After School Sessions

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Math is, was and always shall be my worst subject in school. I scraped by with C’s most of my high school career and college thus far was proving to be a similar situation. Except with college math my C’s turned to D’s and F’s and as someone who heavily relied on the grants I got from the government to attend school, grants that required a certain GPA to qualify for, I could not risk failing this stupid math course. However, I was not good at asking for help.

I am a returning college student who had taken a 5 year sabbatical to work in the “real world” once I did that for so long, and drained every bit of savings I had trying to make ends meet while working, I realized going back to school to get my degree was quite literally becoming my only option to have a better life. The issue is, I am one of the oldest people in most of my classes, as most of the students my age are graduated or will be graduating soon. It really made my confidence shake knowing there are 16 year olds in my math class that are passing with better grades than me.

But as my math final quickly approached and still no improvement was made to my grade I bit the proverbial bullet and asked my professor for help. Professor Reed is fairly young to be a college professor, maybe in his early 30’s, which made him seem somewhat intimidating as he was not much older than myself and clearly had much more going for himself than I did. But in all honesty he is a nice guy; it’s only my constant need to compare myself to others in my peer group that made him seem intimidating. So of course he was more than happy to hear I was finally asking for help and told me to hang around after my last evening class and he would tutor me until I grasped the concepts I needed help with. I was relieved.

My last class let out at 8:30pm, gathering my things I left the Fine Arts building and headed across the small commuter campus to the Science and Math building, stopping to pick up a hot tea and muffin on my way. I stepped out into the cooling fall air and regretted allowing the earlier sun to fool me into thinking it would stay warm all day. I pulled my hoodie closer and ducked into the wind as it blew my strawberry blonde waves around my face. Speeding up my pace I quickly reached the other building, stepping inside my glasses instantly fogged up at the sudden temperature change.

I waited for the fog to clear off my lenses and started my trek up to the second floor where Professor Reed’s office was. The halls were basically empty except for a few straggling students meeting with clubs or headed to the library and a few administrators who were closing down computers and files for the day. My sneakers slapped noisily on the tile floor making me really aware of how empty everything was at the end of the day. My anxiety started to creep up my neck and I slowed my pace wondering if extra credit would raise my grade enough for me to flunk math and still get my grants.

I turned to leave and was caught by Professor Reed coming down the end of the hall I was planning my escape through.

“Marie, hi am I late? I’m sorry I got caught up by my last class.”

Crap. I’m stuck now.

“Oh no, I guess I’m just early, no problem Professor Reed.” I smiled as he ushered me into his relatively spacious office.

“Call me Sam, I get it I’m supposed to have this complex that demands you address me by my title but fuck it, we’re adults.”

I blinked at his casual demeanor. He was right, most of the professors at the college demanded to call them by their title, but they were, for the most part, considerably older than Profes-Sam.

“So what is it exactly that you struggle with?” he asked undoing the buttons at the ends of his sleeves and rolling them up to his elbows. A tattoo of a thorny black rose was revealed on his left forearm. It caught my eye, he always wore long sleeves and I never imagined it was to cover up tattoos. He seemed like such the bookish type of guy, but apparently my personality judgments were totally off with this guy.

“What’s a polite way to say, I suck at everything?” I replied sarcastically.

He chuckled, it was a deep rich rumble, I never noticed how deep his voice actually was.

He had started going on about something regarding everyone being good at something different, I nodded my head along but I was not listening. I was suddenly aware of this man, more aware of him than I had been of anyone else I had encountered since returning to school. He’s tall, considering I’m barely 5’3″ I guess everyone is tall to me, but he had to stand over 6 feet tall. He had chestnut brown hair that flowed in a shaggy mess covering the top part of his ears and forehead, and dark brown eyes. He isn’t pale, but the last of his summer tan was fading to reveal the winter skin tone everyone in Midwestern USA got during the colder months. He had pretty white teeth that lay behind soft looking light pink lips. He carried a lazy smile which when paired with his ability to manipulate his eyebrows so he raised bostancı escort one at a time made a seductive smirk and left girls stuttering under his gaze. Like me, right now.

“Wh-What did you say?”

“I said did you bring your notes?”

“Yeah of course, just let me…” I began to hastily and quite embarrassed dig through my back pack pulling out the scribble covered note book I had designated for math.

He had stood and walked over to his desk pulling a soda out of his bag and sat on the desk beside me. I was acutely aware of his cologne; I had always been a sucker for a guy that smelled good. He sat with one hip higher than the other and one foot on the ground, turned towards me his legs were in my line of sight and I suddenly found myself wondering how big this guy’s dick was, something that had genuinely never mattered to me before.

I pulled my head out of my vagina and managed to struggle through the next hour of math tutoring showing little to no improvement. At the end of an hour, Sam sat back and said,

“It’s okay, you’ll get it.”

“I doubt it.” I replied rubbing my hands over my face.

He looked at me for a long moment, examining everything about me.

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?” I asked.

“Constantly doubt yourself, put yourself down.”

“I-I don’t know, force of habit?” I offered up meekly.

He considered that for a moment.

“Well I’m nobody so take this as you will, but you’re gorgeous and intelligent and I hear your witty remarks over in the corner Miss Sass-master, you’re funny. Math isn’t your thing, but I bet you’re a lot of fun outside of the classroom.”

I blushed hard. My face felt hot, I was surprised steam wasn’t clouding my glasses.

He laughed and reached forward patting my leg before standing.

“Tell you what Marie, this is highly unprofessional, but if you aren’t opposed since I have no classes tomorrow I’m not coming in, it’s Saturday after all, but I will give you my address and you can come over and we will continue this tutoring lesson, I firmly believe I can find a way to help you learn this.”

I shrugged, who was I to doubt his confidence.


He wrote down his number and address and then walked me to my car. When I got home I found myself reanalyzing everything. I sat down to try to work out some more math problems, but could only think about my professor. Ashamed I gave up on studying and went to take a shower. But even the hot water couldn’t keep my mind from wandering, I wondered if he lived alone. I guessed he must to invite a female student over, just a hunch. I went to bed plagued with thoughts about what the next day would bring.

I woke up even more frustrated as my dreams conjured up the most twisted and erotic tales of my tutoring session today. I dreamt every cheesy porn plot there was with a student and teacher and woke up wet but not satisfied.

I rolled over and text Sam asking him what time I should come over. ‘How’s 5?’ was the reply.

Agreeing to 5pm I went about my afternoon as usual. Around 3 I got into the shower once more, taking extra time to shave everything a girl would typically shave for two occasions, a date and a trip to the gynecologist. I washed my hair twice with my favorite strawberry scented shampoo and brushed my teeth even taking time to floss. It was about half way through applying lotion to my now silky smooth cream colored legs that I wondered why I was even bothering to primp this much for a tutoring session. I rationalized that I was doing it for myself but deep down I knew the truth.

Pulling green lace cheeky panties over my soft curvy hips I admired myself in the mirror. I’m short, with wavy strawberry blonde hair and gray eyes, I have a pleasant B-cup handful for breasts that were currently adorned in a black and green bra I paired with my panties. I have a few small tattoos that decorated my otherwise milky complexion. I scrunched my hair up into loose curls and pulled on some dark blue jeans that hugged my curves and a fitted t-shirt with a faded picture of Spiderman on the front. I told myself by dressing this way I was certainly not asking for it. Even though the dark eyeliner and red lipstick I put on as finishing touches argued otherwise.

At 4:57pm I pulled into the drive way of a small town house, it had a large front window facing the residential street, the curtains were partially open and inside I saw Sam standing in a t-shirt and jeans, a beer in hand eyes glued to the TV. I swallowed a nervous gulp and went to the door.

“Hey Marie, did you find the place okay?” Professor Reed asked opening the door.

“Yeah thanks.” Inside I discarded my shoes in the pile of works shoes, sneakers and boots by the door.

His home wasn’t a typical bachelor pad but was also not a mansion. It was a nice quaint home that sat on the outside line of a middle class neighborhood. He had a large 60″ TV on, two büyükçekmece escort sports casters spoke back and forth about an upcoming event. The TV clicked off.

“Sorry, there’s a fight I want to watch tonight, now it’s just all build up, unimportant.” He shrugged leading me to the blue green couch that sat in the corner of the room, a sturdy wooden coffee table in front of it.

“Beer? Wine?” He offered.

“Wine, I guess.” I replied.

“I know I know, I’m being really unprofessional, but shit it’s the weekend, I know this is a tutor session but there’s nothing that says it has to be stressful.”

I unloaded my notebooks while he poured me a glass of a blush wine that was sweet and tangy. A few hours into the tutoring and half a bottle of wine later, we were giggling and exchanging stories about bad exes.

“You can’t get much worse than being called the wrong name during sex, and he did it so confidently.”

Sam laughed, his face flushed from alcohol and I found myself suddenly very hot as I realized how close we were in proximity.

“We should probably get back to this.” I offered.

He pondered that and said,

“Can we try a reward and punishment system to see if you remember this stuff any better?” He asked.

I stared blankly. “What kind of reward and punishment?”

He shrugged.

“15 questions, for every one you get right 2 minutes of oral sex, for every one you get wrong you get spanked.” His eyes were locked onto mine.

I opened and closed my mouth several times waiting for him to say he was kidding, but the moment never came and his eyes bore into mine.

“I’ve never- I’m your student…” My voice trailed off. His gaze was hot and all over my skin and I had to admit I wondered what he would feel like against me, in me.

“Okay.” I whispered.

“Okay” he agreed. He quickly scribbled down 15 questions and handed me the paper.

I took it from him, his fingers brushing mine. I felt myself get wet in anticipation.

“And begin.” He directed.

I began my work. After several minutes I handed the paper back to him with shaking hands.

He took it and with a bright red pen began marking my paper. I grew more nervous, but my arousal grew also making me wetter. I watched as the muscles worked in his hands and arms while he marked up my paper. I was suddenly starting to question if I should have agreed to this. He bit the corner of his pen, and I saw the slightest bit of pink as his tongue flicked across the top of the pen cap that was secured to the end of the pen. A bolt of electricity zipped through my center.

With a stern gaze he handed me back the paper. I turned it over, my breath caught in my throat as my breathing got huskier in anticipation of my impeding punishment and reward. Looking down I saw several red marks, a number at the top of the page indicated I had gotten 6 questions rights, and 9 wrong. I swallowed hard.

I glanced at Professor Reed from over the rim of my glasses; he was standing holding his hand out to me. I took it and allowed him to help me to my feet. He pulled me up and lift me into the air, carrying my small frame down a short hallway and into the master bedroom. He sat me down, my feet planting firmly into soft plush carpet. He pulled his shirt over his head revealing a muscular figure with a small pouch at his tummy that spoke of a few home cooked meals. A trail of dark hair started just above his navel and trailed down beneath the revealed band of his boxers. His jeans hung low on his hips; I wondered what his skin tasted like below the waist of his pants. A tattoo stood out against his right shoulder and bicep. I wanted to run my tongue along it. He stepped forward, his height looming over me and lifted my shirt from its bottom hem, I found myself hypnotized and obeying his maneuver I raised my arms over my head and let the shirt fall to the floor. He raised an eyebrow in that seductive way guys do at my bra and groaned in appreciation as he slid his hands along the supple flesh at my sides.

His hands found my hips and he briskly turned me around pulling my hair back and to one side he bent down and ran his lips along the curve of my neck, the gentle stubble that was beginning to grow along his jaw line pulled goose bumps from my flesh and made my nipples tight under my bra. His hands slid down the front of my tummy and to the V formed just above my waist line at my hips. His fingers explored gently below the material of my pants and tugged at the lace of my panties before pulling me back hard into him while he sank his teeth into my neck. I gasped and reached back gripping his thighs. He pressed forward allowing me to feel his significant man hood pressed solidly into me. I rolled my hips grinding my ass across his arousal. He growled in my ears before he nibbled on my ear lobe making me bite my lip.

He continued his slow assault on my throat, ears and shoulders before he çağlayan escort undid the fastener of my jeans followed by the zipper. He pushed the denim material down my hips and thighs helping me step out of them before turning me around and capturing my mouth with his own.

I closed my eyes while his tongue expertly explored my mouth rolling with my own in a seductive dance. He unclasped my front hooking bra with a flick of his fingers and let his hands close around my breasts. My heartbeat was erratic under my flesh as his fingers found my already hard nipples and tweaked them tighter causing pangs of pain and pleasure to reel through me when he pinched just a little too hard. My sex was throbbing and searing hot with moisture while he tended to my tender breasts. But an ache was forming between my thighs that longed to be soothed. He led me backwards towards the bed and bent me over the side of the bed.

“Did you forget our deal?” He asked from behind me, his voice rough with arousal.

I had.

He began kneading the flesh off my ass, gently willing me to relax into his touch. He skimmed his hands along the curve of my ass and rubbed the tension from my muscles, tension I never knew was there. As I melted into the bed the bend in my lower back popped my ass higher into the air leaving my panty clad pussy slightly exposed. Just as I was about to sigh in relaxation, a loud quick smack sounded off my left ass cheek a sting quickly followed. I jumped but before I could protest, he was rubbing the skin again, soothing it. I relaxed once more, just before two quicker smacks one on each cheek.

“That’s 3 down, 6 to go.” Sam said from behind me.

I whimpered, it didn’t hurt but instead was making the ache in my pussy unignorable, I grew wetter.

When the next three smacks were delivered I didn’t jump, but instead poked my ass up almost in excited anticipation. By smacks 7 and 8 I was so wet I could feel the material between my legs was soaked. The last smack landed with a hard crack and I moaned.

He chuckled and rolled me over careful not to hurt my now tender cheeks. I lay before him bare on top with nothing more than thin lace separating my pussy from his view. I was panting, my hard nipples heaving up and down as my breath came shallowly. He slid his hands up my thighs and pulled my panties down revealing the pink flesh that was puffy with arousal and slick with need.

“And for your reward…” He slid his tongue up my inner thigh and flicked his tongue over my outer lips. Pushing my thighs farther apart, his tongue slowly sank into me, as his tongue gently caressed my clit I shuddered.

I dug my nails into his sheets as he bit my clit sending a powerful sensation through me. I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

“Oh no, you aren’t pulling that shit, I want to hear you.” He growled between my legs.

Always a quiet lover I replied,

“So give me a reason to make some noise.” My bravado was only slightly wavered as my voice broke.

He raised an eyebrow and taking it as a personal challenge; he sunk his tongue into me. I gasped and tried to close my thighs, but he forced them open and pulled my lips apart making my clit stand out from its hood. I bucked my hips up as he sucked it into his mouth and rolled his tongue around drawing circles over my clit. He slid two fingers into me, and I saw stars. His long slender fingers worked inside me while his tongue lashed against my clit. Without warning I came. Pushing up into his mouth I thread my fingers through his shaggy hair and pulled his mouth into me. He rode out my orgasm, then started delivering gentle licks as I came down.

“That was hardly the 12 minutes I owe you, I guess I’ll have to improvise.” He climbed up me, discarding his jeans and held my wrists above my head. I pushed up into him, my nipples pressing against his hot skin. He bit my bottom lip roughly and pushed my knees apart directing his cock into me in one solid thrust.

I moaned into his mouth as he hit deep inside me. Pulling my legs up so my knees were pushed back against my shoulders he braced himself against me and slid in and out slow and hard a few times. He picked up the pace, his speed increasing in time with his thrusts getting deeper. Leaning forward he used his close proximity to cause friction against my clit. My head started to swim. I was usually so unable to get out of my own way during sex to enjoy anything. But I was so caught up in the sensations he was causing I didn’t realize I was moaning loudly. Then another orgasm hit and I raked my nails down his biceps pushing into him as my muscles went rigid.

He held himself in me as my waves of orgasm rolled over me. He started moving again but my pussy was too tender. So I wiggled back away from him and giving him a hot look I sat up and pushed him into the bed. He raised an eyebrow at my actions but said nothing. Kissing his mouth I licked his bottom lip before nibbling my way to his cock. He was sheen with my cum, looking into his eyes I ran my tongue down his shaft tasting myself off of him. I groaned. I let myself get lost in our combined taste and scent as pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock I licked it up and rolled my tongue around his shaft and head. I cupped his balls and massaged them as my tongue and sucking tore strangled breaths and moans of pleasure from Sam’s mouth.

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