Acting in Concert

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We were just two couples trying as best they could to exit a concert. The girls dressed sexily showing lots of skin, the guys dressed as… guys do. The crowd was thick and moving slowly, a few steps and stop, repeat. There was much bumping into each other in the process. The first odd thing I noticed was my sisters’ hands as she stumbled into my girlfriend from behind. They went past first and her chest collided with the girlfriends back, but then instead of going to her sides or shoulders, they cupped and moved back holding her breasts, the fingers separated and closed, pinching the nipples several times. My girlfriend gave me a quick very wide eyed look, including a chin nod to get my attention on my sister’s hands squeezing her boobs.

The whole thing only lasted a few quick seconds and when the crowd moved the hands withdrew and away we went without a word said, just astonished expressions exchanged between my girlfriend and myself.

A few quick steps and the crowd stopped. This time hands firmly grabbed my hips and pulled. My midsection was drawn back and into the person behind me… firmly enough his stiff cock became wedged in my ass crack. My sister’s boyfriend humped my ass with his cock several times while he firmly held me in place. Glancing at Pam, I saw the hands had reappeared and were firmly cupping and pinching her nipples. She too was looking at my… situation with a knowing smile.

This was repeated several times. From the time it began, I was thinking how much I liked it. It was somewhat shocking at first, but after several repeats, I began to look forward to the… contact. I actually caught myself twerking my ass against him, firmly and purposefully. It was quite a realization. I’d never had a thought about another man’s cock in my life… up until then.

Many more thoughts ran through my mind. I also noticed Pam succumbing to Toni’s very naughty advances.

A change happened at the next stop. The hands didn’t hold my hips nor did they pull me back, they didn’t need to. I did it all on my own. I twerked my ass up and down on his cock and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling. I felt a hand on my hip, but it quickly lowered and cam around cupping my cock. The gripping hand encircling me moved slowly in time with my twerking ass. I moaned loudly at the wonderful feeling, not caring who might hear.

Pam moaned loudly too and I saw Toni’s hand sliding up and down in the front of Pam’s shorts, obviously rubbing Pam the right way. Her head was back and eyes closed, she was definitely enjoying the sensation.

This happened a couple of times more, each time the hand fondling my cock became more and more animated and as it did I responded more and more, moaning and moving. I was remaining hard as a rock and anticipating Danny at each stop… looking for his… caresses… as he was gripping and jacking me more and more and I was getting… closer and closer to… what? It dawned on me that I wanted him to make me cum! I was looking forward to… actually badly wanted him to make me cum.

Then, as we stopped next, there was no cock to meet my ass and no hand on my cock jacking me. Danny had forced his way next to me in the crowd and just looked at me… watched me… saw the disappointment on my face… and then smiled at me.

“It’s your turn!”

Danny stepped in front of me as the crowd moved. I noticed Toni had done the same to Pam. Pam looked at me questioningly. I smiled and moved with the crowd. My pants obviously… to me, were tented in the front.

When a stop was made I made sure I was against Danny’s ass and my hand sought his hard cock immediately. I did to him what he had been doing to me… and discovered I enjoyed it as much if not more. His cock was not fairytale huge, but about the same size as my own and felt really good in my grip, I discovered I liked feeling Danny’s cock in my hand and got special enjoyment when he moaned as I manipulated him. I moved deliberately, jacking him while at the same time pulling his ass into my groin so that my cock became wedged in his ass crack. He began the twerking motion firmly and slowly… obviously enjoying the sensation as I had.

For all intents and purposes… we were fucking… dry humping… in a serious crowd… where anyone could see and no one knew. This was a totally new experience for me and I bahis siteleri was thrilled with every single thing I was doing, and everything that had been done to me. Anticipating things left yet to do.

Glancing at Pam, she was emulating Toni’s caresses to the letter, except her hand was down inside Toni’s shorts… with plenty of movements and the upper hand was pulling rather fiercely on her very erect nipple. Toni was really into it too.

The scenes were repeated with the crowd movements several times. About the third movement I used both hands and unzipped Danny’s pants. He moaned as I reached in and grabbed his erection in the flesh. Smooth.

His cock’s skin was spongy soft, yet firm and solid at the same time.

“I want this so badly!”

He moaned at hearing my words.

The crowd was slowly going further and further as we neared the exits out to the parking lot. I felt Danny’s hand grab mine and hold it to him so that I couldn’t let go of his cock. We ambled over to a huge concrete column and stood there in a small tight circle while people filed past. Unaware people… as I still had hold of Danny’s beautiful cock even though he had long released my hand, and I had repositioned my grip on him as it needed to be different… from the front… head on so to speak.

I was willingly jacking him off and enjoying his moans of pleasure at my manipulations. I had a huge smile on my face. I was thinking of my morals, how in the last half hour, they had been totally destroyed. How in that last half hour I had become a voyeur, watching my sister and girlfriend being all lezzy, I had allowed another man to fondle and feel me, and, I had returned the favor to him and done so with his bare skinned cock in my hand. The revelation also dawned on me that I had enjoyed… no… I had wanted… wished… we had more privacy… no… I don’t think that was as big a concern now as it was before. But, I did want…more.

That thought alone elicited some shocking mental images. I suddenly had flashes of Dan on his knees in front of me, my sister was smiling at me as she held my cock out for him to… then the image reversed and it was me on my knees as his sister held his cock out to me… my sister pressing the back of my head forward and telling me it was okay.

The image changed and we were all kissing, except I was kissing my sister Toni and Dan was kissing his sister, Pam. I had my sister’s breast in my hand… her clothes disappeared and I was pinching her nipple while she moaned and swayed her head. My hand became Pam’s. Her breast became Danny’s cock and I was happily jacking him off as he swooned.

Gaily bisexual, voyeur, exhibitionist… because I was not embarrassed about fondling another cock in front of my sister and girlfriend, perverted because I knew I secretly liked the images I had dreamed of my sister, as much as I had imagining Danny and his sister. I was also erotically excited by the thought of Pam feeding Danny my cock. And, I admitted to myself, that I was turned on thinking of Toni holding Danny’s cock out to me… for me… expecting me to just casually take him into my mouth. The look on her face one of pure lust, and she was looking at me when she got it, not Danny, my sister… looking at me with lust in her eyes… lust… really?

We made it to Dan’s SUV, as we had arrived early and were parked fairly close. The girls both got in the back and Dan and I in the front. Pam immediately turned in the seat and pushed her shorts down her nice legs, no underwear. She leaned back against the door, giggled when she locked it for safety and then looped her right ankle over the seat back effectively spreading herself open to everyone’s view, except Dan in the driver’s seat. She was shaved, well actually… waxed, smooth as a baby’s butt. My sister did an imitation of the no frills strip and unceremoniously dropped her shorts too. She went with one knee on the seat and one on the floorboard to keep her exposed ass from being too exposed! But moaned as she dove in, putting her face in my girlfriends place as I have many times before!

My sister was lezing out on my girlfriend, the sister of the man who’s cock I was holding in my left hand, and since both… all of them… were moaning in enjoyment, I knew this was just the beginning. Lot of firsts happening today, a lot canlı bahis siteleri of firsts! The girls were in the best place, best because they could get at one another fairly easily.

Although I was holding Danny’s cock in my hand and it was firm and warm, oozing precum copiously, I could hardly get to it easily. There was a center console in my way. Oh I had thought of getting up on my knees and leaning over it, going face first into and onto him, but it wouldn’t be comfortable for me, nor pleasurable for him doing it that way.

I wanted to be comfortable, at ease when I… did it. All of the SUV windows were tinted dard, and there was a complete coverage sunshade in the windshield so what was going on inside was fairly private as long as no one put their face to the glass!

Wow! It hit me like a bolt of lightning. I wanted what Pam and Toni were doing for me and Danny! I wanted Danny’s dick in my mouth. Wanted to lick it, suck it… kiss it. I wanted to make love to… a cock, and I wanted it badly! I realized that Danny needn’t do anything to me or for me, but, I still wanted the warm piece of meat in my hand in my mouth. It was as simple as that.

Of course turning bisexual with your girlfriend’s brother is not by any means simple. In my case, since I had been fondling him for a while, and was currently holding his cock in a very loving way, understandable at least.

My attention was drawn to the back seat as a loud moan came from my girlfriend climaxing on my sister’s talented tongue.

It dawned on me then that I also very badly wanted my sister to be my lover too.

I felt Danny’s cock rising with my hand still firmly attached to it. I must have been totally distracted because he had opened the sunroof of the SUV and was rising to get into it with his upper body. He had shed his shoes in the floorboard and was on his knees in the driver’s seat. Using his arms to lift himself up, his knees rested on the center console.

My appreciation of sunroofs greatly increased at that moment as his beautiful cock was practically in my face. I knew all of the windows were tinted limo dark so no one would or could see into the interior of the damned thing. Perfect.

I did a slow jack of his wonderful dick and then a hand inserted itself between mine and his stomach. I glanced left and saw my sister with her hand on Danny’s cock, replacing mine. She had a very big smile on her face as she held it out for… to… me. She wanted to be the one to feed me my first cock. My sister wanted to hold the cock for me to swallow, her boyfriend’s cock, Danny’s cock, the same cock I was sure she had swallowed many times before, but now was holding out for me!

“Go ahead… kiss it.”

It was spoken very softly… lovingly… longingly.

I kept eye contact with her as I leaned forward and allowed the smooth soft head to contact my lips. She broadened her smile.

I backed away slightly maintaining eye contact.

“Now… reallly kiss it… lick it… love it.” It was shaking in her hand from her trembling as she held it out to me. We both realized the true significance of the moment.

I leaned in again and this time my wet tongue touched first and was flattened against the crown. I swirled it around the glands as she moved her hand forward squeezing out a huge dollop of precum onto my tongue. I tasted it immediately and moaned loudly. Retracted my tongue keeping my lips against the tip and swallowed. Her throat squealed in delight as she repeated the move and so did I.

Danny was looking down through the opening and understood all the implications of what was going on. My sister was feeding me his precum… and I was accepting it happily from the source.

“Okay… come get the rest of it… swallow the real stuff… he’s real close so it won’t take much for you to get him to… if that’s what you want… really want?”

Looking into her smiling eyes I just leaned further and took him in my warm mouth making a seal of my lips around his shaft and sucked only slightly. Felt fabulous! This was something I had unknowingly wanted… desired… for some time. Danny groaned very loudly and I knew why. He too was experiencing the… feeling.

As I was slowly taking it deeper and deeper I felt the skin stretch tight as Toni moved her circled thumb and forefinger back canlı bahis against his groin, holding the cock… Danny’s cock… out so that I could get it as deep as I could. I felt it touch the back of my throat now on each thrust of my head forward, but I had not felt my sister’s hand… yet. My mouth must be oh so close though. I flexed my chin out and pulled my shoulders back on the next thrust forward and the head… Danny’s cockhead… slid just that little bit further. The feeling was odd, I knew the cockhead was smooth, but it felt like sandpaper as it slid in just that little bit further… entering my throat. I repressed the gag reflex and swallowed. I felt Toni’s finger solidly against my upper lip. I heard Pam gasp and Toni giggle.

“That’s it… he’s all the way in… just hold on for a couple more seconds baby!”

I felt the extra swell of his cock in my mouth and the veins pulsing, then the snake like sensation as the semen pulsed forward through Danny’s cock into my throat. I could feel the wet mass as it slid down, but I wasn’t tasting it. There were 4 or 5 strong pulses and then it seemed to retract slightly and my throat popped free. As the cock retracted across my tongue another stream oozed out and finally I got a taste of it. It was salty and had a metallic… but also very bland sort of taste, and… also thick and gooey.

My face was turned by a hand and I was immediately kissed… deeply… passionately… by my sister! Her tongue was swirling inside my mouth. I was slow to realize, that at first she was trying to get some of Danny’s cum… she wanted me to share it… my Sister was trying to share her boyfriends cum! But, as the kiss continued and our tongues dueled I realized she was as taken in this moment as I was, making out! I both smelled and tasted pussy… my sister’s pussy… and I liked it. Pam and Danny were both moaning.

Our kiss ended and was immediately followed by several smaller ones… from Toni. I saw nothing but lust and longing in her eyes. Danny collapsed back into his seat and on his heels. He straightened himself out as quickly as he could and then reached across and took my cock in his hand.

I began to stand in my seat already recognizing the routine, but I did it so that I was facing backwards. Pam took the hint of my cock being in her face with her brother holding on to it and simply leaned forward and sucked me to the root.

My sister squealed and I felt Pam back off, then warm wetness and gentle suction as my loving Sister took over for a turn.

Pam pushed her brother’s hand away and took a firm grip at the base of my cock. Her little finger moving up and down on the front of my balls as she turned me until the cock popped out of my sister’s lips and I was facing sideways. A small tug and my knees rested on the console and I could see Danny looking up at me through the open sunroof… smiling. “Third time’s the charm!”

His head moved forward, lips parted and enveloped me completely… right against Pam’s finger. He didn’t even flinch as my cock slid past his throat muscles. My head involuntarily went back as pleasure swept over me and my hips hunched forward with no place to go, moving his head back in recoil of the collision. I moaned deeply and loudly, now fully understanding why he had done the same minutes earlier. The pleasure was exquisite, best thing I had ever felt!

He sucked in pulses and my hips vibrated against his lips. I didn’t last any longer than he did as I felt the surge of thick cream pressurized by pleasure, shooting out the end of my cock and down his throat. Oh my God!! My knees shook with pleasure as I ejaculated into Danny’s throat. My arms braced against the car roof was all that held me erect as my knees buckled and my body sagged from the pleasure of release. Danny’s mouth came off as he was kissed in the same manner as I had been.

I knew then that multiple boundaries had been crossed. I was officially bisexual. I let that sink in a moment and realized I had not only sucked another man’s cock, but had willingly wanted to… and… I enjoyed it. I liked the taste of his cock and cum. I had shared that cum with my sister, and with his sister and she had shared mine with her brother, and… we had all kissed each other, not as brothers and sisters, but a lovers.

I sucked another man’s cock and was sucked in an open sunroof of an SUV parked in a public parking lot. I wasn’t the least bit ashamed or concerned, and… I knew I would do it again. I also knew this was only the beginning of a whole new world for me… us.

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