After Eight

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The wooden door slammed shut behind them, oak, embedded with generations of memories. Alex’s hands reached around and behind Jared. He grabbed his ass cheeks through the thin black material of the pants and pulled him closer until he could feel Jared’s cock, hard and hot, pressed against his groin. He rubbed his own hard cock against his lover, savoring the contact after a long night of a self imposed ‘hands off’ policy. Damn those formal dinners. When he became a partner, he’d make sure to change the policy about mandatory attendance by senior associates.

His mouth sought out Jared’s, lips meeting first, tongues locking in a furious battle for control. He pulled his head back quickly, catching his breath, letting his bruised lips rest for a moment. But only for a moment. Jared’s arms wrapped around him tighter, arms which had no intention of letting him escape tonight.

For a moment, Alex resisted. Then he relaxed into the heated embrace. His hands roamed across the back and shoulders and arms which held him tight. Steely muscles moved under his touch as Jared’s arms tightened their hold. Alex’s fingers slipped under the white shirt, the cotton still crisp to the touch after an evening of socializing. How Jared consistently maintained his exterior cool demeanour and appearance was a skill Alex still hadn’t figured out, even after ten years. Didn’t want to figure out anymore. His fingers made contact against hot skin. Slowly, he ran a single finger down Jared’s spine. Alex chuckled, his laugh muffled against Jared’s chest, as Jared released a single, quiet gasp at the teasing finger.

Jared’s fingers tightened their bruising hold around Alex’s waist. Searing lips settled on his ears, nibbling, then biting each lobe in turn. The lips didn’t stop at his ears. Alex felt them nuzzling down his neck, pausing at the hollow at the base of his neck. Alex arched his head and his neck back, offering himself to those teasing, tempting lips.

The sensation of Jared’s purr against his throat, the vibrations rus escort reverberating against his sensitized skin, almost made him come on the spot. He tried to move back, to escape the contact which had his nerves on fires. Jared’s deep, low growl, told him he wasn’t going anywhere. Steely hands touched him, manipulated him, guided him. Within seconds his shirt and jacket were lying on the floor.

Bare chested, Alex found himself standing in the middle of Jared’s living room. Laid naked under the scrutinizing stare of his lover, Alex turned around, to face the opposite wall. He bent over, balancing on one foot, to remove his shoe. Then he hopped onto his other foot and removed his second shoe. He could feel Jared’s eyes. He could imagine Jared calculating the curvature of his ass. He wiggled his ass slightly and heard the faintest hiss of an intake of breath. Languorously Alex straightened. He reached his arms upwards, and stretched, arching his back. The soft thud of a body sinking down, hitting an immovable object, broke the silence in the room.

Alex moved his fingers to the waistband of his pants, deftly undoing the button and zipper, and then, slowly, ever so slowly, pulled them downwards, removing one leg at a time. His thumbs reached for the waist band of his briefs, toyed with the hollows above his hipbones and then peeled his briefs downwards. As they piled on the floor with a soft rustle, Alex stood still for a moment, then turned around.

Jared’s eyes were fastened on him. Alex had never seen them darker. Running his hands down his body, Alex’s fingers splayed across his chest, glided over his hip bones. One hand strayed toward his balls, cupping the heavy sac, massaging the low hanging balls, while the other hand reached the base of his cock, paused for a moment, and then moved upwards, in a slow, caressing movement. Closing his eyes, Alex’s hand began to move faster on his cock. Shaft, head, the throbbing vein on the underside–he stroked and yenimahalle escort teased and applied pressure. His head fell backwards, his breathing became shallower. Warmer. His hand moved faster and faster.

Suddenly, firm, immovable hands were on his body, removing his hands. A hot mouth engulfed his cock in one, long movement. Alex’s hips bucked at the sensation of heat and tightness and pressure. He thrust deeper and deeper, feeling throat muscles constricting and then relaxing around his cock.

His hands were suddenly behind his back, held by the force of his lover’s hand. He could feel the second hand exploring his ass cheeks, long fingers stretching and caressing. First one finger, then a second penetrated him. He gasped at the feel of the oiled fingers. As he relaxed, the fingers probed, further and further, searching, massaging, until Alex shuddered as a wave of pleasure radiated upwards through his groin.

Cool air rushed across his cock as Jared abandoned his tonguing. Alex felt fingers withdrawing, emptiness replacing the welcome heat. Jared stood up, continuing to hold firmly onto Alex’s wrists with one hand.

Standing straight, Alex squared off against the dark eyes focussed on him. The corners of Jared’s lips curved upwards; his lips parted. And then Alex felt himself moving, propelled by the pressure on his wrists, to the daybed. He landed on the coverlet face down, the coarse metallic thread scratchy against his chest. He opened his mouth, wanting to ask Jared to turn down the covers, when Jared was suddenly lying on him, arms wrapped around his chest, legs entwined with his, burning lips running across his shoulder blades. Discomfort forgotten, he arched his hips upwards, rubbing against the hard cock nestled between his ass cheeks.

Hands lifted his hips higher. A tongue was travelling down his spine, branding him forever. Alex gasped as it reached the crevice of his cheeks, as hands pulled him apart, as warmth and moistness probed at his opening then penetrated the ring of muscle. His own cock was achingly hard. He reached down, his hand settling on the base of his shaft. He tightened his hand and stroked upwards. Just as he was about to reach the crown, he felt Jared’s tongue withdraw. Alex felt a nip of teeth on his ass cheek and a hand reached out, removing his hand from his cock.

“Mine.” The word was whispered against his back. Shivers rippled up Alex’s back at the possessive tone. Equally possessive hands suddenly flipped him over. He found his legs lifted across Jared’s shoulders, his ass sitting on Jared’s legs, an oiled cock nudging against his opening. Alex looked upwards at his lover, all darkness and angles, bathed in the golden glow of the wall sconces, reflected in the dark red of the wall hangings.

“Yours.” He was possessed. For the night. Jared thrust into him. Alex gasped at the sudden penetration. One long, hard, smooth thrust. One ragged groan. One deep moan. For a moment they lay still, then Jared began moving. A subtle shift of the hips. Alex pushing forward; Jared pulling backwards. They found the primal rhythm of thrust and withdraw. Jared’s hand reached for Alex’s cock and began stroking parallel to his thrusts.

Dancing under the thrust and stroke of his lover’s body and hands, Alex drove a steady rhythm with his calves and feet against Jared’s back, encouraging, demanding. With every thrust, he arched forwards, impaling himself deeper. With every stroke on his cock, he felt himself burning. The heat grew more intense. The possession more complete. Their bodies moved faster. Alex felt his own orgasm building, felt his balls tingling.

Suddenly Jared stiffened and a cry was wrenched from his throat. It was joined by Alex’s own cry as he felt himself being filled, felt his own release.

Jared collapsed onto his chest. His breathing was ragged. Disentangling his legs, Alex pulled Jared upwards, into the circle of his arms. He rubbed his face against the dark silk of his lover’s hair. Under the smell of raw sex and arousal which clung to both of them, Jared’s own scent, peppery and coppery, spoke to Alex of deserts and warriors. Of bonds and loyalty. Alex tightened his hold on his warrior as they drifted off to sleep.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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