Ana vs Joy – Payback or More of the Same

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Joy was in a foul mood after the fight with Ana. She was definitely wanting a rematch. We would go to the community pool, and see Joel and Ana there enjoying themselves and chatting with several neighbors. Ana looked great in her tiny bikini flaunting herself around the pool. Joel and I would have some beers as Ana and Joy and some of the other neighbors would chat. Joy would tell me that Ana would make little sniping remarks here and there. None of the neighbors were probably any the wiser or so we thought.

Joy eventually called Ana on the phone demanding a rematch for Friday night. Ana was more than happy to comply.

“Same rules as last time” Ana demanded, “and you have to wear that little slut bathing suit you wore last time Joy, don’t worry I will even it up and wear a bathing suit of my own as well. Also, as an added stake, I don’t know why, but my hubby will want a blow job from you after I win.”

“Fine” Joy screamed into the phone. “This time I will get my revenge Bitch!”

Joy was pissed at the way Ana had wanted the rules, but at least she would be in a bathing suit this time. We were talking about it in bed, and Joy was telling me how catty Ana was being at the pool, and that this time she would have her revenge, and that I might even get a blowjob from that bitch, once she was done with her. We had a passionate night, and I couldn’t wait for Friday to come.

Joel and I chatted the next day. He knew that I loved to see my wife get dominated and abused, so he was letting me in on a secret.

“Michael you know the other wives around the neighborhood, well they know about our little catfight situation, so I invited two of them to watch from the backyard through the windows. We won’t be able to see them, but they will be able to watch. It might setup a few more matches for you as well. They have been around the pool with us, and your wife has been quite catty to them, so they are definitely interested in putting her in her place. If we or you can make it work, we may even be able to get a 2 vs 1 or more, like we used to chat about. Can you imagine the destruction of Joy against these other wives?”

I was getting excited just hearing about it, but was still focused on Friday Night.

Friday night rolled around, and we were off to Joel and Ana’s home. Once we arrived, there was no need for any drinks or chatter. We all knew what we were here for, and Joy started right down the steps to the basement. We got to the fight room and Joy shed her robe, revealing her ultra-tiny green bikini, her tits were barely covered still and her bottom was much the same. She got down and started to stretch a bit, and her bottom pulled up tight against her pussy, I could swear her pussy lips were hanging out on each side of the bottoms.

“So where is your Bitch of a wife” Joy demanded.

“Right here honey!” Ana announced.

Joy whipped her head around to see Ana standing off to the side of the bar. She was in a one piece speedo like bathing suit, that covered her whole front and chest, over her hips and all of her ass, the top went almost to her neck, and she had wrestling boots on! Joel looked over at me and smiled. (Ah that was one of the surprises, I thought).

“What canlı bahis şirketleri the hell, Ana? That isn’t fair.” Joy yelled.

“Oh you stupid Bitch. I said I would wear a bathing suit, it was you that must have assumed it was the bikini I wear to the pool. Also we never said anything about boots. Next time we will be more specific. Now do you want to fight, or chicken out?” Ana laughed.

Joy was never one to back down, so she said let’s do it. And with that the fight was on, as Joel and I moved quickly to our respective couches. I looked up and thought I could see some movement at the windows outside the basement, and wondered what the other couples must be thinking. Joy was the first to make a move and she grabbed Ana by the hair and pulled her into a hard slap to the face. The SMACK could be heard throughout room.

“Get her baby!” I encouraged.

Another slap and yank of the hair. Joy was starting off strong, as I think Ana might have been taking her for granted. Joy continued to hold Ana’s hair and yanked her from side to side, and then she whipped her around and hair marred her to the mat. Ana landed with a thud, and moaned as the wind escaped her body, Joy went to stomp her stomach, but quickly remembered the rules, instead she picked up Ana’s leg and began to kick her thigh and hamstring repeatedly. Wow I thought, never underestimate the power of revenge. Next thing I knew Joy had a grip on Ana’s hair and was yanking her up by it, once she had her up, she ran Ana right into the wall face first. Ana hit the wall, face first, then her tits were smashed, and her belly, before she fell down right in front of us.

Joy took her nails and ripped open a hole in Ana’s top, ripping it open all the way in the front, and watched Ana’s tits flop out into the open. A smile crossed Joy’s face as she dug her nails into Ana’s tits, and began to maul them, twisting and pinching her nipples, and alternating by using her nails to dig into the tit meat. Ana was moaning and groaning in pain. Ana twisted her body a bit and let loose a punch right to Joy’s gut.

“Oooohh” Joy moaned as the air left her tummy.

But Joy kept on pinching Ana’s nipples, as Ana hit another punch to the gut. It was a test of wills, but eventually Joy let go, to get out of the way of Ana’s hard punches. Both women looked at each other and got to their feet, almost if by agreement resetting to start again.

The advantage seemed to be Joy’s as Ana, was essentially topless. Ana swung a slap out to Joy’s face but Joy avoided it and as she swung and missed, Joy got behind her and caught her, Joy’s claws digging into Ana’s tits, and scratching them up.

“How’s that feel bitch?” Joy hissed.

Ana not to be out done, looked down and saw Joy’s barefoot on the ground, Ana raised her booted foot and slammed it down on Joy’s foot!

“OOooww” Joy screamed and released her hold on Ana.

Ana turned and slammed another stomp down on Joy’s other foot! Another scream and Joy fell on to her knees. Ana grabbed Joy by the shoulders and pulled her into her stomach, essentially head-butting herself with Joy’s head.

“Foul” she yelled out.

I knew she probably did that on purpose, but canlı kaçak iddaa I let it go.

“Hold her down on her back Joel, hands over her head” Ana said.

She backed up and jumped up in the air, and slammed both feet down into my wife’s stomach. Joy folded up and looked like she was going to puke. Joel got up quickly, but Ana, quickly relieved Joy of her bikini top and then she slammed her booted foot into Joy’s now bare tits. She stomped her tits flat, two times on each tit, crushing it under her weight. It was looking bad for Joy now as Ana had control and a cruel streak. Ana stood over my prone wife and dropped all her weight down on her stomach right below her tits. Ana then took one hand and began to choke my wife with it, and with the other she grabbed onto her bottoms and yanked her them into a wedgie again. This time she really worked it back and forth and I could see the bottoms rubbing back and forth across her pussy lips and clit, dragging it cruelly back and forth. Joy was beside herself in pain. Joy reached up to try and stop Ana from choking her and couldn’t break the hold, so she did whatever she could and started to punch Ana’s stomach and sides.

“Foul, Foul, Foul, Foul, Foul… You will never learn you dumb bitch” Ana spoke cruelly. “Joel get over here and hold her down. Let’s see you hit me at least 5 times, so that is 5 strikes”

Ana reached down and pulled off Joy’s thong bottoms, then moved to her side. She raised up her boot and slammed it down into her tit, grinding it in…

“One” Ana announced.

Moving to the other side, she again slammed her boot down into her other tit and grinded it in.

“Two, baby hold her legs apart now please” Ana said as she moved between Joy’s legs, reached down to spread her pussy open, and slammed her boot down right on her pussy and clit, and really pushing it in.

“Three” as she lifted her foot off, she raised up and dropped her knee right back down on her pussy!

“Four” Ana said, bouncing a bit on her knee and grinding it in, and then after moving her knee off, she reared back and slammed a punch right into Joy’s pussy.

“Five” she said, grinding her knuckles deep into her.

Joy was a mess, there is no way she could recover from this. Ana was having too much fun though to pin her, and she also knew some of the neighborhood wives were watching, so she put on a show for them. Ana flipped Joy over onto her stomach and put her in the Boston crab again, really sinking it in. Joy was begging for mercy, as Ana released one leg, so she could apply a crotch claw on at the same time. It was intense to watch her gripping and twisting, releasing and re-gripping Joy’s pussy, pulling on her pussy lips, as she kept the one leg in the Boston crab. Ana finally dropped her leg, twisted quickly around and put her in a camel clutch, yanking Joy back by her hair, and then her chin, and finally clawing her tits, while pulling her back as hard as she could. Ana was showing just how dominant she could be.

She lifted Joy up and put her up against the wall and methodically began to punch her body. I didn’t notice before now, but she pulled out some hook like devices from the wall and hung Joy up by them, they hooked canlı kaçak bahis Joy under her arms to keep her from falling. Ana back up and in a boxer’s stance, punched Joy’s tits without mercy. She jabbed them straight on at the nipples, smashing them, she used uppercuts which almost had Joy’s tits hitting her own face, and then crosses making her tits slam into each other. Joy was a rag doll, and Ana continued to work her way down her body, punching every little inch of her belly, and then from her knees she sent upper cut after upper cut into her pussy, pausing a few times to push her legs a bit apart to really be able to hit her right on her clit. A one point I thought Ana was going to try and fist Joy, as she used her fist like a cone and jabbed it over and over into Joy’s pussy.

Finally she pulled her down, folded her up into a matchbook pin for the 5 count, and spanked her ass till it was beat read.

“You know the drill Bitch” Ana demanded, she grabbed Joy and led her over to Joel.

I watched as Ana got Joy in another camel clutch and then had Joel force his cock into her mouth. Ana was telling Joel to gag the bitch and choke her on his cock. She reached down and cruelly started to twist and maul Joy’s tits, as Joel worked his cock in and out of her mouth. This sadistic pair, worked Joy like that for five minutes. Just as Joel was getting ready to cum, he stopped and pulled out, slapping his cock across Ana’s face.

“Not yet Bitch” he sneered.

I watch him come down from his high, then they started again, this time they pulled Joy up onto the couch with her head hanging off the side, and Joel kneeling in front of her head, with Ana on her stomach. Joel started to face fuck her hard, forcing his cock deep into her throat, and Ana started to playfully smack and pull on Joy’s pussy lips. Not too hard as she didn’t want Joy biting Joel, but enough to get Joy jumping, she continued this as Joel started to keep his cock all the way in her throat. Ana, then started to rub Joy’s clit hard, and Joel pumped in and out, giving Joy a little breath, and finally Joel stuck his cock all the way back into Joy’s throat, Ana feverishly rubbing Joy’s clit, Joy struggling for air, as her throat was gagging and almost milking Joel’s cock he erupted all his cum into her throat, Ana knew Joy was close to cumming, and rubbed a bit more before raising her hand, as Joel pulled out, Ana swung her hand down slapping Joy’s engorged clit, and Joy erupted in a super intense orgasm, squirting all over the couch.

“We knew you were a fucking pain slut! This just confirms it all the more” Ana and Joel chuckled looking down at Joy writhing on the couch.

“She is hopeless you know, and the beatings will get worse” Joel said to me as they walked past.

“She has won a few, and had you on the ropes early on Ana. She may enjoy the pain, but she loves revenge as well. Don’t underestimate her.” I said, as I got up to go collect my quivering wife from the couch.

We had just gotten ready and were making our way home, when two of the wives, who I assume were watching jumped out into our path.

“We know what you are Bitch, and we know what you do! Expect an email from us soon!” They both said.

Then they each grabbed Joy’s shoulder and double punched her in her belly, and as she bent over then each kneed her in a tit. Then they were off, laughing as they walked away.

What had we gotten ourselves into I thought… Time would tell…

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