Adam’s Spring of Interracial Love

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This story is pure fantasy, considerably different for my story of Robert and Patrick. You may note one similarity, Adam lives in a lake side house as did Patrick. This is an interracial gay story that depicts a well endowed black man who discovers his passion and affection for his white friend.

Adam’s Spring of Interracial Love

Spring approaches with warming sun melting the remaining snow, robins show up, flocks of migrating birds are overhead homing in on northern summer nesting spots. The air is fresh, still cool but surely the warming rays foretell the comfort of summer days, picnics, bon fires at the lake, vacations, and afternoons with friends and neighbors. All this Adam looked forward to.

Adam, me, is a typical mid twenties guy, out of college holding a bachelor of science degree, and working whatever jobs he can get in the current economy. He earns most of his money in the underground economy that is growing rapidly, nothing illegal like drugs, just making money that can’t tracked for taxation.

Not a fitness freak, I am healthy, like to walk and bike for exercise, have a little excess weight but I do have a waist. I eat healthy and do give into temptation – pizza, burgers, but not more twice a week. I like beer, probably a hold over from college, and do have a pallet that enjoys a good scotch as well. Scotch taste and beer budget, that’s me.

I’m told that I’m a chick magnet, but I’m not into the dating scene, clubbing, playing relationship games, I’d rather cut to the chase. Truth is, the chase I cut to, is my homosexual desire. No one knows I’m gay, but I’m also sure some suspect it. The only friends I have are guys and most of them are gay; I don’t hang out with gay guys who flaunt being gay.

My parents have a lake cabin on a couple acres of land, I live there almost rent free, I do have to keep the property clean, mowed, and presentable. I’m the youngest in the neighborhood and almost everyone else is thirties and forties. Only a couple neighbors are single and they have girl friends.

Recently, I’ve found an attraction to a guy I met at one of my paying jobs. He has some behaviors that cause me to think he is gay but I don’t push the issue. I told him about a party Saturday at the cabin telling him to come down if he felt like it, he seemed interested and plugged the address into his maps app.

Saturday arrived with sunshine and comfortable temperatures, perfect for a spring bar-b-cue party. Those coming would arrive around two in the afternoon giving me time to get food onto trays and staged in the refrigerator. I put beer in one cooler and soft drinks in another. About noon I was able to clean up, hit the shower, shave, and dress. Weekend dress is usually jeans and sweatshirt on a warm spring afternoon and today was no different.

Shortly before two, a couple cars pulled up, the usual crowd was filtering in. The first car held three friends who were mostly straight, mostly meaning they preferred girls over guys but would swing the other way if they felt like it. The second car held two guys who were gay and a couple.

A few minutes later another car with another gay couple. Then about ten minutes after two, a car I recognized as Bret’s parked. Bret is my work mate whom I’m feeling attracted to. Since he was new to the group, I took ample time to introduce him to everyone, get him a drink, and get him comfortable. I think he figured out that most of the crowd was gay, or bi, yet he didn’t say anything one way or the other.

I got the burgers on the grill and laid out the fixings, chips and dip were out already with beer and soft drinks. While I checked the burgers, Bret walked over to grill. “Hey, Dave, thanks for inviting me. This is a comfortable group to hang with. I don’t know how you knew, but I am gay but sometimes have trouble being myself.”

“I wasn’t sure, Bret, just noticed mannerisms. If you’re comfortable, then just let things happen. By the way, I asked you to come because I like you and feel an attraction.” I hoped I hadn’t gone too far but the truth was out. Bret just looked at me with smiling eyes, I guess the feeling was mutual, I hoped.

“We’ll see what happens,” Bret remarked. “Keep your eye on the burgers not my ass.” I wondered how he suspected that I liked his butt, I guessed it was round, firm, and tight, not easy telling in loose fitting shorts. I was hoping for a long, firm, thick cock also.

The party continued into the evening as usual. The drivers quit beer and switched to soft drinks, Bret was still enjoying beer, that was a hopeful sign. Folks started loading up and heading home by 9:30 in the evening. This group was great to party with because they helped clean up the mess.

After the last car load left and it was Bret and I, we grabbed another beer. “My rule, Bret, no drinking and driving. I won’t let you get in your car and drive unless your sober.”

“Well, truthfully, this is my fourth beer all day, I’m not drunk. I am staying because I feel comfortable illegal bahis with you. When guys find out I’m gay, they start hitting me like I’m fresh meat. I’ve been picked up a couple times but I didn’t enjoy it. You are just letting me hang out and not trying to get me naked.”

“Does your family know your life choice?” I was concerned for him, his admission had all the ear marks of risk.

“No, hell no. They think I’m saving myself for the right girl. They are religious and there is only one kind of sex.” Bret was nervous and it sounded in his voice. “How did your family take?”

I reached out to Bret, put my arm around his shoulder. “My family is pretty liberal but they didn’t take it well at first. They thought I was going cross dress, and go flaming gay. That was my parents thought, my sister was a lot more cool about it. My parents have finally accepted my choice.”

With my are around his shoulders, Bret leaned into me, “This the most relaxed I’ve been in weeks. You make me feel good, happy. I want to feel this way all the time.”

“I wish people would accept me.” Bret was tensing up while speaking these thoughts.

“I’m accepting you, you are still here, I have my arm around your shoulders, you are leaning into me. Are saying that is not accepting?” I wanted to be soothing and at the same time direct, Bret was conflicted about himself. “Bret, I think you are in a state of denial still. You know you are gay but you don’t want to accept it. Its something we all go through.”

Bret sighed loudly and straightened up a bit. “You’re just trying to be nice because you want to fuck me! I’m just an ass with a hole. Everyone is the same and you too.”

I slipped my arm off his shoulder, stiffened a bit, “I guess you have made your decision, since you’re not drunk, you can take off. I’ll see you in a couple days at work.” I stood, started cleaning up the coolers, putting the beer and soft drinks in the refrigerator with the other left overs.

“I’ve ruined it haven’t I, Adam? You were trying to be honest and I didn’t want honest. I wanted to believe what I wanted to believe. Can I stay?” There was a hint of pain and crying in Bret’s voice.

“That is up to you. I like you but you’re head just isn’t screwed on tight. We could have a fun night but I don’t think you’re ready for that step.” I continued cleaning the coolers, dumping ice, rinsing them to put away.

“I don’t like bottom.” Bret’s statement was very of fact. “I don’t being used for my ass hole by ass holes. I do like top and am pretty good at satisfying a guy.”

I had not heard any clothing noise while cleaning the coolers. When I turned to Bret, I saw him naked in the middle of the room. His cock was hanging semi limp at almost eight inched long and it looked thick. I wanted to be nonchalant about seeing his cock and letting him see my desire for a big one was fulfilled. I grabbed my beer and took a drink. “Okay, Bret, what do you have in mind?”

“I just want you to see me. I’m not all cute butt. I have a tool designed to fill an ass full.”

I took another drink of beer while looking into Bret’s eyes. “And, you’re thinking that I’m impressed with your cock, maybe afraid of it? Bret, you have a lot to learn about being gay and about your cock. Pull up your pants and sit down.”

Bret was still in defense mode, “So, I am too much for you, you can’t take a real man.”

“Let me add, shut the fuck up!” I was getting pissed at his behavior, so insecure about himself, he was acting a fool. “You met Steve today, right? And, you know the stories about big black cocks, right? In Steve’s case they are true and he is bigger than you. Are you catching on you insecure fuck head? Grow the fuck up!” I wasn’t sure, maybe I’d gone too far. I watched as Bret bent to pull up his pants noting what appeared to be shame on his face. “Steve is a careful and considerate lover. It isn’t about pounding cock up someone’s ass, its about creating a condition in which a man or woman wants to feel you inside them. I want to feel your cock inside me but not until you learn that sex isn’t just fucking.”

“Adam, how do I learn that?” Bret’s voice was soft, his eyes cast down slightly avoiding my eyes.

“You have already begun the lesson. Men and women both enjoy foreplay. Maybe foreplay leads to sex, maybe it leads to mutual masturbation without penetration. How did you feel with my arm around your shoulders?” Bret’s expression brightened.

“That was foreplay? I enjoyed your touch.” Bret was now being inquisitive, like the lights were coming on.

“No, that was not foreplay but it could have lead to foreplay.” Bret came to the table where my beer was resting. He carried his beer with him, took a sip, sat the beer down, and sat himself. I followed his lead, sipped my beer and sat across from him. “Foreplay is sensual touching, hugging, kissing, letting hands explore one another’s bodies. It is opening up to feeling the other feeling you and getting turned on because your illegal bahis siteleri partner is turning you on and getting turned on. I’m guessing, you’ve never had foreplay or you didn’t know how to react to it.”

“When someone touches me, I get nervous. I feel like all they’re doing is trying to get me ready to fuck.”

“Well, that is part of it. If you come off as cold, all you get is fucked. You don’t enjoy being a bottom, you already told me that, have you ever been a top?”

“I tried once but the guy said I trying to hurt him.”

“Bret, sphincter muscles and the anus cannot produce natural lubrication. You have to prepare a guy to receive your cock. If you just try gabbing into him, he will throw you off. I like big cocks in me, I want to feel stretched and full. I like bareback anal and feeling a guy cum in me. That is a great pleasure to me.”

“Will you teach me?” Bret was being sincere in his question and deserved an answer.

“Yes. But first we have to take care of hygiene. We all take hot showers, use soap, wear clean clothes but anal sex requires we are extra careful to clean our sphincter, clean our anus, douche to remove fecal matter from our anus. You have to make sure no scat is present. You want to go to the bathroom and learn about hygiene for anal sex?”

“I’m doing any anal douche, that’s fucked up. I’m not sticking some water hose up my ass and turning on the tap.” Bret went right back to his defensive mode of communication and I had my fill.

“Bret, time for you to go home, you haven’t heard a word I’ve said tonight. You are stuck in defensive mode, you don’t want to learn. You are hung up on some kind of phobia that you have to overcome by yourself. I can’t break through your shell until you’re ready to come out of your shell.”

“Yeah, okay. I think you’re talking crap anyway. Fuck you, good bye.” Bret grabbed his jacket heading for the door.

As he was leaving I said, “I hoped you would fuck me good then say bye. There are many good articles online to help you understand anal sex, read some. I’ll be around.” I closed the door as he jumped into his car and sped away.


It was several days later that I went to work at my part time job where Bret also worked. I was getting into the daily assignments doing a lot of grunt work today. Bret was supposed to be on too, I asked where he was only to discover he hadn’t come to work for a couple days. Something about having to get over a bad cold or flu. I was quite sure he was sulking, maybe he was checking out articles about enjoying gay sex, or he was just being stubborn about facing me.

Another weekend came, this weekend Steve and I had a date that would last the whole weekend I hoped. Steve got to the lake about 7:30 Friday evening, we planned to hit a couple night spots and work our way back to the lake.

“How did it go with Bret,” Steve asked.

I answered with the truth, “I wanted to him to fuck me, he is nicely endowed, no competition for present company though. Your hardware and skill is not about to get beaten.”

Steve and I were not exclusive, we liked to enjoy other opportunities but I knew him well, knew how to please him, and knew how to please me. As we left, I gave his package a squeeze, “I’ll squeeze harder later.”

The first club was not considered a gay club although many gay couples went there. It was a club of patrons who didn’t care about sexual orientation. The music was R&B and Jazz mostly with some soul thrown in. Drinks, even on weekends, were priced fair and they served a good mix of hot snacks and light meals. Steve and I got a patty melt platter and beer. We were talking, checking out the crowd and visiting with different people we knew.

We never stayed at any one place longer than a couple hours, tonight was no different. Around 10:00 we left for the second club we planned to visit. As we were leaving, I noticed Bret walking in with a fairly attractive young woman. As we passed each other at the door, I made sure to say hello and tell him he missed a couple days work, we were busy, and could have used his help. Bret didn’t say much other than hello.

“Steve, that boy is way fucking confused, I think he is off my list. Lets hit The Spot.” The Spot was our next destination, it is a gay joint with a good mix of gay men and women. It is the place you go to mingle with average gays and the flaming flamboyant cross dressers and dykes. It is The Spot.

We arrived about 10:45 and saw a line waiting to get in, “How long is the wait,” Steve asked the doorman. We learned it would be over two hours, this knowledge made us change plans as we loaded back into the car heading back to my place.

Steve piped up, “I should have remembered it was freak night, that’s why the place was busy. I hope your not upset we didn’t get in.” Steve was being his usual self, thinking about the other person.

“I am not upset, besides, I know where you can get in without waiting, but we have to get back canlı bahis siteleri to my place first.” I laid my hand high on Steve’s thigh to find his cock snaking down. “I can put this one eyed monster to good use,” I squeezed his cock a little and felt it respond.

“Adam, how do you really feel about me? I mean color, I’m black.”

I looked at him as we drove. “I like you because you care about your partner, want your partner to enjoy sex with you. It isn’t like you just want to get off, you want us both to get off. I’d be a liar to say I don’t see you as black; however, I prefer to see you as a sensitive gay man who can make me feel the joy of gay sex. And, your magic wand, your joy stick, your big black cock, is a thing of great pleasure to me.”

Steve remained quiet for most of the rest of the ride. As we pulled into the drive at my house on the lake, he finally spoke again. “Adam, I don’t want to frighten you, I am attracted to you more than physically. I think I could have a life with you.” He looked at me with a mix of fear, lust, and love. It was not a combination I was used to.

“Steve, that does not frighten me. My worry is that with the job market tight, I may not get a good paying job soon. I’d be afraid to have a lover and not be able to provide my fair share. I’m living here because it unburdens my parents, I just barely pay bills and buy groceries.”

“How would your parents react to you having a lover who shared costs with you? I mean me living with you and sharing costs, and sharing … well, sharing.” Steve said this as we unlocked the door and entered the house.

“That would be a big step, a step we can explore after we’ve had the night to think about it. I feel much affection for you too, Steve.” Closing the door, we embraced each other, shared a warm kiss that foretold more passion. Steve’s passion was already beginning to show.

Taking each other’s hands, we walked toward the bathroom for a shower. “Steve, let me see you in the shower, I want wash your body and get clean for you. I can’t tell you how much I want to make love with you, have you in me deep and warm. Are you ready?”

We stripped our clothes leaving them in one big pile, something like we were going to be soon. We showered together letting the hot water loosen our muscles. We soaped each other paying careful attention to our very special areas. Earlier, I had douched several times to rid myself of dirt in my ass but slipped another douche in just in case. Steve was not offended by my action, he knew it was hygiene and wasn’t really dirty.

As we stepped from the shower and began drying, Steve tried to poke a little fun at me. “Slow down Steve, I’ll take care of that raging tube steak, but you need to lube me up.” Naked and ready for hot deep, satisfying sex, we fell onto the bed. We embraced, Steve’s hard cock was at full length that I knew was about eleven inches and well over two and three-fourths inches thick. He humped his hips against my cock, his magnificent man meat rubbing against my stomach.

We explored our bodies, touching, feeling, tasting, smelling. I was ready to receive the delightful punishment he was going to give my ass. “Steve, lube me up, use your fingers to get the lube deep.”

Steve squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his fingers and spread my ass cheeks. I felt his fingers making my sphincter wet. The same fingers began spreading my whole and making my anus wet as far inside as his fingers could reach. He deposited another glob on my sphincter and rubbed it into me deeply again.

“Now, Steve, its time for us to unite.” I felt his movement over me as I lay on my stomach. I spread my legs giving him a clear opening. Seconds later his massive cock head was pushing against my ass. I pushed back against him feeling his shaft make initial entry. I involuntarily squeezed against him, the initial entry sent a shock through my body. Panting, I begged him for more.

Slowly, Steve entered me. He was spreading my opening and filling my bowels with hot hard cock. He was going slowly allowing me to adjust to his size. Even though we’ve fucked many times, it always took time for me to adjust. After several minutes of slowly sliding in a little out a little and in a little more, Steve was at full length into my bowels.

I knew about prostate milking and hoped Steve would keep pressure on my prostate as he did his dick dance on me. He withdrew about half way and pushed back. He wasn’t thrusting, just pushing, keeping pressure against me and in me. I knew he was capable of long love making and hard fucking. Tonight he was love making until I begged for him to fuck.

I have no idea how long we were making love, the pressure on my prostate was building and I knew soon I would be leaking much semen as my prostate got milked. “Oh Steve, please, fuck me now. Give me every hard inch you have.”

Steve paused a moment as he braced himself on his arms. Then I felt almost his full length abandon me, I was empty and wanted to be full. He knew I wanted to be full and in one swift hard stroke I was full, the air forced from lungs. Driving hard like this, I knew Steve would reach his climax soon, that his wonder wand would blow a huge load of his sperm into my waiting bowels.

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