.

“You mind if we punch these up on the computer so that Ali can see?” Lynn asked Sami, “she’s an artist and I always like her perspective.”

“Fine with me, Lynn, and by the way, Alice? You make a hell of a rum-punch, lady,” Sami said with a smile to Alice.

“Thank you missy, and please, call me Ali; Lynn’s called me that so much that I’m use to it now.”

The three of them hovered over Lynn’s computer in the large office/library while the flash-drive kicked the images onto the screen.

“Wow,” Alice was the first to say, “Lynn, these are very good,” and looking over her shoulder to Sami, she said, “you’re hot, young lady; you look incredibly good without clothes,” meaning it as a compliment, of course.

Turning to look to Sami, over her shoulder, Lynn asked, “How ’bout it, Sami? Want the job?”

“Yes, I do,” Sami said quickly.

They worked out a schedule, one that would be heavy for the next few weeks; Lynn and Ali explained about the impending gallery opening and that Lynn wanted this series to be part of the show.

Finding time around her classes and work schedule, they sealed the deal with one last rum-punch. Waving goodbye from the portico, Lynn and Sami backed into the street and zoomed off, heading towards Canal Street.

Sami and Lynn chatted comfortably with each other, both thinking how comfortable each was with the other; almost as if they had known each other for years. For her part, though, Sami kept stealing glances of Lynn while she drove, the sight making her a bit warm between her legs.

Standing at the curb as Lynn drove off, Sami waved goodbye and then turned to enter her dorm. Taking the stairs two at a time, Sami was on a mission to get back to her room, to get naked, and to get herself off.

Just as she unlocked her door, she heard Sondra’s voice call from the stairwell.

“Hey Sami, I was just coming by to see if you wanted, you know, to hang out for a bit,” Sondra said when she caught up to Sami at her door.

Since that late Saturday night a few weeks ago, Sondra had become a regular student at Sami’s School of Sapphic Satisfaction; a very willing and hands-on student, at that.

Taking Sondra by her hand and pulling her into her room with her, Sami closed and locked the door, turned, and wrapped her lips around Sondra’s.

“Get naked, baby, and get ready for the fucking of your life,” Sami commanded as she quickly ripped her clothes from her own body.

When she left Sami’s room two hours later, it would be fair to say that Sondra’s glazed eyes, smile and disheveled appearance indicated that she had, indeed, just had the fucking of her young life.

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