An Unusual Family Ch. 06

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A couple of months had gone by now since the 5-woman orgy at pool-side with Bobbie and Jackie, their daughters, Lisa and Mary-Jane and Ally Michaels.

Since that wonderful night, Ally’s first sex with the women, the perpetually horny, lesbian policeman had become a frequent visitor to Bobbie and Jackie’s home. In fact, she was over so often that she had come to be looked upon as another member of the household. The girls and Ally spent a lot of time alone in the teenagers’ room. Depending on her work schedule, she often stayed overnight and usually all week-end. Bobbie and Jackie, had begun to think they had another daughter. Another daughter they needed to look after. Another daughter they fucked from time to time.

Ally Michaels had slept which each woman in the house. Sometimes singly with either Lisa or Mary-Jane, if it happened that one or the other was home by themselves. Neither of them very often went anywhere without the other, but, it had been known to happen. But Ally had never had sex alone with either Bobbie or Jackie. Neither of the two women, to date, would take another girl or woman to their bed without the other one. They had never discussed it. They just never did it, because they just plain didn’t want to.

Except, of course, on the special evenings when Bobbie and Jackie each would pick one of their daughters and spend a special night together alone with them. Sometimes, in the spirit of fun, they’d make it contest. Who beat who swimming lengths in the pool, for instance, got to pick who slept with who that night. Or some other challenge they’d think up. Silly things, such as who could put the most dishes in the dishwasher first. It was all part of their fun.

But, of course, ever since Bobbie had turned Jackie on to the idea, none of this precluded having other women in their bed, besides their daughters and Ally. One afternoon, Bobbie’s lawyer, Jeanette Mcdonnell had stopped by, when Ally was visiting on her day off, with more papers for Jackie to sign. The policewoman and the lawyer had met previously, one time when Ally was testifying in one of Jeanette’s cases. They had liked each other that day, despite the fact Ally had been testifying against Jeanette’s client. But this day, at Bobbie and Jackie’s, they had discovered they ‘really’ liked one another. The four women had wound up in bed together and it would take the rest of this chapter to describe to the goings on that occurred during that sultry afternoon.

Detective Jake Hopkins, knowing full-well where his partner was spending a lot of her off hours, questioned her relentlessly, nearly every day. He was frustrated, not being able to find the man who had been seen near Pete’s truck before the accident.

“Partner,” he’d say to her. “Your private life is your own business and I would never pry or interfere. He coughed. “But you do realize, I hope, that I still think Roberta Montgomery either knew the guy or found the guy, the one that did Pete Warren’s brakes. Do those women ever talk about Pete Warren? Do you ever get any indication that Roberta Montgomery might have hired someone to do Pete harm?”

“For fuck’s sake,” she’d say to Jake, a trifle impatiently. “These women aren’t stupid. They know I’m a cop. Do you really think that they’re gonna talk about committing a crime or being the driving force behind a crime, right in front of me? Get real, partner. And I’ll certainly guarantee this, that even if your suspicion of Roberta turns out to be true, which I don’t believe, Jackie knew nothing about it.”

And Jake would get an inscrutable smile on his face and say, “I happen to agree with you there, partner, about Jackie Warren. It’s that Montgomery woman I like for it.” But then he’d roll his eyes and ask, “But if you’re so convinced there’s nothing there, why then, may I ask, partner, are you spending so much time at their place? I get it, that I asked you to get to know these woman. I’m just not certain that I asked you to get to know them, quite literally, inside-out.”

Ally would just grin. “Don’t you worry, partner. Detective Michaels, is on the case!”

And, so far, at least, detective Jake Hopkins had to be satisfied with that.

Ally though, when she wasn’t fending off Jake Hopkins’ inquiries, would often think about Pete Warren’s accident. She’d wonder about it, but then she’d get confused, thinking about all the over-the-top pussy lickings Bobbie Montgomery have given her. And how loving and warm she was to Ally and her family. Also, everything she and Jake had learned about Pete Warren made him out to be not a very nice person. She realized, to her consternation, that even if Bobbie did have something to do with the accident, she did not care.

What kinda cop, she often asked herself, did that make her?

But, she continued putting off her partner, who she knew would never rest as long as he thought he had a bad guy and maybe a bad woman running around loose in the town. She put off her partner’s concerns amsterdam shemale about a certain woman at the same time as she was continuing her affair with that same woman and all the other women living at the same address. She kept explaining to Jake that Pete’s name was rarely mentioned in that household. Never, in fact, by either Bobbie or Jackie and only occasionally by Lisa. She even went so far as to express her opinion that Pete certainly hadn’t been missed, to this point, and likely never would be. Ally never tired of pointing out that the women were happy and harmless and that Pete was a prick, and they had lots of other cases and that, in her opinion, they should just let it go.

But, then, one day, sitting at their desks, Jake had some disturbing information to relay to Ally.

“Partner,” he began, “There is a guy in a holding cell downstairs, for drunk and disorderly, who busted up a bar last night when the bartender wouldn’t put the hockey game on the TV because everyone else wanted to watch football. This guy is a bad dude with a rap sheet as long as your arm. Funny thing,” Jake mused, scratching his chin, “is this guy knows Roberta Montgomery. He tells me his wife is bi-sexual and, admittedly in the past, he doesn’t seem to sure about the present, has slept Roberta. He denies touching Pete Warren’s truck, although he doesn’t deny knowing who he was.”

Jake was watching his partner. Ally had gone a little pale.

He continued. “Another funny thing, partner. A short time before Pete’s accident, I have the record here, there was a call from Roberta’s cell to this same guy’s home. And the same day we interviewed the women that first time, remember that day, partner, after we left, there is a record of another call from her cell to his house. What do you suppose the purpose of those calls were, partner? Roberta Montgomery setting up another date to fuck this dude’s wife?”

Ally was chewing at one of her fingernails, which her partner knew she never did. She was too proud of, and spent too much money on them, regularly getting her nails perfectly manicured. She was pointedly not looking at him.

“Oh, yeah, right,” she finally said. “Master criminal, Roberta Montgomery, setting up a crime, makes a call to her perpetrator from her cell to his home. A call she no doubt knows full-well could be traced by us. As you obviously did. Then, when questioned by us, she gets all flustered and calls him again. Not sure I buy it there, partner. Does Roberta Montgomery strike you as dumb? Or the type to get all flustered? As I recall, she stood up to you, pretty well, that day. There could be lots of reasons for those calls. The one you already mentioned, even. The guy already told you that he knew Roberta was sleeping with his wife. And it didn’t seem to bother him, did it? Could be, maybe she was making arrangements for a fuck-date!”

At least since she had known and was sleeping with the women, Ally was 100% sure that Bobbie was not doing other women behind Jackie’s back. But, she carefully reminded herself, that did not mean that she hadn’t been, at the time in question.

“Oh, I know,” Jake Hopkins said. “A couple of phone calls doesn’t prove anything and doesn’t really amount down to much. I just think it’s interesting, don’t you, especially considering this guy’s long rap sheet. Just thought you should be aware of it, before you go on your next ‘fuck-date’!”

It was the first time, although he had implied it lots, that Jake had come right out and accused Ally of fucking the women. He chuckled. He liked his partner immensely but he had to admit that he’d lost some of his respect for her. Not because she was a lesbian. He’d always known that. He just didn’t think it was very professional of her to be sleeping with one his suspects. Although, he reflected, if, after sleeping with the women, she had come back with some good info for him, he would have easily forgiven her. But, he thought, sourly, their captain would never condone such investigative techniques.

After this exchange, for a few days, Ally did do a lot of thinking and stayed away from the women. But then, her horniness overcame her, and, one sweet night, she found herself in Bobbie Montgomery’s warm arms again. She even considered telling Bobbie about what her partner had uncovered. But she discovered, much to what was left of her professional pride, apparently there were still limits on how much she was willing to compromise her job. At least for right now.

When Ally was at her home, alone, she often dreamed that somehow she could become a permanent part of the loving, four woman family that had come to mean so much to her. She figured, besides her own pleasure, that would drive her partner right out of his gourd. Not that she wanted to do that. She liked Jake. She just wished he wasn’t being so bull-headed about this particular case. A case no one cared about, except him.

Ally, knowing the women as she did, didn’t believe rotterdam shemale for one second that Bobbie was fucking the wife of her partner’s new-found suspect. Leastways, not any more. She wished she had the nerve to question Bobbie about those phone calls. But, deep in her heart, she knew she probably never would. She was dreading the day that her partner insisted on returning to the Montgomery house to question Bobbie again himself. She had no idea how she would handle that.

Forget Pete Warren, in regards to the women, what Ally had come to realize, alas for her, was that Bobbie and Jackie’s love for each other was absolute and complete. Those two were so in love with each other that, while they might invite another woman or girl, to share their bed for a night or a weekend, and often did, in the end, the two of them would always finally want to be just with each other.

Anyone could see that, Ally thought, just by being in the same room with them. Nothing needed to be said. It was just something that was painfully obvious to Ally, hanging out with them. There were absolutely no hang-ups between the two women. No jealousy. No doubts. No fears. Only love. If Bobbie was keeping a secret from Jackie, she was awfully good at concealing it. Sometimes, even in a room full of people, the two women would look at each other as they were discussing something and it would be as if no one else was even there.

Totally disgusted with herself, alone and drunk on wine one night, she even fantasized that if her partner succeeded in his quest to prove Bobbie complicit in Pete Warren’s death, and Bobbie did some time for setting it all up, that she could take her place in the family. In a fit of self-loathing, after having that particular thought, she chugged the rest of the wine and passed out, waking in the morning, sick as a dog.

As regards to Jackie and Bobbie’s love for one another, something of the same could be said for their daughters, although, maybe not quite to the same degree. Lisa and Mary-Jane were quite the little teenage lesbians. They were hot. They were eager. They loved each other, but also, loved new things and, though it hadn’t happened yet, except for Ally, maybe, new girls. They loved Ally. Policewoman Michaels knew they did. But, ultimately, they were just like their mothers. Desperately, totally, completely in love with each other. So, in the end, Ally just enjoyed her sex with all of them and dreamed of the day that some girl would love her as much.

Lisa and Mary-Jane were doing great at the university, achieving wonderful grades with hardly any effort. They maybe had a small advantage over some of the other girls. That is, what Lisa wasn’t so good at, Mary-Jane was. And vice-versa. Some of the professors had begun to place a few restrictions on them, insisting that one couldn’t always get help from the other one, and that they couldn’t always be partners on projects. Their professors knew the girls shared the same house with their two mothers. Beyond that, they could only guess at just how deep the relationship between the two went. Though there were whispers about it around the halls and the professor’s lounge.

The girls didn’t go out of their way to advertise they were a lesbian couple, but they certainly did nothing to hide the fact either. On the contrary, Lisa and Mary-Jane were quite happy to talk about it with anyone that wanted to discuss it. They sometimes chuckled about it at night, in bed. Because they very rightly suspected that some of the female professors were just itching to have a crack at getting one or the other or both of them into their bed. ‘Mmmm,’ they both thought.

And there was their freshman drama club. On the first night detective Ally Michaels had been to the house, the night of the orgy, the girls had been late coming home because they had gone to the initial meeting of the club for this school year. It seemed like fun, sounded interesting and they kept up their attendance. University bylaws required a faculty adviser for the club and an outside director had been hired by the university but, these two women were hardly ever around. Lisa and MJ were quite certain that was because the outside director, a woman, was a closet lesbian and used her time away from her husband, time supposedly spent being part of the drama club, to be in the faculty adviser’s bed.

None of the other girls, or the gay guys either, in the club, seemed to really care. Being the daughters of a ‘take charge’ woman, Bobbie, Lisa and Mary-Jane, finding the drama club lacking in supervision simply took charge themselves. No one objected. They were well-liked and the other members figured they made it a lot more fun then the stuffy, older woman who was supposed to be in charge, would have. (Except they didn’t really know the faculty adviser, Veronica Robb at all. Yet.) The girls wrote their own play for the group to perform. Unless the outside director could tear herself out of Veronica Robb’s blog shemale bed long enough, Lisa and MJ would direct it too. The lead characters were two loving, lesbian university coeds, coincidentally, just like themselves. Isn’t it a tenet of writing that you write about stuff you know?

The other girls in the group all claimed to be straight. But Lisa and Mary-Jane often chuckled in bed at night, about this too. Before or after making love, they would each express their opinion about which girls they were pretty sure were lesbian but, either hadn’t realized it yet, or just wouldn’t face it or admit it. They thought that maybe they needed to sorta pull these girls from the closet, much as mother Bobbie had pulled mother Jackie from the closet that first day. In this regard, they felt their lesbian-themed play would be most useful.

On the first day of try-outs for their play, Lisa and Mary-Jane, taking the parts of the leads, went first and demonstrated to the other girls how to display the passion and desire for the other woman that they were looking for. Of course, their exhibition of lesbian passion and kissing went well, but the girls certainly wouldn’t qualify for any acting awards. For the simple reason that what they were doing wasn’t acting.

But the other girls seemed to appreciate their example and were watching intently. Lisa and MJ slyly smiled when, out of the corners of their eyes, they saw more than one girl, surreptitiously, rubbing their pussy. Eagerly, one by one, all the ‘straight’ girls each took either Mary-Jane’s place or Lisa’s, for their first try-out and by the end of the evening, no one had decided who was actually going to play the two leads, but a whole roomful of ‘straight’ girls were kissing other girls plenty. At home that night, in bed, Lisa and MJ made a little bet that at least some of the ‘straight’ girls, that very night, maybe right this minute, were giving lesbian sex a try.

When the group met again, Friday night, Mary-Jane pulled Lisa aside. “Who do you think the two best kissers are? Who did you enjoy kissing the most, dear?”

Lisa thought for a short moment. “Julie and Amanda.” she finally said. “No doubt in my mind.”

Mary-Jane brushed Lisa’s lips with a short kiss. “I think so, too,” she said, “They’re our leads. Tomorrow is Saturday. Let’s invite them over for a pool party. We can tell them they’re playing the leads and we can practice lines.”

So the arrangements were made for the two girls to come to the house the next day. They were 18, same as Lisa and Mary-Jane, very sexy, but, to the girl’s practiced eyes, very naïve. Lisa, in particular, could spot a naïve, maybe lesbian girl, but confused about her sexuality, a mile away. All she had to do was picture herself, less than a year ago.

That night, in bed, Lisa and Mary-Jane couldn’t get enough of each other, excited about the next day. The two teen lovers had been having daily sex with each other for months now and it was always great. But sometimes, just some nights, somehow, without being able to put their finger on it, their sex got turned up a notch. The kisses were just a little hotter. Their tits a little squeezier. Their pussy-juice a little more plentiful, just a little creamier, just a little sweeter. Their whole sex romp just a little more urgent, the orgasms greater in number and just that little bit more thrilling.

This was one of those nights. Lisa, always a noisy cummer, shrieked so loud, at one point, when she had four of Mary-Jane’s fingers diddling in her pussy and another two up her ass and MJ’s hot tongue about to lick her clit clean off, that she woke Bobbie and Jackie from their peaceful sleep, all the way down at the other end of the hall.

Of course, if they would have consulted their moms about this phenomena, both moms would have told them the reason their sex was extra hot tonight was because both of them, maybe even just subconsciously, were thinking of fucking Julie and Amanada.

Bobbie and Jackie, once awake, had reached for each other, kissed and smiled.

“One of our daughters is really eating hell out of the other one’s pussy tonight!” Bobbie whispered in Jackie’s ear. Then, not wanting to waste being awake, the two older lovers kissed and started in on one hullabaloo of a sex-session of their own.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, Bobbie smiled as she put plates in front of the girls.

“You two were really going at it, last night,” she commented. “You woke us up, Lisa. MJ must have given you the cum to end all cums.”

Lisa and MJ ignored their food momentarily, as they kissed. “Mary-Jane knows how to eat my pussy better than anyone.” she declared. She lowered her eyes, slightly, “‘cept maybe for you, Bobbie.”

“Well, that’s as it should be.” Bobbie said. “The love you two have for each other should make the sex between you better than other sex with other girls. It’s a large part of your love. Jackie and I have sex with others, as you know, but no one makes me cum or squirt the juice like your other pretty mom here, and I’m reasonably sure she’ll tell you that I can rock her world the best for her.”

Jackie came to the table with a plate of toast and the coffee pot.

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