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I was awoken Sunday morning by a glorious blowjob. The angel with her head in my lap was working me so expertly, it was magical. She noticed that I was awake and without stopping what she was doing; looked me in the eye, tried to smile around the throbbing pole of flesh in her mouth and winked at me.

“You’re going to spoil me if you keep waking me up like that.” I warned playfully.

“mm-hmm.” She replied.

I had always had a big crush on Amber; back in high school, I was always too nervous to pluck up the courage to even talk to her let alone ask her out. Amber was just shy of five feet tall with a very tight, petite body. She had a face like a fairy, full lips, shining emerald green eyes, and long flowing curls of dark auburn hair that went half-way down her back. As if her beauty wasn’t enough, not only was she stunningly beautiful but she was brilliant AND one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Other girls in our class hated her because no matter how pretty, or how smart they were, they would never be Amber.

I was an awkward kid in high school. I was six foot four and always had a large frame; I was never truly fat, but not muscular enough to be looked at otherwise. I wasn’t a complete outcast, I mean I had a few friends and I did date a little, I was never popular enough to be on Amber’s radar (at least, so I thought).

A year or so after graduation, I was out running errands with an old girlfriend when I saw some guys collecting donations at an intersection wearing football jerseys. Figuring they were collecting for a school team, I got a couple bucks out to give them. I got to the intersection just as the light turned red and started talking to the guy collecting on my side of the intersection. He told me that it was for a semi-pro league and that they could use a big guy like me and that I should try out. My girlfriend at the time had said that unless they were going to pay me to play, I better not if I wanted to stay with her.

That Saturday I showed up at the field, full of old high school hopes and a brand-new bunch of free time. I spoke to one of the coaches when I stepped on the field. He seemed happy to see me and asked if I had any prior team experience. I told him that I used to play Pop-Warner leagues but explained to him that due to several family emergencies, when I was finally in shape to be able to try out for the school’s football team, I missed the tryouts. The coach had told me that that was more experience than some of my prospective teammates had and to go on and sign in. Long story short, I made the team and played for a couple of years until I got hurt. It was the championship game and I was coming across the middle on a short pass route. The pass came, but was high and a little behind me. I jumped and made the catch, but the linebacker that was right behind me and the safety that I didn’t see until I caught the ball, sandwiched me and slammed me to the ground. Hard. It was a clean hit by both of them and they were both visibly worried when they tried to help me up and found that I couldn’t move my legs.

I was rushed to the hospital where the feeling finally came back to my lower half. It turns out that I had fractured my tailbone which caused my temporary paralysis. They put me in this plastic girdle to keep my back straight and kept me overnight for observation.

The overnight doctor came into my room to introduce herself when she came on shift and to see how I was doing.

“Mr. Carabello?” She asked looking at her chart.

“Please, call me Jeff.” I replied.

“Okay Jeff.” She looked at me and smiled.

That’s when I saw that my doctor was the girl I had dreamed about all my life. There she was as beautiful as ever. Amber! God, I even dedicated a song to her on a local radio show: ‘What Might Have Been’ by Little Texas. I had told the dj that I was crazy about her and that I would stay up nights thinking about what might have been bursa escort if I only had the nerve to even just speak to her.

“Amber?” I asked, trying to pretend that I didn’t spend the last six years of my life thinking about her almost every day.

After we got the official business as to why I was actually in her hospital out of the way, she had told me that the floor was basically empty and how nice it was to see a familiar face, did I mind if she stayed and chatted for a while? Did I mind? I told her I supposed it would be okay with the biggest shit-eating grin that has ever crossed my face.

We talked for the better part of the night. About high school, people we still knew from there, work, football (apparently, Amber is a big fan), and eventually our respective love-lives. I told her about my last girlfriend and how unsupportive she was of my wishes and the messy break-up that ensued. Amber told me about her last boyfriend and how inept and poorly equipped a lover he was. It was then that I realized that we were gently holding hands. I then confessed to her my feelings for her, blushing fiercely, barely able to look her in the eye, and finally so embarrassed that I was actually angry at myself for thinking that a woman like Amber would ever be interested in me.

“Do you really mean that?” She asked, still holding my hand.

“Every word from the moment I first saw you.”

Then an amazing thing happened. Instead of an uncomfortable silence, or her stomping out in disgust, like I was expecting… She kissed me. It was so spontaneous, so passionate that my cock literally sprung to full attention immediately, our hands in each other’s hair, both of us panting slightly our excitement.

We broke the kiss. I had my hands on her cheeks, hers on my thighs, our foreheads touching. She opened her eyes and saw my erection.

“Oh my…” she exclaimed. “It’s huge!”

“I’m glad you like it.” I chuckled.

Obviously, we couldn’t in the hospital. She’s my doctor for Christ’s sake! She could lose her job! We collected ourselves and agreed to continue where we left off when I was released from the hospital. She checked my back and range of motion and all of the doctor things that she had to do, and I was given a clean bill of health and the okay to be discharged in the morning, incidentally about the same time Amber’s shift was over.

As we were walking to her car, I had to stop to tie my sneakers, so I’m bent down behind a car. Amber’s ex came running up to her begging and pleading with her to take him back. At first she was nice, telling him no that it was over between them. He wasn’t taking no for an answer and Amber started getting upset. The guy was only slightly taller than Amber so when I stood up slowly to my full height, flexing my shoulders on my powerfully built frame, and looked down on him from behind her, putting my hands on her shoulders. He wet himself.

“Is everything okay here?” I asked staring at him menacingly.

Amber put her small hand on mine reassuringly and said that yes everything was fine and that Jason was just leaving so he could change his pants. We laughed and left Jason standing in a pool of his own urine, a look of shock on his face. On the ride to Amber’s house, we could barely keep our hands off of each other. At every red light, we were honked to go because we had stopped to kiss, and when we weren’t kissing Amber was rubbing my cock through my shorts and I hand my hand under her skirt rubbing her slit through her panties.

We finally get to her apartment and as soon as we walk through the door we’re all over each other again. Locked in a kiss full of fiery passion, I lifted Amber up and placed her on her kitchen counter finally breaking the embrace.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I panted heavily.

Amber responded by ripping her shirt open revealing to me 1) that she didn’t wear a bra and 2) her perfect breasts with half-dollar sized bursa escort bayan brown areolas and pencil-eraser hard nipples fully erect in her excitement.

“Well alright then!”

I pulled my shirt off and took her right breast into my mouth; teasing her nipple with my tongue, sucking on it, and biting it. I took her left breast into my right hand and gently caressed it, tweaking the nipple. Then I switched. Back and forth for several minutes, just worshipping Amber’s perfect breasts; she was very appreciative, she had her hands in my hair pulling me closer, whispering me to me about how much she was enjoying it and positively vibrating in ecstasy. I started kissing my way up her chest and neck, up to her right earlobe and I whispered in her ear,

“I’m going to taste you now.”

She whimpered in response and I helped her lean back. I delicately removed her now-soaked panties in and made a show of inhaling deeply her sweet aroma. If heaven had a smell, I think it would be this. I kneeled before her and lightly danced my tongue along her entire slit. Amber gasped. Using my index fingers, I spread her outer lips. I flicked my tongue against her extended clitoris and then sucked it into my mouth eliciting a long moan from her beautiful lips. I fluttered my tongue all over her inner lips and then slowly inserted my tongue into her. This action was greeted with a loud moan and a flood of juices. I spent the next twenty minutes making out with her womanhood and playing with her breasts, I was rewarded with several orgasms of varying intensity and very vocal praise of my abilities.

I stood up and licked her juices off of my face and all that I couldn’t reach with my tongue, I got with my finger licked that off too.

“Ohmigod… Jason never did that for me. He always said that he couldn’t stand the taste or the smell.” Amber panted heavily.

I was dumbfounded. “Amber, my sweet, to me your smell is heavenly and you taste even better! Anyone who thinks otherwise does not deserve you and is simply a waste of your time.”

“Jeff!” Amber moaned gently caressing her clit and squeezing her legs together, “I’ve never came like that before! So many times so quickly!”

I had removed my shorts while Amber had her eyes closed, exposing my turgid, eight and a half inch cock. Amber opened her eyes and became fixated on it. Pure animal lust replacing her innocence, she licked her lips. I took her tiny chin in my large hand and raised her eyes to me.

“Amber, I am going to enter you now.”

She looked at my raging hard-on, “Don’t you want me to suck it?”

“There’s always next time. Now, right now is about you and making up for time wasted on Jason.”

Still looking at my lower half, “Who?”

“Are you ready?”

She nodded her head and leaned in to kiss me. I took her into my arms and lifted her up, placing her dripping snatch on top of my ravenous prick. When we kissed, I slowly entered her. My god she was tight! Amber wasn’t kidding about her ex, was she? I got the head in when she winced; I stopped.

“Too much?”

“You are entirely too good to me. No, just keep going slow.”

It took several minutes and lots of moaning from both of us, but Amber finally bottomed out on me. We took a minute reveling in the sensations. Amber having never felt so full in her entire life and me luxuriating in the vise-like grip of her vaginal walls. Every once in a while she would involuntarily squeeze me, causing both of us to groan and giggle.

Amber had her hands wrapped around my neck. She looked directly into my eyes.


“Yes, love?”

“I’m ready.”

I was holding her up by her firm ass. I lifted her up and lowered her down. Again, I lifted her up until just the tip of my cock was still inside her and then I lowered her all the way down again. Amber started to quiver all over again. A third time, I lifted her completely off of me and impaled her onto escort bursa me in one swift, strong thrust. Her pussy literally exploded into orgasm on my rod. Her juices flowing around my cock, over my balls, and down my legs. She started to cry from the intensity and I stopped to let her collect herself.

“Please don’t stop!” She wailed, “I need this so fucking bad!”

So still standing in Amber’s kitchen, with her nails clawing up my arms, back, and neck; my hands on her gorgeous ass cheeks; my big, fat cock buried deep in her tight, spasming pussy, I sped up my thrusts and increased how hard I plowed into her tiny body, slapping my balls against her puckered asshole. Amber completely lost control, her body in a perpetual orgasmic state. The sex was other-worldly. Amber was a complete minx once she finally regained control of herself enough to make complete sentences. I was pounding into her as hard as I could at a pretty good pace when after an earth-shattering orgasm; she grabbed my face in between her hands and said in a voice I will never forget.

“Take me to my bed and fuck me like the slut dog that I am!”

So I did. We walked/fucked all the way to her bedroom and I pulled her off of my cock with a rather loud squelching sound. Amber whimpered at the sudden emptiness inside of her. I dropped her on her bed and rolled her onto her stomach. Amber was purring she was so wired to go. She raised her perfect ass off of her bed and wiggled it at me. I spanked her. First a sharp slap from my hand followed by a three quick, dull slaps directly on her ass hole with my cock, causing Amber to squeal in delight.

I pulled her close to me and placed my still-raging prick at her freshly-used opening. Amber turned around, piercing me with those bright emerald eyes and spoke in words that went directly to my pulsing manhood:

“I wasn’t kidding. Fuck me like the slut-bitch dog that I a-AAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!”

I didn’t let her finish. I grabbed a handful of her flowing locks and slammed full-on into her gaping quim, pulled out almost all the way and thrust back in so hard, the force swung my heavy sack right into her clit, sending shockwaves of raw pleasure through both of us. Then I started pile driving her like there was no tomorrow, absolutely punishing her pussy. She strained against how hard I was pulling her hair and how rough I was groping her breasts, and then we both lost it when I let go of her hair and breasts to grab her by the waist for my final onslaught. I started pulling out all the way to her opening and slamming back in as hard as I could stand. Amber started getting really into it trying to get me to come. She started bucking back into my thrusts, almost knocking both of us off of the bed, and talking dirty:

“YEAH, this BIG fucking COCK slamming into my TIGHT little pussy SO nice and DEEP and HARD! AAAHH!! YES!! Unh, are you gonna come? Are you gonna come in this hot little pussy? Mami wants Papi’s big, fat cock to fucking come all over her pussy. Deep inside Mami’s pussy. Oooohh, does Papi like that? Do you like it when Mami calls you Papi? Fuck my pussy, Papi. Come!! OOHGODI’MGONNACOME!!! Come with me Papi! Come with Mami, Papi! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!”

I came harder than I had ever come before. It felt like I had just dumped a gallon of come inside of her, we were both spasming uncontrollably, moaning and screaming each other’s names, panting wildly. I saw stars. I collapsed on her bed and she curled up next to me and promptly fell asleep on my chest, a beautifully satisfied grin accentuating her angelic face.

“Know this Amber; there will never be a woman as beautiful as you are in this moment. And no one will ever love you more than I.”

I stroked her hair a few times and drifted off to sleep with her in my arms where she belongs. I have never known a better night’s sleep before then.

That was four years ago today. Amber and I are happily married and have two children that we are both head-over-heals about. And every morning since that day; Amber, my sweet beautiful wife, my angel, wakes me up with a mind-blowing blowjob. I doubt that there is anyone anywhere that is as happy as I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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