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Writer’s Note: Something different and very short from TabooTeller, one partly from a dream. Enjoy:

We were in the middle of a meeting of the Auditorium staff when someone, Bill I think, came up with the idea to have one or more of us show up during an event and actually ask the people watching the event. We had been brain storming to come up with an idea to get people to tell us how to improve the service we were providing for people. One person thought we should change the name from Auditorium to Event Center, and advertise more of the type of events happening there. We had tried mailing out questionnaires but hardly any of them came back. We called some people but again, hardly anyone we called would take the time to answer our questions. The question of how to get more response from the public, had come up at one of our irregular staff meetings. Someone had suggested a contest to get people to respond; whoever sent in a questionnaire would be entered in it. Bill had then come up with the idea of asking people when they were at an event. We all decided to try that first, and follow up with a contest if need be.

The next event was a concert by a lesser-known alternative musical group. Most of the staff was older and they didn’t really want to attend something with that type of loud music. So I, being the second youngest, was voted to attend and ask questions of those who attended the concert. I grumbled a little since, even though I am in my late twenties, I don’t usually like that type of music. Alternative was closer to what I do listen to than what the older members of the staff listened to. The youngest member of the group was probably considered too new to be given such a job.

We carried out the rest of the business of running an Auditorium and were dismissed. The concert was that evening, so I went home and had a quick dinner so I could get back to the Auditorium before the concert began. I took care of some paper work as the crowds came in and were seated. I went out just before the group was to start singing. Once in the main room, I let my eyes got used to the gloom. I quickly noticed that the place was only a little more then three fourths full, as I said the group was not a headliner. They had a fan following but it wasn’t as large as a big time act.

I walked down the aisle looking for a likely person to sit by; I wasn’t going to tell them I was taking a survey. I would just start a conversation and ask my questions during it. I saw a couple of girls sitting in the last row that had people in it. They were seated in the center of the row with no one else on this side of them. I made my way to their seats and sat down. Very nice looking girls too. The one next to me was wearing a pink micro miniskirt and a light red blouse that went down to her navel. I thought that by the way she looked, she wasn’t a regular to this type of concert. Her outfit and hair just didn’t look like the people who were really into this type of music. I told her my name and found out hers was Anet, she spelled it for me. I assumed it was short for Annette. Annette was too long to be cool. I asked her if she had heard the group before.

She said, “I have heard a couple of their songs on the internet. I think they’re cool.”

I nodded enjoying looking at her.

“Have you been at a show in here before” I asked?

“Yes but not for a few years. This place usually doesn’t have this type of cool bands.”

“You’re right but I wish they did have more. I think I like it here. Not so big as the others.”

Anet looked at me like she hadn’t thought of that before but said, “You’re right it is smaller and I can sit closer to the stage which is cool, but it doesn’t have the food the bigger places have.”

We talked some more and I watched as her skirt seemed to move up as she squirmed, waiting for the group to begin singing. She had nice looking legs. I thought she was eighteen, and learned later during the conversation that she was nineteen. At one point I dropped my pen, while jotting down some notes, it landed very close to her feet. I bent over to pick it up and I couldn’t resist looking between her legs. Niice. She had blue panties with large red flowers. I say red but they were probably bright pink. I was able to see that they were not the usual panties either, but some type of bikini style. While I was bent over she glanced down and saw me looking, but instead of getting angry, she smiled for a second.

After I retrieved my pen, we continued talking and I took a chance and mentioned how nice her legs looked in that skirt. She thanked me and smiled for a second, before going back to looking at the stage. I had noticed that most of her attention was on the stage while she eagerly waited for the group to begin playing. As usual for these types of things, they were late. At one point, I was feeling even bolder and dropped my hand in her lap. I took it right back out. She didn’t seem to mind so a few seconds later, I dropped it again güvenilir bahis but left it there. No response. I decided I wanted another look at her panties so I dropped my pen on purpose. This time it landed between her feet. I reached for it, taking my time so I could get a good look out of the corner of my eye. I got a very good look since her skirt was up even further than it had been.

I sat up. After a pause, she turned to me after a minute and asked me what I thought of how the girls dress at these concerts. I said they were usually cool but that her outfit was better than the pants most were wearing that night. We chatted more about clothes. At one point, while making a point about how uncool some people were, I waved one my hand and again dropped it in her lap. Again, no response, she was looking at the stage again and didn’t seem to care what my hand was doing. I decided to take a big chance and moved it up her leg. Nothing from her. I moved it under her skirt, still nothing. I was breathing harder and my hand was shaking. I had never done anything like that before, not even with someone I had dated much less a stranger. I’m not sure why I felt so brave.

It was awkward moving my hand like that, but I had something I wanted to do so my hand continued in its journey. Soon I felt her panties. I rubbed, feeling them for a few seconds. I was enjoying having my hand that far up her skirt. Soon I moved it further and managed to find her clit, or so I assumed since I was feeling a tiny bump through her underwear. As I said, it felt awkward and it had taken me a few seconds of feeling around to find it. I kept expecting her to say something but she didn’t. I used my thumb to rub that joy button, and she immediately responded with a groan. Through the corner of my eye, I saw her look at me then down in her lap, almost like she was noticing for the first time where my hand was. She looked amazed for a second, but went back to watching the stage. I saw her grimace in ecstasy as I rubbed harder. I saw her friend look our way suddenly and say something, but Anet ignored her for a moment, then turned her head and said something too fast for me to catch.

A few seconds later as I rubbed harder, she jumped up and shouted something about the band. As I felt her start to move I had jerked my hand away but as I watched her she didn’t say anything to me. She sat back down. I wondered if she had had a climax and she had jumped up to cover it, or if she just had gotten excited about the music.

I put my hand back into her lap and moved it quickly back under her skirt, finding her clit. Half a minute of my caressing more softly than before, she suddenly turned to me and said something. I jerked my hand off of her again and I asked what she had said.

“I think you like my panties.,” she said again.

I looked puzzled because that was not what I had expected.

She went on, “In that case you can have them.”

And to my great surprise, she slipped her hands under her and pushed her panties down her legs. She took them and held out her hand with them in it. I blinked and took them saying something like “uh, um, thanks.”

She settled back down getting he attention back to the stage.

I wondered if she was on something. I didn’t know how Ecstasy affected people, but the way she was moving around it could be uppers I thought. Of course, she was under the influence of two types of ecstasy. One type was from the music and the other was from what my hand had been doing. Speaking of that, I decided it was time to get my hand back to her clit.

I did, quickly sliding my hand up her skirt. Again, I was halfway scared that this time she would protest. She didn’t though and I slowly moved my hand back to where it had been, this time feeling her naked skin. As I found her clit. I gasped. The sexual charge produced when my naked hand touched her naked clit was fantastic. I caressed it again. Again, she moaned as she watched the stage. I rubbed it harder gradually increasing the pressure. She groaned louder and louder. Suddenly her hand was in my lap and she was feeling my very hard lump. She gasped then turned my way, watching as her hand tried to unzip my pants. I had to use one hand to hold them in place for her to be able to do that. Soon she had my hardness out and in her hand. It was my turn moan and groan.

After a couple of moments, she turned her attention to me from the stage and said, “I want more than your hand.”

I nodded wondering what she meant but as she stood, I got it. I looked around but in the gloom, it was hard to see others, which meant that it would be hard for them to see us. I hurriedly slipped my pants and underwear down. She scooted over in front of me, then begun to lower herself. Anet flipped the back of her skirt up. Her panties were in my hand so she didn’t have to worry about them.

A thought came to mind that, this could be my chance to have another type of sex. I took hold of my shaft and türkçe bahis moved the head slightly toward me figuring on what would be the right place. If she said something, I could say it was an accident. I was leaking more precum that I had in a very long time time but I decided she would need more lube then that so I quickly reached around, stabbing two fingers into her pussy as she stood there. She gasped but didn’t say anything. I hurriedly scraped out some of the extra natural lubrication she had produced. I then rubbed what was on my fingers onto my cock. I finished as she started to lower herself. When her bottom touched the head of my cock, we both knew it wasn’t quite in the right position. One of her buttocks had hit the tip of my shaft. My shaft slid down into her crack, but it was too far away from either hole. She lifted herself up and tried it again. This time the tip of the head hit inside her crack but still not quite right. The bump had been hard enough for me to feel some pain, but it wasn’t enough to stop. This time though, it was very close to her anus, therefore I thought she must know where it was going to go in.

Anet raised her butt up once more, then tried again. This time it was right on. I was almost shocked for the tip of my shaft was right on her anus. A second later, she started pushing downward and my cock started opening her brown hole. I gasped-moaned not only from the feeling that was producing, but from the fact that I was actually going to have anal sex. I had been dreaming of this day for a long time.

We both went “OOOFfff” as I entered her, but she continued to push downward, further impaling herself on my hard shaft. I could feel it being encased by her rectum. God the feeling was fantastic. I bit my tongue not to cry out too loud. I thought if I groaned as loud as I wanted to, it would attract too much attention even with all the noise they were producing on the stage. It was good but there was also pain since there was little lubrication. That surprised me that she just kept on going. I wondered if she was grimacing or somehow looking normal.

She slipped down even further, pushing my cock in her halfway in one move. I heard her express a long grunt and I thought it wasn’t for pleasure. Actually, that shove had hurt me. The friction had been almost like a skin burn or rug burn. She continued though after stopping for a second.

I gasped as I felt the pressure all along my shaft. It was almost same as inside a pussy. Not quite since it was dryer, tighter and more rubbery feeling. That is it was all encompassing, tight like a vise might be or a Chinese finger trap, yet soft feeling. It hit me that the pain we were both feeling was because there had been almost no lubrication. Oops, I thought, no wonder she was going slow. True she was excited, both sexually and because of the concert and that, I hoped, made some difference. Even with what must be a fair amount of pain she was still lowering herself. She hit bottom coming to rest against my lap. I groaned from the feel of it. The friction and pressure was incredible. There had been some pain, as I said, but now there was just pleasure even with her just resting there.

As she rested and probably allowed herself to adjust to me, I reached around her, putting my hand in her lap. I slipped her skirt up, reaching under it then found her clit. I softly rubbed it. After a few seconds of that, she started hopping up and down in short quick moves. I wondered if she was nearing a climax or it was just feeling good.

Soon she was raising herself up almost halfway off of me then letting her body fall back down reimpaling her anus. Oh, God that felt good. The little hops she had been doing had been good but this was better. After a minute or so, I realized that I was saying ‘Oh God’ out loud. I tried to keep it at a soft level. As I paused in my groans, I heard her. She was grunting in what sounded like pleasure that was getting more and more intense.

She kept up the pace up. Raising her body halfway then letting herself drop back down to my lap, for quite a while. At one point, I saw Anet’s friend turn our way. I turned my head slightly and saw her look at us like she was wondering why we making so much noise then turn back to face the stage. A second later, she did a double take. She stared in unbelief, like she couldn’t believe what her friend was doing. I had noticed that she had looked at us before while my hand had been in Anet’s lap. She had looked concerned for a second, but as she realized that I wasn’t forcing myself on her friend, she had gotten her attention back to the concert. This time she again looked concerned after she recovered from her shock, but again she saw that Anet was participating willingly so after a few seconds, she made a slight movement I thought was a shoulder shrug and turned back to the music. I thought she couldn’t know which hole I was in but it probably won’t make a difference to her.

Anet continued the motions, güvenilir bahis siteleri getting faster and plopping down even harder into my lap. My hand increased speed even though every so often, my fingers would slip off of her clit and I had to scramble to find it again. She groaned louder. At the same time I had the impression that most of her attention was still on the band, just like when I had been diddling her joy button before she had moved over to my lap.

I got my attention back to what I was feeling. The feeling was getting better and better almost as if her rectum was producing its own lube like a slit does. My climax started to get near and my head went back while I moaned. I began to meet her downward drops, with my own thrusts. She turned her head and glanced at me with a smile. Then I felt her hand against mine pressing it harder. I went along and began to press as hard as I could. She let out a louder groan, then moved her hand. The next time my hand slipped because of the up and down movement, I felt hers and realized she was caressing the lips of her pussy.

Then I was there, I couldn’t help it as I jammed my shaft upward hard and quickly covered my mouth with my free hand, as I let out a stifled scream as the first of my sperm shot out. Three more stifled screams as three more blobs shot out. Then I was able to hold back the groans as I kept shooting into her. I finally relaxed but she kept bouncing in short quick thrusts. I kept pressing my fingers against he spot sensing she was close. A minute later, she let out a sigh and I could feel her spasm as a silent orgasm swept over her body. This time I knew she had cum.

We rested for maybe two minutes before she stood up, moved over and sat back down in her seat.

She looked at me and said, “Thank you, not every guy would have caressed my clit through all that.” Then her attention was back to the group performing.

After a minute, she lifted herself up held out her hand for something. I assumed she wanted her panties back so I gave them to her. She wiped herself with them then gave them back. “A souvenir of a good time while listening to them.” She pointed to the group.

I took the panties and looked at them. They had streaks of white on them, so my sperm had been leaking out.

I said, “Thank you. I wish I could give you something for giving me a good time with my first butt fucking.”

Her head turned to look at me and asked, “That was really your first time?”

“Yes and I hope to do it again.”

“Be gentle and caring like that, and your probably will.”

As we all sat down, I heard her friend say what sounded like “I can’t believe you did that here.”

“Neither can I but I went with the flow and I’m glad I did, it was good and added to the concert experience.”

Soon after I left just before the concert was over. I went back to the office where I used the staff bathroom to clean myself up. No one was there that time of night so I had privacy to wash my shaft. Thinking about it the experience got me hard again and I wanked myself for a few minutes. Later when I got home, I finished the job on myself. It had been good- the whole thing that is. I had never done anything like that before and it had worked out. It had been very simulating, sexually and in other ways.

When I was done cleaning up I went back out to the floor of the auditorium, to see if I could say bye to her. People were leaving already and I could not find her. Could be she went back stage to try to get a closer look at the band or maybe she had been dripping more and decided she better go before she got embarrassed, if someone was to notice. After all, she had no panties on so my stuff would drip down her leg. Or it could be that she was in the bathroom because what we had done had activated her gut. I had heard of that happening after a good butt fucking. I had no idea if that was true, but I had heard that more than once. I went home and thought about it some more, wanking myself to a great climax as I have already said.

There were three more alternative concerts at the Auditorium that I attended while trying o find her again. No luck. At one concert, I thought I saw her in the crowd but by the time, I made it over to where I thought I saw her no one I knew was there. I don’t know if I was wrong or if she had made it into the auditorium before I got there or if she had seen me coming and moved to avoid me on purpose. Maybe she thought I was starting to stalk her or was afraid I thought we had some type of commitment. I knew we hadn’t and I wasn’t stalking her but at the same time I did kinda hope we could get it on again. Maybe with regular sex this time or both. That would be fun. But I never saw her again. It could happen some day, it hasn’t been that long since this event happened. Since then I have had two more anal experiences, and even though they were in some ways better, that first one had been special, something I would remember the rest of my days. Both of the times since I was very careful to do it right, using lots of lube and to make sure the woman had a good time. Both appreciated that. One said that she would love to do it with me again after a proper fuck. I told her anytime.

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