Am I Evil Ch. 02

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Once again I would like to Thank Mutualnjoyment for helping out with this chapter. All characters that take part in the sex scenes are above the age of 18.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter.

Tobie Kain


I went shopping for things that I thought I could use with Mrs Stratfield and her friend. My mind was pondering the possibilities, but what is it that I want? I had a fantasy that I think will work for all of us begin to form in my devious mind. So I set out to make a package with instructions for them to follow.

While compiling the instructions I noticed a car pull up to the Stratfield’s place. I was expecting the petite blonde from the video, but no, it was a tall brunette. I realize that I am spying from across the street, but the newcomer is one hot number. Easily on par with Mrs Stratfield, with height and total drop dead sexiness.

If this is “KilllerinHeels” I am going to have fun with her this weekend, I thought to myself. With the arrival of the third party, it spurred me on to complete my list and instructions. I am sure that they were simple enough, but I also left in an escape clause for them.

Slut Kate and Friend,

Both of you are to Dress up in a classic French Maid uniform with stockings and heels. Both of you are to be ready for my arrival Friday night at 5:00 PM. You will serve me supper, before serving me all night!

I have given both of you enough time to prepare yourselves. Do not disappoint!

In this package you will find two sets of beads, and two Pearl necklaces. I hope you know what to do with both!

PS: if yes, leave both cars in the driveway. If no, then leave only one car in the driveway. You have until 9:00 PM tonight to decide.

With the note attached to the package, I slipped across the street. I placed it by the front door and rang the door bell. I did not even wait for the chiming to stop. I ran as fast as I could across the street and hid behind my car. There I waited ever so slightly peeking through the glass to watch them retrieve the package.

Both of them appeared at the door and Mrs Stratfield bent down to pick it up. She glanced at the note before handing it over to her friend. While the friend read the note Mrs Stratfield looked around to try to see if I am there or not.

They turn and enter back into the house. I slip around my car into the backyard, and enter the house through the backdoor. I grab a soda before sitting at the breakfast counter, going over my plans for tomorrow night. Thats when the front door slammed shut.

“There you are,” Wendy barked, “You know that bitch that lives across the street!”

“She and some other lady were like fighting over who parks their car where,” Sherry added as they both walked by toward the fridge.

“It was epic! Good thing I caught it on video,” Wendy continued to rant.

“Oh I got to show that to Stacy,” Sherry gleefully said, as her fingers madly tapped at her Smartphone screen.

“What was that?” I asked trying to catch up with what my twin sisters were saying.

“That bitch and another bitch were like fighting over parking their cars on the driveway, here have a look,” Wendy said as she leaned in beside me to let me watch the video that she had recorded.

Sure enough, there seemed to be some sort of disagreement, before Mrs Stratfield storms away and the friend parks Kathrin’s car on the driveway.

“Wow, that is some crazy shit,” I added.

“I know, Right!” Wendy said.

“By the way, you have not forgotten about not being here tomorrow, right?” Sherry chimed in as both of the twins turn to face me.

“Ladies, the house will be all yours tomorrow afternoon and evening,” I replied with a little flair and a smile.

“Good,” Wendy stated.

“Oh, God, Jake, no pervy hidden cameras or such,” Sherry added.

“No, big brother looking over your shoulders,” I replied as I got up and headed for my room. On the way there I pondered, “So Kathrin does not like to share!” Once in my room, I peered out the window, and sure enough both cars were in the driveway. For now at least but they still had to 9 to make their final choice.

To kill time I went down stairs to work out for a bit, before just mowing the front lawn in just cargo shorts and sneakers. My mom loved that I did that on my own without her having to ask. I just hoped that it was enough of a little show for my targets across the street.

At supper that night the conversation was the usual how-was-your-day kind of thing. Dad said that they would be going out for supper (and a little dancing, Mom added) so that they would be home late. This made the twins roll their eyes.

No body was all that concerned that I was not going to be home or even what I was doing or staying which kind of made me a little upset. So after supper I went up to my room and just started to play a mindless shooter on the Xbox.

“What’s wrong, Jake?” my dad asked from the door way to my room.

I paused the game and turned to look at him. poker oyna “Nobody seemed to care what I was doing. I guess I just felt a little left out, like I was not part of the family anymore,” I replied trying to be as honest as I could.

“Jake, it is not like that at all. Youre a grown man, and you don’t need your parents watching over your every move. Your mother and I agreed to give you some space. If you feel you need to tell us things then we will be here to listen and support. And if you ever need bail money we are here for that too, champ. Just do us a favor, please no grandchildren just yet. Can you do that for use?” Dad talked to me like I was an adult, but also like his son which let me feel his love and respect for me.

“Okay, thanks Dad!” I replied, a little happier. Dad left and I went back to killing things. I was at it for a while when I glanced over at my alarm clock and noticed that it read 9:26. I paused the game again and moved to look out my window.

Sure enough the cars were still out on the drive. A devilish grin crept in to form on my face. I flopped back on to my bed. Tomorrow will be a good day. With thoughts of the carnal activities planned for tomorrow night, I headed to take a shower and masturbate. Sleep did not come easy that night. My mind was running in overtime with all of the possibilities.

So when morning came I was not as rested as I hoped. Once again I headed down to the weight room, worked out for a half hour or so. I headed over to the dojo to take in a class and to get my head centered again. I came home and did a few laps in the pool. Cleaned the pool so that it would good for the twins, because everyone knows that they would not clean it themselves.

As I was starting to fix myself a late lunch the first of my sister’s guest started to show up. I am just dressed in my cargo shorts and a button down short sleeve shirt, which is wide open. Into the kitchen walked the twins followed by three other girls who I think I have met before, but cannot seem to recall their names.

“Jesus, Jake! Put some clothes on!” Wendy says loudly.

“You are not supposed to be here!” Sherry adds.

“Don’t worry he is just leaving, aren’t you Jake?” Wendy says with a little venom in her words.

“Okay, okay, I got the hint. Ladies you all have fun, but not too much fun,” I replied with a smile that I know is driving my sisters crazy. I grabbed my sandwich and headed up to my room to shower and change.

“Bye, Jake,” one of the girls purred.

“Lyn, thats gross!” Wendy added as I made my way up stairs.

I finished my sandwich and took a nice long shower. Now I need to get ready for my night of fun. I tried to dress to impress, with simple black dress pants, a mans tailored shirt in white and black dress shoes and socks. I grab my little bag of extras and headed out.

I walked briskly crossed the road hoping that none of the other neighbors saw me. Once again it was the moment of truth. I paused and took in a deep breath before ring the door bell.

There was a clicking of heels on tile, before a southern female voice called out from the other side of the door, “Who is it?”

That was a good question, who am I? I needed an answer quickly. “Its me, Jake,” I replied hoping that it would be enough.

“Jake who?”

Even though she is right in questioning my identity, I did not want to spend much more time on this side of the door. “Slut, you better let me in or there will be consequences!” I said trying to sound forceful.

The sound of the door locks retracting quickly followed after my words. The door opened enough so I could slip in before it was closed quickly behind me. I turned to see the Brunet with her eyes looking down.

“Let me have a look at you, slut,” I said again with authority.

She stood up straight and started to turn around slowly. The costume was just what I wanted. A short black skirt and short sleeve black blouse, with the top three button undone to leave her ample cleavage exposed. Black seamed stockings with the seam right up the back of her long shapely legs, ending just before the hem of the skirt. Her hair was pulled back into a single pony tail and tied with a white bow giving easy access to her neck which she did have on one of the pearl necklaces. Her face had a hint of makeup, just enough to bring out her lips and big brown eyes. “Wow” I said to myself as I could feel myself getting hard already.

“Now, Slut, what shall I call you?” I said as I reached out and lifted her chin, so I could look into her eyes.

“Marie,” She weakly replied.

“So, Slut Marie, are these old clothes or new ones?”

“New, sir.”

“I see you are wearing the pearls…good, but how about the others?” I asked. She shook her head and tried to look away. I held her chin tight not allowing her head to move. “Why not? You were instructed to do so, were you not?”

“Sir, I have never,” Marie started to sob a little.

“Well, we will fix that. Where is Slut Kate?” I asked trying to canlı poker oyna give me some time to come up with a punishment of some sort.

“She is in the kitchen sir,”

“Good, you will go and collect your set of beads and meet me in the kitchen for your punishment. Is that understood?” I said in a commanding voice.

“Yes, sir,” Marie said in her soft southern meekly voice.

I let go of her, letting Marie to scurry upstairs as I headed to the kitchen. Kate was by the sink washing something. It struck me that she was almost the mirror image of Marie. I walked up behind Kate and pushed her into the counter with my groin making sure that she could feel my hardened cock against her ass cheeks.

“You’re early Master,” Kathrin purrs as she grinds her ass against my crotch. She turns her head towards mine and we kiss, as I reach around and grope her breasts. “Hmm,” She purrs again.

“Do you have your beads in place?” I ask while still man handling her tits. I can tell that she is not wearing a bra, which will make things easier down the road.

“Yes, I do,” Kathrin replies with a slight moan. “They feel funny up there, they have kept me on edge ever since I put them in!”

“I want to see for myself,” I tell her as I back away from her and sit down on one of the kitchen chairs. “Come here and bend over so I can have a good look,”

Kathrin walks across the floor like a fashion model walking down the runway. Making her hips pop from side to side. I watch as she slightly bites her lower lip. I know that the beads are well in place up her ass, but I am just want to make sure.

“Bend and grab your ankles,” I command.

Kathrin turns and bends over as instructed. Her short skirt rides up till it is just barely covering the divide of her ass cheeks. I slowly run my hands up her thighs, enjoying the smoothness of her silk stockings, before gliding up the soft skin of her exposed thighs. Slowly, teasingly higher and higher my hands glide. I can feel her squirm a little as my hands move around to her cheeks and push the skirt up and on to her back. The scent of her womanhood is already very strong.

“Pull your cheeks apart so I can have better look Slut Kate,” I say with that commanding tone that I am get very much use to using.

Kathrin slides her hands up from her ankles, in an almost mirror fashion to the way my hands moved earlier on her legs. She reaches and begins to pull her cheeks apart for my inspection. And there in the center of the rose bud of her tight ass is the string with the pull ring dangling. I also notice that her labia are saturated, and that her inner highs as wet.

Her scent fills my senses as I gaze upon what is being displayed before me. “Slut Marie, are you enjoying this sight also?” I ask as I turn my head to observe Marie standing at the entrance to the kitchen. I watch as she shifts her weight from one leg to the other.

“You put your beads in did you not?” I asked with a tone of anger. While still staring straight at Marie my left hand works its way up Kathrin’s inner right thigh. I watch as Marie’s eyes follow my hand as it inches toward Kathrin’s exposed pussy.

“Answer me Slut!” I say coldly. It is all she can do just to nod her head.

“That is not what you were told to do was it?” I say again still with a stern coldness. Marie shakes her head, as my hand finally makes contact with Kathrin’s very wet pussy lips.

“Did you believe that if you were to put them in that I would forget about your punishment?” I ask. Marie nods her head. I start working a couple fingers up and down Kathrins very wet cunt.

The teasing was too much for Kathrin, cause as my finger moved up toward her rosebud; she rocked back with her hips forcing my finger into her wanton cunt. “Hmmmm,” Kathrin moaned. I quickly pulled my fingers out as Kathrin gasped. I gave her left ass cheek a good slap, leaving a slight pinkish hand print. “Ouchh,” Kathrin groaned.

“Slut, you only get pleasure when I give it to you. You do not take it on your own!” I bark, and give her ass another slap. “Slut Marie, come over her and stand beside Slut Kate, Slut Kate stand and look at me,”

With these orders they both move quickly to comply. I can tell that Kathrin still does not like being called “Slut Kate”, but Marie seems indifferent to it. Maybe Marie is a true sub?

“Now since you both have been bad and have not followed the instruction that you were given, I am going to have to punish you both. Both of you stay right where you are and do not move, is that understood?” I said again in that cold commanding tone. They both nodded. I left the kitchen for the front door area to retrieve my backpack of goodies. I returned and took up my previous seat, with both still standing in place.

“Slut Kate, kneel!” I command. As expected she does it right away. I reached out and tilted her head so she would look me straight in the eyes. Our eye locked on to each other. I think I saw her looking for an idea of what is coming next. Without breaking internet casino eye contact with Kathrin I reached out with both hands and ripped open her blouse. The few buttons that were done up went flying. So there she was kneeling with her magnificent breast hanging out for all to see. She diverted her eyes from my gaze to look at what had just happened.

Kathrin turned to look into my eyes. “This is going to hurt, I whispered. With that I reached into my back pack and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps. Kathrin quickly looked at what I had pulled out, and started to shake her head no but said nothing. Slowly and methodically I applied one to each of her already hardened nipples. Kathrin winced as each one was clamped to her breasts. “This constant pain will remind you that my will comes first now stand”

Kathrin wobbled to her feet. Marie had a strange smile on her face. I think that she thinks that Kathrin got the worst punishment. She is in for a surprise.

“Grab hold of the far side and do not let go!” I command. With that Marie moves and does as instructed.

“Slut Kate, you see what your punishment is for not making sure that my instruction is full filled. Now you will be my instrument of punishment. First you will pull out Slut Marie’s anal beads with one strong pull!” I command.

Kathrin now is the one with a devilish smile on her face as she moves behind her friend. Kathrin flips up Marie’s skirt, reaches down and grabs hold of the ring at the end of the anal beads. Marie can feel the slight pressure that Kathrin is applying to the string of beads up her ass. Marie turns her head to face her friend and tries to shake her head no, but Kathrin is not having anything to do with it.

“You asked for this, I tried to warn you,” Kathrin whispers right before pulling the whole string out in one quick motion.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Marie screams.

“Good Slut, now clean them off in your mouth,” I command Kathrin. Kathrin turns to look at me, but sees the seriousness in my eyes. Slowly she brings the string up to her mouth, all the while hoping that I will tell her to stop. I watch quietly as she cleans each bead one at a time. “Good, Slut Kate, now push the beads back into Slut Marie’s ass. After each bead enters, you are to spank her and if I don’t believe you are doing it right, I will spank you! Is that understood?”

Kathrin just nodded her head before placing the first bead in line with Marie’s anal rosebud. One strong push on Kathrin’s part and the bead slipped past Marie’s sphincter. Kathrin then slaps Marie’s ass.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Marie cried out!

“How many is that Slut Marie?” I asked.

“One!” Marie cried.

Then the second bead was forced in, and again Marie screamed in pain as the slap rained down on her exposed ass. Without asking she said, “Two!”

This went on for all six of the beads as Kathrin forced them in Marie’s ass. I marveled at how forceful Kathrin had been with her friend. I also marveled at what control and power I had over these two.

Stood up and whispered into Kathrin’s ear, “Finger her to orgasm”

With that I watched as Kathrin easily slipped two fingers into Marie’s cunt and started to finger fuck her friend. Marie turned her head to look at me.

“This is for taking your punishment without complaint, like a good Slut!” I said in a soft nurturing voice. Marie smiled as she let the pleasure wash over her.

“Oh, Gawd, keep doing that!” Marie was screaming as Kathrin’s fingers were doing the trick on Marie’s cunt.

“One more please?” Marie asked in a moan. Kathrin looked at me for permission. I nodded approval. Now Kathrin was feverously pumping three fingers in and out of her friend.

“Don’t stoooooooop, I am sooooo clooose!” Marie moaned. Kathrin picked up the pace, and in seconds I watch as Marie’s body convulsed in orgasm. After the first orgasmic quake, Kathrin stopped with the finger assault of Marie’s cunt. Marie slumped onto the table, as the few aftershocks washed over her.

I was so worked up right now. I needed my own release. I knew that I would not last long enough for a fuck. “Slut Kate, kneel and get your reward for doing a good job,” I said.

Kathrin once again dropped to her knees in front of me. I started to undo my pants, but quickly my hands were replaced by Katrin’s as she fished out my painfully hard cock. With out saying a word Kathrin took me into her mouth. This time it was much better than the forced one a couple days ago. This time she made sure that I knew that she was putting effort into the blowjob to please me. It was working. Not that it was going to take much, but within seconds I was cumming into her mouth. This time Kathrin did not let any of my cum slip past her lips. I just sat there and watched this sexy hot milf in a French maid uniform complete with nipple clamps suck me off. When I was done, Kathrin did something that surprised me.

She stood up and reached over the table and grabbed a hold of Marie’s hair and pulled her head up before engaging in a deep French kiss with Marie. It is during the kiss that I noticed some of my cum dribbling down their chins. Kathrin was sharing my cum with Marie. This is going to be one hell of a night I thought to myself.

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