A Naughty Cabbie

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Katsa Pink stepped out of The Planet, the lesbian bar that had just offered her plenty of drinks to her liking, but few women that night. The air was slightly chilly, so she pulled her gray leather jacket closer around her pink sleeveless blouse.

“I should have worn a bra tonight” she thought while stepping up to the edge of the sidewalk to hail a taxi. A yellow cab slowed to a stop next to her.

Cab driver Jessica Conan really was just planning to call it a day and stop at The Planet for a drink. When she saw the black haired, slightly distraught-looking customer standing at the side of the road calling for a cab, a different idea popped into her imagination and she stopped the car in front of her.

In the mirror, Jessica discreetly admired the woman’s small but perky breasts sticking up from the cold and her sweet but furrowed expression as her passenger stepped into the cab.

Katsa let out a long sigh-“Thanks for the ride. No date tonight, but at least the dj was alright.” She couldn’t help but start spilling about the day-the wine must have been pretty strong.

“So what could’ve possibly prevented you from snagging a date? I know plenty of people at that club who probably would’ve been interested. Are you taken?” Jessica inquired, smile slightly curved to the right side of her face. She wanted to get this girl from the moment she saw her.

Katsa smiled, relieved to find an excuse to talk more. “Single. I wasnt feeling too social tonight; it was a rough day…oh!” she yelped. Her jacket was caught in the door.

“I’ll get it” says Jessica as she pulls smoothly to a stop on a quiet street and walks around the car. She opened the cab door, taking out a roll of bondage tape discreetly and holding it at an angle so that Katsa couldn’t see it.

As Katsa released her jacket and turned to buckle her seatbelt again, Jessica grabbed both Katsa’s arms behind her back kocaeli escort and shoved her neck into the seat. She wrapped the tape snugly around Katsa’s wrists and completely covered her hands, binding them together and making the use of her fingers impossible. She pulled her hips against Katsa’s ass and whispered roughly into Katsa’s ear,

“There’s no way to run. Do as I say. You will get home eventually, but…not before the sun goes up.” Jessica smiled crookedly.

Katsa whimpered. Jessica strapped Katsa into the seat of the car with the seatbelt, locked the car, and climbed into the driver’s seat. She made plans of what to do with this girl as she drove, smiling to herself. This was going to be a good night.

Katsa really didn’t know what she wanted. Part of her wanted to escape and the other part of her was curious to how this scene would play out. Katsa’s head swirled with alcohol and helplessness.

Strong hands guided her into an apartment, up a flight of stairs, and into a room with the windows open, exposing her again to the cold air.

Jessica let go of her for a minute, allowing Katsa to run to the other side of the bed and reposition her bound hands in front of her, but Jessica just laughed a musical, evil laugh and tackled her onto the bed so her head hit the headboard and her mind was sent spinning again.

“Arent you a feisty one!” Jessica taunted. She then took more tape and secured Katsa’s wrists to the headboard of the bed. She then straddled her captive.

Katsa squirmed and fought, but it only gave Jessica some friction against her body, igniting a fiery, predatorial desire in Jessica. Katsa’s dark eyes met Jessica’s, filled with defiance and fear. Jessica met them with hunger and power.

Jessica took one hand and pinned Katsas hair to the bed, placing the other on her slim waist. And then Jessica’s lips met Katsa’s. Katsa gasped; Jessica must have been wearing lip balm with menthol in it, because her lips felt icy cold but warm at the same kocaeli escort bayan time. The chemistry was obvious, and Katsa was compelled to kiss back. Jessica then stopped. She pulled her prisoner’s jacket and top over her head in one swift, fluent movement and removed her own after. She applies a fresh coat of menthol lip balm onto her lips and kissed Katsa’s lips again. Their breasts pressed against eachother’s while Jessica’s hands explored her captive’s body. Then her lips start moving downwards, over her chin and onto her neck. Katsa remembered that she was completely helpless with this stranger and started to squirm nervously. But Jessica refused to put up with this.

“Submit,” she commanded in earnest. Katsa doesnt comply so she repeated.


Katsa looked her in the eye defiantly.

Jessica decided that if she could not tell this bitch to submit, then she was going to have to MAKE her body give in to her. She slapped her three times, hard, on the stomach.

“STOP STRUGGLING.” she commanded, refusing to take no for an answer. She wanted to see Katsa’s submission. She wanted to feel her muscles let go to the sensations she planned to give her.

She removed Katsa’s jeans and panties, slowly, to add to Katsa’s apprehension. She then went to the closet and grabbed a rather mean-looking dildo and a 3-foot spreader bar. Katsa’s eyes widened at the spreader, but she did not see the dildo. She crossed her legs, but Jessica was not to be defied like this. She straddled Katsa’s knees facing her feet while grabbing her fighting ankles one by one, and secured them to the spreader bar’s leather restraints. Now the bar was keeping her legs wide open and vulnerable. Katsa whimpered, but Jessica could see the wetness between her legs. Her own opening was quite wet; this girl had got her hot, and had also had DEFINETELY gotten her bothered. This bitch was going to pay. She knelt between her legs and bit Katsa’s stomach.

“I am kocaeli escort going to unravel you in front of me. Twice.” And she turned on the dildo. The dildo was quite long, with largely exaggerated polka dot-like bumps on the sides. It vibrated almost comically in her hand. She shoved it into Katsa’s vagina, vibrator turned to full.

Katsa arched her back and cried out in surprise, heart pounding, pussy tight against this cruelly pleasurable instrument of sex. Jessica moved it foward and back, foward and back, and raised her head up to kiss her left breast. Her lip balm seemed to be taking full desired effect because her captive shivered and cried out again. She fought agains the bonds, which irritated Jessica, so she bit onto Katsa’s nipple harshly, making her yelp.

This is how Jessica liked it. Her victim was completely helpless and subject to the pain and pleasure she was giving. She pumped the large, vibrating dildo in and out of her pussy, brushing over her clit lightly but effectively. Katsa’s struggles gradually turned into efforts to push herself to orgasm, pushing her hips against the hard dildo. Jessica moved to Katsa’s other breast, circling it with her tongue and matching each circle with a thrust of her hand. She loved it; the slight of her hand pressed inches of vibrating cock into her prisoner’s aroused pussy.

She sat back, abandoning Katsa’s breasts and watched her lover squirm. She wants to see Katsa’s body give in to orgasm. Her new angle allowed an even faster pace to thrust the dildo in and out and in and out of the now dripping cunt of her captive. She laughed, and her eyes met Katsa’s pleading eyes in mockery of her helplessness. And then Katsa’s orgasm starts.

She felt an intense throbbing from her inside, pushing outward and making her whole body shake. But Jessica didn’t even slow down, making her orgasm seem endless and inescapable. She closed her eyes and all senses around her combined and sharpened until they overwhelmed her, blending into nothingness. When the vibrations finally subside, she opened her eyes and looked into Jessica’s. Jessica just smiled evilly.

“Nope. You’re not done yet.” And she shoved the dildo into her pussy again, slowly, beginning her rough, pleasurable torture all over again.

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