Anniversary Dance

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There he was, wearing a black tuxedo and looking more handsome than ever. Smiling seductively with those dimples I could get lost in and eyes that twinkle brighter than any star I have ever seen.

Jeff held out a single red rose, leaned close to my ear and whispered, “Happy Anniversary, Honey.”

I smiled. “Two years.”

“Two years,” he echoed. His breath blowing across my cheek.

My lips parted instinctively and we embraced in a warm, lingering kiss.

“Come on, we’re celebrating!” he announced, suddenly pulling away.

He whisked me into the bedroom, and I couldn’t help giggling, “Oh yeah? How?” “Limo, dinner and look!” Jeff opened the closet door and there was a beautiful cocktail dress.

I took it out and held it against my body, “Perfect”.

Later that night in the restaurant, we indulged our every craving-expensive champagne, caviar, fondling each other under the table. We feasted on lobster and used our tongues to clean the butter off each other’s chins. As the waiter described the dessert selection, I leaned myself against Jeff’s side and murmured quietly but seductively, “Never mind the dessert. Come with me.”

Immediately his face lit up and we left the table. I made sure the coast was clear before we ducked into an empty stall in the ladies room. As soon as the door closed behind us, I assaulted him with my hands, gently squeezing his nipples, and then groping his crotch until I felt his erection. My fingers kneaded the stiffening flesh, massaging it to full capacity, my clit swelling in response.

His hard-on squirmed, discharging a drop of fluid on the front of his trousers. As I stroked him through the thin material, he gasped. I sat down in front of him and opened his fly. After slipping his massive erection out, I gazed up with my lips just millimeters from the head of his cock, taunting him. His cock shivered when a gust of my hot breath blew over it.

Jeff’s fingers wrapped around a handful of my hair, urging me to push my mouth down his shaft. With pleasure, I opened my lips and wriggled my tongue over the head. The taste of his pre-cum was delicious, but I couldn’t help teasing him again by pulling my mouth away. “Does this feel good?” I asked.

Jeff closed his eyes and wet his lips, poker oyna “It’s amazing, Deb. Don’t stop, please.”

“Are you going to come?” I asked, while nuzzling his balls gently and applying kisses to the sacks.

A broad smile appeared on his lips as he lifted me to my feet, “You first!”

His lips swooped down on mine and our bodies collided against the stall door, forcing it to open. He quickly tucked his tool out of sight while we made our escape.

Drunk with lust and excitement, Jeff haphazardly threw some money at the waiter before we ran out the door to our waiting limo. Safe inside the lavish car, we shut the privacy divider, then opened the moon roof so I could pop my head out.

Jeff’s head moved in close under my dress. Using his teeth to pull off my panties, it was evident he had every intention of carrying out his promise of getting me to come first. My heart sped up in anticipation.

I shut my eyes to the passing sights as my lover began his steamy exploration. A shiver shook me when I felt his warm breath just above my pubic patch. Continuing it’s erotic mission, his tongue traveled down my moist slit, licking and nibbling every sensitive, square inch.

I opened my eyes to peer down at Jeff and saw him using his tongue to open my anxious, anticipating lips and dipping his tongue into my mound. His nose pressed against my hard clit while the tip of his tongue sought out the source of the love juice that coated his face. Once he found my slick hole he slithered his skillful tongue deep inside me. The hot wetness of his mouth was incredible as it set parts of me on fire. I gasped, bracing myself with my hands on the roof of the limo. Jeff’s tongue wriggled against my clit and I tried not to scream as he expertly worked my swollen bud. Music poured out of the car’s speakers, swirling around my head as I erupted like an earthquake, dripping sweet nectar onto Jeff’s eager tongue.

Jeff rose up to join me, and we shared a deep, soulful kiss. Someone in a passing vehicle hollered out and Jeff gave him the thumb’s-up before pulling us both inside, laughing and our bodies intertwined. I clutched his thick, blonde hair, while basking in my orgasmic bliss and hearing his words “I love you.”

“I know you do,” I answered, canlı poker oyna snuggling against him and rubbing my face into his hairy chest. In the two years we had been together, this was the first time he spoke those words to me. Tears of joys trickled down my cheeks.

The limo pulled up to the curb and stopped. “Where are we?” I wondered aloud, curious what the rest of the night had in store.

Jeff looked at me and grinned, “Happy two years, let’s dance!”

I leapt from the limo before the driver even opened the door, following my sexy lover into the nightclub. Holding hands we made a pathway to the bar. Jeff ordered and handed me a tall, exotic looking drink.

I looked at it suspiciously, “What’s this?”

He lifted his glass and smiled, “Screaming Orgasm.”

I smiled over the rim, “Mmm, you’re next.”

We toasted and drank, our bodies pushed closer together by the crowd. I drained the glass and laid an enthusiastic kiss on my handsome stud, plunging my tongue down his throat. His growing cock poked at my belly, so I put my hand on his fly, rubbing him through his pants. He chuckled as he wrapped me in his arms, hiding my actions with his tux jacket. Thrusting against me, he growled in my ear, “Let’s fuck right now, on top of this bar.”

I glanced around, feeling entirely too wicked. Discreetly, I loosened his zipper and plummetted my hand inside. I formed a fist around his hot, bulging cock and Jeff moaned when the silky skin of my fingers moved up and down his stiff rod.

My eyes scanned the crowd for any sign of detection, but no one seemed to notice us. Part of me wished that someone would. I felt dangerous excitement, insatiable and wanton lust. Jeff watched me with a fevered stare, his hand gripping my arm and provoking the action going on in his pants. I gave him my most lascivious look, and told him, “They’re all watching us, waiting for you to shoot your load.” He didn’t care if they were or not, as he only had eyes for me.

He breathed heavily against me. I was bringing him to the edge. Shoving my hand deeper, I fondled his balls for several minutes before griping his shaft again. “You’re going to do this, aren’t you?” he gasped.

Suddenly, we eyed an open booth in the corner. Exchanging internet casino glances, Jeff held the front of his jacket over his exposed member and said “Come on.”

We wasted no time sliding into the booth. Without a word spoken, I understood what was wanted, what was needed. He knew now I was really going to do this.

My hands caressed his nipples, knowing how much that turned him on, and they worked their way down. His cock was as rigid as steel. I undid his pants and slid them down along with his briefs. I salivated as if Jeff was my first meal in months. I began to run my tongue up and down the shaft. He moaned and softly called out my name. I devoured his thick cock, licking every ridge and crevice.

Jeff’s breathing was even heavier now, and he closed his eyes, lost in the world of erotic sensations that my mouth provided. His pelvis began to arch toward me, meeting my lips with unyielding thrusts. I knew he was ready.

I lifted my head from my lover’s lap and he opened his eyes, looking at me lovingly. Sensing how I wanted him to take me, he put his strong arms around me and pulled me on top of him. We were no longer aware that we were in a club and there could be dozens of onlookers, watching us, cheering us on. Jeff then sunk his passion pole into the throbbing pussy awaiting him.

As he slid inside, I felt myself being stretched and filled. Secret places that begged to be touched and stroked were now brought to life with each penetration of Jeff’s powerful organ.

Sweat beaded and dripped off my forehead as I ground my hips onto him. Grunts and groans spilled out of his mouth, and when he arched his back with his lips parted and his eyes closed, I knew he was on the edge of a climax.

I could feel the sensation of his fiery, hot cum shooting into me. Jeff’s mouth covered mine quickly, passionately, sticking his tongue down my throat as he orgasmed.

As the tingly feeling subsided, his cock still buried in my sticky warmth, our eyes

opened, we were aware where we were. We curiously looked about. Music still blasting, couples dancing and no one seemed to detect what had just gone on. Or had they, I wondered, when I spied the bartender’s knowingly wink and grin.

“Happy two years honey,” I purred while lifting myself up as he withdrew his cock. He grinned, “Here’s to two more years Deb.” He pulled me up to my feet.

“What now?” I asked.

He pressed me tightly to his body and peered into my face, “Let’s dance!”

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