Adam , Mike Keep It Going

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There we sat, tied by the grip of strong hands accustomed to holding golf clubs, basketballs, and softball bats. We were further tied by the inseparable bond of those who have exchanged body fluids in passion.

My heart was coming back to a regular beat and my mind was coming to grips with what had just happened. I knew that I had just crossed some important bridges and I needed to process that but a more pressing need was getting Adam’s pubic hairs out of my mouth.

With my free hand, I reached a finger into my mouth to dig out the two or three hairs that were making their presence felt there. I was chuckling as I dug around and I could hear Adam doing the same thing. After pulling the first one out, I laughed as I said, “I forgot that oral sex meant a hair ball of some sort.”

Never one to miss an opportunity for a comment, Adam replied, “Funny how you could take my entire cock down your throat with not so much as a single gag, and then struggle with a hair or two. Man, was that ever intense. It was more exciting than I ever thought it could be, certainly more than I fantasized about.”

“And just how long had you been thinking about this anyway?” I asked with great curiosity. I began to wonder how long Adam had been thinking about sucking my cock and if he ever thought of me returning the gesture. I was not quite ready to tell him that I, too, had been mulling it over in the back of my mind when I had nothing else to think about, which was to say a total of two or three times.

“For almost two years, buddy, since you told me about that lacrosse jock. I have to tell you that when you related that story to me, I just about creamed my jeans. Don’t know if you remember, but I left shortly after you told me what happened. I actually had to leave and find a private place to sit and fantasize and stroke my meat.”

“An entire new paradigm of thinking began to course through my mind,” Adam continued,”I had never given voice nor even much thought to anything with another guy. Every time I thought about gay guys, I automatically linked them with sissies and no way would I ever be interested in that. But when you told me about that jock, and how he came onto you, things really started changing in my mind…there is something else to this whole thing, too.”

“And what would that be?” I asked, ever curious to understand my best friend. People never cease to amaze me and I just enjoy hearing what makes people tick and what motivates them.

“Honestly? Well, I know that you know that you always present a noticeable bulge in your pants and even though we have seen each other naked on countless occasions, the bulge in your pants kept getting my attention.”

Adam seemed relieved to share this and kept going. “I knew that your balls were sizeable. I’d seen them hanging pretty large and low after a shower and I surmised that your cock was probably average when hard. But when your balls and cock are packed into your briefs, the bulge is impossible to miss, even if a person is not necessarily directly interested.”

“So I guess things started in my mind with the fantasy of reaching over and holding your balls in my hand and then taking them into my mouth and then naturally the whole blow job fantasy followed.”

Adam , who had been staring off into space as he shared what had gone through his mind, now looked directly at me with that look of longing. “It sounds queer to say this, Mike, but I really enjoyed sucking you off until you came in my mouth. That was hot as I have ever had it.”

Adam sure knew how to get my attention and my cock began to stir again. “Hey, buddy, before we do anything else, I need to take a piss. I’ll be right back.” As I stood up to go to the half bath that adjoined the family room, Adam stood too.

“I was thinking the same thing, Mike. Mind if I join you?”

“After what we’ve already shared? Sure, come on.” This was getting to be one new experience after another with Adam. We had stood side by side at urinals and pissed together on countless occasions and this was no big deal.

But we were not going to urinals and there would be not little separator wall. I had not pissed with another guy uninhibited like this since I was in puberty and pissing contests were part of growing up with the rest of the neighborhood boys.

I could feel Adam’s movement directly behind me and as I slowed near the bathroom door, he brushed up against me. I felt first his body heat and then the cold sensation of his still wet cock as it swung back and forth with his easy gait. I was noticing every little thing that happened. When was the last time I was this alert to my surroundings?

I stepped into the bathroom and flipped the switch, flooding the little room with cold light. There was not much room and as Adam stepped in, our hips met as we stood over the bowl. Usually after sex, I take a long, hard piss. There seems to be some physical dynamic between the release of sperm and the release of my bladder. This was different, güvenilir bahis however, as Adam and I both pulled our foreskins back to piss.

SIDE NOTE: What circumcised guys don’t know is that unless an uncut guy pulls his foreskin back, the foreskin gets in the way of the piss flow and an uncut guy may end up pissing all over the place if he’s not careful. At a urinal, an uncut guy can get away with just letting it go and he won’t miss the mark but a toilet bowl is another matter.

As I stood right next to Adam, it seemed the most natural thing to let my left arm go across his back and let my hand rest on his left hip. In response, his right hand went across my back and rested on my right hip. The closeness of my buddy in our unashamed nakedness coupled with the heat from his body caused my cock to begin to stir in excitement. The pace of my heartbeat picked up.

“Whoa! Down boy!,” I said out loud, chuckling. Adam reached over with his left hand and pointed my cock down toward the bowl. His touch caused my heart and my cock to jump in unison. “Somehow, buddy, your touching me may not help to get my dick pointed down,” I said in between the short breaths that were becoming part of the morning routine. “Let me concentrate a little harder and see if I can get a stream going.”

I willed my cock down and released the muscle holding the piss in my bladder. My piss started slowly at first, and just as I started pissing hard, Adam spoke in a low, guttural whisper.

“How can taking a piss together be so erotic? Just standing next to you is turning me on. But I need to piss, too.” Adam moved his left back to his growing cock and began pissing hard immediately. He pulled me closer with his right hand and our cocks met above the bowl.

Since Adam’s cock was longer than mine, it hung below mine. Without meaning to I began to piss all over the head of his cock. Adam’s cock jumped under the sensation of my hot piss.

“Hey, sorry, man,” I said, and meant it. Really, who wants to get pissed on?

“This may sound gross, but it was actually a pleasant sensation. You want to know what it feels like?” Adam asked.

“Today is a day of firsts, so sure, what the hell.”

Actually, several years ago, I woke up in the night with a raging hard on and started fondling my wife. Next thing I know, she was awake and just as horny as me. This was a very unusual event for us! She straddled me and rode me like she was a professional jockey.

As my wife and I climaxed together, her orgasm was so intense she ended up pissing all over my cock. She soaked my groin and her piss and cunny juice ran down over my balls and into the crack of my ass. It was a mess and the bed got soaked. We ended up showering and then sleeping on the floor tight up next to each other. In spite of the piss, it was great sex and I could have cared less about the mattress.

Adam moved slightly away from me and I watched his hazel eyes as he concentrated on moving his cock to piss on my cock with a full flow. I looked down just as his piss stream hit the head of my cock. The first thing I noticed was the pressure of the flow, next was the heat. Piss fresh out of the body is hot!

Adam lowered his cock back under the stream of my cock, then back up and he was pissing on me again. Then he lowered again back into the dwindling stream of my piss and then above my cock head again. He kept this up until we were both done pissing. With all this pissing going on, we had spray all over our thighs.

I had to ask, “Hey, you ever tasted your own piss? I did once, just out of curiosity. I saw this documentary on Buddhist monks in Nepal and one of their disciplines is to cleanse their intestines by drinking their own piss. I totally missed the logic of it but decided to try it one day. I wiped the tip of my cock with a finger, then tasted it. It was a strange thing to do but it seemed to me that it tasted just like it smelled and it was not actually all that bad. I mean, I wouldn’t have it as a main beverage and I did it just that one time.”

“Honestly, yeah I have,” Adam replied. “You ever tasted anyone else’s?”

“No, but I expect we are about to move into further uncharted territory. Actually, I did not mean to piss on you to start this whole thing. I’m sorry,” I said, then reached down and pulled Adam’s foreskin back, exposing his red and swelling cock head.

I placed my first finger on his cock and wiped it down to the tip, gathering a good sampling of our combined piss along with whatever leftover cum was there. I put my finger up to my mouth and tasted the spunky piss concoction. It was kind of nasty in a man sweat-piss-cum nasty sort of way. In other words, it was lusty and erotic and my own cock began to grow again.

“Actually, I invited myself to your piss party, so I am somewhat to blame as well, ” Adam replied and then reached down to my cock, wiping a nice sampling from my cock. After he tasted it, he said, “Nasty! But like Jack Daniels is nasty. Good but way türkçe bahis strong and only for men who can take it.”

Adam leaned into me and we began a fresh round of biting nipples and groping cocks and licking and kissing necks. “Come on out here,” Adam said as he pulled me out of the bathroom and back to the couch. “I am really horny and ready for round 2…how about you?”

“Oh, man, you bet…this time, I want to do you the way I want and you can do me the way you want…sound good?”

“Oh yeah but you need to know that my second time around I cum a bit quicker than the first. You?” Adam asked.

“I tend to last a little longer the second time. This should be interesting. I want to do you first. On the couch, pal!” I ordered.

Adam sat on the couch and I instructed him to move forward to the edge. I held his balls in one hand and began licking his crotch. It had a particularly sweaty smell that turned me on.

Ever since jock-boy sucked me off, I regularly take my own day old sweaty underwear and give them a good sniff. There is some animal impulse that jock-boy unleashed in me that needs satisfaction. Jock-boy had spent some time licking my crotch and then insisted I kiss him before he would finish the blow job. What’s a fellow to do? Of course I kissed him, then pushed him down on his knees, where he expertly serviced my tool.

Now I had Adam’s crotch in front of me and I licked and kissed his crotch to about half way to his asshole. No way was I putting my mouth anywhere near his bunghole.

I took his balls into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them, unintentionally pulling more pubic hair into my mouth. All during this time Adam talked to me. “Yeah, Mike, mmmm, suck my nuts, lick me, man. Oooh, you sure seem to be enjoying this, mmmm. This is so fucking hot. Please suck me now, Mike. Oh, please suck my cock.”

I licked up the underside of Adam’s cock and down along the top, kissing into his bush while his cock throbbed against my Adam’s apple. Adam started bucking his hips and I knew he wanted to shoot his load. I put my lips on his cock head and pushed his foreskin back slowly and then slowly, very slowly I took Adam deep into my throat and held him there. I pulled back up, bringing his foreskin back to the tip.

Then I opened my mouth wide and took Adam’s cock all the way into my throat before I latched on tight with my lips at the base of his cock. I then pulled back tight all the way to the tip, never exposing the tender head. I suspected that this would drive him crazy, and boy was I right! I continued in this fashion for about a dozen back strokes on his long, throbbing cock.

“Mike, what a cocksucker you are. Each pull is inching me closer to the edge. Come on, make me cum….” Adam panted. With that, he brought this legs up over my shoulders, crossed them and pulled me to him. This was not a natural position for Adam to cum in, I could tell. He was so hot and horny, he was doing whatever he could to hasten his orgasm.

I put his feet on my shoulders and pulled his rock hard cock toward my mouth. I began sucking Adam for all I was worth and he grabbled my head and began to slam my head down on his cock. I wrapped a hand around the base of Adam’s cock and he kept slamming my head down. Man, I was loving it! I made sure to drool plenty of spit and pre-cum onto my hand.

“Ooohhh, Mike, here it comes, buddy, here it comes, buddy, ohhhh fuck, man….” Adam shouted. Just as he began to shoot another huge load of cum, I slipped my wet fingers into his crotch and began massaging his hole. This resulted in a new spasm of fuck bucks and then I slipped my finger into his ass and began probing for his prostate. Adam arched up off the couch, slamming my head full forced onto his cock as load after load shot out of his cock all hot and sticky.

“Oh, Mike, you finger fucker, oh fuck me, man, shit, what a feeling!” With one final thrust, Adam held my head in his hands as I milked his cock dry.

I pulled my finger out and one more gush came out of his cock. Adam slouched back onto the couch, moaned and taking his hands off my head, held his own head in his hands, managing only ragged panting. I saw a tear course its way from the corner of his left eye. Wow! I had never witnessed such a crescendoing event in my life, neither my own orgasm, nor another’s.

Adam pulled me up, squeezing me hard against his chest and began weeping. Now what the hell was going on, I wondered. Had it been that intense? I guess it must have been.

“I have always had to hold back in tenderness with my wife, and rightfully so. Our sex is real good when we have it.” At this Adam smiled weakly, and a bit ruefully, I think. I knew exactly what he was talking about.

“This is the first time in my whole life I have been able to abandon myself to wild bucking and fucking. And then your finger in my ass drove me to a height I had never been before. This is unbelievably fulfilling and so manly.”

With that, Adam planted güvenilir bahis siteleri his lips on mine and forced his tongue deep into my throat, perhaps searching for what was left of his cum. We stood and continued the kiss as our sweat, sex slime and Adam’s tears all mixed together.

My wildest fantasies about sexual adventure and pounding orgasms could never match what we were experiencing today. “Let me catch my breath and then have I got something in store for you, my friend,” Adam said as he sat back down on the couch.

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and clean up a little. The mirror revealed a sex-messed head of hair along with some wet splotches where Adam had cum the first time. I made a mental note to shower before going back out in public.

“I want you to give yourself to me now and let me please you the best I can,” Adam said when I returned from the bathroom. “I won’t guarantee your heart will pound like mine did, but it won’t be for lack of effort on my part. Getting it on with my best friend is a turn on and that’s all there is to it. Find a spot where you are comfortable, Mike, and I’ll do the rest.” I chose to sit where Adam had just shot his cum down my throat.

Adam began much the way I did, placing my legs on his shoulders while he sucked gently on my balls. I began to notice the little things he did with his tongue on my scrotum, how he brushed the backs of his fingertips against my crotch and down toward my asshole. There is a fine line of hair that goes from my nuts all the way back to my asshole and Adam’s tender brushing against that was extremely erotic. My cock was immediately hard and oozing. I just sat on my hands, kneading my ass cheeks and leaned back into the couch to enjoy Adam’s talented tongue and mouth on my manhood. His man-to-man oral sex learning curve was certainly very short, that was for sure.

Adam seemed determined to focus on my cock head. He gently pulled the foreskin back and slowly licked my slick head, bobbing slowly up and down on it. Blood continued to pump into my shaft and my cock was so hard it began to ache. Ever so slowly Adam kept descending my shaft, taking my cock in and just sinking slowly down the shaft. It almost reminded me of my wedding night. I was so hot and horny and it was the very first time with my wife. We had kept our promise of chastity until our wedding night and boy, was the wait worth it.

I remember taking my time with her, enjoying her special tenderness and kissing her all over, getting her pussy all wet and ready. Her lips were glistening and I squeezed my foreskin together and fed it into her pussy lips. She gasped as I began to enter her and she pleaded with me to go slow so she would enjoy it. Ever so slowly I made my way into her love tunnel, with her muscles gripping me every millimeter of the way.

When I was fully bottomed out in her pussy, she began to cry softly and said how exciting it was for me to be in her. She moved her hips ever so slightly and had her very first orgasm. She shuddered and pulled me deeper with her legs wrapped around my waist. I was sure I’d died and gone directly to heaven. She whispered in my ear her great love for me and asked me to begin moving ever so slowly in her.

I slowly ground my hips into her in a rotating motion, giving just the slightest thrusts. Each minor thrust pulled my foreskin back down my shaft against the pressure of her muscles. Soon I could feel every nerve on my fully exposed cock head as she surrounded my cock with her wet and warm and tender womanhood. She shivered and bucked again and shuddered another orgasm.

By now her vaginal muscles were loosening up some and she asked for it harder. We were so tightly coupled that I could only manage hard, short thrusts. I held her tight as we discovered the rhythm of the ancients. All arms and legs, our souls melded together in a breathtaking orgasm. What wonderfully fond memories I possessed.

Unfortunately, the memories were of an intimacy that had somehow gone stale. I would give that due consideration at another time.

Adam held my foreskin down with his fingers and began going up and down on my cock, pausing to curl his lips around my cock head on the upstroke. Now here was a new sensation for me and every nerve on the rim of my cockhead was on high alert. Adam just kept a decent pace of movement on my cockhead, which began to swell with all the attention. I began to buck and I knew I would not last long now. I could feel Adam oozing juice onto his fingers and I knew what he was going to do.

“Oh, man, what a blow job you are giving me, buddy, mmmmm, do you feel my cock growing? Mmmm, it’s just for you…you gonna swallow all my jizz, huh? Yeah, I know you will..mmmm, suck me, buddy….mmmm, what a man you are….I’ll tell you when to finger me…mmmmm.” Adam smiled at that, as best as I could tell.

I spread my legs and raised my ass just enough to give him free access to my asshole. “Oh, Adam, now would be a good time….rub my crotch, buddy, finger my ass, mmmmm….” Adam obediently did as I asked and when his fingers touched my bunghole, I bucked up in the air. When I came down, Adam slid his finger into my ass and began to slowly fuck my ass with his finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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