A Son’s Lust

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She walked down the stairs, and I couldn’t stop staring at her tantalizing body. I could smell the intoxicating scent of her perfume, Boy! Was she beautiful! She was 4’11”, had black hair that went down to her 34C breasts, incredible brown eyes, and a nice round ass that could make any man’s cock come to full attention. She was a fit and gorgeous 52 year-old woman, with an amazing smile. Her laugh alone could make me happy, no matter what mood I was in. She had this unbelievable way of gazing at me like she could see right through me, and the piercing stare often made me wonder if she knew about my growing lust for her.

It all started about one year ago when my father left my mom after a twenty-year marriage. Since my dad was out of the picture, mom depended on me for support and vice versa. It was hard on us, and her especially, to make ends meet. This new intimate relationship that we had made me completely forget that my mom was my mom. I just thought of her as any other, very attractive woman.

One afternoon I was coming home from my friend Jim’s house, and I didn’t expect my mom to be home because it was only about 1:45 pm, and she usually didn’t arrive home until about 3:15 pm. So, I figured I’d go proceed with my usual daily routine, a habit of taking a pair of her sexiest panties, and wrapping them around my cock, stroking the straining pole until hot cum shot out into the flimsy material. I was getting excited as I approached her darkened room, and I didn’t notice the muffled whimpers coming from my destination. When I walked in and turned on the light, I was stunned by what I saw.

My mother was lying on her bed, legs spread wide open and stuffing a cock, which looked at least 9” inches, into her glistening pussy. The room smelled like sex and flowers, a scent that instantly caused my dick to twitch. Her bed covers were rumpled and darkened in spots, soaked with her cum and sweat.

I couldn’t move; I was in shock at what was in front of my very own eyes. I didn’t realize my growing erection was pushing out of my shorts, swelling more the longer I stayed in the room and clearly visible to her.

My mom squeaked, “GET OUT!” snapping me out of my lust induced haze.

I blinked my eyes a few times, slowly realizing that I was just standing there completely motionless, as if I had walked in on her sleeping instead of her fucking herself with a large rubber dick.

“Oh…sorry.” I said softly and rushed out of the room, closing the door behind me.

I made my way to my room quickly, impatiently stripping off my clothes once I had managed to shut and lock the door. I jumped on my bed and began to stroke my cock. To this day I don’t remember ever being so hard in my life. My mom’s scent filling the room, the image of her naked, beautiful body with that dildo shoved inside of her dripping pussy, all of it made me wild! I jacked off 3 times that night while recapping the events I witnessed, at times, I even pictured my own dick ramming into her.

I didn’t get much sleep that night between my jerk sessions and my thoughts about devising a plan to get into my mom’s tight hole. I had to come up with something after all I saw today; there was no way that I could just pretend nothing happened. I thought long and hard, lordbahis güvenilirmi many ideas coming to mind until I eventually decided on one.

First, I had decide that I would tame her, make her easy and comfortable around me until she wasn’t so tense thinking about the way I caught her masturbating. Then, once she was at ease again, I would time one of my jack-off sessions perfectly with her arrival from work, letting her catch me with my pants down and my dick in hand. The best part of it was that I would let her know that it was her I was thinking about while I stroked my aching flesh. She couldn’t ignore that!

So, for the next few days, every time she came home from work, I gave her back massages to release her tension from the day. I would then help her make dinner and clean up the dishes after we ate. I could tell that she was surprised and happy that I was suddenly so attentive.

Of course, I wasn’t only thinking of her comfort. Every time I massaged her, I would get an erection while battling the temptation to wrap my arms around her and start massaging those big breasts. I often wondered what she’d do if I did. Would she be too shocked to do anything to stop me? Would she fight me?

Sometimes, I think she became a little suspicious because I rubbed against her ass with my hard-on a few times by accident, sending jolts of pleasure straight to my crotch in the process. It was at those times that I really had to be extra careful not to act on my desire to just attack her.

Aside from her lovely body, my mom’s mouth was her sexiest asset. She had full lips and a wide, beautifully shaped mouth that made me want to rip off my jeans and stick my cock in my mom’s mouth. Another factor that added was that alluring perfume she had on. It drove me completely nuts. During the massages I always wondered if I was the only one turned on. I wanted to know if she was secretly lusting and getting turned on by me. Just the thought of it would get me even harder and more turned on. When I would touch her jeans with my cock I would make some excuse to get out of there because I couldn’t hold it, my cock was literally like a ROCK! I’d get in my room and sit on my bed and tear off my shorts and just stroke until I would cum. I came so much while thinking about my mom, it stimulated me so much. I couldn’t take much more of this punishment of not being with the woman I loved ever so much.

I figured out a plan and would see how far it would get me and I knew it would give me the answer to whether my mom wanted me sexually or not. She’s a teacher and she usually comes home around 3:15pm and I came home at 3:00 so I decided I’d get hard thinking about her and jump on the kitchen counter and grab my cock and stroke. Once I hear the front door open I’d start moaning, “Oh mommmmm, that feels sooo gooooooddd” loud enough for her to hear and I figured either she’s be turned on or it could destroy our relationship forever but I couldn’t hold back my strong feelings for her. I had a wide grin on my face the night before when I was going to sleep.

The whole day at school I was hard and I was anticipating the moment that I would moan for my mom. I would imagine that my mom would run to the kitchen and say, “ohhhhh you bad lordbahis yeni giriş bad boy” and start sucking on my cock like a crazed woman.

Finally the time came when the last bell to school rang and school was out. I rushed to my locker grabbed what I needed and headed home. I was so nervous yet so excited. When I got home I went right to my room and put down my backpack and things and stripped out of my clothes. I didn’t need to arouse myself since I was hard practically the whole day. I jumped up on the counter and left the door wide open and started jacking off. I jacked off in a slow pace so I wouldn’t blow my load before my mom came. Before I knew it I saw the clock read 3:15 and I heard the doorknob turning so I waited a second so she could come in. After I heard her put her things down and heard her coming this way I starting moaning

“Oh mommmmmm, that feeeeeeels so gooooooooood!”

I heard her foot steps stop at the bathroom but I kept going like I didn’t notice. I heard her gasp and then in a croaked voice she said

“…What are you doing?”

I responded with a big grin on my face

“I can’t stop thinking about you mom.” I jumped up off the sink and approached her and looked into her eyes and I moved in for a kiss.

She said in a stern voice, “No son, we can’t.”

I replied with confidence, “Sure we can.” I continued approaching her and was bold enough to make the first move. I kissed her and I felt her kissing back so I wrapped my arms around her and brought her closer. I let my hands drop to her big round ass and squeezed her cheeks tight as I continued to kiss her. She was so submissive, she could never say no to me for anything. She broke the kiss and looked down at my cock and said

“Wow! You’ve grown up haven’t you!?!” She dropped her hands to my literally ROCK hard cock and start jacking it slowly. I couldn’t even describe how beautiful the sight was. My own mom groping my meat, it felt so incredible. Her hands were soft and she tightly gripped my cock and very slowly stroked it up and down and glazed into my eyes that made me harder and hornier. She worked me up quite and bit and then took my hand and led me into her room and pushed me on her bed and started stripping. I have no idea where this boldness came from but I could see her eyes were filled with love and lust. She was wearing black pants, white collared shirt, she looked very professional. She stripped down to just her panties and climbed on top of me and start straddling me.

I could only whisper a faint, “WOW” when she started straddling me. She brought me close so we were passionately kissing while she rubbed against my hard cock. Our tongues explored each others’ mouths and she was driving me wild. I slowly broke away from our long passionate kiss and started kissing her on her neck slowly and lovingly. The thought of kissing my own mother passionately is what really got me. The idea was so taboo and it turned me on so much of doing something that you’re not supposed to. I wanted to show her how much I cared for her.

I planted soft kisses down her neck and I would keep getting lower until I reached her great breasts. Her nipples were protruding and her areolas were quite large compared to other women. lordbahis giriş I slowly squeezed her breasts and massaged them with my hands. As soon as I touched them my mother shivered all over and sent out a small “ohhh” sound. I took my hands away and brought my mouth to her nice big jugs. I start to lick and suck softly on her nipples; I spent equal time on each doing it very slowly to tease the fuck out of her. She tasted so sweet and something heavenly that could not be found on earth. I decided to keep teasing her to confine her lust so she’ll eventually burst and have multiple orgasms.

By her facial expression she really enjoyed it nice and slow. Her eyes looked down at me full with lust and her mouth partly gapped as if speechless to the pleasure she was receiving. I then slowly kissed softly down past her belly button to where her beautiful pussy lies ahead and I could smell it. The smell of her pussy was pungent and my cock throbbed violently. I slipped off her panties with my teeth and exposed a gorgeous mature pussy that was shaven. Instead of diving right it I decided to tease mom again. I licked her inner thighs and I would poke my tongue into her pussy then take it quickly so I could tongue fuck her. After a few minutes she let out a long moan and couldn’t take it anymore so I proceeded to pleasure her.

“Oh babyyyyy, please fuckinnng eat me out, unnghhhhh, please!!!!!” Her moans excited to me a new level and I couldn’t keep teasing her. I finally brought my tongue to her pussy and I explored her pussy lips. I continue to lick at a steady pace and continued to get faster and faster. I looked up periodically and saw she was enjoying her self plenty so I decided to slip in one finger to add to the please. I finger fucked her to the same intense speed as that I licked her. I saw how much she enjoyed it so I entered another finger in and fucked my finger in even harder in her and kept on licking as fast I could. She shuddered quite a few times and came a lot. All I could do was swallow her heavenly juices. I swallowed every last drop and made sure she felt good, she tasted so sweet and my cock was so hard and I needed to release my cum into my lover. I couldn’t take anymore of this teasing to myself, I NEEDED to be in her so I quickly stopped licking her and grabbed my cock and thrust it in her with no warning. It slipped in easily since she was dripping with wet pussy juices.

She let out several, “Oh baby, yeah that’s it stick it in…Ohh FUCK YEAHHH!!!!” Listening to my mother using profane language turned me on even more. She never would use those words around me in the past. I continued to fuck her hard and she wrapped her legs around my back so she could match my thrusts. I kept pumping her in and out in and out thrusting and fucking my own mother. I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled

“FUCK IM CUMMMING SEXXY!!” I never remember a time that I came so much. It felt like the 2 years of stored up cum for waiting for this exact moment exploded in my mom. I cummed load after load after load of my warm thick creamy cum into my mom’s mature dripping pussy. I collapsed on top of her from exhaustion and started to kiss her lips passionately once again. I left my cock in her pussy so I could get a hard again and fuck her silly. I kissed her lips softly and used my tongue to explore her mouth and she tasted so good. I shared the taste of her pussy that was still in my mouth and brought it to her lips. She seemed to enjoy her taste a lot. After some long kissing my mom broke the kiss and moaned

“Ohh hunny, FUCK MY ASS NOW!”

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