A New Habitat

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The story is just a depiction based on fantasy. Neither the characters, nor their names correspond to real life people.


Alex : 23

Chris : 20

Cassie : 19

Brittany : 25

Betty : 40

Sam : 45

And as a sidenote, I’m not a professional writer, so i just write casually.


I look around the neighborhood as I ring the door bell and stand there waiting for my aunt or uncle to open the door. A few seconds later, the door opens, “Hey Alex! Come on in” I look at door quickly hearing my aunt Betty’s voice and smile at her.

She hasn’t changed much from the last time I saw her when I was 10yo and it’s been 12 years since then. Even though she is my mom’s younger sister, for some reason none of our family invites Betty and her family to any occasions. Now that I finished my bachelor’s degree, I got a chance to study my masters in an University which is in same city as aunt Betty’s, but still my mom and dad advised not to stay at her house for more than a week and go to college dorm once I get it. I couldn’t care about these things before, but now that I am supposed to live with them until my college allots dorm, I was quite curious as of why they live separately from the rest of the family.

She is wearing a pink tank top and a white leggings and stepped forward hugging me softly and gesturing to come inside. As I remembered, my mom and she have 2 years of difference which makes her 42, but she looks energetic and young for her age, soft skin without wrinkles and fit body too. I smiled and stepped inside house looking around inside and keep my luggage bags beside the couch and take a seat a bit nervously. She sits beside me and starts asking casually about the wellbeing of my family and her husband, Sam walks into the living room in his t-shirt and a boxer.

“Oh hey Alex, Betty told us that you’d be coming and staying with us! How was the journey? And what about the university stuff?” he asks sitting across the couch and I quickly get a feel that they’re so friendly and so welcoming. I continue talking with them about casual stuff as it’s been 12 years and he looks at the clock as it’s already 9 PM.

“Fresh up and I’ll serve the dinner meanwhile!” Betty says with a smile getting up from the couch and walking towards the kitchen while Uncle Sam shows the washroom.

It’s a large house obviously as I remember that they have 3 kids as well and as I walk from living room, there are rooms on either side of the pathway and the bathroom is at the end of the pathway. A few minutes later I walk towards the dining table to join them for dinner and I see my so called cousins sitting on table as well. I do remember that their son is 1-2 years younger than me and their first daughter is 2-3 years older to me and their second daughter is 3 years younger than me which makes her 19-20 as I am 23. I sit at the one end of hexagonal table while Chris, their son sits opposite to me and to my left, Cassie, my younger cousin and her elder sister Britney sit and to my right, my uncle and aunt sit. Both the girls are using phones and look a bit hesitant, maybe because of my presence as I am not much of a socially outgoing person and especially with relatives.

“Mom why can’t we do that today? We do it usually daily anyway” Britney complains whining as soon as we start eating. I looked at her suddenly as I don’t get what she means by IT as I don’t know their usual routine nor the fact that they should stop it because of my presence.

“So what do you usually do while having dinner?” I ask her softly in a friendly way.

“Fuck” she says simply with a frown and I felt like she doesn’t want to talk about it at the moment so I shrugged off and continued eating.

“Honey, you know the rules!” Betty says shrugging off simply instead of saying it in a controlling way which most of the parents usually do.

“Ugh fine!” Britney replies and continues to eat pasta from her plate.

“Don’t mind her, she just doesn’t like getting off of her routine!” Sam says smiling looking at me.

I can suddenly feel someone’s feet touching my legs and I looked down quickly and noticed it’s Cassie’s and assumed she might have done it by mistake as she is busy with her phone.

“How far is your university from here?” Chris asks me and I start talking to him casually.

I still can feel her leg caressing mine and as I observe her foot is rested on her father’s chair, right between his thighs almost touching his crotch. I find it weird instantly but just tried my best to assume that she’s just resting them there as neither her, nor he is minding it anyway. We finish dinner and I walk towards my bags so that I can unpack them in my room.

“Honey, show Alex his room” Sam says looking at Britney while he leaves to his room and Betty is in kitchen and so is Chris. I walk towards my room and settle the luggage while Britney sits on my bed and leans back using her phone and looks up at me.

“You look like a teenager with autism, how come you’re 23 and finished graduation?” she asks directly gesturing me to sit güvenilir bahis beside her on bed.

“Eh what do you mean?” I chuckle softly sitting beside her. “Is it because of my beardless face?” I ask.

She quickly leans towards me and caresses my cheeks with her palms bringing her face closer to mine, I freeze for a moment, feeling her up-close and her breaths fill my face for a while. “Eh not really, your whole behavior and personality gives me that idea” she says shrugging off leaning back.

“Uhm, ok?” I say recovering and not knowing what to reply.

“Ugh, you never had a girlfriend?” she asks taking her phone back. She is wearing a blue loose t-shirt and pink shorts flaunting her thighs.

“I had one, but we broke up a few months back. What about you though?” I ask her as she seemed to be open to talk about those things even though we’re siblings.

“Not really, I’m not the COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP type of girl” she says with a smirk.

I quite like her confidence while talking even though we never really talked so far and I’m almost a stranger to her. I couldn’t take my looks off of her firm breasts from her loose t-shirt from top view. She doesn’t even wear a bra and I can take a peek of her round breasts and it’s giving me moral dilemma and a hard-on at same time. I blink my eyes and look around feeling nervous and she just continues to scroll though her Instagram.

“Oh right” I say awkwardly, “when do you usually sleep though and what were you saying about routine earlier?” I ask her casually to change the topic.

“Whenever we finish fucking around, we sleep” she says shrugging off. “Well you know, we have full freedom and we love what we do usually unless some guest shows up at our house, then…” her flow is obstructed as Chris and Cassie show up at my door.

“You aren’t joining us?” Cassie asks gasping for air as if they stopped running just now.

“Uhmm no, you guys carry on! I’ll take care of our guest tonight” she says with a wink smiling at them and Cassie sighs hearing her and leaves the room, keeping the door open.

“Eh what do you mean by taking care?” I ask curiously as it sounds a bit creepy.

“Well you know, explaining you about our daily routine and basically our lifestyle” she says keeping her phone aside on table and lifts her loose t-shirt up and throws it on floor turning towards me.

I widen my eyes freezing my body looking at her naked body and her round firm perfect breasts jiggling a bit and she ties her hair lifting her arms and showing her armpits.

“Wait. What….” I say in awe, not being able to interpret anything that’s happening right now. My eyes are fixated on her breasts and I’m having an involuntary hard-on.

“Go on, you can touch them if you want. Or should I continue explaining” she says simply.

“No wait, this is wrong… Why are you doing this” I ask snapping out of her naked spell and realize that the door is open too.

“Ugh, I guess I have to continue explaining then” she says with a sigh and slides on bed towards my thighs and lies between them on her belly spreading my legs slowly looking up at me.

“So we follow a simple lifestyle where there is no word of consent. None of us holds back our sexual cravings and we do it openly.” She says shrugging off and unzips my pants while my hands hold the sheets, leaning back to the headboard unsure of how to react to her. Within no time, she slides my pants leaving me with that a boxer and a huge boner inside.

“Wait… what do you mean by that?” I ask nervously as I can’t interpret it fully with her soft hands running all over my thighs and crotch.

“Well like if you feel like using any one of us at any time, you can. It’s completely free and no one objects inside house. If you like banging my mom, just get on with it. Or using my ass, just go on with it. Or feel like using my sister’s teenage ripe pussy? She doesn’t mind, and she’s 19 too. But just keep in mind that she usually doesn’t respond much to people other than dad. More like daddy’s princess” she says pulling my boxers away and throwing them on ground, leaving me naked with just my t-shirt on.

“Wait wait… What are you even talking about? That’s so…” I just can’t get any word to define it at the moment and my cock is throbbing in her soft hands as she brings her face closer to my crotch spreading my legs aside.

“Weird?” she says sticking her tongue out and licking the tip of my cock, “Or kinky?” she says with a wink as she has complete control on my cock at the moment.

“So you’re being serious about it? Or is it just you who’s like this?” I ask again as I, for a moment feel like it’s all a dream, but then I remember Cassie’s leg incident with Sam and realized that she’s not lying.

“You can call anyone to our room right now to verify” she says shrugging off and starts licking my shaft from bottom balls to my cock tip cleanly, taking my musky smell on her face with a smile.

“Oh god, that feels so good” I say closing my eyes and holding her head. She smiles and holds my cock in one hand and continues licking it while her other türkçe bahis hand gently squeezes my balls.

“But how do you live like this? Doesn’t it have complexities?” I ask gasping for a moment as it’s been a long while since I got laid or getting a blowjob for that matter and I feel tired already because of the journey.

“Eh we don’t basically care, and moreover we don’t talk about these outside house. But our families know, and that’s why they kind of abandoned I guess? I don’t care anyway” she says with a smirk lifting her head up and sucking my cock slowly making my tip hit her throat.

“Hmm yours is a bit larger than my dad’s but not as large as Chris’s though” she says lifting her head up from my cock drooling her saliva on my 7 inches cock.

“Wait, you sucked your dad’s and brother’s cocks too?” I ask furrowing my brows.

“Haha what part of my so far explanation don’t you understand?” she says chuckling softly and sitting on my lap, her legs on both side and her breasts right in front of my face.

“Oh right, yeah, sorry” I say with a sigh realizing that it’s a dumb question to ask now. She leans forward caressing my face with her breasts as I bury my face eagerly between her breasts, her body smells so fucking good to me for some reason and I hug her tightly, pulling her towards me more. She chuckles softly and humps on my cock with her shorts still on.

“So I can have sex with Aunt Betty too?” I ask nervously trailing back from her hug.

“Of course! A milf lover huh?” she asks with a chuckle looking at me and sliding her shorts down and she doesn’t wear any panties as well.

“You can fuck any girl, or maybe Chris or dad if you’re into guys” She says shrugging off wrapping her arms around my neck and sitting on my cock.

“Hell no! I’m not gay” I say quickly as I was never into gay stuff anyway.

She chuckles softly, “Fine! Dad or brother doesn’t mind tho. Just saying” she says with a wink trying to adjust my thick cock at her soft slit.

I couldn’t get a clear view of her pussy yet, but it feels so soft and wet already and my cock being wet with her saliva, didn’t find it difficult to disappear inside her pussy within a few seconds. I let out a soft moan as my unprotected cock hits her inner pussy walls and I quickly starts biting her nipples gently.

“God this is fucked up, but so fucking kinky and I feel like I’m in heaven” I say gasping and sucking her breasts eagerly.

“You’re quite eager, how long it’s been since you got laid?” she asks me caressing my cheeks and acting as if it’s a normal thing to her, but actually it really is.

“I don’t… remember” I say gasping as I lean back letting my cock go free inside her.

A few more thrusts and I can feel my thick cum flowing inside her pussy without any protection. I gasp and moan slightly while she just closes her eyes and bites her lips taking my load inside her pussy easily.

“Hmm, that was good” she says simply sliding away from my body and falling on bed beside me and takes her phone leaving her cum filled pussy unattended.

“Did I… Did I just cum inside you?” I ask recovering from my orgasm looking at her nervously.

“Yeah I guess so? Why are you worried about it? You didn’t plan to cum inside?” she asks casually taking a tissue paper from the roll and wiping her thighs and pussy.

“No like I haven’t had protection and were you on pills at least?” I ask curiously getting up and picking my pants quickly. “Eh we take pills later, don’t worry about pregnancy, if we don’t do that, me and my sister would be having like a ton of kids already?” she chuckles softly and pulls the sheets on her body.

As I am putting my pants on, I can see Sam passing by the room and notices me and just shows his thumb finger with a smile as if I’ve done a good job or whatever. I still can’t interpret this whole thing and realized why the whole family keeps these people aside always, but this is fucking kinky in my opinion so far.

“You’re gonna sleep here?” I ask naively as I thought she has her own room.

“Uhm yeah? I love cuddles after sex, I would leave if you want me to though” she says shrugging off.

“I don’t mind” I say simply.

“You don’t mind me leaving? Or you don’t mind me cuddling?” she asks raising her brows as she knows that I’m still confused about the whole thing.

“What?” I ask looking at her and she grabs my hand quickly and pulls me on to bed beside her and cuddle me a bit tightly. I find it a bit awkward yet cute and just wrapped my arms around her naked body and I can feel her breasts caressing my chest and fell into sleep with million ethical and sexual dilemmas.

The next morning I wake up and look around wiping my eyes and remember what happened yesterday night. I still feel as if everything is a dream and as I look beside, Britney isn’t on bed nor her belongings. I just assumed she woke up early and went on with her day so I walked towards the bathroom and noticed that the time is 9:30PM. Suddenly Brittany comes out of her room which is just across the bathroom, yawning and looks at me.

I smile at her güvenilir bahis siteleri simply and she looks at me furrowing her brows as I have a morning boner in my track pants. “Dude, control your morning boners when you’re inside the house around girls” she says as if she’s irritated about it and walks towards washroom and slams the door behind her.

I stood there without understanding anything as she literally gave a blowjob and let me cum inside her yesterday night and now she’s angry about seeing my boner. I just wait until she comes out and meanwhile bring my bathing stuff as it’s my first day here.

She looks at me irritated as she walks out of bathroom and I’m just standing in front of her like a statue. She rolls her eyes and walks past me ignoring me completely and she’s still wearing the same dress as yesterday night.

“Hey, I wanna talk about yesterday night” I say softly turning around.

“About what?” she asks as if it’s the first time she’s encountering me.

“I mean about what you explained last night?” I ask curiously.

“When did we even talk last night?” She asks irritated.

“Wait, you don’t remember what happened last night? Like nothing?” I ask furrowing my brows as I hate to even think that it’s a dream or whatever.

“Dude, what are you smoking these days?” she asks with a sigh and leaves to her room ignoring me.

I find my brain fucked by her behavior and can’t understand what happened and what’s happening right now. I walk inside bathroom and close the door and splash some water on my face and feel retarded for a moment. What happened last night can’t be a dream as it felt so fucking real when it happened. So vivid and real even though the possibilities of such incidents or encounters is so rare in reality.

I showered and walked towards living room and noticed Sam is watering the plants in garden and Betty is in kitchen and I can’t see Chris or Cassie anywhere. I sit on couch while Betty noticed me and offered me some coffee before the breakfast. She’s wearing a loose white tank top which show cases her perfect breasts shape when she walks around inside the house.

Brittany walks out of her room dressed in a white shirt and black jeans as if she’s going out somewhere and gave a glance at me like how girls look at a pervert. I rolled my eyes and didn’t understand if I hurt her or something but too shy and afraid to ask about it while with family. I assumed that other two cousins are sleeping and I just started to have breakfast along with Brittany.

“I am supposed to submit my documents at the university today, so I guess it would take me a while to come back home past lunch” I inform Betty as I finish eating and I assumed I’d be taking a cab to the university.

“Oh right, Brit is going out too, she can drop you at your University” Betty says with a smile and gesture looking at Brit. She sighs hearing her mom and just gets up finishing dinner and waits for me outside while I pick up all my documents in a file and walk out of the house to get inside her car.

“Uhm where are you going to by the way?” I ask curiously as I get inside.

“Why does that matter to you? Don’t ever ask me what I do or where I go again” she says sternly and in a cold voice.

“Hey, for real, you don’t remember anything that happened last night?” I ask as soon as she starts driving.

“Dude, what are you even talking about? I don’t even remember talking to you after showing you your room, and then I left to my room, now stop being a creep” she says with a sigh.

I didn’t say anything and kept silent as her way of talking is exactly opposite to how she behaved yesterday. She drops me at university and quickly drives past me ignoring me. I reach home at 6:30 as I went out with some of my friends for lunch after the document submission and came home a bit late. Betty opens the door and I walk inside as I wash my hands and crash on couch tired of the day.

Sam seems to be working in his laptop, sitting on couch across me while Betty is simply watching TV so I decided to join her simply.

“How was the day? Did everything go well at the university?” Sam asks me raising his gaze from his laptop.

“Oh yeah, I went out with my friends and had lunch” I say with a smile.

I continued to talk to him casually for a while and Betty walked to kitchen to prepare for dinner. After a few minutes, I walked inside kitchen to grab some snacks and opened the refrigerator. I noticed Chris coming into kitchen as well, but he just patted on my shoulder friendly and walked past me towards Betty while she was chopping some onions on the kitchen board, wearing a white satin nightdress which is shiny and looks fancy.

As I look at him and smile casually, he simply lifted her dress up exposing her bubbly white ass while she bent down accordingly, and I can notice that she isn’t wearing any panties either. I just froze again looking at them and he started to hold his mom’s waist and rub her slit with his fingers. Within no time he dropped his boxers and slapped his white cock on her fat ass and held her a bit tighter. She just continued to chop onions as if it’s completely normal and nothing weird is happening. As I’m still looking at them, he started to shove his dick inside her mature pussy and slid his hand beneath her inside her satin dress to grab her hanging breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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